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Found 18 results

  1. Known Issues: - When building the nav mesh with grass on the ground the bots don't know how to navigate (this is the most annoying one for forest maps, bots should just ignore blocks with no collision. - Sometimes working with the budget for light cache too close to the limit will not save the built light cache (this happened with a vegetation map I had to lower even more the light budget I had). - Initial camera will shake when a match starts unless you script it to move around. - Sometimes scripts don’t get properly loaded in a custom game even if they work at Forge mode (or the opposite). - Some particular blocks are glitchy (example: Structures > Cover > UNSC Half Cover), they may not scale properly and several copies of it can break the map. Make sure to check the budget at Map Settings and see if the static objects budget makes sense with the map you are working on. - Quickly saving the map twice right before leaving a Forge session may not save your progress at all, a workaround for it is going to version history and open the third last version of it. - Sometimes you just can’t publish a map, transferring the admin seems to solve the issue but the map will still be glitched with the original owner if he gets admin back (this may have something to do with a copy protection glitch). - Forge robot sometimes pick up weapons, if a weapon disappears or if you see your reticle changing then be aware of it, that weapon will respawn after some time. - Placing blocks too far away from origin or very big ones may cause serious performance issues to your session. - Some blocks that have applied normal physics to them may get duplicated when they get moved around (specially vehicles, weapons and fusion coils), it turns out that the object in the original position is just a ghost block and eventually it will disappear (I hope). - Some blocks that have applied normal physics to them may get duplicated when they get moved around (specially vehicles, weapons and fusion coils), it turns out that the object in the original position is just a ghost block and eventually it will disappear (I hope). - Some objects glitch out and can’t be selected nor deleted, sometimes they just act as the ghost blocks mentioned above but also they may stay there for a long period of time and even linger around after a couple of forge sessions. There is no easy workaround but after a couple of forge lobbies they may disappear. Sometimes you manage to delete them when placing another same block and going into object settings and selecting all similar blocks then deleting it (do it outside the map since instead of being able to delete the second block it also becomes a ghost block sometimes). - Placing glass blocks in front of each other will cause performance issues. - Having too many reflective objects will cause delays when placing and moving blocks while in forge mode. - You can’t undo when scaling objects or with other people at your forge lobby. - Some rocks if scaled too big can cause problems with collision and weird textures, make sure to place smaller ones near areas where the players are to patch it. - Prefabing several blocks together may cause different issues, if you duplicate it or undo the rotation or movement will cause the prefab to explode the smaller blocks into different rotation, scale and position, a work around for this is having the original prefab in a corner and trying to duplicating it a couple of times until you can get it right (there is a small delay when duplicating it), also remember to never ever undo anything you made with a big prefab (saving the original one may be a good idea). - Randomly some blocks may get weird collisions (even if they are flat), try to place invisible blockers to work around it.
  2. Halo Master Chief Collection has been released! Along with the release of Halo MCC has come a few bugs, glitches, and multiple other matchmaking issues. This has resulted in an over-abundance of threads asking for help- some of which are multiple threads with the same problem. To cut down on similar threads, and to hopefully get everyone the answers they need as soon as possible, we ask that you post any and all of your Halo: Master Chief Collection issues here. This thread will be monitored closely, and any updates from the official 343industries will be added. (Remember, we're just a fan forum) Be sure to check the thread to see if someone has had the same issue as you and if there are any possible fixes or updates already available on that issue. 343industries has released an official update on the status of Halo: Master Chief Collection's matchmaking as of 11/13/14 - HERE 11/15/14 - HERE Thanks for your assistance in keeping our Forum nice and tidy! -BZ1
  3. How come the FOB's are not customizable? And the marines uniforms, type and weapon, it seems like a great idea as you rescue more marines and unlock FOB's one could add turrets, specialized and defense buildings (i.e. medical, barracks, weapon lockers, artillery,...). Custom the marines to different specializations (i.e. medic, heavy, light,, guard,...) and also be able to assign them different roles. Kinda like a fusion between halo wars and halo infinite. To be honest i expected something else from an open world Halo.
  4. Hello! I am currently having a very hard time fixing my FPS issues. When I hit the open world after the initial mission, my FPS instantly tanked to 30-35. I have all drivers updated, settings set to 'medium', and I have the caps set as high as possible. I am at loss at what to do moving forward. Multiplayer does not have this issue, I am at a constant 120+ fps when playing.
  5. I've played all the Halo's and I'm okay with whatever changes they make except for a few things that need a little tweaking in my opinion. The aim assist is way to strong. I'm comparing this to all classic shooters but nowadays a first persons shooters aim assist is so strong that when a enemy walks past you it pulls your screen with them (people mistake this as skill in the game) at least give us the option to turn it off. The BR is just a little to overpowered from the classic one. I don't knowif it's because it shoots 5% faster or it just does a little more damage but I always find myself getting killed by it on every gamemode from across the map (I know its for medium to long range but sometimes its just a little bit ridiculous.) Vehicle barriers are really weird and buggy, I touched a mongoose that started to go in reverse and it instant killed me. I knew it would take down my shields nut to instant kill me going as fast as an old persons on a scooter? Same with tanks when you touch the side while a enemy is in it it will kill you or take down your sheilds (if your infront or behind it it makes sense) The ghost floats like a foot higher than they do in all the other Halos so its easier to splatter people and it kills way to fast so there is no way to take cover. The gungoose is fun but it slides around more than a socks aon waxed wood floors and it obviously kills in 1 shot if they both manage to hit (I'm on and off about the gungoose) Sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining but theses are some of the few issues I've found with multiplayer, I really like playing Halo it's one of my favorite first person shooters, the latest installment in the series just has some issues with it in my opinion.
  6. here, this is an 86 page long thread talking about this issue: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/e0d9938206f04a598ce84f2c8cadce02/topics/warzone-dont-work-south-ameria-africa-australia/06223e76-9c6e-45fe-af01-fb00160803b0/posts?page=86 i will still give my opinion: since the 27th of october, the times i was able to get a match at halo 5 multiplayer´s were few to none, afteer looking unsuccessfully for players (1/4 looking for spartans) for 5 minutes it displays a message saying "unable to match - there may not enough players to support this play list" ITS BEEN MORE THAN A MONTH, PLEASE 343I, PLEASE, WE AT SOUTH AMERICA WANT TO PLAY HALO´S MULTIPLAYER TOO!
  7. At the end of my greatest warzone game ever. The game threw me into some lobby then it spazzed out. I obtained no xp, no rewards to commendations I know I completed, and no req points. Worst of all I lost the cinema clip to the game. A 700-100 comeback and win. I am wondering if there is a way to access the game and obtain the rewards I earned.
  8. With the ongoing PC issues plaguing Batman: Arkham Knight, Rocksteady has provided an update on one upcoming patch which will fix a few major bugs. Batman: Arkham Knight, the final chapter in the franchise created by Rocksteady, recently released on current generation consoles and PC, with the PC version hosting a plethora of massive issues forcing the game to be pulled from Steam entirely. Since then, Rocksteady reports through IGN.com that they have been working hard to patch the game and are making great progress. They revealed an interim patch will be releasing within the next two weeks if all goes according to plan, and that it is currently being tested. A representative stated, "We are happy to confirm that we are now putting the first interim patch into testing. If all goes well, we expect to issue the patch in the next few weeks. We’ll be sure to report back in the next two weeks on how the testing is coming along." The update will include performance fixes, enhanced game settings, etc. The full list of fixes can be read in the article linked above, but it is unlikely this will be the final patch considering Rocksteady's list of other lower priority issues. Batman: Arkham Knight is available for purchase now on Xbox One and PS4, and can still be bought physically for PC. View attachment: BAK_Sshot130.jpg All images and information provided by Rocksteady and IGN.
  9. Hello Everyone! I'm writing about this topic because after doing some research I seem to be the only one having this issue. Today I tried playing 3 player local matchmaking. The problem I had is that I could not play on any map except for Halo 1 maps. The maps would get the load screen and after a few seconds, it would state a message saying "loading incomplete". I had 2 xbox one wireless controllers and 1 xbox one wired controller. At first I thought it was the wired controller since it's a third party one but it wasn't because it worked with Halo 1 maps. As long as I had only 2 controllers set up, I could play on any map from any game. As soon as a third was connected, only Halo 1 would work. Am I the only one who experienced this? Will they be fixing this along with the Matchmaking updates? I understood the problems had to do with servers so it may just be my game. Please and thank you for your time!
  10. So, yesterday I decided to play Reach again, but every playlist had a population of 0. When I entered a playlist I waited for an hour with no results. I tried again and this time, I waited for 3 hours, still nothing. So I decided to get off. Today I got on to find that the general view of my spartan was reset along with my rank, and matchmaking was stuck on an endless playlist download. My player menu, however, contains my previous rank and armor set with no noticeable changes. It looks to me like the servers were shut down. But it's been over 24 hours and I haven't been able to play Reach online. Is anyone else having this problem?
  11. 2 days ago i started getting an error msg with my Downloaded Halo 4 under Spartan OPS Co-op. After my 1st play, the completed game does not save but adds up my game points, and i get the following error msg: UNABLE TO CONNECT TO HALO SERVERS I am unable to access the Spartan record and when i back out all 3 Startan tabs for OPS are not accessible any longer, but i am still connected to X-box live since i still have my co-op party on and still can chat with them via party. this started happening just 2 days ago. Everything was fine before then, and i've made no changes to my network or Xbox-360 in several months. But if i restart the game i can play again, but not save. what gives?! Has anyone come across an issue like this? Thanks...
  12. Here are a few quick suggestions I believe are vital for better online/MM game play... 1) Allow parties to be visible in the pregame lobby. There is currently no way to tell if your opponents/teammates are partied up or not. HUGE DISADVANTAGE 2) Weapon spawns on Slayer, BTB & both regicide game types needs to be increased (especially heavy & mid grade weapons). Many times your ordnance is of no help, and weapons don't spawn often enough for the game to have that competitive nature you want. 3) The Flood are too strong in the Flood game type. The thruster pack is too powerful and allows the Flood way to much control of the game. Decrease health as well as thruster pack ability to even the odds. 4) This might be a long shot but I really think they should bring back Campaign scoring, medals and XP. I know there was issues with farming in Reach, but if you did it right you should be able to prevent this. With the way it stands now, once the campaign is completed there is no real incentive to go back and re-play.
  13. Spartan Ops has the potential to be one of the greatest things, going forward, about the new Halo era. But only if you can play it. I have about a 10% chance of successfully starting a Spartan Ops chapter and I'm playing **solo**. This is, frankly, inexcusable. I understand there have been server issues since November. First of all, you should never have made any solo experience dependent upon your server performance. Secondly, it's January, now. How much longer do we have to wait for you to resolve this issue? I hear episodes 6-10 are coming soon. Fantastic. Will I be able to play them or will I just keep getting kicked back to the main menu for hours at a time as 1-5 have done? Eventually, I imagine you will want to charge for installments of Spartan Ops. You have a loyal fan base that absolutely would shell out more money to continue an interesting story that dovetails into the main storyline of the Chief but we demand a product that functions properly. I hope you and Microsoft take that to heart as you move forward with the franchise.
  14. Hi, alot of Halo fans have been complaining about Halo 4. 343 have made some mistakes and have caused major issues in this game. I'm a major fan of Halo. But for the first time. I actually thought Halo 4 was screwed. The're are so many annoying things about this game. I actually rage so hard over this like no other Halo game. All my friends have quit playing. It's going borderline and Halo 4 or the next Halo needs to be better, because I believe if it keeps heading in this track it will go down hill. So I've decided to address this issue and I hope somebody listens to this and takes it seriously. Especially 343. Here is a list of some problems in this game. Bolshot is OP (Why get a shotgun or a scattershot in your ordinance when you spawn with a bolshot) Assault Rifle is OP (or atleast abit more powerful then any other Halo game) Spawning with plasma nades. Joining mid games Weapons despawn to quickly. Spawning with camo (noob combo = camo and bolshot) No good connection and good connection search No file share Bad playlists No veto No 1-50 rank system Auto pick up flag and can't drop it. No custom maps online Mantis is OP (Prefer a falcon instead) Wepaon spawns are reandom (You can't learn weapons spawns) Instant respawn Kill cams need fixing (glitchy) Spartan ops should be able to play offline Armor abilities NEED BALANCING. Now by reading this, you might think I'm just some player that's just winging about these problems. But these are actual problems. If you play this game and you're serious and like to 5 shot with the dmr and br, you will find that people spawning with plasma nades that spam them at you or run at you with assault rifles is annoying. Here is a video link to why the bolshot is annoying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0cG0jGuTQ0 The bolshot is very stupid. It's only because you can spawn with it. I consider it as a power weapon. If you couldn't spawn with it, then It'd be abit more balanced. But since everyone has one all people do is camp around corners with camo and bolshot you. It's stupid. If you want to practice strafing and etc... It doesn't work against bolshots and assault rifles. It's very frustrating. This makes the game not enjoyable but annoying. Please take this seriously. It's a serious problem. If you agree or have anything else you would like to add, post it below. Once again, please take this seriously. Thanks. Here is a link to the same post that I posted on Halo waypoint. It's become a big post and alot of people agree with the post and have some opnions. Please consider reading everything and what the community is saying. We want you to LISTEN. We've posted this to an MLG Pro Ninja's live stream and on the stream he stated that he agreed with the post on waypoint (same post as this one) SO PLEASE LISTEN 343 https://forums.halow....osts&m=2143578
  15. It was a terrible idea to put the double xp codes on the outside of the bag! I purchased a bag tonight and when I tried to turn in the code I was told that it had already been used. I would really like to get my 12 double xp matches that I should have gotten >:/ Anyone else have this happen? Is there a way to contact someone about getting my matches?
  16. For some odd reason i cant play the campaign. I have installed disc 2. All i can do is watch the Prologue. Its SuPER annoying because i was so excited to play it. PLEASE HELP ME.
  17. Just been playing around in all the forge maps and seriously let down. I feel as a major forger from halo3 factory to halo reach's forge world I have created well over 100 maps. Let me go into why I am let down. Halo Reach because it was one single large world it meant there was a large amount of open free space to play with and create entirely original maps using only the pieces available. However sense Halo 4 split up forge into 3 maps they have seriously reduced the amount of dead space that so much more useful. In forge world there was enough space that you could lay down 20+ colossus walls flat and not run into anything or go out of bounds Now however you can hardly put down 5 without hitting a rock a tree a wall or go out of bounds. This i feel has really reduced the amount of creativity and individual imput. Don't get me wrong I love all the new textures and features the Halo forge 4 has to offer its much more user friendly theirs more items to choose from better lighting effects easier to control and navigate but there is nowhere to use or do anything. I feel the original forge world needs to be ported over and or a large empty space is necessary to give forgers the freedom to create what they want and not be forced to work around the preexisting surface or boundries that is available. Also why was the falcon taken way can any1 link me.
  18. Ok, so my Halo Reach matchmaking hasn't worked in three weeks now. Under network settings in the main menu, for upstream bandwidth and packet loss rate it is reading undetected but my NAT is open. Then in the matchmaking lobby it keeps telling me the Halo Reach server is unavailable at this time. EVERY other game I own works fine with matchmaking. It is just the Halo games. Same with Halo 3 and ODST. PLEASE someone help me. I have bought a new modem, doesn't work. I have switched ISPs, it does not work. What the hell could be wrong?? I've already reset the modem and the internet and cleared the cache on my xbox and reset my xbox's network settings to factory and reset them up. I have tried all those normal things. This is a serious issue I am having so please don't respond with "reset your xbox's internet settings". And my disc is not scratched, plus I have two copies of it and neither works.
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