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Found 21 results

  1. What was the reasoning for patching the campaign bugs with the launch of season 2, such as the tank gun, fusion coil launch, and pelican glitch? Was it messing with how co-op would perform on a technical level? Please make it make sense.
  2. Gamer tag: Rocco0728 Map "Starship Troopers": http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/59275d4b-9541-45da-af6c-79f242b465c1 Game type "SST":http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/b7ba9968-12d0-4669-9b97-6df79a5ea98d Recommand player count:4-8 Basically the outpost defense in Starship Troopers, just survive till the game ends, highly suggest playing the map with the SST game type. The more bug the better!
  3. I've played all the Halo's and I'm okay with whatever changes they make except for a few things that need a little tweaking in my opinion. The aim assist is way to strong. I'm comparing this to all classic shooters but nowadays a first persons shooters aim assist is so strong that when a enemy walks past you it pulls your screen with them (people mistake this as skill in the game) at least give us the option to turn it off. The BR is just a little to overpowered from the classic one. I don't knowif it's because it shoots 5% faster or it just does a little more damage but I always find myself getting killed by it on every gamemode from across the map (I know its for medium to long range but sometimes its just a little bit ridiculous.) Vehicle barriers are really weird and buggy, I touched a mongoose that started to go in reverse and it instant killed me. I knew it would take down my shields nut to instant kill me going as fast as an old persons on a scooter? Same with tanks when you touch the side while a enemy is in it it will kill you or take down your sheilds (if your infront or behind it it makes sense) The ghost floats like a foot higher than they do in all the other Halos so its easier to splatter people and it kills way to fast so there is no way to take cover. The gungoose is fun but it slides around more than a socks aon waxed wood floors and it obviously kills in 1 shot if they both manage to hit (I'm on and off about the gungoose) Sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining but theses are some of the few issues I've found with multiplayer, I really like playing Halo it's one of my favorite first person shooters, the latest installment in the series just has some issues with it in my opinion.
  4. I've progressed through Halo 2 up until Gravemind and the level won't load up anymore. Boots me all the way back to the dashboard, everytime I resume progress. Try to select mission under the Missions tab and still boots me out. I hate bugs, HELP!
  5. As 343 releases a "fresh" "new" game, I want your thoughts about it. I watch to know your problems, best moments so far, and overall the sheer fun of it. Just post them below, so I know what I might expect when I get it for Christmas, and please no hate for the game, just I want problems and just overall some good times. Cheers, Eqwinoxe
  6. I just experienced a major issue, during a multiplayer game I went to manage my controller settings and when I exited to return to the match there was a dialog box in the bottom right of my screen saying, "connecting to your game" however the match was still going and my Spartan was being murdered by the other team. And the only way I could exit the menu was to quit the entire game on my console and return to dashboard. I hope this can be looked into and fixed.
  7. Hello everyone! Just like all of you I recently bought HMCC hoping to play Halo 2 matchmaking again and to relive those happy days I had as a younger self. Unfortunately there are numerous issues with this and that is a bummer; however, there is still CUSTOM GAMES, right? WRONG!!!!! Everyone is so concerned with matchmaking that some of the most annoying problems are being temporarily overlooked. We must have the ability to party up and stay together otherwise what's the point of fixing matchmaking if we can't play with friends.Below are a list of issues me and my friends are having while trying to play HMCC custom games: 1) The in game roster doesn't load or doesn't allow joining a friend where 'join player' is grayed-out 2) If you finally get everyone into a game the team switching is bugged and teams are completely different on other players' screens 3) When the teams are finally even and the game finally starts HERE COMES THE LAG! Teleporting, dropping frames, jumpy killcams, and so much more. These seem more prevalent if someone disconnects while in the middle of the game 4) After that frustrating game ends your party may or may not be broken up and be forced to re-join. 5) Ok, here is the most frustrating thing in the universe besides the holocaust. When trying to re-join a friend there is some cache data bug that is telling the person who is joining's xbox that he/she is already in that session. The only way we've found to work around this is by letting EVERY SINGLE PARTY MEMBER restart his/her game completely to allow re-joining. And the viscous cycle of frustration continues until everyone just gives up. I'm posting this because I haven't seen any talk about it and would like to know if it is just a second priority or if we are the only ones this is happening to. PLEASE comment and tell me if any of you are having these problems. These issues seem just as bad as the matchmaking ones to me and should be fixed first in my opinion. Thanks for listening to my rant!
  8. Big thread developing over achievement problems at Halo Waypoint - https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/84ad72a8b51847978545f685f651fc15/topics/achievements-not-working/3f30843e-6f5b-45ca-8d7f-7b6e49f92a9e/posts I did a quick search but didn't see a lot of posts here about achievement problems here. What I've encountered so far - Completed Achievements not unlocking or showing as 100% - 1. Pillar of Autumn - Halo CE: Complete The Pillar of Autumn. 2. Halo - Halo CE: Complete Halo. 3. Skulltaker Halo: CE: Mythic - Halo CE: Find and claim the Mythic skull in remastered mode. 4. Skulltaker Halo: CE: Boom - Halo CE: Find and claim the Boom skull in remastered mode. 5. Sacrifice - Halo CE: Activate Terminal 2 on Halo. Achievements successfully unlocked - 1. Just Getting Started - Kill 100 enemies or players. 2. Balaho's Most Wanted - Kill 100 Grunts. Achievements unlocked successfully - THEN RE-LOCKED 1. My Buddy Chips - Halo CE: Fight alongside Chips Dubbo and listen to his words of wisdom. ^ How can it re-lock? Yes, I'm saying this achievement successfully unlocked but is now showing as locked. I've also lost all progress functionality in the achievements app. Earlier I did see a few listed as 100% with the word "unlocking" awkwardly beside it... Now those are gone, and all achievements like the "Kill 100 Elites" show as 0%. Additional information - - I've tried a hard reboot of the console. - I've signed out without Halo running, signed in and re-launched the game. - I've signed out with Halo running, signed in when prompted and continued. - I began playing around 1pm PST - I'm using the disc version - Any sort of stats screen via 'Career' times out and tells me to try again later. Thanks, hopefully this can get sorted out soon.
  9. Hi all, Here's a thread to compile all the small bugs and/or glitches we find. (If there already is one feel free to scold me and move this post or something) 1. When using Active Camo the helmet outline thingies in the corners and top middle don't camouflage. 2. The mission which you start in Requiem's core, when you walk up to the terminal, the subtitles say that Cortana tells you to plug her in. I did not hear that voice line.
  10. When are 343 getting back from holiday?? just asking because Halo 4 is basically a train wreck ATM. I do hope, Frankie and Kiki and the rest of 343 are having a great time in the sun... but you have got a job to do fixing this game you have the cheek to call Halo. Firstly the game was sloppily put together, if you the common sense to have a beta maybe there would be so much issues and people could actually connect and actually play the game, well I guess that would send even more complainers to the forums. Next is the file share system, or lack of one... we know you have taken so many options out of the file-share browser. Just like the rest of Halo 4. So whats the wait, your quick to shove your poxy crimson Map pack and Spartan flops in our faces so why can't you listen to the fans and give us what we want. Just for once. Your killing the whole of the forging community. Just saying. When I get bored of war games... (Which doesn't take long) I love to play custom games, May I ask you 343 what have you done with the "Custom" part of Custom games?? I can't find it anywhere, Options?? Nope. Settings?? Nope. Forge??? No Chance. What planet are you guys on ? If 343 are on holiday please accept my apology, Just tell me when 343 are going to be back in business and start fixing this half finished game. Because the game if full if glitches and bugs and the game as so many broken features: Scoring system broken "Death Cams" broken Alpha Zombie broken Custom load outs broken Flood customistion problems Connection problems Network problems Weapon balance Map flow problems No ranking system No File share Poor forge maps No precision editing Forge bugs and glitches Declining population EDIT: NO RACE WTF!! There are so many more to name but I'll be here until next week. Discuss.
  11. HALO 4 IS BAD. NO QUESTIONS Enough small talk 343, someone needs to tell it how it is. Halo 4 is a piece of crap, plain and simple... the final product of Halo 4 isn't good enough but ANY stretch of the imagination. The game is boring, generic, has a TON of glitches and bugs in EVERY aspect of the game from campaign to Forge. This game that you have the cheek to call Halo 4... is OUTCLASSED in every area by Halo 3. No Questions. A game made in 2007... How embarrassing. When I play this mess, I struggle to see how any of you guys were "long time halo fans" ... give me a break. We all gave you a chance, We trusted you and you messed up, plain and simple everything in this game is just simply bad. Not Different Not Evolution Not Change BAD..... GOOD OLD FASHIONED BAD !!! GUTTING, REMOVING AND KILLING HALO The FEEL OF HALO, WHAT FEEL... Prior to the launch of Halo 4 we told OVER and OVER AND OVER... "the feel of Halo is still there" & "it still is halo"....etc etc, Many Halo fans believed you... then you swindled them into buying your crappy game by basically straight up lying to the fans... because every aspect of what make halo, halo is GONE. GOODBYE HALO, WELCOME TO CALL OF HALO: SPARTAN OPS 4. PERKS, KILL-STREAKS, KILL-CAMS, NO REAL RANKING SYSTEM, LOAD-OUTS, BAD MAPS. FAIL NET-CODE CONNECTION, NO CUSTOMS GAMES, SPARTAN FLOPS, ACTIVE CAMPO, CAMPERS, USELESS TEAMMATES. JETPACK BREAKS MAPFLOW. NO TEAM PLAY. INSTANT RE-SPAWN DMR SPAM. PAPER VEHICLES. NO HORNET/FALCON. RANDOM ORDINANCE. FORGE MAPS. NO FILE SHARE. NO SKULLS. FAIL ARMOR. SPECIFICATIONS UNLOCK ISSUES. RANK RESETS. PUNISHED FOR WINNING THE GAME/OBJECTIVE PLAY. HOW THE HELL IS THIS ^^^^ HALO !?!?!?! - WELL DONE 343. WE NOW HAVE TWO CODS ON THE MARKET. THE NEW "HALO" FEEL Now all Halo is about is just using active Campo, sitting on a rock with a DMR and just putting you BRAIN on standby while you just Spam the DMR across the map for 20 mins EVERY GAME for POINTLESS XP that shows NOTHING apart from how long you spent playing this wretched game. No point of playing tactically you will get pooped on by DMR spammers.. Want to use Vehicles??? Nope Teammates will destroy them Want to play the objective??? Nope get owned by DMR active campo. Play to win??? Why bother?... You won't even get as much xp compared to if you kill. Want to compare skill levels??? Nope 12 year old's get butt-hurt when the ranking system calls them out. (If you can't Handle a TRUE RANKING SYSTEM aka 1-50, RETIRE from competitive games and please PLAY MARIO KART & AND KINECT.) WHAT HALO USED TO BE Halo 1-3 was a an absolute pleasure to play, It Catered to ALL TYPES OF GAMERS From Causal to Competitive... it included everyone and it gave a huge replay value to the game, It had the social and ranked split in matchmaking and it gave everyone the chance on how to play halo, if they wanted to go for the win or just mess around and chill... you had the option of choosing WHENEVER you wanted, you wasn't FORCED to do either... this gave the game an extra dimension, an extra edge, and boosted replay value greatly. The campaigns were solid, skulls kept you coming back for more. Because of these factors the custom game community was allowed to excel with tons of user content, boosting the life of the halo game beyond predictions Even on social, halo was about going for the win as a team, the game rewarded winners and only winners which encourage players to go for the objective at all times, boosting team play... players would start of on even ground whether it was your first game or 1000th game... you it was down to the player skill not down to what the unlocked or got in their kill-streaks Nearly every weapon was useful in the right hand or situation and had to be fought over to gain an upper hand by using map control. THIS MADE HALO, FAIR, FUN, COMPETITIVE AND REWARDING. WHATEVER TYPE OF PLAYER. Last words Rant over, clearly 343 has no intention of fixing the mess they created (or continued from reach) but I just want everyone to know that 343 did a bad job and it's not up to the standard of halo. Discuss.
  12. Me and a couple of friends came together to make this request list. This list mainly contains bugs within Halo 4.. We hope that you can fix these bugs As Soon As Possible, Thanks.. Feel free to add any other bugs/requests to the list.. Thanks Again.. REQUEST LIST: Please : add Forge World for Forge nerf the Mantis (make less powerful) fix the hit detection when meleeing fix the hit detection in general lessen/nerf the range of the scoped weapons *FIX MULTIPLAYER GAME LAG *Fix random rank crashes nerf frags (by a little) nerf the magnum *FIX FORGE GENERATING LIGHTING BUG (Switching from Forge Bot to Human makes the game lag while it slowly generates the lighting) Fix gun bounce when shot at (getting shot jerks your gun upwards) Fix the escape assassination bug (Some times whiles assassinating the person turns around and kills you) Add more War Games ****PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD ANY OTHER REQUESTS/NEEDS/BUGS TO THIS LIST, THANKS..****
  13. I wanted to start this thread for 343's benefit. This is a thread where you can bring small fixes and suggestions to light. I'll give an example of a small fix, this is something I want done: On maps with objective points/arrows, such as dominion and capture the flag, where the giant orange arrow is seen through walls, structures, and land formations, I want any spartans in your line of sight and the objective arrow to appear in front of the arrow. For example, if you are facing and objective arrow, it is going to dominate your view and any spartans that cross paths with the arrow in your field of view will be obstructed by the arrow. I'm suggesting that when there is a spartan crossing your field of view in the area of your screen that the objective point is shown, the spartan is shown over the arrow. Please keep the suggestions small and reasonable. This is not a balance thread!
  14. I bought the Halo 4 Limited Edition and had all 7 specialisations at the start, at level 50 I chose Wetwork for my specialisation because I want the ability it gives but apparently after that I only had Wetwork and Operator, the two default Specialisations and couldn't find the others like tracker and so on, is there a fix or did I waste my money?
  15. Hello, Basically: Can't play Episode 2, chapter 1 of spartan ops. I start the game and it goes to the loading screen for a few seconds before throwing me back to the start screen (Main menu, where you press start to begin). Any ideas why?
  16. I've seen a couple other people post about finishing the campaign and not getting the achievement. In most cases, it's because one of the missions didn't get registered as being finished...even though they were able to keep right on playing through the end. This makes some sense...otherwise you could "unlock" just the final mission playing co-op with a friend, then finish it on your own to get the campaign achievement. But not registering the completion in the first place is still a bug, so I'm reporting my sequence of events as best I remember it (it was late at night so the specifics of exactly where I stopped each session are a little fuzzy). Playing through Halo 4 campaign in multiple sittings: -played missions 4-6 (partway) -turned off xbox (not save and quit) -when I resumed the campain, it stared me back on 4 (where I had started the day before) -I quit and found that I could select where I left off in the campaign hub -finished the campaign but...didn't get any of the achievements for finishing the campaign On investigating I found: No achievement for finishing chapter 6 When I selecting where to start in the campaign hub, I could select all the rally points in mission 6 ...so I selected the last rally point and finished the mission again...still no achievement, still no finished mission in hub Did some research, saw a couple other people complain about missing saves/achievements, but no fix other than "play it again" So I played mission 6 again...sortof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uFKRjpD1Jg Thank goodness for shortcuts because I did NOT want to go through the gondola sequences again. ...when I finished, it registered and posted the mission and campaign achievements If anyone else had a similar experience, please post it. I suspect it has to do with quiting by turning off the xbox instead of going through the "Save and Quit" sequence, so anyone who can confirm or refute that would be helpful.
  17. Today i hit the xp cap online so i couldn't gain any higher ranks. I tought to myself that i would keep driving my friend around so he could get more kills. While this happened i got my last few wheelmans for the wheelman mastery commendation. When i whent into the commendation menue after the match i notived i hadnt progressed, but the count actually whent from 240/250 - 13/250 does anyone know what the f*** happened? cause i dont want to do all that over.
  18. Hello 343, First off, great game. I think you guys did a fantastic job with Halo 4 in both the campaign and multiplayer. I just have a few concerns regarding the XP progression system. My main issue with the XP cap is not that it exists, but that if I earn commendations while capped, I lose out on that XP and can never get it again. This encourages me to just stop playing any multiplayer or spartan ops until I am no longer capped. A better solution in my opinion would be to keep the cap as it is, not allowing people to gain XP from completing/winning games, but still give XP whenever a commendation is completed. Not sure if this is a bug or was just an oversight, but it's annoying either way. There is also the bug where people using the double XP promotion are getting their double XP games used up even though they are at the XP cap. I know this has been noticed already, and thought it had been fixed, but the issue is still active as of yesterday (11/10/2012) and again encourages me to simply stop playing any kind of multiplayer until I am no longer XP capped. Secondly, Spartan Ops currently gives a good deal more XP than matchmaking games from what I've seen, so whenever I log in my friends and I only want to play Spartan Ops which, while awesome, isn't really as fun as actual multiplayer against other people when it's the only thing you are doing every day. I see two solutions here, one being lowering the XP of Spartan Ops which would be kind of lame, but acceptable I guess. The other would be to just increase the base XP gains from other forms of multiplayer matches to be more in-line with Spartan Ops. There is also the chance I don't know what I'm talking about here, because I haven't played that many non-spartan ops multiplayer games, but the ones I did play didn't give very much XP even when I got 1st place. Hopefully some people share my concerns, sorry for the wall of text. Thanks if you read it. - Nompire
  19. I recently posted a topic about Halo 4 being a MAJOR dissapointment.. But now that i read up on some bugs and played a bit more, i have came to this conclusion: UPDATE: After reading through some things, Halo 4 is a pretty good game... Some guns and vehicles are over powered and there are some bugs but with a small update i think the game will be one of the best Halo's out there.. So, do u agree with that or no?? Follow this topic if you want more info on bug fixes/updates with Halo 4... Thanks for reading
  20. 343 Really Needs to fix the aim bot mods and hacks. I can't find a matchmaking game with out someone who has it.(i am level 40) Its is frustrating to play someone who can 5 shot you every time that has no skill. I also played someone who spawned with a ordnance weapon. This is just retarded If this problem is not patched soon i will never buy another Halo game.
  21. I'd like to say THANK YOU 343 GREAT FRIGGEN JOB!!! Ive read all the books played all the games more than 10-15 times each with that being said its safe to say I know the history of Halo like a movie you've watched way to many times. I crave the story line of Halo. Yes the multiplayer is great too but its always been the story that kept me around since day one. So ill admit I was really nervous when I herd Bungie was out the door and 343 was moving in (Franky gave me hope <3)... Almost scared. Now Im glad to say with allot of confidence that I am so happy to see that the Halo universe is in GREAT hands when it comes to the story and how its played out in Halo 4. At the start I was annoyed with what looked like a live action cinematic. It honestly took me around a minute to figure out that this was a beautifully created masterpiece. The amount of emotion in the faces of the characters and even in the master chief him self was mind blowing and inspiring. As the game continued on I was constantly surprised and just as I thought it would go one way it went the completely other direction leaving me guessing all through out the game. PERFECT! Around mid way through the story line I was so drawn in by the way things played out that I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. The last few missions seemed to drag on at times (the tower battles and gondola) but i'd say that would have to be dew to my tendency to not like repetition and also the fact I couldn't wait to see where I was going next. The ending was AMAZING!! Ive seen allot of people unhappy with the ending, shooting it down as "Horrible" I'd have to disagree! The way things went and the journey you took to arrive at the last battle and the last cut scene its self, all lined up and drew the player into the story and did a amazing job at portraying the emotions of the characters and the events. It's hard to believe Cortanas gone... It makes me wonder if in Halo 5 we will be thrown a curve ball by her returning or if we will be introduced to a new AI for the rest of the games. Once again I'm left GUESSING . Ether way I'm confident the ending was planned this way with the Future of Halo in mind and that the way it will play out will surprise us all. Fighting my way through on Heroic as Ive done for the first play through of each game I found little to no bugs with the games mechanics. IMPRESSIVE!I With the size of this game and detail I was expecting to see bug after bug. I maybe noticed 10-15 bugs through out the entire game. The most noticeable was on the level "Composer" when the Composer is taken the ship slowly pans to the left and disappears before its actually out of sight. Seeing as the ship its self seemed to be a low detail object almost 2D its honestly a very tiny but very noticeable technical error. There was a few small "blips" or "pops" I noticed at times in the objects and terrain, which is to be expected with a game this size. I have to say these "blips" and "pops" were very tiny, almost rare and at times I only noticed them because I'm retarded and look for that **** when I play games. There was one very noticeable audio bug on what I think is the level "Forerunner" but I could be wrong. The bug is at the point where you need to activate the Cartographer to find Infinity. After the first power source is disabled, in the main room some Covenant spawn that you need to fight through. After killing these Covenant Cortana says something like " Careful the covenant are here". She says this in my opinion waaaaayy to late, it almost humerus. I found my self talking to my Tv screen saying " No shiz really?? I didn't friggen notice!!" Honestly I'm kinda surprised this got missed by testing as the bug was easily repeatable and noticeable. Other than what Ive described above as of yet after my first play through Ive yet to have any other complaints. Once again GREAT JOB! Now the AI surprised and also at times disappointed me as well. They're ability to flank and surround a player is very challenging and really fun! They take cover and move between cover in strategic ways. But the second the AI jumps into a vehicle they become almost retarded.... Banshee's getting stuck in dumb places and ghosts standing still in the middle of a wide open area, asking to shot is really a disappointment. The Marines and ODSTs do the same thing as well. This impacts the story in a huge way in my opinion making things feel less structured. Other than the driving aspects of the AI once again Bungie.... Oops 343* (Sorry still getting used to this) GREAT JOB!!! So my final verdict of Halo 4 is: IT'S A FRICKEN AMAZING GAME!! Detail and graphics including Cut scenes and in game rendering: 9.8/10 - ( Would have gave it a 9.9 but the pops and the bugs I listed above lost you the 0.1 of a mark) Game mechanics and playability: 9.98/10 - ( I never hand out a 10/10 there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect something is.) AI including On foot, In vehicles, strategic ability, and the "fun" factor: 9.5/10 - ( The Vehicular ability of the AI is disappointing) Thanks for the great game 343 You have my trust now don't give me a reason to take that trust away! Keep up the great work and get Halo 5 moving!!! <3 you guys. ~XvX~
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