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Found 3 results

  1. I spend hours and hours on ******* end. Leveling up through diamond. And it'd getting ridiculous. I can win 9 games in a ******* row and barely go up, but lose all my progress I've fought hard for for losing one god damn game? How does 1 loss Trump 9 ******* wins. Game is completely trash. 1 and a half + wasted just to lose one ******* game. I'm done playing this stupid ****. Learn to make non broken games, and I promise you I'm not the only one that feels this way
  2. Map Name: Showdown File Share Gamertag: Wolf Dargo Tags: Blueprint, Facing Worlds, Slayer, Team Regicide, BTB, Halo 4 Canvas Map: Impact Started: 3/5/13 Last Updated: 3/12/13 Screenshots: Ideal Player Count: 10-16 Best Game Types: BTB, Slayer, Team Regicide Description: I have rebuilt the map I built a few weeks ago called Faceoff, after testing it there were too many things I needed to fix in the original so I just started over and got a much better map this time. I moved it way out so there is no interaction with rocks that I had previously integrated in. I found it much easier when I could avoid them completely... This map was inspired by a classic game that few may remember these days, Unreal Tournament, "Facing Worlds" Showdown played great with a bunch of randomly invited people, and well received, but I still would like to see what the Forge community thinks.... Budget: 8945 ~Thanks For Looking, feedback is appreciated...
  3. Map Name: Two Towers CTF File Share Gamertag: Salsasandro (old: zexy69) Canvas Map: Impact Type: open, symmetrical (best I could) Last Updated: March, 16th, 2013 Tags: Tower, impact, ctf, salsasandro, unreal, flag Supported Game types: CTF ONLY Best Gametypes: GT Twotowers.CTF download it too (Only Assault Rifle and Magnums as Start Loadout Fall Damage increased) Intended Team Size(s): 8 to 16 Players Initial Ordnance: None Random Ordnance: 1 Frag Grenades / Plasma Grenades (2x)/ Pulse Grenades 1 Overshield / Speedboost / Damageboost Weapons on Map: each Base: 2 Machine Gun Turrets 30 respawn Time 2 spare clips 2 Frag Grenades 30 respawn Time 2 spare clips 1 Assault Rifle 30 respawn Time 2 spare clips 2 Battle Rifle 30 respawn Time 2 spare clips 1 Sniper Rifle 180 respawn Time 0 spare clips 2 Shotgun (one hidden) 30/ 60 respawn Time 2 spare clips 1 DMR (hidden) 60 respawn Time 1 spare clips 1 Saw (hidden) 60 respawn Time 2 spare clips 1 Rocket Launcher (hidden) 90 respawn Time 2 spare clips Bunker: 1 Suppressor 60 respawn Time 2 spare clips 2 Scattershot 60 respawn Time 2 spare clips 2 Pulse Grenades 60 respawn Time 1 Sniper Rifle 120 respawn Time 1 spare clips 1 Magnum 60 respawn Time 2 spare clips somewhere around the map: 1 Beam Rifle 120 respawn Time 0 spare clips 2 Plasma Grenades 60 respawn Time (near Sniper Nest) 2 Battle Rifle 60 respawn Time 2 spare clips 2 DMR 60 respawn Time 2 spare clips 2 Saw 60 respawn Time 2 spare clips 2 Railgun 60 respawn Time 2 spare clips Armor Abilities: 4 Jetpack (1 each Base, 1 in the Bunker, 1hidden somewhere) 2 Autosentry (1 in one Base, 1 near Bunker, both hidden) 2 Hologram (1 in one Base, 1 near Bunker, both hidden) 2 Active Camouflage (hidden somewhere) 2 Thruster Pack (hidden, near “mine” entrance) 1 Regeneration Field (Bunker) 1 Hardlight Shield (near Bunker) all set to 100 respawn Time Power ups: 1 Overshield / Speedboost / Damageboost (see Random Ordnance) Supported Vehicles: No Budget: 9580 / 10000 Screenshots: Download link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/salsasandro/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0 Video Flythrough, Overview Link: watch my video on my Fileshare Map Trait Zones: No Map Description: An Unreal Tournament open-style CTF Map with lots of hidden Weapons and Armor Abilities. I know that the open map style and the fact that there is sight of view between the two flags will maybe disrupt the game balance. For that reason I set all Sniper Rifles to respawn after 120sec without spare clips except the Rifle on top of the Bunker. I tried to implement the terrain in my level design the best I could and expand the paths with Rocks. Each Team has a Tower (Base) on which top of them, of course is the Flag. Additional Info: Let you fall inside the Spotlight Towershull on top of each Base, to Teleport yourself away from the Enemy Base and avoiding being killed by Snipers. The Teleporters are set to `Random` which means, that there are 2 Receiver Nodes (one each side of the middle of the map.) Wish you a lot of fun to discover all the Secret Paths and the Armor Abilities and Weapons I have hidden. ;-D
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