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  1. Hah, your funny.. You waste your time on here to rant about a post.. wow.... I made this list from asking multiple ppl on the forums and Xbox.. Go play the game and you will see where the bugs come in.. Good day
  2. Im gonna have to say Halo 3. Halo 4 is good but Halo 3 was bug-free and had a lot more objectives.. I love all the Halos but still Halo 3 is my favorite
  3. Me and my friends came together to make this list, please add it to matchmaking if possible, thanks.. Feel free to add on: -Team Swat -Invasion -Team Doubles -Multi-Team - - - PLEASE ADD IDEAS BELOW AND LIKE SO 343i CAN SEE THANKS.
  4. Okay, gonna talk to my co-owners and see what they say Okay, gonna talk to co-owners soon
  5. I was just wondering if there is going to be an update for Halo 4 soon.. There is a lot of bugs still and weapons/vehicles in War Games are WAY WAY WAY to OVERPOWERED ( O.P ) Whenever you shoot and kill someone with a DMR, the hit detection acts as if you always get a head shot (If you shoot someone in the chest, it will act as if hitting them in the head). This is really the main bug in War Games.. Other than that, there needs to be some weapon nerfing (make less powerful). The DMR is way over powered.. Even though its my favorite gun, it needs some better hit detection and a range decrease.. It can hit someone from across the map on Ragnarok.. Please fix this.. Other than that, Halo 4 is really good and was well worked on.. Just fix the bugs, have an update and BAM Halo 4 is rated the #1 Halo game.. Lol... Thanks for reading
  6. I recently posted a topic about Halo 4 being a MAJOR dissapointment.. But now that i read up on some bugs and played a bit more, i have came to this conclusion: UPDATE: After reading through some things, Halo 4 is a pretty good game... Some guns and vehicles are over powered and there are some bugs but with a small update i think the game will be one of the best Halo's out there.. So, do u agree with that or no?? Follow this topic if you want more info on bug fixes/updates with Halo 4... Thanks for reading
  7. By it becoming like COD i mean that its getting more fast pace.. Ive been playing Halo since the first game and i liked it better when Halo was a slower pace game.. Nothing was over powered.. But in Halo 4 there is some major things. I think a simple update should make Halo 4 one of the bests the graphics are fairly nice for Halo 4..
  8. No.. Its 343's fault for making ranking so easy.. Putting on the Cap is making ppl leave Halo now.. Its pretty stupid
  9. I will be opening my co-owned Clan up to the public soon.. We are called NOVA and we have a really good combat record.. CLOSED FOR NOW.. WILL RE-OPEN SOON.. ANY MESSAGES AFTER THIS WILL MOST LIKELY BE IGNORED. **OPENING IN A MATTER OF DAYS.. FOLLOW THIS TOPIC OR ADD ME AS A FRIEND ON THE FORUMS TO STAY UPDATED WITH MY CLAN AND ITS PUBLIC RELEASE.. THANKS** STATS/Back Story: We come from Halo: Reach.. In Halo:Reach we went by NOBLE, but now its NOVA.. (if you want a explanation message me).. In Halo: Reach we are undefeated to this day. We never lost a clan battle and we always won Slayer Matches in Matchmaking.. We were always a closed clan, but now that Halo 4 is out, we decided to try something new.. JOINING: If you want to join NOVA you must be tested by me or one of my fellow clan owners. You must be on XBOX LIVE almost daily and you must be ready to be called in if we need you in a clan battle.. (Dont worry, the test is really Easy!!).. The chance of you getting in the clan is about 85-90%. But still that doesnt mean you will be guaranteed a spot.. So if you are good at Halo 4 and you wish to join a MLG clan, message me privately, reply below with your gamertag, or send me a message on Xbox. GAMERTAG: xExplicitR4zor
  10. After me and a friend beat Halo 4 on Legendary, the Legendary Ending kinda bugged out... After Master Chief took off his helmet, his eyes didn't show.. At first i thought that it was supposed to end a mystery that in Halo 5 we would see his face, but when i went on Youtube and the Forums i realized that his eyes were supposed to show.. My brother tried the ending again with his friend and the same thing happened, no eyes.. I dont know if this is a bug in Co-Op campaign or what.. Please look into this bug 343.. Thanks BTW: Campaign was AMAZING!!!! Nice job 343
  11. Me and my 3 friends were playing the legendary campaign.. Everything worked fine until level 7.. On level 7 the doors in the room where u kill the Hunters stayed shut..... We tried the mission numerous times trying to do any possible thing and nothing worked.. PLEASE HELP IF YOU KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS.... THANKS..
  12. Yea i agree but maybe if they would nerf(weaken) some weapons and decrease some things the game wouldn't be this easy to rank in... Its pretty ridiculous how accurate every gun in the game is and it needs to be fixed.. Also how many people bypassed Lag Switches in H4... Halo 4 just needs a really big update..
  13. I thought Halo 4 seemed good in the trailers, but I was wrong... Halo has become COD and if 343 Industries had any idea, HALO PLAYERS HATE COD PLAYERS... UPDATE: After reading through some things, Halo 4 is a pretty good game... Some guns and vehicles are over powered and there are some bugs but with a small update i think the game will be one of the best Halo's out there.. So, do u agree or disagree? SPEAK ABOUT HALO BUGS, IN HALO 4 THERE ARE TONS... **********CHECK OUT A "BASIC" LIST HERE: CLICK ME
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