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Found 29 results

  1. I spend hours and hours on ******* end. Leveling up through diamond. And it'd getting ridiculous. I can win 9 games in a ******* row and barely go up, but lose all my progress I've fought hard for for losing one god damn game? How does 1 loss Trump 9 ******* wins. Game is completely trash. 1 and a half + wasted just to lose one ******* game. I'm done playing this stupid ****. Learn to make non broken games, and I promise you I'm not the only one that feels this way
  2. I've played all the Halo's and I'm okay with whatever changes they make except for a few things that need a little tweaking in my opinion. The aim assist is way to strong. I'm comparing this to all classic shooters but nowadays a first persons shooters aim assist is so strong that when a enemy walks past you it pulls your screen with them (people mistake this as skill in the game) at least give us the option to turn it off. The BR is just a little to overpowered from the classic one. I don't knowif it's because it shoots 5% faster or it just does a little more damage but I always find myself getting killed by it on every gamemode from across the map (I know its for medium to long range but sometimes its just a little bit ridiculous.) Vehicle barriers are really weird and buggy, I touched a mongoose that started to go in reverse and it instant killed me. I knew it would take down my shields nut to instant kill me going as fast as an old persons on a scooter? Same with tanks when you touch the side while a enemy is in it it will kill you or take down your sheilds (if your infront or behind it it makes sense) The ghost floats like a foot higher than they do in all the other Halos so its easier to splatter people and it kills way to fast so there is no way to take cover. The gungoose is fun but it slides around more than a socks aon waxed wood floors and it obviously kills in 1 shot if they both manage to hit (I'm on and off about the gungoose) Sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining but theses are some of the few issues I've found with multiplayer, I really like playing Halo it's one of my favorite first person shooters, the latest installment in the series just has some issues with it in my opinion.
  3. To 343 industries: I was playing war zone aright. I used the sniper a lot and got some sweet shots. I missed my chance to say "Xbox record that" so I went to theater mode to record my sniper kills. Then I noticed I couldn't find my gamer tag anywhere. I was wondering oh is this a community video or something? So I exited the video looked at the one before and watched the one before, which you can probably guess, it's the one before the game I wanted to record. So I was like wait that can't be, I had the same amount of kills. Anyway, it was this guy named BonelessColt which I figured out was the guy who LEFT the game that I JOINED. My gamertag didn't replace his. So yeah, I wouldn't record that since it wasn't authentic. I noticed this because he did the same exact things I did, except in the beginning where it showed a game I wasn't even in yet. So I watched him and he had a red assault rifle skin while I had the regular one. I would post pictures but I don't know how. I'm probably gonna get back into war zone and get more beast ass kills, but this is still a complaint, and this should be fixed as soon as you guys (343) get the chance. Well that's assuming they read this of course. If anyone would reply back that would be great. Thanks guys.
  4. The Witcher III 'Please Wait' Glitch So those of you who've played The Witcher 3 on Xbox One have probably noticed a rather inconvenient glitch by now. The glitch itself happens when you go to boot up the game and the main menu says 'please wait' endlessly. If you've googled a fix, you'll probably know by now that to resolve the issue you're going to have to uninstall and reinstall the game, and maybe even clear the cache of your Xbone. I've actually found another fix that might work and is less time consuming, so feel free to try it first. So let's go over these two fixes really quick. First Fix: 1. Press center button, menu button, quit 2. Go into Settings, Power & Startup, and change Power mode to Energy Saving (this will make it to where your game isn't always running) 3. Hold your Xbone's power button until it turns completely off 4. Unplug your Xbone for AT LEAST 30 seconds. Feel free to keep it unplugged longer than that. 5. Plug Xbone back in, turn it on, and attempt to play The Witcher III. If you get stuck at 'Please Wait...' again, go to the next fix. Second Fix: 1. Go to your dashboard and press the menu (formerly known as 'start) button and select 'Quit' 2. After the game has exited, press the button again and select 'Manage game' 3. Choose to uninstall the game 4. Once uninstalled, simply reinstall it If you still encounter the glitch repeat steps 1-3 and then do this: 1. Press and hold the power button until it powers down completely. It will make a noise telling you that it has. 2. Unplug the power cable from the back of the console so that the power brick in not connected to the console. 3. Press the power button on the console three or four times. This will ensure that any remaining power in the battery is drained, clearing the cache on the console. 4. Plug the power cable back into the console. 5. Wait for the light on the power brick to change from white to orange. 6. Turn on the console using the power button. 7. Reinstall The Witcher III That will allow you to continue playing The Witcher 3, but it doesn't prevent the glitch from happening again. So let's talk prevention. When you are finished playing for the night (or whatever), do NOT turn the console off immediately. 1. Press the 'View' button 2. manually save by selecting 'Save Game' 3. Once it's finished saving, select 'Quite to Main Menu' 4. Once the game has got back to the main menu, go to your dashboard and press the 'Menu' button. 5. Select 'Quit' and allow the game to finish quitting. EDIT: Turns out this doesn't prevent it from happening every time, but limits how often it happens. If it keeps happening for you as well make sure your console is in 'Energy Saving' mode and then follow the first fix.
  5. I was playing a bit of spartan ops and was able to gain xp just fine then i left to eat for a while and came back to play some more. I played online and i gained no experience which was strange so I then played solo and again didnt gain any experience, I had also gompleted a weekly as well as a few commendations and I did not receive the experience from that either, how would I fix this problem? because i would like the exp from the games ive done as well as the weekly. I also had on the fast track as well to help boost faster. When the matches were over it skipped the exp screen and went straight to the sparan ops lobby and my exp bar didnt budge an inch.
  6. Halo Community, 343i, Microsoft, These last couple of weeks I have been looking for a place where it seems like 343i might be reaching out to the community and actually listening. However, I realize that the relationship between game consumer and creator has deteriorated. Microsoft has forgotten who made Halo popular. Let me remind you. It had NOTHING to do with you. Bungie stumbled upon a great game, and you know what they did? They made it better. Bungie worked with the community. They didn't stray from their roots and I always remember occasionally getting in a game with a Bungie employee or Frankie always making news updates and even see developers in the forums. Not anymore. In Fact, 343i think they did a good job. I don't know if I should laugh or cry. The community has always been what has supported Halo, hell it even made the Xbox what it is today. The only reason people bought the Xbox was for Halo, have you guys forgotten? Or do you think you did it by being a greedy, power hungry corporation? Sorry for the rant but this has been built up for awhile. I can say that I am genuinely emotionally attached to Halo. I remember seeing Halo CE when I was like 12 and immediately wanted an Xbox. The rest is history. I probably played Halo 2 Multiplayer since it came out until Halo 3. Countless hours of fun and joy. That is now completely gone from the game. I want nothing more than for 343i to succeed and make a game that will make me want to play but I am so demoralized by their incompetence I don’t even want to buy Halo 5 unless I know there are certain things implicated in matchmaking. What's even more sad is I am considering switching to PS4, which makes me hurt to even say that. It really isn't complicated, so stop making it. Games these days are a dime a dozen. Nothing lasts, nothing has true passion in the game anymore. It's all about money and I see it in almost every game I play. I am ashamed in the gaming community for even allowing this to go this far. If I could organize a boycott, I would. So yes, I am now switching my blame to Microsoft. Once they got their dirty little fingers on the game all I could do was sit back and watch it be destroyed little by little. Completely powerless. In the end, I realize this will hardly be read by anyone even of remote importance, but I digress. Here are my, (and from what I have read most of the community (by community I mean diehard, played since the beginning fans), suggestions for Halo 4: These are in no particular order: 1. Who, what, when where and why did anyone think it was a good idea to take out the competitive aspect? After reading this you should immediately go into Halo 4 matchmaking and put IN GAME ranking system. I don’t give two craps about what my guy looks like when I just domed a guy. Getting armor from XP and who can play the longest, really? It is a FPS I cant even see myself. Please, put ranking system back. 2.Maps. The maps were horrible! Maybe one or two that were kind of fun but getting boring very quick because that is all that plays. Then, you have the audacity to make us buy new map packs for maps that already should have been in the game!!! Let me give you guys a business tip: first make us love the game, then we won't have a problem buying anything you throw at us. If you just make crap and then expect us to almost immediately start buying more stuff. You drive everyone away. Now you have A) less money and smaller fan base. Good job. 3. I’m sorry, I will admit that I wanted to see AA. Unfortunately they did not work very well and has driven most everyone away. They need to be severely nerfed. If someone had said to me while playing halo 3: in the future you'll be able to fly and see through walls and have unlimited camo. I would just laugh in their face! It ruined what was Halo, please please please get rid of them. They were cool for a second. 4. Lastly, the weapons. A big WTF. Why is every weapon so strong? I swear I played a game today where everyone had a SAW. That weapon literally is one of the worst things to happen to Halo. Not because of the weapon itself, but because you choose to have it on every map and have it spawn ALL the time. WTF. Another match the sword kept respawing every what seemed like 30 seconds. Literally 4 people were running around with them. I thought I had picked the wrong playlist. Please, less is more. I like the innovation but CONTROL it. If any of you have actually made it this far, then I am surprised. All I want is 343i to succeed and I want Halo to be popular again. I want to play so much online that I can not get off at night. Where me and my friends keep saying one more game. I want to be able to come home from a long day and enjoy what I am playing, not be frustrated. So please open your eyes, realize what made Halo popular. Go to your roots. Sincerely, Frustrated P.S. I will be posting this in multiple locations in hopes that it gets read by people who can make a difference. I have done my part as a fan. If you want my money in the future, do your part. Also, if anyone has any emails or other ways for going directly to the developing team, please let me know or forward this to them.
  7. Just hoping this gets fixed soon, or something helps it. There are two lag issues that have been going on for a while now, and it is getting rather irritating. I do not recall Halo 3, or Reach having such a terrible lag when two people were split screened, so why is it in Halo 4? Now I'm not saying it lags on every map, but it does however always lag on custom forge maps. (Shutout, Simplex, Opus, Black Site etc.) Whether it is a guest or not, if two people share a screen, 98% of the time there is a horrible lag. This makes for insanely frustrating play when playing snipers, swat, and even flood; Not to mention having people quit out because it can get to be that bad. I don't know how this issue can be solved, but it has been going on long enough so why ignore a large issue when it comes to match making? Doesn't 343 want people to play their games? Another issue is trying to play BTB or Multi-team on Complex, because the map has an awful lag. Suggesting to remove the map from both playlists, because there is just too much going on for that map to apparently handle. If anyone knows the best ways to fix the lag if it is even possible, please let post it here; I know I am not the only one dealing with this problem.
  8. Everyone says if you don't like something, voice your opinion. Well here goes. I hate slayer pro. If I wanted preset classes and no radar I would play on a MLG playlist. Oh wait, h4 doesn't have one. Well maybe 343 should get rid of one of the crappy playlists and put a MLG list so they can take slayer pro out of the social playlists. Anyone else agree?
  9. Can the thruster packs please be fixed? The duration is too short to accomplish any significant jump in distance and the speed does not allow for you to get out of an enemies line of fire quickly at all. I also believe it to be unnecessary to jump to 3rd person and back to 1st person. It all could be done in the 1st person view and this would allow for a more accurate jump. If the boost distance and speed were increased and the view was kept in 1st person it would be a valuable item, but as it stands it is more of a useless addition.
  10. Halo is slowly dying, struggling to hold on it is population its very clearly that what 343 did to "change" halo basically failed. Here are the reasons why. Some are due to poor programming and glitches etc... some are failed concepts that where destined to flop: Muliplayer Lack of playlists. No competitive ranking system Poor playlist management. Team play out the window Game fails to encourage objective play. (Halo 1, 2 and 3 did this fine Btw.) Overpowered weapons (Boltshot) Unbalanced starts Ordinance (Encouraging Camping) Perks (Unbalanced starts, Unfair to new players) Sprint (RIP small/arena Maps) Jetpack (Breaks Map flow/ Map control pointless) Load-outs (Individual tactics/skill gone... Its more focused on the "Setup" you use) Paper vehicles (Have individual Heath, Will explode faster than a grenade) No Hornet/Falcon Vehicle betrayals Can't drop flag. Experience point can be "earned" for doing nothing (Get 0 Kills 0 Deaths = 1100xp) Scoring system broken (1st 1st 7th.) Active Campo, encourages camping, used to be a skill power up.. now a noobs crutch. Random ordinance, Can ruin the outcome of the game. Red team get 2 Rockets... in a close slayer match. No Map specific weapons, no point of map control... apart from to kill & camp Rank capped at lvl 70. No codes available. Fail voting system. No veto Ugly armor Custom games (Permanent) Alpha Flood Setting Gone. Can't set % to starting zombie Trait zones don't apply to flood Can't edit flood loadouts Can't edit flood weapons Can't edit flood Perks/AA Can't edit flood armor effects Can't edit Human armor colour VIP gone 1 Flag gone Juggernaut gone Stockpile gone Headhunter gone Assault gone Invasion gone Race gone Network connection fail. Host migration will occur every 2-5 seconds. Unplayable. Not just me. Happened to Insanmiac. No file share Forge Riddled with kill zones Can't forge in water Tiny maps Broken dynamic lighting - See Mr pokerphile video. No forgeworld Can't forge on other maps. Tons on bugs Rounded blocks cause gaps Fail magnets Block are not Smooth No elephant. Spartan (Fl)Ops. Same five maps over and over. (Worst than reach) Not much better than firefight Huge letdown. Theater Network fail - Doesn't save games Only 1 Person ( Halo 3, had 4; Made in 2007 Btw.) Buggy, clips are often unusable anyway. Can't fast forward or skip forward. (From Start) Campaign No Skulls Other than that great job 343 (Campaign was decent) I liked to apologize to the forum mods for breaking the rules with my last thread, but this ^^^^ is the reason I get mad, some are opinions yes, but they are opinions that MANY agree with. Proof? look at the falling population and see the facts... However some aren't opinions are need to be fixed now 343 hasn't even attempted to do this... the game is been out for a while now and I feel as a fan since CE iv been kicked in the teeth. Feel free to discuss.
  11. I may be re-hashing what's already been said, but I would like to make a couple of problems that my fiancé, a couple of friends and I have with the Halo 4 (mainly Wargames) Halo Reborn HA!: • Jetpack: So we had this great feeling, very flyable Jetpack in Reach, and now, the jetpack burns for a much shorter duration, and you can barely travel ten feet straight up with it (10 feet is one story), and it's sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. • War Games Maps: They are all HUGE! Plus, it doesn't say on the screen the size party that each map is best for. There's no sense of geography either in most cases, like where in the heck am I? There are a couple of maps (I won't site names as I am not going to turn my console on just to site names— you know which ones I'm talking about) that feel like some eight-year-old built them because there are vehicles and weapons just strewn about everywhere. I have actually made very playable and fantastic maps for Reach that have been downloaded by people I have never met and we all play on them... why? Because they are PLAYABLE, creative, they work well, and they're original. I'm not rying to toot my own horn here, but fly me out to Seattle and I will show you what makes a great map and what makes a flop. I'm a graphic designer by trade with my BFA, and I made my maps just for my friends and me to play on here at home. But when total strangers are becoming my friends on LIVE and playing with me and my friends, that says something to me and gives me a sense of pride. These maps are not gimmicky or corny, they just work and they are fun. • Weapons Sounds: Some of the new audio recorded for the weapons is great, like the Covenant fuel rod gun's new sound is great. However, the rocket launcher... really? HELLO? Ever heard of the Doppler Effect? A rocket propelled projectile does not sound like the new sound recorded for the rocket launcher now. The needler sounds more like a 1960's chain gun now. WRONG. If it ain't broke, don't fix it right? • Weapons Choices: When we play games here at home with 4-8 people, we like to usually play Slayer or Crazy King (and Swat). When playing Slayer we'll set weapons to Primary Random & Secondary Shotgun. Our choice right? But the problem has ALWAYS been that we can't remove weapons from the playlist and whomever is the top scorer gets the big weapons in the random setting. How is that random? Sure, I get to run away with the game if I am scoring higher then, but it isn't fair that it's set up to favor the person already wining. The high scorer keeps coming up with rocket launchers and fuel rod guns. • Weapons Dual Wielding: I'm aware 343 isn't Bungie, but there are a lot of people working at 343 who were at Bungie for years making Halo. So, it's not a 100% brand new team. That being said, what the heck happened to dual wielding? I remember dual wielding Needlers? Don't give us something then take it away. 1) Make random actually RANDOM. (2) Why not make a checklist of weapons to include and omit in a custom randomizer? So, random weapons still come up, but only the weapons that are chosen from the list, that way we could omit rocket launchers if we want, or omit all of the pea shooters, or have ALL heavy weapons by the player's choice. • SCORING: Let me get one thing straight, HALO scoring is the way it is because it's HALO. Dear 343, if you want to design for Call of Duty, leave 343 and go design for the COD teams. You changed the scoring to a COD style. Game Informer said it, IGN said it, the forums are saying it, I'm saying it... so, why are you trying to turn HALO into COD? Try to deny it. • GIVING and TAKING AWAY aka "Improvements": In Halo and Halo 2 we could dual wield like weapons, Halo 3 it's gone. In Halo 3 we got Firefight, now it's gone. We had headhunter, now it's gone. In Reach, we got JETPAKS! You may as well say they are gone because it's no longer a jetpack as I mentioned above, it's a jump-pack only now. • Team Playing? Really?: So, you finally give us the ABILITY of CHOICE of which War Games game type we wish to play, and the only thing we have to vote on is which map to chose, COOL! WAIT... everything is TEAMS TEAMS TEAMS. Team King of the Hill— REALLY? What the heck is that? What if I don't want to play on a team? GONE! Now I have to play on a team, no choice otherwise. I could go on and on and on about weapons, and maps, and style. But why? There is a great article by The Atlantic as well, I may not agree with everything it says, but this guy hits a lot on the head. http://www.theatlant...g-wrong/265217/ Thanks, skodt666 Download my Reach maps and we will play! I practically have my own community now LOL! Peace!
  12. DISCLAIMER: I applaud 343i's balancing for being one of (if not) the best multiplayer balancing feats ever. Any and all critisism regarding flaws in my logic should be constructive. Thank you. In this post I will explain through various means why the Covenant Carbine in Halo 4 is a technically flawed primary weapon. This doesn't mean it's outright terrible, because there are plently of circumstances in which it is effective, but something's not correct. I will also provide various solutions to ammend the issues I've found with the weapon. First, let's recognize why the Carbine is on par with it's two other precision weapon brethern, the DMR and BR. This is a shot list below demonstrating such: CHARACTERISTIC: CC, DMR, BR FIre rate (RPM): ~257, ~155, ~155 (accounting for 1200 RPM burst and 0.5 second delay) Shots to down Shield: 7, 4, 12 (4 bursts of 3) Headshots: 1 for all Shots to kill an unshielded body: 5, 3, 7 (3 in a burst, one shot out of last 3 can kill) Now what we should really consider is that most players are experienced enough to aim for the head, at which point the last values are obsolete. Judging from these characteristics, we could say very liberally that they are all about the same lethality. And that is true, somewhat, when you're talking about just ONE enemy. In fact, due to the compiled nature of the shots, the hypothetical Time to Kill (TTK) of the CC is greater than both the DMR and the BR, respectively. But let's go back a second. What happens when you're trying to kill more than one enemy? Under the circumstance that every person is 100% accurate and lands nothing more than the necessary shots to kill with a headshot, the following replecates the ammo required to do such: KILLS: AMMO LEFT FOR WEAPONS (CC, DMR, BR) One: (18- = 10, (14-5) = 9, (36-15) = 21 Two: (10- = 2, (9-5) = 4, (21-15) = 6 (divide by three, explained below) Three: (2- = -6, (4-5) = -1, (6-15) = -9 (divide by three, explained below) What can we take from this? First, the values designated by the "Two:" row indicate how many "compensation shots" the user would have left to finish off the opponent(s) (remember, this was under the impression that everyone was 100% accurate, which no one actually is). In this, we find that the DMR has a full 4 compensation shots to use between the two enemies. That's an average of two compensation shots per enemy. This is very gracious for such a precise weapon. Either way, let's move onto the CC and BR, which have 2 and 6 respectively (when you divide by the 3 shots per burst that are fired it's still 2), so they're both the same... right? Consider this - every burst fired with the BR contains three bullets, only one of which actually needs to be lethal. So it's really not necessary, if at all in the first place, to take more than one compensation shot, or burst for that matter. The CC actually needs to land one of two lethal headshots per each enemy, otherwise the user won't be left with enough ammunition to finish the job. That's why, from that standpoint, the CC is already worse than the BR and DMR. Now take the second point, which is under the "Three:" section, containing all the negative numbers. This is what we could call the "clean-up" values, or how many extra headshots it'll take to kill the third enemy once you've killed the two above (again, not accounting for ANY lapses in accuracy, totally ignoring the first segment we've discussed above). Looking again at the DMR, you'd need only 1 more headshot from your pistol to finish off the opponent. Triple kills, all things aside, should be pretty easy. This time, the BR and CC are not even relatively close. The BR has a value of -9, translates to 3 shots from your pistol of choice. Quite a bit worse than the DMR, but not as bad as what you'll see next. So you'd like a Triple Kill with the CC? FORGET IT. You'd need a full 6 (TWICE as much as the BR and SIX TIMES as much than the DMR) headshots to clean up the job afterwards for that third guy, at which point, you'd be better off running away and reloading or something. Assuming you can actually do that, you're probably extremely talented at getting headshots with everything. Throw human error into the mix and you have yourself a weapon of which just doesn't compete in terms with the other two comparable primary loadout precision weapons. Sure, you could down the shields with other means, and say that the DMR has more sway etc, but I'm just talking on a pure technical basis here. There's a problem, and it needs to be addressed. Below are some solutions I'd like for someone to consider here. If you have your own or are in support of any of these, please reply: SOLUTION 1: Increase magazine size to 22 This would eliminate most issues with our little ammo conservation problem, keeping the lethal capacity at a cap of 2 kills like the other ones. If you chose 22, that leaves 4 compensation shots comparable to that of the DMR, and would make it take only 4 pistol headshots to finish off, one worse than the BR. You get one good and one bad, which is better than two crumby stats. 23 rounds would push each number up one, which could make the gun a little bit too good. SOLUTION 2: Decrease shield threshold from 7 to 6 shots Effectively changing the "Two kill" equation to (18-(2*7)) = 4 compensation shots and (4-7) = 3 pistol shots, which is more subtle than changing it to 23 rounds but at the same time is more effective than a 22 round improvement since it not only changes it from 4 to 3 pistol shots, but also lowers the TTK on each successive individual opponent. SOLUTION 3 (kinda extreme): Worsen the other two weapons The DMR could be worsened by cutting one or two bullets, and the BR by cutting the ammo count to 33 or one less burst. These are fair enough options that would force these guns to be more conservative with their ammo exhaustion. NOTE: This took me a considerable amount of time to create. If you don't mind, the feedback for this topic would be greatly appreciated. Again, I'm being logical about this, so please be constructive in your feedback as we try to solve these issues regarding this weapon. If you disagree with my statistics, I can show proof on demand. However, I should inform you that all of these statistics were privately tested and calculated using my game and HD PVR recordings broken down in Sony Vegas. Thank you again. Looking forward to those responses. .
  13. When will the fileshare be updated for use in halo 4? I wanna download peoples creations and peoples screenshots.... ................................................................................................................................................................ Ok I have been playing halo 4 for a while now and there is something that is bothering me... it seems like halo 4 has removed a lot of stuff, I mean A LOT OF STUFF that the previous halo games had. for example 1. no trueskill system (1-50): seriously? why remove it just because the bad players complain? there was a reason why halo 3 was more balanced than halo reach and 4 (it matched players depending on how well they did ex: bad players will be paired up with bad players while pros will be paired with pros etc) 2. Playlist is short: yes, yes i know its going to be updated but how will you feel if they don't add classic modes like... a normal ffa (regicide is cool but the classic ffa was fun) 3. No proper assault modes: yes there is grifball and you could just modify it... but where is the explosion, grif is suppose to die... there is a reason why its called "grifball" 4. Forge maps: the maps Impact, Erosion, and Ravine are "bloodgulch-sized" maps... they are not REAL forgeworld maps 5. Theater mode: this... this is whats bothering me... where is theater mode for CAMPAIGN and S-OPS!? 6. Custom games: I don't need to explain this... a lot of people complained about it... 7. Join in progress: how do you feel when every match you join is either: about to end, you are put in a losing team with impossible odds, and unbalanced? 8. Campaign: campaign was good but not good like halo 3s one or halo 2s, where is the epic music playing loudly in the background all i hear is ambient noises, where is the freedom? the missions felt linear, and wheres the epic moments (odsts dropping in to help then loud drum beats play etc...) 9. Scoring system: where is the scoring system for s-ops and campaign? without them they feel... boring 10. Menu: why did they have to make the menu too.... exaggerated? seriously they could have done a Reach-like menu where an artistic background is in it not a 3d background (serously it made the Framerate drop... and your in a freaking menu) 11. balance: halo 3 had perfect balance in matchmaking, halo reach was meh, halo 4... wtf why am i paired up witht he pros... im not that good.. pair me up with someone with equel skill as me not someone who could kill me every five seconds 12. DMR: its overpowered and is now the most overused weapon 13. 1-50 only in waypoint: wtf I want to see my rank next to my profile not exit the damned game just to see my rank... otherwise whats the point? 14. Unneccesary quicktime events: personally i believe this is the reason why there is no theater for campaign... plus its useless... it also takes you away from halo experiance 15. S-ops repeatative: why are all the mission just recycled maps with different objectives? 16. firefight is gone: dumbest decision to remove it. s-ops is gold only, what happens if you only have silver or no online at all... i wanna kill some time by killing prometheans and covies (hell firefight is also a good way to show off the deadliness of the prometheans) ........................................................................................................................................ thats all i might add some issues and remove stuff (when they are fixed)
  14. Hi, alot of Halo fans have been complaining about Halo 4. 343 have made some mistakes and have caused major issues in this game. I'm a major fan of Halo. But for the first time. I actually thought Halo 4 was screwed. The're are so many annoying things about this game. I actually rage so hard over this like no other Halo game. All my friends have quit playing. It's going borderline and Halo 4 or the next Halo needs to be better, because I believe if it keeps heading in this track it will go down hill. So I've decided to address this issue and I hope somebody listens to this and takes it seriously. Especially 343. Here is a list of some problems in this game. Bolshot is OP (Why get a shotgun or a scattershot in your ordinance when you spawn with a bolshot) Assault Rifle is OP (or atleast abit more powerful then any other Halo game) Spawning with plasma nades. Joining mid games Weapons despawn to quickly. Spawning with camo (noob combo = camo and bolshot) No good connection and good connection search No file share Bad playlists No veto No 1-50 rank system Auto pick up flag and can't drop it. No custom maps online Mantis is OP (Prefer a falcon instead) Wepaon spawns are reandom (You can't learn weapons spawns) Instant respawn Kill cams need fixing (glitchy) Spartan ops should be able to play offline Armor abilities NEED BALANCING. Now by reading this, you might think I'm just some player that's just winging about these problems. But these are actual problems. If you play this game and you're serious and like to 5 shot with the dmr and br, you will find that people spawning with plasma nades that spam them at you or run at you with assault rifles is annoying. Here is a video link to why the bolshot is annoying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0cG0jGuTQ0 The bolshot is very stupid. It's only because you can spawn with it. I consider it as a power weapon. If you couldn't spawn with it, then It'd be abit more balanced. But since everyone has one all people do is camp around corners with camo and bolshot you. It's stupid. If you want to practice strafing and etc... It doesn't work against bolshots and assault rifles. It's very frustrating. This makes the game not enjoyable but annoying. Please take this seriously. It's a serious problem. If you agree or have anything else you would like to add, post it below. Once again, please take this seriously. Thanks. Here is a link to the same post that I posted on Halo waypoint. It's become a big post and alot of people agree with the post and have some opnions. Please consider reading everything and what the community is saying. We want you to LISTEN. We've posted this to an MLG Pro Ninja's live stream and on the stream he stated that he agreed with the post on waypoint (same post as this one) SO PLEASE LISTEN 343 https://forums.halow....osts&m=2143578
  15. Me and a couple of friends came together to make this request list. This list mainly contains bugs within Halo 4.. We hope that you can fix these bugs As Soon As Possible, Thanks.. Feel free to add any other bugs/requests to the list.. Thanks Again.. REQUEST LIST: Please : add Forge World for Forge nerf the Mantis (make less powerful) fix the hit detection when meleeing fix the hit detection in general lessen/nerf the range of the scoped weapons *FIX MULTIPLAYER GAME LAG *Fix random rank crashes nerf frags (by a little) nerf the magnum *FIX FORGE GENERATING LIGHTING BUG (Switching from Forge Bot to Human makes the game lag while it slowly generates the lighting) Fix gun bounce when shot at (getting shot jerks your gun upwards) Fix the escape assassination bug (Some times whiles assassinating the person turns around and kills you) Add more War Games ****PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD ANY OTHER REQUESTS/NEEDS/BUGS TO THIS LIST, THANKS..****
  16. I am lagging in every wargame I play. I am almost 100% sure its not the internet connection. What can I do?
  17. I am a huge halo fan and have been since combat evolved. I think 343 has done quite an amazing job on this game and am very pleased. I tried sending direct emails to 343 but can't seem to find the right emails to get anyone. My biggest and only problem is that the co-op is only 2 players and there is no other outlet for 4 players local. Do people not play together anymore? All of my friends are upset about this. Yes we can play custom games but that gets old real quick when the skill level is so diverse. In previous halos you could glitch in up to 4 players in firefight and campaign but so far I have seen nothing that lets us do this. I know we have the capability to do this so please fix this and let us play 4 player local everything. I move that 343 sends a patch which fixes this, please. Thank you, Michael Holland [email protected]
  18. TheIr have been many complaints from the halo community, and I feel 343 hasn't been responding or announcing what they think about what we say, please don't leave us in the dark and take advice from bungie which listened to its community. I like halo 4 and I think it has sooooooo much potential to be soooooo much better. All I ask from you 343 is to listen to the community....
  19. Ok seriously, you obviously don't know me 343 (if you're actually reading this) but I've been playing halo since I was 12!! Guess how old I am now? 22!! I was one of the first people in the U.S. to have Xbox Live, on the original console. I am a Halo Veteran that deserves some recognition when called upon. I am EXTREMELY disappointed with Halo 4's XP Daily Cap Limit/Ban. Why do this? Why hurt the people who truly LOVE the game? It's not hurting or affecting anyone else, but you're forcing people to change time zones, then they get banned, or even drop Halo 4 all together. Hardcore gamers should NOT be penalized for passion of a game; for wanting to achieve the highest level, to master the game so they can add it to the collection of others. You need to come up with a solution ASAP. You're losing your gamers. We had and still have faith in 343i; don't let us down by limiting the amount of XP we can reach per day. I feel like a child, it's embarrassing and basically right now, Bungie is my blanket that I sleep with at night, I trust it, I feel safe around it, I love it. Figure something out, PLEASE! A compromise that would maintain somewhat of a fair balance in the game (I.E. matching lower ranked players with others) but please, for the love of God, LET US KEEP OUR XP! This is so cruel. Coming from someone who has followed this game his whole childhood, it's pretty freakin important to me. Respect it. Thank you, Sm0k3
  20. hey the credit cap is not fair to players who want to play more than one day!Come on i mean I only have 6 hours logged into the game!!!Xbox live support told me to post here to also say its unfair and needs to be fixed.Does it make sense that you be buy double xp to just be capped?Please spread this around as much as you can so they can fix this and I lost 17343 and more from it because I got the commendations when i got capped.Its just not fair how this can happen,I mean it takes that much xp to just to get to the next.So no im stuck here watching the menu and watching people outrank me because I cant do anything about it.343 you need to fix this now and not remove this post again.You cant do this to players because you did not state that there was a credit cap anywhere on the game,mtn dew lables,or preordering the game.Xbox live support told me to post and if that didnt have effect that the president of microsoft said he will make a personal call and fix the problem.All the players should be given back all the lost xp,or microsoft points,or even armor or double xp codes!!!
  21. 343, The ghost vehicle you have implemented in Halo 4 is bad to the point where it is almost worthless. 1) You have to run full speed at people to MAYBE get a splatter with them. 2) You TAP a teammate, and you betray them. 3) It blows up within 10 bullets of any weapon. 4) The vehicle weights as much as a feather and flips over from the slightest bump in the terrain causing you to die every time. 5) Sometimes when you try to splatter an enemy it just pushes them back or they fly over the top of the vehicle. I have other issues with the game that makes it near impossible to play, but this is the highest of priority on the list since i've always enjoyed running around in the ghost.
  22. Im sure many of you have noticed some balancing issues with halo 4 lets start of with the DMR the dmr: the gun is so overpowered and is now overused this is one of the weak side of loadouts since you recoil everytime you get shot depending on what weapon your getting hit with so everytime your hit by the DMR. the damage or recoil you get is overdone they need to fix this... now for matchmaking ok matchmaking is still nice, you find player, play with people etc... but what about balancing it? in halo 3 it pairs you up with players depending on your skill... with halo 4... you are either.. A. paired up with someone that is too good B. paired up with bad players (especially in team based games) C. in team slayer games the good and the bad are separated (i.e your with the newbies while the pros are teamed up) maps: the maps are.... fairly good however there is one map i like to discuss.... Comples aaah yes complex its infamous for having the wall glitch when you play oddball and infection but here is the issue with it... its made for campers the buildings are small in the inside so you and your team could just take a close range weapons and just camp inside (I had a discussion with this with some players in another site) for exmaple you know that building with the ramp? and has that bridge attached to it? yeah... a camping spot during slayer it was impossible to get inside without them just ambushing you (they were using close range weapons) I guess thats it.... only three issues
  23. After me and a friend beat Halo 4 on Legendary, the Legendary Ending kinda bugged out... After Master Chief took off his helmet, his eyes didn't show.. At first i thought that it was supposed to end a mystery that in Halo 5 we would see his face, but when i went on Youtube and the Forums i realized that his eyes were supposed to show.. My brother tried the ending again with his friend and the same thing happened, no eyes.. I dont know if this is a bug in Co-Op campaign or what.. Please look into this bug 343.. Thanks BTW: Campaign was AMAZING!!!! Nice job 343
  24. Dear, 343 Industries, The weapons in multiplayer / matchmaking are completely unbalanced. Every weapon in Halo 4 should be even in damage so that it takes skill to kill another player, not because he/she has a better gun. Some of the weapons are so unbalanced and under powered that you can't even kill anyone with them. I've shot players four times point blank with the scatter gun as well as the shotgun and they would still have their shield up would then turn around and killed me with a DMR. So, 343 Industries, what I am asking of you is will you please review the weapons damage and make them EVEN? Some of the weapons are very weak and under powered. Thank you so much for your time. <3
  25. So my 3 friends and I beat legendary on co-op, and I got the achievements and the Mark VI armor and all of that. When I got to my service record it says I only completesd 7 missions, and it says I'm still "in progress." This happened to one other person that played with us as well, but the other two people we played with it says they completed it. I need help! I don't know how to fix this.
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