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Found 2 results

  1. The dull thumping of footsteps, a singular moment of terror. In that instant, fight-or-flight is no longer an option. The limbs lock up, the voice; caught in the throat. And suddenly; It's over. Feeling leaves your body, you collapse to the floor, soon to be nothing more than another cadaver, and the last thing you see? Some Spartan's crotch, Rocketing toward your face. You'll get 'em next time. Yep, it's that time again. Time to engage in the more primal urges of mankind; Plotting the downfall of, and distrusting all around you for the sake of petty gains. So, Let's get down to brass tacks; July 26th; 10 A.M. EST, we're gonna start the festivities. We'll be running till 1 P.M., but longer should the lobby be particularly jumpin'. Now, for those of you who played last time, who were confused about the rules, here's a little summary: You are on your honor, which means you are expected to follow the rules in order to actually make this a fun game. No call outs. Alive or dead, you're not allowed to say who attacked you, what color they were, what weapon they used.... Nothing. If you're dead, you can still talk, but do not tell people "Watch out, they're behind you" or anything like that. You're dead. Living matters don't concern you anymore. You are not allowed to attack anyone, unless the following circumstances happen: A: you PERSONALLY SEE AN ATTACK, OR AN ACT OF AGGRESSION. Acts of aggression include reloading, charging a weapon, or sighting with the Binary rifle. Once again, you have to PERSONALLY SEE IT. B: in self defense, duh. C: If you are a murderer. Duh. D: if you are the last innocent left alive. at this point, go nuts. Seeing someone murder someone means you can attack them, but it does not mean that person is now "Kill on sight" If you attack them, and lose them, and say about a minute passes, you can't track them down and attack them again. In fact, it might be a better idea to run away. Boss is the Dragon Man. Any questions? Post them. Coming? Post. Wanna tell me I'm not the Dragon Man? Wander into the nearest busy intersection, and wait there until you feel unrelenting pain. RSVP.
  2. Halo is slowly dying, struggling to hold on it is population its very clearly that what 343 did to "change" halo basically failed. Here are the reasons why. Some are due to poor programming and glitches etc... some are failed concepts that where destined to flop: Muliplayer Lack of playlists. No competitive ranking system Poor playlist management. Team play out the window Game fails to encourage objective play. (Halo 1, 2 and 3 did this fine Btw.) Overpowered weapons (Boltshot) Unbalanced starts Ordinance (Encouraging Camping) Perks (Unbalanced starts, Unfair to new players) Sprint (RIP small/arena Maps) Jetpack (Breaks Map flow/ Map control pointless) Load-outs (Individual tactics/skill gone... Its more focused on the "Setup" you use) Paper vehicles (Have individual Heath, Will explode faster than a grenade) No Hornet/Falcon Vehicle betrayals Can't drop flag. Experience point can be "earned" for doing nothing (Get 0 Kills 0 Deaths = 1100xp) Scoring system broken (1st 1st 7th.) Active Campo, encourages camping, used to be a skill power up.. now a noobs crutch. Random ordinance, Can ruin the outcome of the game. Red team get 2 Rockets... in a close slayer match. No Map specific weapons, no point of map control... apart from to kill & camp Rank capped at lvl 70. No codes available. Fail voting system. No veto Ugly armor Custom games (Permanent) Alpha Flood Setting Gone. Can't set % to starting zombie Trait zones don't apply to flood Can't edit flood loadouts Can't edit flood weapons Can't edit flood Perks/AA Can't edit flood armor effects Can't edit Human armor colour VIP gone 1 Flag gone Juggernaut gone Stockpile gone Headhunter gone Assault gone Invasion gone Race gone Network connection fail. Host migration will occur every 2-5 seconds. Unplayable. Not just me. Happened to Insanmiac. No file share Forge Riddled with kill zones Can't forge in water Tiny maps Broken dynamic lighting - See Mr pokerphile video. No forgeworld Can't forge on other maps. Tons on bugs Rounded blocks cause gaps Fail magnets Block are not Smooth No elephant. Spartan (Fl)Ops. Same five maps over and over. (Worst than reach) Not much better than firefight Huge letdown. Theater Network fail - Doesn't save games Only 1 Person ( Halo 3, had 4; Made in 2007 Btw.) Buggy, clips are often unusable anyway. Can't fast forward or skip forward. (From Start) Campaign No Skulls Other than that great job 343 (Campaign was decent) I liked to apologize to the forum mods for breaking the rules with my last thread, but this ^^^^ is the reason I get mad, some are opinions yes, but they are opinions that MANY agree with. Proof? look at the falling population and see the facts... However some aren't opinions are need to be fixed now 343 hasn't even attempted to do this... the game is been out for a while now and I feel as a fan since CE iv been kicked in the teeth. Feel free to discuss.
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