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Found 17 results

  1. Note: These may not be Fully told! Welcome Boy's and Girl's to the Halo Universe Vehicles/Weapon's Information you will need to Master Halo's Secrets behind the Gun's. So sit back and enjoy the Reading. Weapons Plasma Pistol- Pretty much the same as Halo 3, can shoot single shots, or a burst that can take out shields and temporarily fry vehicles, but can now kill an unshielded person in 2 or 3 shots. Assault Rifle- Similar to Halo 3's AR but this time is more towards the accurate side rather that brute force. Great for short controlled bursts rather holding the trigger. (32 Shots in a mag) Grenade Launcher- New to Halo is the Grenade Launcher, most comparable to the brute shot, yet still very different. This "Pro-Pipe" can used several ways, first is the basic shoot a grenade, then there is what I'm calling the "Mine" effect, where if you hold the trigger down, it will not explode until released. Lastly, the grenade has an EMP effect to it, and therefore fry Vehicles (and aircraft.) (Single Shot) Magnum (Pistol)- The Magnum has always changed traumatically from every Halo game to the next, this is no exception. Modeling after the Halo CE pistol, the killer is quite accurate, with it's 2x scope and faster rate of fire, this beast can pack quite a punch, it's the alternative to the AR, but losses accuracy quickly when shot fast. (8 shots in a mag) Needler- This covenant weapon has been symbolic to every Halo game as "Pink death", now it's brown. The needles are still the pick, Bungie has changed the color of this legend. The needle is pretty much the same, it needs 7 needled to "Super-Combine". (around 30 needles in a mag) Plasma Launcher- The Plasma Launcher is new to Halo. It shots 4 plasma grenades at it's target. It lock on both Vehicles and Infantry (MUCH better on Vehicles). It is the covenant rocker launcher by comparison and is pretty powerful. The plasma shots also stick to walls, while normal plasma grenades only stick to people and Vehicles. Energy Sword- This is also Halo classic, it seems to be a bit longer, and Skinner at the end, but it can be hit when being hit by, causing the target to live and possibly fight back. Rocket Launcher- Other than look of it, the only thing that is new is it's lock-on ability to air craft. (3 shots in a mag) Plasma Repeater- This is basically a longer version of the plasma rifle. This is a covenant version of the AR, and can overheat, but be cooled faster by hitting the reload button. Also much better to tap rather than hold the trigger. Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)- The DMR is another basic weapon is REACH, it is a single-shot gun. The accuracy makes this a fair at medium to long range, but close range still goes to the magnum or AR. (15 shots in a mag) Sniper Rifle- The Sniper has been the same through out Halo games, and continues to be similar, Although sniping feels much different with a sight need to lead your shot. Also can snipe the driver of any Vehicle, or in the case of an banshee, can destroy it in 5-6 shots. (4 shots in a mag) Spartan Laser- Seems to be less powerful and is harder to get 2 in 1's, and doesn't always destroy lager Vehicles. (4 shots) Shotgun- This sucker is now more accurate at longer ranges, which is cheap because it,s a shotgun. Although if you have full shields, it has less damage, just watch for this when your out of health. (6 shots in a clip) Needler Rifle- This covenant needle shooting rifle is the counter for the DMR. It will "Super-Combine" when 3 shots hit an un-shielded enemy. It also has Greater rediule boom than the DMR, (21 needles in a mag) Focus Rifle- This is a mix of the bean rifle, and the sentinel bean from halo 3, not much on it other than a straight line of fire and 5X, 10X scope. It also can stun the player a little whose being shot by it. Gravity Hammer- The gravity hammer looks different in proportions, but the overall usage of the weapon is the same. HAMMER TIME. (Great with sprint) Target Locator- Locks on the enemy or vehicle and rains mortars on them, very devastating. (Only in Firefight or Campaign) Fuel Rod Cannon- Not much said on this, slightly more power (Not in multiplayer) Concussion Rifle- The covenant equivalent to the grenade launcher. Shoots weak shots that only good when directly hit. (Good for small, tight hallways) (6 shots) Plasma Rifle- The same as before, no changes present. Human Turret- Seems to be more powerful then before, and can still be carried around. Covenant Plasma Cannon- Can be carried as the human turret That is all for now follow for the vehicles one in 2 days and make sure you give us a like and a comment on what you think and also and vote on with guns you like best. Nogradea signing off! "Here to Help"
  2. We all love finding Easter eggs. And we all love finding a new weapon in the halo games. In this topic let's post our ideas for what we think would be a cool Easter egg weapon to have added to Halo 5. What hidden weapon would you like to find in halo 5 ? I will go first to set the tone. And of course because I am in Canada.... THE ICE RIFLE
  3. These guys totally and utterly destroyed this game in EVER way! Hey 343i, if you cannot make a game DON'T put your hands on the damn technology!!!!! Its sad, its 2013 and you guys couldn't program an Atari game!!!
  4. Okay, so there are some things i liked about halo 4, and some things that they made even worse than reach. Vehicles: They are too week. Vehicles are what make halo stand out among the other shooters. There fun and are necessary for when you want to mix it up for a while. The counter argument that people will abuse vehicle use is useless and unfounded, as well as counter productive to the halo series to not have or have weaker vehicles. What's with magically punching a vehicle and having parts from random pieces break off? It's unrealistic and doesn't make you feel any better about defeating a vehicle because its too easy. In reach, killing a wraith was a skill, here no one cares. Plus, you should be able to hijack a vehicle by breaking only the cockpit protector and killing the occupant. This will keep the balance of the one who got there first has an easier time staying alive, while the new occupant is easier to kill. You should be rewarded for doing something hard, not a watered down you get nothing for doing something boring It degrades the experience and will give cod and battle field more players- bad biusiness. However, the grenade thing was a good idea. I also think that instead of busting the tank if you have no grenades when you hop onto the back, you should be able to climb up onto the gun and cause damage to that. if you hop onto the side, it should take just a bit longer to get to the front How to fix it: patch the punching crap, I consider it a glitch and it was annoying enough in Reach Fire arms: Nice job! I love the amping up of the covenant weapons and making them farther, faster, more accurate, and more painfull. I don't need to comment on the foruners as everyone likes them. Forge: Bad job, discraseful and shameful job. The maps are smaller, and they should have kept the tin cups old traits because it slowed some objects when dropped from the sky, so you could bury them in the ground and have the only succesful drop pods that didn't kill you and without the other tacky, second-rate solutions. Marketing scam in dominion: I don't apretiate being lied to about dominion, I only bought halo 4 before hearing critics because there was a comercial with the buildings actually building form the ground and they mentioned strategy, which seems to be abandoned and watered down to just plain shoot'em up with a slight twist. Vehicle selection: Lazy half-*** job guys, bravo. Cut the crap and add all past vehicles into the forge and make the hornet control like the pelican and have faster ascent/decent and straif. There was also hype about being able to fly serefs, pelicans, and scarebs in forge and custom games. you guys disapointed us by being so failure-oreinted. Campaigne: Great job with few issues. cortana's death was un-emotional, thus defeating the purpose of killing her off, though if she survived again I would have been iritated also, because it would defeate the pourpose of her death being an issues. As a side note, I would like to note that the cut scene with the scientists was the sadest part because it was more emotional, and you could feel so bad for them. I was glad they were killed because now they don't have to suffer emotionally their whole life, making me feel like it was justified. diadact ship: epic diadact last fight, but dum ending. the fight was epic, but the nuke didn't make any sence. It didn't even detonate when triggered, and chief got teliported after it should have exploded. it was also unnecesary as the the ship was no longer a threat even though it was still firing. It would have only been firing on the same city it already composed, and the composer could have been taken by the unsc and been usede as a political weapon against the covanent. plus, the fact that the librarian is still alive could have been exploited in that she would inherit control of the ship (as long as she didn't murder him, of course). Earth assault: the covanent could have destroyed the earth, but were probably told to leave as the diadact had an ego the size of a planet, thus making sense, but i would like to note that earth is no longer the strongest planet, siince it has already been over runned, and humanity also has other planets, which would be easily upgraded as earth's demand for resources was lessened do to the masecre Elites and covanent: makes sense. the profits obviously want the elites back in to end their alliance, and they only would have to honour them for saving the covenant and put them back into power to reastablish control. The more ***-kissing they do, the more control they have. For the brutes, there is no reason why they shouldn't have been replased shortly after their rise to power, since they failed and were and unstable society. All they were was a tool for the new covanent party anyway, and it was the elites that saved every single one of them, and even though they rebelled and were independant for a while, their future reloyalty was highly likely anyway. They only joined us to save life, but they rebelled because they were replaced. if they were only replaced, they would still have rebeled and not allied themselves with us. Forge nuances- problems and good things: obviously the magnet and quick dupe was a great idea and i'm sure user data is too, once it is understood enought to be used. however, the physics where you put things on normal and they become fixed after a while has prevented many good ideas in forge on reach. We could have easily made psudo destructable ship wars where the buildings stayed on normal physics and when the bariers and explosives would hold them up until destroyed. forge ideas for the future: bbesides needing all the vehicles, as well as fuel rod gun wraiths and fuel rod gun shade turrets and those blue flack turets in fogre, there needs to be a few more options. You need to be able to: glue pieces together so they act as one building (when paired with my persistant normal phisics idea) and beable to de attach after enough force is applied. we need to beable to set some destructible objects to triger events in buildings such as physics change and destruction, and noncolide so parts can fall through them map and get deleted, thus saving data. buildings need to be modable to where they can take damage which would be user specified and the type of weapons efect it diferetntly. there needs to be some sort of shield thing (in halo 5) that can be alloud to cover buidlings, and air locks need to be scripted so efects like from Reach's map anchor can hapen. imagine how epic the experience would be if the environment changed, even just a bit, when damage is dealt. Why the developers need to head my advise: because you need to keep your investment interesting so you get your money back and gain a profit? DUH! halo is already on the downhill slope, so you need to act now. dont save the changes for later, because it may already be to late one example is given by nintendo. The reason why they are failing is because they banned the cod franchise so long that people like me had time to save up for an xbox (finally) thus deleting the interest i had in the wii. I loved the wii more than xbox because i could easily become more coordinated with the game by using my eye hand coordination skills to make me better faster. I was headshotting people with the most inacturate guns accross the map within a few months with the wii, but the xbox anologue stick makes no sense whatsoever and thus needs years to get a fraction as good. plus, the new kids would like the ease of being able to skill up faster. An extra tip for developers: theres no reason you can't change your halo 4 game now and fuel the interest in the series. patches already are constantly addes so i do't know why things cant be addressed, now before your customers jump ship. I had an idea for the connect of how to achieve the wii effect without having to get new controllers, but i don't want to give my idea away. as soon as i can pattendt that idea, I'm going to sell it.
  5. -Invasion: they should bring back invasion even though the multi-player is a simulation on the infinity there is the flood and the flood was destroyed in halo 3 (spoiler alert) and maybe in one type of invasion or firefight game you start of as a marine or grunt and instead of ordense drops you become an ODST or jackel then the final level is a elite or spartan -Guns: there should be more guns and more diverse guns. They should bring back almost every gun that was ever in halo and add new ones espicially ones that can be in loadouts. I think the DMR is too overpowered in halo 4 and i think for halo 5 they should change that. I also think the covenant should have a 3 burst rifle like the BR and that the Covenant and humans should have sub machine gun and the forerunners should have an assault rifle type gun and bring in new guns that differ the other guns like the needler because with the new enemies 343 could make alot of amazing and crazy guns -Vechicles: there should be more vechicles in halo 5 and they should bring back the vechicles in previous halo games. There should be more flying vechilcles because halo 4 only one. -The Return of The Brutes: After halo 3 the Brutes became divided and then the Elites came and killed them but maybe one clan of Brutes went far away and they can come back in halo 5 because alot of fans would want their weapons and vechicles in halo 5
  6. First of all, I am a huge Halo Universe Fan. I love everything to do with Halo. The campaign, multiplayer, achievments, etc. it's beautiful really. I played H1 when it came out, H2 was an incredible sequel, H3, HR, HCEA, H4. All of them are amazing. And 343, you have done better than amazing on H4. What I wanted to mention is the operation of the UNSC weapons. ***I know Halo is not going for the CoD or BF3 type of weapon system & realism, but I wanted to explain what I'm getting at.*** The Shotgun for example: After you have fired the shotgun, you have to pump it to fire it again. By doing this pump action, you eject the spent shell and load a new one. Standard pump shotgun procedure. BUT in the Halo series when you RELOAD the shotgun, regardless of how many shells are in the magazine, it always gets pumped. This does not make any sense because you would be ejecting an unspent shotgun shell from the shotgun. Thus you wouldn't even be reloading it! It would still look fine if it just pumped when completely empty and it was reloaded. There are some other quirks with some of the weapons, but that's the only one that really bothers me. It's nothing to do with gameplay, it's just aesthetics. As I said, not bashing Halo, just wondering if there is a reason behind it or it's something people just don't care about when playing a FPS. Thank You.
  7. EDIT: BEFORE YOU READ THE REVIEW (now that it has gotten a bit of attention) I just want to let you know I am not really enjoying multiplayer right now. Every game just seems really stressful. It feels like 95% of the gun-fights I get into if I'm not perfect I lose. Also I think I'm running into organized teams because I'm ALWAYS fighting more than one enemy when I'm deliberately trying not to and I rarely survive when I'm "one-shot." I don't know if this is because 343 has failed to separate social/ranked but for me; the kind of person who plays to "play" and not so much "to win" the game it's been pretty frustrating and I actually haven't played much at all for the past few days/week. In Halo 3 I ran into people who were better than me but it was never so bad that I had to try my best every single gun-fight. I got to SR-41 in like the first week so that might be why? The following review seems really positive but I think the ranking/match-making system is pretty messed up for someone like me who wants to "pug" games (even with friends). I guess it's the same for organized teams because they run into people they just stomp on. I will be reviewing the maps, the guns, armor abilities, perks, instant respawns, gametypes and armor. Look for titles in bold. If you want to get an idea of what kind of Halo player I am check out my stats: Halo 3 Rank/Stats http://www.bungie.ne...ayer=sindronian Halo Reach Rank/Stats http://www.halowaypo...onian/haloreach Halo 4 Rank/Stats http://www.halowaypo...indronian/halo4 Firstly, I loved the campaign except for a few things (like the didact boss fight. Why wouldn't 343 take advantage of their talent and make it amazing? Not enough time? Who knows). The multiplayer is FUN (well at first I thought it was! It's Reach all over again). Theatre doesn't even work for campaign yet (I think?). The fine editing tool from Reach is gone which honestly, nearly ruins forging for me. No, magnets do not entirely replace the tool. That's really unfortunate. It's too time consuming without it. What were they thinking :/ Now for the war games review! GUNS I FEEL SHOULD BE PRAISED OR SHOULD BE CHANGED: Before you read the following reviews about guns I should say I have been getting a CRAPLOAD of lag in Halo 4 and have had very few games without at least a little bit of lag. So my observations about how the weapons behave may be a little inaccurate but I think it's ok. DMR - Great weapon. I personally like the look of it in Reach better but it still looks cool. The bloom is perfect IMO. You only have to pace your shots at very long distances (VERY, long). Now, is it over-powered? Just a little bit. The gun is way more effective just beyond medium range which is the way it should be. At medium range I do believe it is better than the BR not because of the bloom reduction or damage but the rate of fire. I'm not sure about a solution. Tiny decrease in rate of fire may fix it. Then again we don't want the DMR to feel like a semi-automatic sniper rifle either.The BR realistically should be a winner at medium range and it is often not. Decent sound. Change to performance needed. Please note: INCREASING BLOOM WILL NOT CHANGE THE DMR FOR THE BETTER. IT WILL SIMPLY MAKE IT A FRUSTRATING AND ANNOYING WEAPON AGAIN WHICH WILL JUST NERF IT COMPLETLEY. BLOOM IS NOT THE ISSUE. Frag Grenades - They have a small blast radius because there exists a perk to increase it. What makes a lot more sense is to have the grenades at normal blast radius and have no perk to affect radius. IMO. BR - Fantastic. I was never a BR fan in Halo 3. However I always used it over the assault rifle when I found it. I never played Halo 2 online so that probably explains why I don't have an attachment to the weapon. I really do like it in Halo 4 though. More than the DMR simply for the feel. The DMR's bloom allows for headshots on the outer circle of the expanding reticle which just feels like BS to me and almost like you can shoot someone around a corner. The BR performs as it should at medium range and I believe its feel is spot on. No BS. Concerning it's shape it looks great. Overall it is visually a bit strange though, but only compared to other BRs from past Halo games. To be blunt it sounds like crap. At least it doesn't need balanced!. Assault Rifle- PERFECT. It is finally a real weapon along with decent sound. It melts at close range AS IT SHOULD. It barely wins out fights at medium range but stands a chance and it's useless at long range. Great job 343! I only use it if I'm using firepower though Carbine - Looks and sounds great. One less headshot to kill might fix it. Landing all of those shots perfectly is not realistic while with the DMR and BR it is realistic because it's 5 shots and not something like 8. Which is why the Carbine is too weak. Carbine should be an issue for the BR at medium range. Binary Rifle - Sweet addition. Not OP at all (seriously). Low ammo and clip size along with a laser sight only the enemy can see AND a huge reticle balances it. This gun is probably the sweetest thing you could pull out of your ordinance minus the Incineration cannon. Incineration Cannon - Awesome. My favourite weapon in Halo 4. Sometimes I feel I don't get kills with it when I should though. For example I've hit a guy directly and the blast just knocked him back (pretty sure he didn't have overshield). I love the weapon and it acts differently from the rocket launcher and is more desired. It's forerunner, it should be better. Rocket Launcher - Sound is a step down. Why can't I lock on? If that's over-powered give the vehicles more durability. Two things about this gun could be changes but only one thing HAS to be. Either buff the radius of the explosive or make the rocket travel faster. That's all. Sticky Detonator - Sad this is the replacement for the Reach grenade launcher. The first explosive weapon I ever used in a video game that was rewarding to skill and perfectly balanced. Not enough people could use it well, so they took it out. Really unfortunate. My favourite weapon in Reach. The sticky detonator is an easier to use version. The blast radius is huge. I don't really see anything wrong with it. It's a real power weapon. Like a rocket launcher from Reach. Be afraid of it. Needler - I don't think people realise this is a power weapon now. I mean, it was always a power weapon, but a pretty weak one. Now it's something you should be really afraid of. I really don't think there should be more than one that drops at the beginning of a match COUGH - that impact 343 forge world variant which I haven't even played yet but I think there are 3 needlers on it (WTF) Storm Rifle - Reduce the spread. Vehicles - Damage is perfect. Ghost and Banshee cannons aren't useless like in Reach and are a tiny bit more powerful than Halo 3. I think it's great. Durability not so sure about. Since there is a "fuster-cluck" of power weapons on the map thanks to the ordinance addition to the game I think they could be a little more durable. The problem with this is that the one player who doesn't have a power weapon is screwed. Verdict Human weapons - great job, some need changed. Promethean weapons - great job Covenant weapons - great job, plasma is scary now that it travels so fast (does it travel faster now? Idk, turrets hit me more at super long ranges). Spread could (SHOULD) be decreased for some guns. Great job 343 never have we had such a balanced level of weaponry along with such variety. Vehicles - Give us a forerunner vehicle and a falcon you sillies. Vehicles are balanced but could be more durable MAPS AND SPAWNING - Great. Some people feel like there are not enough maps. There will be. I still haven't gotten to play a few (forge world variants from devs). - Less needlers - Favourite map is Solace. Second best is Haven. Ragnorak remake is awesome. - Spawns are great. Only had a couple bad ones. Instant Respawn doesn't help. EDIT: Spawns aren't that great (lol). - Don't integrate community forge world maps into matchmaking, leave it to the professionals. They will never compare to real maps even if the colours could be changed. If we get 3 voting options of garbage forge world maps every time we try and play war games like in Reach the game WILL break and get REALLY boring AND no one will play it. INSTANT RESPAWN When did anyone ever ask for Halo to be a fast-paced game? We asked for sprint, but only to make it more intense. It worked, while increasing the pace to an appropriate degree. If we want to be killed by the guy we just killed two seconds ago we would play "that game that shall not be named." This feature does not belong in halo and is not NEEDED and will not SELL halo any better. ***BTW INSTANT RESPAWN BREAKS KING OF THE HILL ON SMALL MAPS GAMETYPES IN GENERAL - Firstly I want to talk about the social vs ranked playlists. Why are people complaining there are no ranked playlists and the game isn't competitive? I think (may be wrong) every gametype matches you up according to skill and rank (maybe just rank?). So it seems to me what's missing is a social playlist lol. I've already been getting my ass kicked playing regicide because I'm playing against people way better than me most of the time. I don't want to fight people my own level I want to plow noobs lol. Please correct me on how this works! In halo 3 did the social playlist match you up randomly? I thought I remember separate ranks for each social playlist. What made the social playlists social? The ranked playlist matched you up based on your highest skill which was based on wins/losses right? Halo 4 will be ruined for me if I can only play with people my level or above that will just be stressful lol I need to practice on noobs. when did people ask only to be matched up with people their level why would 343 do that? - There weren't enough shipped with the game IMO, despite the reasons for holding some off. - Oddball is a playlist? Lol. - Headhunter is an epic gametype and 343 could have made it better and brought it back, along with Invasion. - VIP dammit. Slayer/Big Team Slayer - Good. More map variety please. The same 3 maps come up a lot. King of the hill - It sucks because of instant respawn. So hard to control the hill. Unless you are T^2 or Kampy himself. CTF - I don't like it because I can't drop the flag. Flagnum? More like, the-good-luck-defending-yourself-against-any-other-weapon-weapon Regicide - Pretty awesome! Regicide gave me my first killtrocity. This is how it works: You're the King with a power weapon - Awww Yeuh You're the King without a power weapon - This sucks Verdict Not bad 343, not bad at all. ARMOR ABILITIES THAT SHOULD BE MENTIONED Active Camo - OH, 343 WHY. Why is this an armor ability??? IT IS SO ANNOYING. WHY DID YOU BRING IT BACK? People literally sit behind a rock crouching with camo, wait for me to pass and beat me down twice, not once in the back because most who use it are idiots (You're not an idiot I'm just mad-bro). Some people use it to snipe. Good, that makes it over-powered. I hate this thing it is second-worse to armor lock. Now it doesn't even jam the radar. While the jamming was annoying at least it told you the damn person was there! Now we have no idea! Thruster Pack - It is sick! Despite it being a tiny bit under-powered it has saved my life a lot and makes me look awesome while using it! This is my favourite and WAY better than evade in every way. Props 343. Give us half a meter more and it's all good. For those wanting the distance of EVADE, shut up. That will make it overpowered. Hardlight Shield - I think it's OK. Not over-used otherwise it would be REALLY annoying. It is not needed and doesn't add much. EDIT: This armor ability totally choked me at a killtrocity (potential naire) Promethean Vision- I think it's good. I don't really use it and it doesn't seem to be overpowered. I can understand why this would be good but I've played Halo so much I just know where people are it feels redundant using it unless I'm looking at people out of my radar range. PERKS THAT I WANT TO MENTION Shielding - Shields regen slowly because there is a perk to increase the rate. No. Make the regens normal and have the perk increase them by a tiny amount. The default regen is so slow...like REEAAALLLLYYY slow. Grenade Perk (forget the name) - Shouldn't exist. Radius is so small I almost feel forced to use this perk. - I think the rest are ok (or are they). ARMOR - Venator armor: Did 343 make camo so OP just so people could get this armor easier? Uhhh... - Wow. There is a lot of armor. - It all looks really awesome except for the Helmets. Some people like ugly helmets. 343 are addressing those people. There are a lot of great helmets too. Overall best looking armor out of any Halo game by far. - I can understand how some pieces may be hard to differentiate Reach was a little better at this but Reach failed in proportion. The sizes didn't make much sense. I guess it's going to depend on opinion for the armor. At least there's tuns of it. - Colors. Good variety. They are not washed out like in Reach but solid. Great. Proportion - Everything is sized beautifully. Unlike Reach's "world of warcraft" shoulder pads. Variety - There is so much and enough of the pieces are cool. Thank you so much 343!!! Emblems - Where are they? ---ranks up--- Oh there they are. Where are the new ones? ---ranks up--- Oh...I can't comment on the emblems they are weird. There are a decent amount of them and there are new ones. Some returned some didn't. Nothing new here. Visors - Wow, dayum, freaking AWESOME! Hard to get and awesome looking! You nailed the spot 343. Stances - Sweet new addition! No harm done! INTERFACE - Step down from Reach. Better than most games. Good enough imo. Bugs - Haven't run into any except for achievement/completion bugs. - Accommodation bug, SUPER annoying! Not tracking correct number of accommodations! - Spartan Ops achievement issues. Specifically Chapter 1 mission 5 survival achievement. - Some generic rank reset bugs - Haven't run into anything game-breaking Final Verdict - Really worried about this social/ranked playlist thing. I don't want to get my ass kicked every match because I always get joined up with people my level or higher. This could potentially ruin the mutliplayer. My highest skill in Halo 3 was 40 but I mostly played social. - A lot of network issues. I haven't had issues with other games but Halo 4 lately has been pretty hard to play with the amount of lag I am experiencing. For some reason just after the midnight release I had no network issues. Other than that I am impressed. I highlighted my serious issues and some other nit-picky things. Thank you. Great job. I think a lot of people posting about this game have missed bringing up the good things about it. Hopefully this accomplishes that. Care to add to my review?
  8. Dear, 343 Industries, The weapons in multiplayer / matchmaking are completely unbalanced. Every weapon in Halo 4 should be even in damage so that it takes skill to kill another player, not because he/she has a better gun. Some of the weapons are so unbalanced and under powered that you can't even kill anyone with them. I've shot players four times point blank with the scatter gun as well as the shotgun and they would still have their shield up would then turn around and killed me with a DMR. So, 343 Industries, what I am asking of you is will you please review the weapons damage and make them EVEN? Some of the weapons are very weak and under powered. Thank you so much for your time. <3
  9. Is it just me or is every Promethean/forerunner weapon overpowered ? There is a weapon kinda like a sniper that fires 2 shots and each one can kill in one shot. Plus there's another Promethean weapon that requires you to charge it up and fire a blast that is way too strong and can get one shot kills from across the map, especially in Ragnarok . It's ridiculous and sch a game breaker , i actually quit playing for a while yesterday from one shot kills coming from my enemy side one after the other . The light rifle ( pic related also feels over powered I was killing enemy's left right and center with still clips left in the gun and getting kills with only 2/3 head shots. Health also seems a little too short for a halo game. I have an over-shield but it might as well not be there .It's already disappeared from 3 shots on a DMR. Other than that 343 done a great job.And the game is awesome. But i think some weapons need nerfing ASAP
  10. Hello everyone! Over on my YouTube channel I am posting LOADS of Halo 4 content, starting with my First Impressions of the game + my plans for future content, while commentating over a Team Infinity Slayer match on Solace! Check it out if you're interested in seeing how different guns work, and comment on the video letting me know what YOU think of the game as well as what you'd like to see posted on the channel! Subscribe for DAILY Halo 4 videos, including weapon tips, map strategies, game type play-styles, and more! Giveaways are coming in the NEAR future to show appreciation for your support! Halo 4 : First Impressions + Content Plan | 23-7 Solace - Team Infinity Slayer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV-C91DdSe0 Thanks! Maqboul @MaqboulArts Youtube.com/MaqboulArts
  11. Hello everyone! Over on my YouTube channel I am posting LOADS of Halo 4 content, starting with my First Impressions of the game + my plans for future content, while commentating over a Team Infinity Slayer match on Solace! Check it out if you're interested in seeing how different guns work, and comment on the video letting me know what YOU think of the game as well as what you'd like to see posted on the channel! Subscribe for DAILY Halo 4 videos, including weapon tips, map strategies, game type play-styles, and more! Giveaways are coming in the NEAR future to show appreciation for your support! Halo 4 : First Impressions + Content Plan | 23-7 Solace - Team Infinity Slayer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV-C91DdSe0 Thanks! Maqboul @MaqboulArts Youtube.com/MaqboulArts
  12. Hello everyone! Over on my YouTube channel I am posting LOADS of Halo 4 content, starting with my First Impressions of the game + my plans for future content, while commentating over a Team Infinity Slayer match on Solace! Check it out if you're interested in seeing how different guns work, and comment on the video letting me know what YOU think of the game as well as what you'd like to see posted on the channel! Subscribe for DAILY Halo 4 videos, including weapon tips, map strategies, game type play-styles, and more! Giveaways are coming in the NEAR future to show appreciation for your support! Halo 4 : First Impressions + Content Plan | 23-7 Solace - Team Infinity Slayer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV-C91DdSe0 Thanks! Maqboul @MaqboulArts Youtube.com/MaqboulArts
  13. "Aesthetics - Forunner Gunshow" Brought to you by GryffinGuy007. Link: http://halo.xbox.com/en-au/haloreach/GryffinGuy007/fileshare#!/?section=MapVariants&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=30688810 Yes folks, I have yet another submission. Due to the coming of Halo 4, I decided to create two forunner aesthetics maps (See "Aesthetics - Forunner"). This aesthetics map features a variety of forunner guns ranging from small to massive. Note that these guns do cost a bit, but various pieces can be removed from them in order to save budget. Screenshots: Thanks again, THFE. I'v had alot of time on my hands to create these...
  14. What if we had everything in the halo universe to ourselves? Against the talibans/whatever we are fighting. What if we had banshees, Pelicans, Hornets, Warthogs, Ghosts, Spratans, Frigates, and everything else Halo? All the weapons and everything. We would win automatically, other countries would be afraid of us! Another question is, What if we had a banshee sitting in our back yards ready to fly? Like a mini one. How awesome would it be to fly around your hometown in a minibanshee?
  15. So, I was thinking a little bit, and I was wondering. Should they bring back some of the guns in Halo 3 for Halo 4, like the MA5C Assault Rifle and the BR55 Battle Rifle? I think so.
  16. Weapons: I was thinking maybe a return of the Halo 3 arsenal, of course, because this game will take place right after Halo 3 so let's not stray too far away from Halo 3 stuff. Also, since Master Chief's story resumes on a Forerunner planet, add some Forerunner weapons. What ever they can think of for that kind of stuff could be cool. And if the Covenant make an arrival in this game, of course, have the Covenant weapons. Any new additions to any of these arsenals will be great. *Edit* Also, it'd be cool if there would be 2 different variants of certain guns. For example, we could have the regular SMG and Pistol, and then we could have the silenced SMG and Pistol from ODST. More vast arsenal = so many options Armor: I was hearing stuff about a MKVII armor piece. I think that'd be pretty cool. Playing in that armor in the campaign would be awesome, but I'd think you should start off with the MKVI armor from Halo 3 because, like I said about weapons, I don't want the game to stray too far away from Halo 3. As for other armor for Multiplayer, 343 can add stuff like fan favs, maybe some originals, and some other stuff they can make up. Oh yeah, and some common sense: ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMIZED ARMOR IN THE CAMPAIGN! Don't make the multiplayer look change the Master Chief look in the campaign. *Edit* Also, for armor customization, since there's the idea for the other gametypes, you can customize not only Spartans and Elites, but you can customize the way your ODST looks in the ODST gametypes. It'd add so much more variety for appearances. Gametypes: The usual Slayer and all those other original Halo gametypes will be great. I'd like to see Invasion come back. It was my favorite gametype in Reach and I think it was super fun. Also, this guy (can't remember his name, thanks for your idea) made up the idea of an ODST gametype. I'd love that. It'd be cool if they make it where you spawn in drop pods at the very beginning and when you land, it's just normal slayer or whatever it is you're playing just playing as ODSTs for a change. And if they can add Covenant (if they make an appearance) and Forerunner gametypes that'd be awesome too. *Edit* Another cool thing I just thought of is that we'd have the normal gametypes (you'd click on Competitive: Spartans) and then ODST gametypes (Competitive: ODSTs). Same thing for Cooperative and anything else they think of. It'll add a lot more variety. Other stuff (wants and stuff I don't want): I don't want Halo 4 to be like Reach. No bloom and no armor abilities! Well, I had no problem with sprint and jetpack (I guess the jetpack can make an appearance because of the teaser trailer), but stuff like armor lock and active camo whenever you want needs to go. And we need to get rid of the Halo Reach ranking system. Go back to Halo 3 or something similar, but NONE of the Reach ranking bull crap. They can still have the cR, but make the cR separate from Exp (another idea of forum user, thanks). cR can buy armor customizations and Exp actually rank you up. *Edit* Maybe they can bring back some stuff from Reach, like the different options with armor customization (and maybe even add more) and some of the gametypes. That's all I can think of at the moment. Let me know about the ideas, if you like them or not. If you can add anything, I'll be glad to see what you guys would like. I'll update the post for other ideas I think of. Thanks.
  17. I am so exited how the battle rifle looks but, i liked the DMR too. O well hope it was worth it
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