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Found 7 results

  1. I may be re-hashing what's already been said, but I would like to make a couple of problems that my fiancé, a couple of friends and I have with the Halo 4 (mainly Wargames) Halo Reborn HA!: • Jetpack: So we had this great feeling, very flyable Jetpack in Reach, and now, the jetpack burns for a much shorter duration, and you can barely travel ten feet straight up with it (10 feet is one story), and it's sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. • War Games Maps: They are all HUGE! Plus, it doesn't say on the screen the size party that each map is best for. There's no sense of geography either in most cases, like where in the heck am I? There are a couple of maps (I won't site names as I am not going to turn my console on just to site names— you know which ones I'm talking about) that feel like some eight-year-old built them because there are vehicles and weapons just strewn about everywhere. I have actually made very playable and fantastic maps for Reach that have been downloaded by people I have never met and we all play on them... why? Because they are PLAYABLE, creative, they work well, and they're original. I'm not rying to toot my own horn here, but fly me out to Seattle and I will show you what makes a great map and what makes a flop. I'm a graphic designer by trade with my BFA, and I made my maps just for my friends and me to play on here at home. But when total strangers are becoming my friends on LIVE and playing with me and my friends, that says something to me and gives me a sense of pride. These maps are not gimmicky or corny, they just work and they are fun. • Weapons Sounds: Some of the new audio recorded for the weapons is great, like the Covenant fuel rod gun's new sound is great. However, the rocket launcher... really? HELLO? Ever heard of the Doppler Effect? A rocket propelled projectile does not sound like the new sound recorded for the rocket launcher now. The needler sounds more like a 1960's chain gun now. WRONG. If it ain't broke, don't fix it right? • Weapons Choices: When we play games here at home with 4-8 people, we like to usually play Slayer or Crazy King (and Swat). When playing Slayer we'll set weapons to Primary Random & Secondary Shotgun. Our choice right? But the problem has ALWAYS been that we can't remove weapons from the playlist and whomever is the top scorer gets the big weapons in the random setting. How is that random? Sure, I get to run away with the game if I am scoring higher then, but it isn't fair that it's set up to favor the person already wining. The high scorer keeps coming up with rocket launchers and fuel rod guns. • Weapons Dual Wielding: I'm aware 343 isn't Bungie, but there are a lot of people working at 343 who were at Bungie for years making Halo. So, it's not a 100% brand new team. That being said, what the heck happened to dual wielding? I remember dual wielding Needlers? Don't give us something then take it away. 1) Make random actually RANDOM. (2) Why not make a checklist of weapons to include and omit in a custom randomizer? So, random weapons still come up, but only the weapons that are chosen from the list, that way we could omit rocket launchers if we want, or omit all of the pea shooters, or have ALL heavy weapons by the player's choice. • SCORING: Let me get one thing straight, HALO scoring is the way it is because it's HALO. Dear 343, if you want to design for Call of Duty, leave 343 and go design for the COD teams. You changed the scoring to a COD style. Game Informer said it, IGN said it, the forums are saying it, I'm saying it... so, why are you trying to turn HALO into COD? Try to deny it. • GIVING and TAKING AWAY aka "Improvements": In Halo and Halo 2 we could dual wield like weapons, Halo 3 it's gone. In Halo 3 we got Firefight, now it's gone. We had headhunter, now it's gone. In Reach, we got JETPAKS! You may as well say they are gone because it's no longer a jetpack as I mentioned above, it's a jump-pack only now. • Team Playing? Really?: So, you finally give us the ABILITY of CHOICE of which War Games game type we wish to play, and the only thing we have to vote on is which map to chose, COOL! WAIT... everything is TEAMS TEAMS TEAMS. Team King of the Hill— REALLY? What the heck is that? What if I don't want to play on a team? GONE! Now I have to play on a team, no choice otherwise. I could go on and on and on about weapons, and maps, and style. But why? There is a great article by The Atlantic as well, I may not agree with everything it says, but this guy hits a lot on the head. http://www.theatlant...g-wrong/265217/ Thanks, skodt666 Download my Reach maps and we will play! I practically have my own community now LOL! Peace!
  2. Wanna have a team that gots your back? Want to be part of a clan? Join Team Shake and prepare to dominate. All players are welcome. apply at: http://teamshake.org/ for more information visit the website or contact TS Pure Defiler. 1.. 2.. go team shake!!!!!!!!!
  3. I am looking for anyone interested in starting up a clan with me. I of course will be a leader, but in my clan there will be a ranking system. I currently have yet to select a name for this clan, but I do have 3 ideas. 1.)F.W.S. (Forever We Stand) 2.)Crimson 3,)Immortal/Immortals. I would like to have those who want to join to vote on which name they like the most and when I feel like I've decided on a name based on your opinions then I'll announce it. So please join, vote, and hit me up online so we can play some Halo!
  4. Hiya, not a lot of my mates are that into halo so I was thinking leave your gamer tag on the post and add each other so massive games can be played on custom games or online? My gamer tag is MaSturalex117.
  5. Hey guys my name is ksi silent wolf and im from a gaming community called KSI. We basically do matchmaking custom games and other halo based things.We are here for fun and to actuall learn life skills as weird as that sounds. BUT Each squad has more professional teams like mlg, slayer, snipers, forge, and so on. those are in place for more seriouse gamers that want to join. We are very organised as a community becouse there are so many current members.(we boast a nice large 3000 members) To join you have to be at least 13 and have a mic. other requirments are- Change armer collor to steel(black.) Add ksi (squad) division) name to your motto and changing your emblem. now i know to many people this is outragouse but in my opinion the benifits far outweigh the negatives and if your up for joining send me a voice only message to me gt. I also know many people will say bad things about ksi most likly on this thread, so i ask you to please be courtiouse to other people who might actually want to join and not be hatefull on this post. Thank you. we have a website called ksiglobal.net which should be up very soon (currently down for upgrading)6/25/12
  6. Our clan is recruiting new members. If you want to join, contact me on xbox LIVE. (my gamertag is my profile name). Our clan is not strict on color schemes because our diversity is one of our strongest attributes. Members are promoted based on performance and how much they contribute to the clan. The only rules about uniform are: SERVICE TAG: 5423 ARMOR COLOR: Member's choice EMBLEM: Spartan Foreground, Banner Background For more info. PM me on this site or send me a message on LIVE
  7. Hi, everybody. I'll warn you now that this post is a bit of a rant, but it has a purpose. I hope it brings to light an evolving situation with our Halo multiplayer in the upcoming War Games of Halo 4, and gets my fellow community members seeing something behind all the hype and anticipation that they may be missing. I'm sure that most of you have seen the videos and heard about the new scoring method implemented in some of Halo 4's MP gametypes, like Infinity Slayer and Regicide). You likely have noticed how much more important it will be to play with skill, and allow teammates who are in advantageous situations to work some of their own magic. After all, when a player who gets 3 kills by Assassinations (30 points each) can earn more points than a player who scores 4 kills by Headshots (20 pts each), don't think think we should worry less about getting an average kill by ourselves and more about your team getting an awesome kill by working together? So if Red Team is aiming for quality of kills, while Blue Team is just going for quantity of kills, Red Team may actually win without even having worked as hard as Blue Team, and actually dying more often than them. Such craziness, but it certainly adds a much greater depth to MP madness. Being more or less hammered-out and ready to play, I have a feeling that the scoring values we've seen aren't likely to change (much, if at all). But who knows. While watching the gameplay footage from a couple of Infinity Slayer matches played by some guys from MLG (Elamite, Neighbor, Hoaxer, etc, you know the videos I'm talking about, but click the link if you don't: http://www.youtube.c...slayer gameplay), it becomes obvious that teamwork will become much more important in H4 WG, particularly in Infinity Slayer. Now, I find myself with a question. Not so much a question that requires an answer, but a question just to think about. It's a question for the entire Halo fan community, and, more importantly, for the lone wolves who play team games and then don't play as part of the team. Are you ready to play nice with your teammates? I can't help but think of Halo players who think only of themselves and their K/D ratio and stats. The kind of players who purposely Yoink your kill when you're in the middle of an Assassination. The kind of players who demand that you give them that power weapon and betray you to get it. The kind of players who have made me reluctant to play MP unless I'm playing with a friend. In games like Infinity Slayer, teams that are evenly matched, and they should be, can have some pretty intense games going on where the scores are neck-and-neck for the lead. Picture this: You're in a match and both teams are within 30pts of victory. You pop an opponent's shield and he rabbits, taking off around a corner. You chase him down, catch up to him and start an Assassination to score the winning 30pts. Suddenly, one of your teammates comes a-trollin' and Yoinks your kill. That guy scores a mere 10pts for the kill, leaving you 5pts for the Assist, and you both lose the match by 15 points. Don't be that guy. It's time to stop competing amongst your own teammates. Even if you end up on a team with a player you hate, rise above it and try to get along. I, myself, last year when I was most active in Reach MP, found myself on teams with former opponents who were at great odds with me. I soon found myself getting along quite well with them. So I know that not all people who seem bad are really bad. They have it in them to play nice. We all do. At the very least, understand that if you see a teammate in a position to score major points for your team, you should let them. Twam willing, karma may yet reign and reward that good behavior. And if you absolutely cannot, will not, and utterly refuse to try to play nicely... Free-For-All gametypes. You want to play matches solo? Go play solo matches. Well, that's enough out of me. I don't know if this will reach the right people, or even if it was necessary. And if it's too long for some people, well that's just sad; go read more books. I don't post often, so I hope that the posts I do make serve their purpose and are well-received. Be well and have fun, everybody. Just not at the expense of one another. Get ready for a new take on the old Halo we know and love. Four months and 14 days left. Blessings of Twam upon you, my children. Edit: The good DoctorB77 pointed out that the scoring system is not as I saw it. In an Infinity Slayer match, the score increases by 10 per kill... Which leaves me to wonder why 343 even bothered to change it from the single-point system, as there isn't then any difference to how rapidly a team reaches the winning score. Sort of a bummer. Even so, the notion of teamwork still stands. Players should be nicer to their teammates and give them their hard-earned time to shine without stealing kills or betraying just because they're doing something that you wanted to do. Ultimately, it's a message of "Play nice, or don't play at all." It's a lesson we learn in Kindergarten. Sort of sad that some people don't remember it.
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