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  1. Agreed, people really need to stop kissing up to 343 it's getting sad.
  2. Lol. 343 actually think they are doing a good job. This game is a DISGRACE !! Who cares about spartan flops and a poxy valentines theme... When the rest of halo 4 has GONE TO POTS !!!
  3. Halo 3 had a much larger fan-base and a higher population count compared to halo 4, That game was released in 2007 btw.
  4. Agreed. 343 and M$ don't care because they already have our money
  5. THATS THE WAY VEHICLES ARE SUPPOSED TO PLAY. You have to use map/weapon control to beat them.
  6. 343 Catered the game for COD fanboys, but they didn't show up now we are left with a silly COD clone... That no one wants to play. Flawed concepts that do not work in Halo.
  7. Agreed, where the arbiter, elites, ODST. The dicact was a fail too, 200,000 years in lockdown just to destroy earth, why?
  8. fair enough, but the vehicles are really pathetic, now they are useless..
  9. Loadouts Perks Killstreaks Progression system Class system Join in progress Over saturated power weapons Sprint No arena maps No ranking system Imbalanced starts All new to Halo All in Cod None In Halo 1 to 3.
  10. That would make sense expect for the fact that 343 are well aware of are concerns but they are choosing to ignore us, bury their head in the sand while they push fail map packs and spartan flops in our faces... The problem is not just the game and how it was put together more of 343's logic and what they chose to put in Halo 4, which is the main cause of the complains !!
  11. More than ever ?? What planet are you on ??
  12. Thanks for the feedback, this game has the potential to be great but instead... It's very average and baley has any replay value.
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