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  1. BR/ DMR Boltshot Plasma Active camo Mobility Wetwork Give me a sword and im your worst nightmare Also have counter loadouts to fit certian situation and one just for spartan ops.
  2. As long as I get to keep my gamerscore and tag im happy lol
  3. Thank god. I was wondering and would be uber pissed if I lost my gamer score lol Thank you for your help man!
  4. So I had a quick question for everyone regarding the xbox 720. Im curious as to If we are going to get to keep are 360 gamertag and all are Acievments and be able to have the same gamer score and gamertag on the upcoming consol. So in other words Will are gamertag jump to the new 720 consol?
  5. I cant agree more with Chris. I understand Big Team has the most players but im tired of playing the same 4-5 maps on Slayer. Youve done great so far 343 please dont become another Bungie and let us all down
  6. So today I finally gave int to buying Halo CE Anniversary, And I must say it has made my week so much better. I havent seen or played CE since I was 8 yrs old and this honestly has taken me back to childhood and made me remember why I fell in love with this franchise in the first place! yes the graphics suck but regradless this game is amazing! Thank you 343i for doing an anniversary for the one game that started a new era in gaming!
  7. How do you glitch it to get them on purpose? Id love to do it again some time just for the challenge lol
  8. I really need help. I dont know how to say/ Create custom game types. Can someone please break it down for me???
  9. My team sounds like just the bunch my new found friend! shoot me a message and we will happy accept you into are happy team! Happy Killiing Spree! GamerTag: STFUitsRichy
  10. Welcome to the forum man nice to see new faces joining since the launch of Halo 4. Ill deffently gve you a hollar and get down on some swat with ya!
  11. Hey man if your ntrested in joining up with my new freindly team give me a hollar on my gamer tag! Happy klling spree! Gamertag: STFUitsRichy
  12. Hey man glad to see your looking for a team to join up with! Im launching are clan here soon if youd like to jon up and play some games message me on my gamertag. hope to here from you soon man and happy killing spree! Gamertag: STFUitsRichy
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