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  1. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - I've been a fan of the Uncharted series since it first launched, and it's one game I'm always willing to go back to, regardless of the entry in the series. However, with this latest release, it's all but guaranteed that my go to title will be number 4. A sublime story, beautiful environments, amazing voice work, and the same action packed gameplay with new innovations to spice it up. Now with the release of the survival game type for multiplayer, I'll be willing to play it even when the normal multiplayer gets frustrating. Overwatch - It's hard to fathom the cultural impact this game has had; spawning a thriving fandom well before release, and only growing since. With an intriguing lore, well designed, likable characters at launch and being added consistently, and a story just waiting to be expanded upon (STORY MODE, BLIZZARD. F'N DO IT.) It's safe to say this titan of a game won't be going anywhere anytime soon. (Unless they don't add a story mode. then it's screwed.) Battlefield 1 - No one can deny the risk DICE took when deciding upon the first world war as their setting for their next game. And no one can deny that it paid off in droves. As most modern shooter franchises are looking to the future, DICE dove into the past, and delivered a solid, engrossing shooter with solid story missions, exciting multiplayer, and most importantly to me... that menu music. (UGH.... So GUD)
  2. And exactly how many times have I sung the praises of overwatch?
  3. Just a video I threw together of highlights from the Battlefield 1 Beta; playing on PS4 with some buddies. Enjoy!
  4. Y'all still haven't gotten a medkit to me. I'd expedite that if you're going to take me on missions, Especially with medical protocol. Not to mention the boost to medkits you can get after you do the Viper Autopsy. Also, you put my voice pack on! YAY! AND IT CAN BE AS LOUD AS IT WANTS. (You can change to The Scout pack I linked to you if it becomes an issue) Also, HOW DARE YOU NOT UPGRADE MY SMG. If you'd like any kind of editing done on these that you don't want to do yourself, let me know. I basically do nothing when I'm not working. (I wrote this message as I was watching, which is why it came out weird.)
  5. I don't think I've ever done a play-through where I didn't give all of my grenadiers Shredder. The armor penetration is just too valuable to pass up. I can answer for this. "Absolutely Critical" activates when a target is flanked, or in the open entirely (Therefore; flanked, since there's no cover between shooter and target) and overwatch shots don't count flanking in their crit calculations; since the target is usually just leaving cover when you fire. For the most part, I think they're actually incapable of criticals.
  6. Damn straight you're taking me on a mission. That first shot was just the entire story of XCOM though; 86% to hit, and I miss.
  7. Another great video Red. And I know you're trying to use member spartans predominantly right now, but... Your roster is FRAGILE right now. One misstep, and you're gonna have to work pretty hard to keep the roster from crumbling. Start rotating in some other peeps for at least a single slot while you're still on the opening missions.
  8. Also, Red... Seriously... why u no use Overwatch ambushes?
  9. Hilariously enough, I think I've been playing with easily triple the mods you are, Longwar Tool box included, and I've not had a single issue.
  10. Hands down, the tragedy that was Alpha Protocol. I actually love the game, but I can understand people's reservations of it. So much so, the planned trilogy was canned after one title, that wasn't even given the benefit of the doubt by many critics and players. Just makes me frustrated to know that given the opportunity, there could have been a real contender in the market of western RPGs.
  11. Name: Colin Number: 1138 Gender: Male Company: Delta? (If not, Gamma) Nickname: Boss Base Class: Specialist (Primarily Medic) Preferred Weapons: SMG Armour: Hazop helmet (CQC Alternate), FJPARA legs (i dunno if this is an option...), ODST shoulders, Collar/Grenadier chest, Any medkit utilities. Colour: White and Orange, default pattern, Blue Visor No weapon name or pattern Backstory: Silent, Steely-eyed, and steady under fire; "Boss" has all the makings of the perfect combat surgeon.
  12. Here it is, in all it's severely delayed glory! https://youtu.be/h3SvgFbCqZo
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