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  1. I'm recruiting for an Xbox gaming community called United Extreme Gaming. We have over 600 members & we've been around since Halo 2. We have game nights every night & play a variety of games including: Halo 5, MCC, Modern Warfare, Destiny 2, Ark, Apex, GTA, Cold War, Minecraft, etc. We are a very laid back community & you're skill level doesnt matter. We have competitive players, tournaments, etc. but players of all skill levels are welcomed to join. We are 18+ & require that you have a mic to join. If you're interested in joining or would like more information please hit me up on Discord or Xbox! Discord: UEG Hades#1454 Xbox: UEG Hades XC
  2. We are a competitive military clan, our focus is not to just RP but to improve the aim, master the movement, beat each other in custom arenas to improve the fighting skills, those who specialize in certain vehicles will train using those vehicles very frequently, go through certain scenarios such as defend the base against another team, defend/attack the convoy and much more. All the trainings will pay off in wars and raids, where you will be able to use your honed skills. Message me on xbox if you wish to join, my username is: Black Pantherr5 Company name: 31st Star Corps Discord is mandatory.
  3. Gamertag: FatAussieFatB0y (The 0 is a number and not a letter) Map Name: Holdout: Camp ​(Has been known to change back to "Town Holdout" which is the original file name) Gamemode: Holdout (Infection) ​Description of the Map: This is the first installment of a series of maps I like to call Holdout... In Holdout: Camp your goal is to survive the onslaught that is the Undead, however this is easier said then done so grab a friend, find somewhere to hide and Holdout... Map Story: ​The sky is bright orange as the Sun sets over this Beautiful camp surrounded by Pine. You and your fellow companions hear something strange coming from the Food Hall based at the top of Camp, you find something to protect yourself with as it becomes clear that something isn't quite right... And Queue the Epic Music and Montage Effects... Pictures of the Map: Most of the shots are cinematic and the map kind of explains it self, there is however a few things that I couldn't take a photo of and even somethings that you might of missed in the images, these include... 1. There are 3 Zip-lines, these can be seen in a few images as cables. ​2. Each cabin contains unique weapons and is surrounded with at least 1 Assault Rifle. ​3. There are waypoints that spawn above the Survivors heads every 20 seconds that show their current location. 4. Most people don't realise but the Tree House ladder is broken, so you'll need to use the rock placed nearby. And that's the whole kit and caboodle, I hope that you enjoy playing the gamemode as much as I did making it. <3 FatAussieFatBoy
  4. Hello Everyone, Looking to team up with a laid back gaming community? How about a community that has been around for over 10 years and sends teams to compete in MLG events? Maybe you just want people with mic's who are laid back and just want to game while having a good time? I am the owner of the Galactic Order and I wanted to make a post inviting those who wish to learn more or want to come play to check out our website: http://grmgaming.net/ Looking forward to gaming with you. - Elder Sean
  5. Our clan has fun customs everyday and for those competitive swat, and slayer players we have teams for you. Message me on Xbox gt: xxunheard0fxx. The o is the number zero in my gt. Halo 5 clan name: chaos gaming Yo
  6. Hello Spartans! We are a Spartan Company who is looking for more player to fill up our ranks, as we are currently sitting at 76 members. We emphasize cooperative gameplay and a fun, positive experience for everyone. Our main priority is that everyone enjoys playing together. We are 83% complete with our kill commendations. We have already unlocked the Achilles armor and are well on our way to unlocking the helmet Our rules are simple. You must have a kinect or microphone for voice chat, and you must have at least 4 hours of playtime per week. However if you do not think you will be able to hit that amount you can simply contact one of the leaders and schedule a week or two off. We currently use the LINE app for communication, however we are in the process of setting up a Discord server. Check us out on Waypoint: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/galactic%20marine%20corps You can also contact JLC4LIFE, Omicron 360, Marverick04, or Kingrawer if you would like in invite.
  7. Company Name: Innocent Sparks Point of Contact: NobleSeV7en (Andrew) or ColonelKernel27 (Kunal) Company Mission: This is a Spartan Company dedicated to having fun on the battlefield!! Whether we are blazing gloriously through the campaign, or teaming up to wreak havoc in the Arena and the Warzone, we will kick -Yoink- and laugh together!! For the friendly and fun-loving Spartans among us, come bear the banner of the (not so) Innocent Sparks. In order to be accepted to join the Sparks, you must have a >9000 KD ratio, play at least 27 hours a day, have 120% customisations unlocked, all Level 10 REQs and -- I'm just ducking with you ;D All we want is good people, with a fun (and maybe a little dark) sense of humour, and a carefree attitude, to come take up arms with your new buddies We're not aiming for a big competitive company, but rather a relatively small group of guys and girls to keep the team close and make new friends to share good times with We look forward to hearing from you guys!!
  8. The Choom Gang is a newly active spartan company, with the goal of earning all the commendations and having a good time. We're a group of competent, skilled players with a laid back approach to gaming. Send Thirsty for Dad or Peace Man Ganj a message for more information, or request to join our squad at halowaypoint.com.
  9. Battle Royal is a 2-16 player minigame where you have to knock your opponent(s) out of the ring, once they touch the floor outside the ring they're eliminated, once you are the last man standing in the ring you earn a point. Players will have a Hammer with unlimited ammo and a grenade to use, Spartan Abilities: Shoulder bash - when charging full speed against your target they will be knocked back by your gigantic muscle bound arms Ground Pound - will knock them back even further, best used to get back in the ring and slam on your opponents Also the gravity hammer is your legal tool of destruction to knock them out of the ring
  10. Hi there! I'm glad you visited this thread. I will keep it short and sweet. K? ITG means INSPIRED TO GAME being that you are 13 years or older, you way join if you are currently not in another clan/community. We get together everyday except sundays, to lobby-up on Halo 4 around 8pm eastern time Our mission is very recreational orientated. We don't participate in complete competition. (Clan vs Clan) We like to meet new people, have fun, joke around, forge, we do spartan opps and campaign if some one is in need of help. If you ever concidered a social gaming community, or realized at any point competitive gaming is too crazy for you, join ITG and forget trying to be MLG pro, and have FUN. We use kik, you can contact me on my gamertag, I will leave it down after written statement. KIK is #syekostick My XBL Gamertag is #ITG Gnarls LEE for now.. You can also contact ITG Gud TiMeZ For more squad selection. Please use these methods to contact us. Thank you, I wish you luck.
  11. this is just for fun so no one get to heated plz. Now what Pokemon team did you choose to join and why? Team valor Team mystic Team instinct or none (Also i'm not sure how to add a survey in this forums so if anyone knows how let me know! ) i chose team valor because i miss-clicked
  12. Creators: I is Bulimic & I is Dislexic Map Name: Beer Pong Map Gametype: Beer Pong (Assault) Players: 1v1 to 2v2. I've even had 4v4 and it was still fun so as long as it's even teams it should be good. Description: Red vs Blue. Spartan slam the ball into the cups. After you make it, hit the switch to sink the cup. If you get a rim job you die instantly. If you miss the cup completely but still land on the table you can go back to the teleporter in the middle of the table and get another shot (a roll back) however the other team can shoot at you. DON'T SHOOT AT EACH OTHER UNLESS THE TEAM GETS A ROLL BACK.
  13. PANZER ELITE is a gaming community playing HALO5, DESTINY, WORLD OF TANKS. We play every night 8pm to after 11pm eastern. Skill level is not important, respect, communication, maturity, proper etiquette, ARE important. In PANZER ELITE you will never be asked to pay, change gamertag, purchase packs. We want you to have fun playing the way you want. We offer the same opportunity to every member. You can lead your own fire team of your friends, or simply be in a fire team. Our ranks are designed to show position not status. Our owner has the same rank as any other platoon leader. We believe the game should be a GAME, and the only games we play are listed in the first line. If you want to join our community, simply LOG IN (create an account) on our iclans site. panzerelite.clanwebsite.com or message HYPERBLOODLUST on XBOX LIVE. SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD SPARTANS HYPERBLOODLUST
  14. So I decided to take my time and build a "Defend the Keep" map. Which was suggested by the Community. I was alternatively going to make a "Tower of the Gods" map, but that went out of the question. Anyways, Armathian Fortress is a Keep/Fort like structure map. Red Team spawns inside the Keep, and is supplied with few necessary vehicles, and weapons of variety. Blue Team spawns outside the keep, behind any of the cliffs that are in the distance. They are supplied with many vehicles, and heavy assault. However, no need to be cocky. There's only one entrance for vehicles, and Red Team has turrets to counter vehicles as well as a few weapons, a Sniper Rifle and a Rocket Launcher. That's it. Working together will be the key to a proper defense, as the same goes for the assault. Supported Game-Types: 1 Flag CTF, 1 Bomb Assault, Classic Infection, Team Slayer. These are just the Game-Types, however if you want the Action-Pack-Fun-Pack, you're going to need 14-16 players for that to work. Game-Types are in my file share already, with the map. Just lookup "L Fishy L" if you don't know where to go. Infantry have different access ways than vehicles. For example, they are able to climb the Brace supports, or the Rocks that lay up against the wall. Be careful though, snipers sit on the Keep Towers. Also, take note in the EMP's. They are detonated manually, and can be detonated only once every 100+ seconds, use them wisely. They don't affect infantry. Also, take note that Red Team has a supported Wraith, setup on the top of the Keep as a Mortar support. Will help out much for cluster kills, or that random teammate save from the Gauss Warthog. Just don't betray! Take note of Blue Teams official spawn, it's furthest from the Keep. However, respawns will take you elsewhere. Initial respawn just supplies everyone with 2 SMG's, 2 Battle Rifles, and 2 Grenades. BR's are initial loadout, but a little ammo doesn't hurt. Also, take note there is only enough room for 7 players in vehicles, whoever is your 8th player. Use them for cover support, or send them over to the Sniper Rifle to helpout with your assault! I hope you all enjoy the map and give it a shot! It's BIG! and by BIG! I mean, it's BIG! That Keep is half of the map, the other half is the terrain.
  15. There is one vehicle that fans love and care about. Pelicans. Ive been waiting for a pelican in halo multiplayer since Halo 3. It can be at least a passenger Pelican for all i care. Halo might be mostly about killing but what about the machinima directors around the globe. Halo Reach had a falcon helicopter a human flying vehicle with turrets and passenger seats. Halo 3 had Hornets great for machinima but they weren't big enough. If you want to please your fans take our advice.
  16. Sup! My Halo Reach Clan : The Warriors needs people can play whit us. Please contact whit OmegaSpartanSP Everybody can join
  17. Hello,I wanted to say thank you for considering True Born Gamers or TBG as your clan or gaming community before we even begin. The mission of True Born Gamers is to become the largest, most competitive, and best gaming community on all platforms. True Born Gamers is always growing and always evolving to what its members want, we will also be seeking sponsorships as we grow. Also we will be hosting events and doing giveaways as we grow larger. Anyone can join the clan as long as you follow the Codes of Conduct. You can earn a higher rank by recruiting,helping other members,ect. Also this clan or as many people will call it,gaming community is mainly for fun but will become more competitive as we grow and teams are made. Visit our website www.trueborngamers.enjin.com
  18. Hello Halo:MCC fans! I am known as HG Nightghost. My gaming community and I are currently looking for active member that share our love of halo. Its not like the other clans out there but more of a community based friend network. Ever wanted to play with some cool people but had no one online? Maybe you wanted to play some custom games but needed more people to complete the team games you wanted to play. Well Hyped Gaming Online is the answer. It's a great networking tool that can be used by anyone. We only accept member who are at least 16 years of age and have a headset/mic. If you are interested or if want to hear more please feel free to add my game tag: HG NightGhost or email me at [email protected]. You can also add HG Phoenix69778 or HG Burgh412 Don't worry, you don't need to change your name. Many members do for the simple fact that they love Hyped Gaming and want to show their support. Get Hyped, Hyped Gaming Online! Thanks for your consideration. check out our site here!!! -HG NightGhost AKA NightGhost101
  19. Quite recently I became obsessed in playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game. While I love the Video Game, the card game is a different and exciting part of the Pokemon Gaming Universe. So if you have played Pokemon TCG before, you are familiar with players taking turns attacks, putting Pokemon onto their bench and much more. My I wanted to share a creation my friend created, with some input for rules from myself. We call it Real Time Strategy Pokemon. How it works is that a turn is every 1 minute and that both players may do as they please, with some exceptions during each minute. I have a video below showing one of the first RTS games with Ian and Jeremy facing off. I am recording the video. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar1R-T2FpSw
  20. If you want to play some custom games in halo mcc every now and then, just tell me. my gamertag on xbx1 is BISCITBALLER21. Shout this to your friends too, might get some full lobbies.
  21. The clan is based of game of thrones brothers of the nights watch but that is up for suggestion. Recruits will be placed in positions were they are best suited for example Brothers who are skilled at making forge maps for training will be builders, brothers who have the skill to lead a team take over the battle field will be flied officers and selected few will be advisers but everybody will get a say in what the clan does. My level isn't the highest but its climbing fast and i have every other halo under my belt including halo 4. If you are interested add me as a friend and msg me my gamertag is YettiPopper I am based out of the maritimes in new brunswick so i run on the Atlantic Eastern timezone. Please msg if interested!!!!!!!!!
  22. Hi ive been playing halo since 2002. ive beaten every halo game on legendary already. I just got MCC and now im looking for somebody to rebeat halo 1-4 on legendary with. even if you dont want to play on legendary i still want to play co op with you. basically anybody who wants to play co op send me a message pn XB1. my GT is "GuitarSolo4ever" bugs me that theres no reach or odst on here lol. Also anybody who likes custom games add me and send me message. I LOVE CUSTOM GAMES!!!!! and co op
  23. Hey you sexy beast! Interested in joining an ODST clan? Join United Nations ODST Divison (U.N.O.D.) today, and be among fellow helljumpers in the tide of war! Must be 11+! Must be active! We currently have 2 ships under our fleet! We currently have 15 maps under our clan! Check out our YouTube channel "INAD Halo Clan" Check out our website below! www.unodhaloclan.wix.com/inad Sign up on our website or message "killerz287" or "CoolerClassic" today! Hope to see you on the battlefield Hell Jumper!
  24. Hey guys. So I am part of a clan called Legion of Dawn or LOD for short. We have been around since the start of halo 4 and we are now on the Xbox one playing Master Chief Collection. We are a military based clan who likes to have a good time, but is also mature. If your looking for friends, a fun time, competitiveness, and/or players who are skilled, who you can ether play with or they can teach you, this is the clan for you. To join you must have a mic. You must also send a message to ether LIGHT SWITCH19K or imJuicyParrot. Tell them you saw the post on the 343 forums and you wanted to join. Thank you for checking us out and have a great day.
  25. Clan Name Traffic Cone Clan (Or TCC) creator:Spartawo1f1 (contact me if you wish to join) The Traffic Cone Clans soul driven purpose is to have fun and play some halo! There is no age limit or mic requirements. (it goes without saying please use appropriate language and young children please don't scream into the mic) I will not be using a mic. Ranks NOT CURRENTLY BEING USED !!!!!!! ​Lieutenant Captain Warrant Officer Corporal Recruit​ ​If you want to progress challenge the member you wish to take possession of rank to a slayer match. Whoever wins Swaps positions.
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