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Found 12 results

  1. Halo 4, **** your broken ass betrayal system. If some dude jumps on a tank I'm in the process of destroying, that shouldn't be a betrayal. If a banshee bomb takes out a team mate who magically teleports out of nowhere cuz of your massive lagging, that shouldn't be a betrayal. Basically, why does the betrayal system suck so bad? If I'm taking off in a banshee, and the wing clips a dude who was also trying to get in the banshee and kills him, that shouldn't be a betrayal. Sitting here writing this after that just happened. **** you, 343. If I'm barely moving in a wraith, and I happen to nudge a teammate because one or both of us are dodging fire, that shouldn't be a betrayal. If I'm trying to go somewhere in a slow ass tank and some dumbass is hopping around trying to get in the machine gun turret and , due to his own stupidity in getting in front of a moving tank , gets run over, that shouldn't be a betrayal. I mean, who would do that IRL? Who is that stupid? 'Lemme get in front of this 50 tonne moving war machine and jump around.' Oh, speaking of! And if , while he's hopping around , I fire and he gets hit, that shouldn't be a betrayal. Who stands in front of firing guns? Whose fault is that, really?
  2. well to say the least the ranking system is garbage. i play swat, thats been my favorite playlist since halo 2 (more so reach for the dmr). i average around 20 kills per game, usually more, rarely less. Now compared to the team they put me on I'm scoring double if not tripple what they get, and they average twice if not more as many deaths as me. and then they put me against an entire team of players that play like me, it doesn't work. yet they continue to do so. and even though i perform better than anybody in the entire lobby I'm still de-ranked because my team is a bunch of ****-tards, either afk, or just completely derp. i mean its swat don't go in the middle of the damn map jumping around like a 6 year old. My friend who plays this game is way worse than me at swat. he hates playing me 1v1 because the score will end up being 50 to 5. No joke. And that dude is an Onyx????like how and why. They put a dude i **** on, on the daily, in onyx for swat. Yet put me into platinum and continue to de-rank me. Moral of the story. This team based rank system is Bull **** and it NEEDS to change
  3. Hey guys....it's a podcast! I know it's a day late, but enjoy it the more for the wait! There was quite a bit of editing involved in this one, almost 20 minutes of audio was cut, but hopefully it'll be made up in the fantastic humor that we provide. See'ya round the forums!
  4. I'm going to start off by saying right off the bat I LOVE the Halo universe and personally see it as more thrilling and entertaining than most other popular xbox games including Activision's Call of Duty cash cow. I own all the games, Halo 3 being my favorite, and the Limited Edition of Halo 4. While I do have a lot of issues with Halo 4, I still do respect 343i's hard work, just not as much as Bungie's. And note this is MY OWN OPINION, respect mine and I will respect YOURS. To be honest I do no know where to start. I guess i'll tackle the problems in order of the main menu. Campaign: SPOILERS! While the sounds of Master Chief's armor scraping against rocks and the skulls of elites were fantastic and the visuals were over the top, it was overall kinda of weak. Though 343i did do a fantastic job with the soundtrack. (While it truly isn't quite what were used to, I personally enjoyed it all.) Anyways, the campaign was full of flaws. Within the first few hours of owning the game and playing through the campaign I was frustrated at how I had no idea what was going on. I had to turn on subtitles and totally restart to catch any clue. I also found the Didact's ship being a ball to be totally lame and not something to fear. I remember in a later mission ( i'm not sure which) that a Pelican was sent to pick up Chief. Upon walking up the ramp it just cuts to black and a second later I'm under the crashed Infinity? I just don't get that. And then that ending. You detonate a nuclear bomb with your fist and live? I know that Cortana is one heck of an AI, but how on Earth, did she save you from a point-blank nuclear explosion!? She's code just like the game! If code stopped nukes then..well....i don't know, but it doesn't. I just had trouble getting into this whole thing. I remember sitting in awe as I saw the amazing sights of the first 3 Halos, but I only got that feeling when once in Halo 4 when Chief saw whatever Halo was outside the Composers base. All in all though i just felt that 343i put too much effort into making epic CGI cutscenes and music than story development and it's not even a continuing story. That's just lame. The enemies don't speak English....Moving on... Infinity - Matchmaking: Overall it is a little enjoyable. The first thing i'm going to stab at is the Custom Loadouts. I don't get why every game has to be like Call of Duty? These are totally unnecessary. We don't need perks and the weapons should be scattered about the map as usual. The ordnance is okay i guess. It just hands everyone a power weapon after five kills, but since there are no weapons lying about it is better than nothing. Next comes the armors. Personally I do like a lot of them and am glad that 343i chose to give some armors a sense of accomplishment by making them unlockable through commendations, but all most are is a bunch of skins which only the trained eye can even tell the difference. I loved earning the katana and other armors in Halo 3 through achievements. I think I would have honestly rather seen a return to the CR system so I can show off of my hardwork. As for the maps I think there are maybe a handful of them I enjoy. Haven is cool, kinda like guardian or blackout. Longbow is my favorite with its snowiness and vehicles. Complex is good too. My main problem with these maps is all the freaking symmetry. I know the maps have to be fair to both teams but half of them are just totally mirrored. Solace especially. With my limited edition I also received all three map packs which are all okay. Though have hardly played them since the current Castle DLC playlist only holds about 100 active players. Although I already expressed myself about weapons I forgot to mention the skins.... Ok, the skins are cool but theres like 1 or 2 for each weapon. And you can only get them though maybe mastery (haven't done it yet so i don't know) and specialization. If there was more and they were varied on how to get them I would love to work for them. Almost at the end here now but why did you have to take away the Falcon? It was the most fun vehicle ever! I throughly, honestly enjoyed getting shot down in it in Reach with all my buddies on the guns. It was great!.. Also my rank is a number now? Im level SR68 as of today and thats just boring. I'm a General Grade 4 in reach and thats cool. The moral of the story is Halo was* in itself a unique game. You don't have to suck ideas from Call of Duty for it to be good. Seeing as there is only about 10,000-20,000 players now from the 400,000 at day one hopefully that is obvious. Infinity - Custom Games: I'm going to be frank Halo's Custom Games are my favorite part of the entire series. I love playing fun mini-games and competitive matches with my friends. However, 343i you smothered this one in the crib. I know how cool it is to change Infection into your own Flood and I love the zombie skins, but come on! You trashed almost every custom game ever made! Say goodbye to hours of non-stop action and enjoyment. It's like you found a successful man named Custom Games, took him out in the back alley behind the 343i studio, and then beat him relentlessly with a metal pole just because. Quit using the Ghost on Snowbound and fix this already! Infinity - Spartan Ops: Personally these are pretty cool and I like the story to them, but they are a bit repetitive. I was unaware every sensor array on requiem was located in the same spot. Im sorry, but use different maps including the multiplayer ones to mix it up a little and throw in some new interesting enemies and objectives. Like for instance the shootout in Vallaha (thats right. thats what it is called.) with the mantises was awesome and the covenant cruiser actually worried me a little. Whether firefight is better than Spartan ops I'm not really sure, but i've had more good times surviving the waves of helpless grunts in the end. Infinity - Forge: I do NOT have a single bad thing to say about Forge. It is spectacular! The magnets are a gift from the gods! And all the aesthetics and scenery! I LOVE it all, especially Forge Island. However it is stifled by weak Custom Games. Fix those and then your in business. Infinity - Theater: It's theater. How can you mess that up or make it any better? Infinity - THE FREAKING MENUS!: I apologize for ranting about the game thus far, but here comes more. I'm sorry but the menus are just lazy. Don't deny it. The only valid excuse is that you were too busy sacking Custom Games' house and dragging him out into the street and beating him again, relentlessly with a metal pole. Compared to Halo 2, 3, 3:ODST, and Reach these are the plainest yet. It's just a blue card. Everything is blue. It makes me want to stab my eyes out with the fuzzy end of my mic. What happened to the imagination? Couldn't you at least have put in a background like the main menu? AND THE MUSIC OH GOD! The constant thu-doom-doom is the worst part of it all. You composed epic music! USE IT! So that's pretty much all I have to say about that. I'm sorry for possibly offending anyone, but I felt it was necessary to give a little "constructive" criticism. If your planning on pumping out Halo 5 I would think long and hard about how its going to turn out first. If I made any mistakes on something besides grammar feel free to correct me. And now let any ranting or comments about how inconsiderate I am as a person commence, because frankly I don't care anymore. Sincerely, PopDeer
  5. Everyone says if you don't like something, voice your opinion. Well here goes. I hate slayer pro. If I wanted preset classes and no radar I would play on a MLG playlist. Oh wait, h4 doesn't have one. Well maybe 343 should get rid of one of the crappy playlists and put a MLG list so they can take slayer pro out of the social playlists. Anyone else agree?
  6. These guys totally and utterly destroyed this game in EVER way! Hey 343i, if you cannot make a game DON'T put your hands on the damn technology!!!!! Its sad, its 2013 and you guys couldn't program an Atari game!!!
  7. Whether or not they plan to bring her back in some way, I have no idea. But if they don't, then they have really screwed the series up for good. Even if they give him a replacement AI or give him a another copy of Cortana, it won't be her. Its pretty sad 343i had to kill off a major character to get people talkng about this game. Glad I only paid $27 for this crap. Thanks for screwing up a storyline I've loved for years 343i, YOU SUCK!!!!
  8. So it goes without saying you people really don't care about us. Its hilarious to think your greedy organization would in any way benefit the halo universe. at the end of the campaign it thanks me for trusting you with the game I've grown up loving. news flash, it wasn't our choice. you selfish, greedy people already have our f%#$ing money and the front of page of your forums top story is the upcoming release of the STUPID MAP PACK. for people who have been playing this series for years, who followed all your guidelines in thinking they would receive their additional specializations, and then forcing the same people to remain at the same rank of 70 for 2 weeks without so much as an announcement is absolutely, ungodly awful. you should be ashamed of what you've done to this game and players perceptions of it. As well on your home page, you have a story ranking Black ops 2 as the current leader in multiplier numbers. DID THEY PAY YOU FOR THIS? ARE YOU THIS MUCH OF A SELLOUT? get the F%$#ing dollar signs out of your eyes, get your heads out of your A#@es and make your SH%$y game worth playing. at least with Reach when everyone hit the cap and started getting pissed off, BUNGIE LISTENED. what can your studio honestly be doing all week that warrants or requires such shameless money grabbing without so much as a confirmation of your inability? that's all we really want as a gaming community, for you to realize you are nothing in comparison to Bungie in terms of customer satisfaction or overall passion. I mean.. both the monthly challenges have been wins: do you have a [email protected]#ing monkey in charge of creating the challenges? put less time into art design and more time into retaining your fan base. oh wait, its not YOUR fan base. you stole it, milked it for all its worth (thanks to Bungies Success), and are now content with the next 3 years of your life paid for. YOU MAKE US ALL SICK, FIX YOUR SERVICE. the removal of this post will be undeniable proof of this comany's complete lack of accountability, and I look forward to when you're no longer feasible.
  9. I am not happy that I bought the Limited Edition AT ALL! First off one of the two big reasons I bought it was so that I could watch forward unto dawn on my console in the full version. ITS NOT EVEN A DOWNLOAD!!! I HAVE TO WATCH IT IN WAYPOINT!!! I AM NOT ALWAYS ONLINE AND THUS DON'T ALWAYS HAVE ACCESS TO ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS I BOUGHT THIS VERSION... The second thing I wanted the Limited edition for was the early access to the specializations. WHICH I NOW FIND OUT I NEED TO REACH LEVEL 50 TO ATTAIN!!! THE REAL INSULT HERE IS THAT THEY ARE GIVING AWAY CODES TO THE STANDARD EDITION PURCHASERS IF THEY PLAY BY THE 20 SOMETHING OF THIS MONTH! HOW IS THIS A PERK IF I WILL NOT REACH LEVEL 50 IN A TIMELY ENOUGH MANNER TO GET IT EARLIER THAN THE STANDARD EDITION??? All of that said, this game is AWESOME and 343 has done a remarkable job with it. I just won't be shelling out for another limited edition of ANY game they put out. I could have bought the standard edition, and pre-ordered that map pack, and saved $15. I am thoroughly disgusted by this fact and wish that they would do something to make it worth my while to have purchased this edition. Am i wrong? Is there something I am not understanding? Or is there some perk I don't know about?
  10. I didn't like Reach. The campaign, the characters, the multiplayer, nothing. Armor Lock is overpowered, jet pack lasts too long and goes too high, Hologram just sucks, and the campaign is hard to connect to just like the characters. Opinions?
  11. 343 please stop. The title update sucks. No bloom? Seriously? Bleed throught damage? No sword block? WTF? Why? Why would you screw up the perfect game. Though I agree armor lock needs to be nerfed, everything else sucks. Why would 343 screw up a perfect game? Why would you do that? If any 343 staff is reading this, REMOVE THE TITLE UPDATE. Notice how every title updated gametype subsequently loses the majority of it's population. Why? Because it ruins the game. TU Beta has about 300 players because no one wants to play it. Because it sucks. 343 please stop screwing up Halo. You're making it suck. Keep this topic alive. --Bungie was sooooo much better. If you want to prove me wrong remove the title update. The sword is too overpowered w/out sword block. No bloom means noobs can beat pros every time. Hint: Hold the trigger down for a needle rifle. Instant ownage. Camo is awesome and does not need to be shorted. Only noobs use armor lock. 'nuff said. Bleed through? Really? So the sniper is now a one shot for the body? WHy would you ruin Halo 343? WHY? Maybe they'll see this and realize how much of a screw up they are.
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