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Found 20 results

  1. Looking For Members For SECOND NATURE Requriements: Skill K/D Above 1.0 Age Above 14 Gamertag Change ​ We have a Youtube channel and we will be making videos. So if you have a game recorder that would be great. We are a Team not a CLAN. We play competitive. Send me a message on XBL if you want to join. Gamertag: Semper sN
  2. Name's Sam, and I've been playing Halo for years. I started out with Halo 2, moved to Halo 3, then reach, and now Halo 4. And as much as im in love with Halo, i think 343 messed up greatly with Halo 5. So I shan't be getting a XB1 anytime soon. I play more Halo 4 than the others these days, and I'm sick and tired of getting matched up with sinfully untalented clowns with remotes. Not trying to be boastful- but I am a very good player. K/D as of now, is + 3000 and i have about 9000 kills. (SR68). The reason behind the horrible K/D is that i had a phase of bad internet for about a month; and that, was an utter LagFest. my K/D dropped horrifyingly in that month, and im working my way back up now. I have grown a liking for Team objective. Mainly 'Husky Raid'. Averaging 30 kills each match, with an average K/D of +20. Many of the games i play end up with me having near 50 kills, with a K/D of +35-40. In the occasion of the rest of my team lagging out, and it becoming 1v4, my K/D never goes into a negative. SWAT, Snipers, Rumble pit, Team objective & Team Slayer are my strengths. Headshots are what I've trained for. Send me in alone on 4 people, i will give them a tough fight. Send me with a good team, and we're UNBEATABLE. Co-ordination and skill is what i believe wins a game. All i ask is that you give me a chance to prove my worth. I'm looking for an active clan, adults please; i can't tolerate whining kids), people with a sense of humor who can take brutal trash talk with the right mind, maturity, TALENT. If any of you out there are willing to give me a chance, i'd love to prove it to you. A few things: 1. I'm not willing to change my gamertag. Unless i actually find what I'm looking for in your clan. 2. New clans/Inexperienced clans, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME. I understand you'd like to grow your clan, but I'm not looking for Inexperience. About me: 1. Im 18, no worries there. 2. I've been ranked #1 in my city. 3. I'm definitely not in your country, so i apologize, but i can't always be on at every point when you are. Though i will try me level best to be. 4. I'm a tech student. Like that matters. 5. I'm always open to learning. ***98% OF THE MATCHES I PLAY- I HAVE THE MOST KILLS, AND THE HIGHEST K/D. I've attached a picture of the post-game stats from the last match before this post. As a supporting factor to how i play. If you think you're what im looking for, then: Message me on Xlive- FifteenWand6078.
  3. Hey everyone, Have been playing high level Halo, SC2, LOL, chess for a good while now and now playing DOTA 2. Halo is by far my favourite game out of the above.... When it's played on LAN Going by online standards, I would rate Justin Beiber better then Halo (yeah Justin Beiber the little a-hole) Halo puts all the properties of the competitive games above into a space age FPS. Halo : Highly strategic, High skill cap, Requires great team work, Very fun, Constantly updated to maintain balanced gameplay Competitive (On LAN) but highly frustrating and imbalanced online due to peer 2 peer lag Now what makes a game competitive? Most importantly it need to be an equal playing field, one player/team cannot be given an advantage from random properties that are implemented into the game. Examples : Random ordinance drops in Halo 4, Bloom in Halo : Reach. The No.1 thing that makes online gaming fair is a dedicated server, It allows every player to have the low ping based the distance they are from the server. But what if the server is located in L.A California and players on the east coast have 70 ping instead of players in L.A having 12. This is unfortunate but you have the same opportunity to relocate to L.A giving all players equal opportunity to optimal connection. Where as Peer to Peer connection which has been used in every Halo game so far does not allow for this consistent location of the host so you can assume your average ping and adjust over hundreds of game to playing on 70 ping that it becomes very normal to you and only hinders give the players on 12 ping a slight advantage. But in peer 2 peer you will get a random host from new York who has bridged himself host and deliberately downloads torrents while he is host of the game causing 500-1000 ping for all the other players. In online Halo where you have 2 teams of 4 versing each other from opposite sides of the country or even the world, the team with host will be at an immense advantage, all 4 players on the team with host are sitting on less then 60 ping while the other team are all well above 400 ping, so how is it one team being able to 4 shot every time while the other team would be lucky to pop the hosting teams shield with 5 or 6 shots and melees don't register. I'm sure everyone on the website has experienced the games where it takes your full BR clip to just pop and enemies shield or players teleporting and getting assassinations while they are in front of you, or standing on custom for 3 seconds shooting the enemy while he runs straight at you, for him to still pick the overshield up over you and kill you and then tea-bagging you because he thinks he made such a great play...... (insert rage face) In league of legends, the server I play on is located in Sydney Australia giving me an average of 27-29 ping (if nobody is downloading porn from my net ). The only time I will get high ping is when the server crashes (rare) or I am uploading or downloading other content. Now in peer 2 peer I can not be downloading and will match a player across the other side of the world and one of us will have to put up with 300+ ping while the other player is playing on LAN connection. Now since having a equally fair playing field is a must for a competitive game, how can one player having to play with 300 ping delay while the other plays with 0 ping delay be fair? It's not fair, plain and simple. Online ranked matchmaking in Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo: Reach's Arena, and Halo 4's CSR crap. are all a farce due to none of the games being eligible for competitive ranked play since they were not balanced. Fair enough dedicated servers were not really available to console gaming back then but there is no reason in the modern day for Halo 5 to be peer to peer if they intent to be a competitive game. So putting above into a nutshell. Peer 2 Peer online gaming is a random property. Competitive games eliminate random properties. Dedicated servers are consistent. Halo 2 : anniversary and Halo 5 multiplayer need dedicated servers or you may as well not bother with ranked matchmaking.... because who the hell would play unbalanced ranked gameplay on peer 2 peer connection, when the titles I mentioned above have created great competitive titles on dedicated servers. Thanks for reading, feel free to post any feedback.
  4. Alot of people I encounter on websites, customs or on matchmaking think they are soooo good apparently. I don't know what triggers this encounter in Halo 4 because in Reach it wasn't so many. Their would be the occasional person that would be decent but not even good. Now in Halo 4 people try soo hard and think they're good. Well I'm sure it is the massive aim assist in Halo 4 because people could shoot the torso or beside the head and end up with a headshot. That didn't happen so often in past other halo games where wherever you had your reticle is where the bullet is going to go. But with the massive hitbox's and magnetism in this game even nobody's could out br/dmr a decent player. Then they go ahead and brag about it and say they did this on who. it just irritated me and wanted to know if anybody had these encounters. I don't think it is healthy and that aim assist and the hit box's need need to be reduced ASAP. But of course I'm sure people will argue that it is good to help the people just starting but the fact is that you're not going to get better with fake aim.
  5. Everyone says if you don't like something, voice your opinion. Well here goes. I hate slayer pro. If I wanted preset classes and no radar I would play on a MLG playlist. Oh wait, h4 doesn't have one. Well maybe 343 should get rid of one of the crappy playlists and put a MLG list so they can take slayer pro out of the social playlists. Anyone else agree?
  6. Gamer tag: lllll 117 lllll (l = L, 5 at each side) Map name: Starlight Map features: Starlight was built with the Impact space canvas, its a big map purpose-built for 4vs4 skirmish. Features 2 bases at each side and 1 neutral area in the center. Its a cool space facility with many open spaces for precision weaponry, high sniping spots and good for close combat too inside or near the bases. Each base has a ghost at the moment whose Im not sure about keeping because the open space is fit for a good driver to unleash. There are interesting areas all over the map, the map is very original so I hope you all like it and please leave feedback! Pics:
  7. So Team Throwdown was recently released and it definitely plans on staying. That game is competitive - I love it! You don't spawn with an AA; it's an Ordnance drop. There are preset power weapon spawns on the map, so its all about timing and getting to the weapons again. Also, the gametypes feature pre-set loadouts; no more custom loadouts. I'm pretty sure you get a BR, and Resupply and the thing which makes grenades do less damage with more range. There's a mix of Objective and slayer. I'm telling you, it's pretty....-ok- competitive. Probably 70% of the players are actually trying to win, 30% of those 70% have the skill to carry their team, and the remaining 30% are randoms trying out the gametype. I mean, when I get into a game, I rarely expect teammates to go negative unless the enemy is truly great during the game. First game: 49-49, I got the game winning kill just half a second before the enemy killed my teammate. Its great. If you have a team with Mics, even better. Sad that I don't. What're your opinions?
  8. Why is there still no MLG 343 this game is getting boring now, there is no competition or skill. First there is no MLG and then you take off Slayer Pro the only games type that is a little bit competitive . Who else agrees that we need MLG, Slayer Pro and Doubles so the game can be way more fun. -Please comment maybe 343 will see this and add some good gametypes
  9. Hi i'm GooAfyed i'm asking for everyone to Please follow me on these links you won't be disappointed i promise! Im new and i'm trying to get "KNOW" somewhere haha, Also i'll be doing giveaways and challenges against my followers because i never lose and 'm extremely funny to watch when it comes to game because i won't everyone to see something new i'll be streaming and making montages shorty message me if you have any questions and Thank you for helping <3. www.Twitch.com/GooAfyed www.Twitter.com/GooAfyed www.Facebook.com/Goo.Afyed www.XboxLive:GooAfyed www.Youtube.com/GooAfyed Stay, GooAfyed
  10. Hi i'm clan leader pyromaniac2727m and im recruiting for my clan rogue warriors and i'm looking for good people who want to be in a competitive clan. we are mlg we have clan battles and clan meetings but i'm just starting out so it would be better to join now then latter when we are big. And we are undefeated and just know that we are going to make a counsel so its fair to all not just one leader to make decisions. Recrierments ~sr50 ~Be able to talk ~Be good ~Have fun So if you would like to join my clan send me a msg we would love to have you so we can make a good clan and have fun while we make it to the top together. Hi im clan leader deathreacont and i need counsel members you need to be level 80 to be in it and you must have a positive k\d and you must chang your name to rogue space and then what u want the counsel decides if a clan member can be kick from the clan and they can also decides what happens to the clan but the clan leader can kick them to.
  11. Does anybody know when 343 industries will add the MLG and Team Doubles playlists. In my opinion Halo 4 will be more fun if those two game types are added. I believe that MLG is the best game type and needs to be added because, people all start to communicate and improve their skill and that makes the game more competitive and fun. f you have the MLG game types and maps let me know where to get them please.
  12. It's a Gamebattles ladder, and is a Halo-must.
  13. here is all maps and info from a MLG player on my twitter ... your welcome halo 4 fans add UmaraiL and we'll talk on Xbox if you want to join my clan and follow me if you wish i appreciate it join the stealth ******** today @StealthBastards
  14. I will be opening my co-owned Clan up to the public soon.. We are called NOVA and we have a really good combat record.. CLOSED FOR NOW.. WILL RE-OPEN SOON.. ANY MESSAGES AFTER THIS WILL MOST LIKELY BE IGNORED. **OPENING IN A MATTER OF DAYS.. FOLLOW THIS TOPIC OR ADD ME AS A FRIEND ON THE FORUMS TO STAY UPDATED WITH MY CLAN AND ITS PUBLIC RELEASE.. THANKS** STATS/Back Story: We come from Halo: Reach.. In Halo:Reach we went by NOBLE, but now its NOVA.. (if you want a explanation message me).. In Halo: Reach we are undefeated to this day. We never lost a clan battle and we always won Slayer Matches in Matchmaking.. We were always a closed clan, but now that Halo 4 is out, we decided to try something new.. JOINING: If you want to join NOVA you must be tested by me or one of my fellow clan owners. You must be on XBOX LIVE almost daily and you must be ready to be called in if we need you in a clan battle.. (Dont worry, the test is really Easy!!).. The chance of you getting in the clan is about 85-90%. But still that doesnt mean you will be guaranteed a spot.. So if you are good at Halo 4 and you wish to join a MLG clan, message me privately, reply below with your gamertag, or send me a message on Xbox. GAMERTAG: xExplicitR4zor
  15. Hey everyone my GT is Roso132 and I've started an MLG Team called "Origin". I'm having trouble finding people who are good enough to join, although anyone who does want to join just thinks its a silly team they can get on with any skill level...WRONG! I'm looking for the best of the best to tryout for my team! REQUIREMENTS: Microphone Knowledge of where you are at anytime on the map Every weapon spawn location Calling out And dedicated player. You do "not" need to change your GT, colors, service tag, or emblem Rank does not matter. Just skill and sportsmanship (I don't mind a little trash talk though ) Remember: WE ARE THE ORIGIN!!
  16. Over the last couple of weeks it has become very clear to me that there has been a solid divide placed between those that are "pro" and those that are "not pro" or "noobs." Though it has been years since I played Halo 2 online, if memory serves me correctly, the term "noobs" was used to describe a person that either was completely horrible at the game (2 or less kills) or had no idea what they were doing. Now it seems, the term "noobs" is actually meant to describe a person that doesn't fall within the playing bracket of someone in the M.L.G. So, the question at hand is, if you are not "pro" material, then where do you belong? Accidental kills of your teammates will get your booted. Being booted too many times will leave you on a three day probation. During that three day probation, if you get booted or quit, you will be banned from multiplayer for ten minutes. It's like Halo went from a game , to a profession and anyone that didn't shift with it, or couldn't, was left behind. It just all seems really sad to me that Halo M.M. has split, causing more discrimination then there already is with online games. The bashing and the hate seems to have only grown. Is it possible that Bungie and 343i sold out to the M.L.G.? I don't know but, I really hope that Halo 4 doesn't follow in example of Halo: Reach. Does 343i or Bungie even listen to their consumers, I wonder..? And if so, how does one go about offering suggestions? Thanks for reading. Happy Gaming!! <3
  17. Why i ask is by the looks of it MLG it will slowly be pushed aside and looked at a main stream within the US and not Europe going forward! Here in the Uk & Europe there are many competitive leagues making it big within time that H4 comes out and i was wondering what they plan on doing. One of them being Multiplay which is a HUGE game festival here in the Uk and the other one being EGL ( European Gaming League ) which they due to have a few events this year. Thought Instead of having a MLG playlist they could look at bringing a competitive playlist out run similar to the way they run MLG if not better..... not saying i dont want MLG there at all but seeing there's more competitive sites nowadays and the community speaks out to them if they want changes anyway, which of course is reviewed them implemented if agreed but just thinking of other ways 343 and H4 could do to make it fair on others.... again just an opinion thats all so what do you think? and why....
  18. Hey 343, can you reintroduce Bungie Pro or something similar so that we can have more file share slots. You should make it about about 800 MS Points
  19. Right i am looking for active halo reach players for a matchmaking team not a clan. The team is for competitve play and would only need a number people with a decent kd above 1.35 and above brigadier. add me
  20. HLG (Hidden League Gaming) is not dead in fact every day we hide. You may be thinking that we are lame because we don't fight, but we fight as well. It depends what mood we're in. Sometimes the normal game might get boring, but not for us. We have a blast every day and there are so many of us. There are so many spots you wouldn't have thought of even existed. We have so much fun and it's hilarious when we hide on certain people. So come give us a chance and look at some of our videos. You will learn so many new hiding spots and glitches, and hey maybe if you're any good you could join us. We're kind of full and like the team we have right now, but you could impress us. Our team is called HLG (Hidden League Gaming) PRO (******** Randoms Off). If you want to laugh, learn some glitches, and learn some hiding spots then go to this link now: http://youtube.com/hlgprofessional
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