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Found 25 results

  1. So I downloaded the Halo Wars 2 beta from the xbox store, and for some reason the game is in spanish. I don´t live in spain and I don´t speak Spanish so my whole experience with the game haven´t been to good, and for some reason I can´t change it by myself. I´ve tried unistalling and reinstalling the game but it´s still in spanish.
  2. I've played all the Halo's and I'm okay with whatever changes they make except for a few things that need a little tweaking in my opinion. The aim assist is way to strong. I'm comparing this to all classic shooters but nowadays a first persons shooters aim assist is so strong that when a enemy walks past you it pulls your screen with them (people mistake this as skill in the game) at least give us the option to turn it off. The BR is just a little to overpowered from the classic one. I don't knowif it's because it shoots 5% faster or it just does a little more damage but I always find myself getting killed by it on every gamemode from across the map (I know its for medium to long range but sometimes its just a little bit ridiculous.) Vehicle barriers are really weird and buggy, I touched a mongoose that started to go in reverse and it instant killed me. I knew it would take down my shields nut to instant kill me going as fast as an old persons on a scooter? Same with tanks when you touch the side while a enemy is in it it will kill you or take down your sheilds (if your infront or behind it it makes sense) The ghost floats like a foot higher than they do in all the other Halos so its easier to splatter people and it kills way to fast so there is no way to take cover. The gungoose is fun but it slides around more than a socks aon waxed wood floors and it obviously kills in 1 shot if they both manage to hit (I'm on and off about the gungoose) Sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining but theses are some of the few issues I've found with multiplayer, I really like playing Halo it's one of my favorite first person shooters, the latest installment in the series just has some issues with it in my opinion.
  3. I have been playing through the master chief saga playlist and now everytime that I try to resume my game the loading screen shows up and plays music like normal then freezes makes a beeping noise and crashes the game I have a downloaded copy of the game and I am on the mission shutdown in halo 4 so I don't want to reastart the playlist... Has anyone else had this problem and figured out a solution?
  4. The vast majority of my points below equate to: Why have you shipped a half finished game? Why did you change something that worked well to something rubbish? The answer to 1. is fairly straight forward, and endlessly disappointing. A cynical decision was made to gate content available from the start in previous titles, behind a long, randomly resulting grind, OR let people skip that with microtran$action$. This is also clearly the reason one of the most popular game modes – Big Team Battle (BTB) – wasn’t released to begin with, because then nobody would spend additional money to unlock access to weapons and vehicles in the shite that is Warzone. The company might as well be rebranded to £4£ Industries Hurry the -Yoink- up and release BTB and have access to weapons and vehicles as standard on the maps, not behind the req system. The req system itself works fine ‘within’ a match. I like the idea of the more kills you get unlocking more powerful kit. I don’t like that I can’t then use that kit without having previously spent money or points on crappy booster packs. Radar – what separated Halo from sprayfests like CoD was tactical radar use. The current incarnation of radar is a joke. People appear behind you from nowhere, and with no time to react before dying I might as well play CoD. Not being able to save up for specific unlocks. Given I’ve already slated the concept of req booster packs, I understand given the money involved they are unlikely to go away, but at least put in a system of being able to spend your req points on specific items. Infection, King of the Hill, Oddball – PUT THEM IN ALREADY Terrible spawning – spawning in the middle of a firefight, or in front on the enemy team is not cool. PvE in PvP - sucks balls, remove it. NO ONE wants to be killing crappy AI bosses in the middle of a fast paced FPS fight. This isn’t Alterac Valley. Split screen – I’ve extensively played and owned every single Halo title (except ODST). A large amount of the fun I had was multiplayer campaign, and PvP in the same room with friends. I’ve not even entered campaign mode on Halo 5 because of its removal. The matchmaking lobby – why have you removed all the functionality from previous Halos?! WHY?! I want to be able to browse the other players, their achievements, see what armour they are wearing, and which ones are using a mic! Achievements – on the note of achievements, at least let them unlock some cool stuff (oh no, that might reduce microtransaction sales…) Carnage report – let me see the damn medals I got! Service tag – I’ve used the same three letter service tag since they first came out. WHY?!?!?! Have you locked them to four characters?!?! Make it three or four. Asymmetric battlegrounds suck – you should attack AND defend in sequence, as part of a single battle.
  5. Buenos dias. Tengo problemas con Halo de Master Chief Collection, jugando la campaña en cooperativo en la misión 3 del halo Anniversay, la de Verdad y Reconcilaicion, al llegar casi al final, el juego se paraliza, me saca a la pantalla inicial del xbox one, desconecta todos los periféricos y resetea el juego. Y en el Halo 2 Anniversary en la misión 9: Pesar, al llegar donde el profeta se paraliza la imagen, me enia a la pantalla inicial de la xbox one y se resetea el juego. Que pasa, que puedo hacer, es muy frustrante no poder terminar la campaña por estos errores, y eso que no se si el Halo 3 y el Halo 4 tienen problemas en la campaña. Ayuda.
  6. I have a movement problems in every campaign and online. when I walk or try sprint it stutters. has anyone else had this happen to them. should I uninstall and reinstall? will I keep my progress?
  7. As 343 releases a "fresh" "new" game, I want your thoughts about it. I watch to know your problems, best moments so far, and overall the sheer fun of it. Just post them below, so I know what I might expect when I get it for Christmas, and please no hate for the game, just I want problems and just overall some good times. Cheers, Eqwinoxe
  8. Hi guys an girls. I just created this account because my copy of the master chief collection is missing forge mode theater mode and the anniversary maps and halo 3 and maps. My brother said he waited until 100% install until playing. The campaign missions are all there. It I worth noting that this was done without an internet connection as a mobile connection is my only option where I live. If anyone has experienced this issue. PLEASE HELP. I would be very grateful. I have considered these features requiring online access but I have heard others say this can be done on local too.
  9. So I have a small predicament for my own birthday in July... On the sixth... Right before Bungie day... Aren't I a lucky one?! But that's not the point, my whole problem is there are a total a 4 games I have in mind to buy... Everything else was delayed or cancelled, it's terrible. I had no money in the first place but now I have little money with nothing to spend it on. So I'd like YOU the people to suggest me some games that would be amazingpendoustacularsome for me. I won't list off all the games I have in my collection so suggest whatever floats your boat, old or new. Keep in mind though I own a PS4... The console with a total of 3 exclusives with only 1 of them decent. And I own a PS3 as well, I've pretty much discontinued my 360 and don't own a One yet. Suggest platforms, games, accessories, whatever the hell floats your boat as I said. Current games on my list -confirmed that is- I don't want someone going into the comments saying, "Oh yoloswag Watch_Dogs is so last gen 420p on Brickstation2 it sucks so much yo Minecraft 4 life; xOuya master race969696x". Your reputation with me will be tarnished forever, believe me. Bnus, I'm looking at you.
  10. I have downloaded the Forge Map and the Spartan Ops: Episodes 6-10 multiple times. No matter how many times I have downloaded the content I cannot play them. I have already tried different disks and I get the same results. This is a very annoying and frustrating problem, please help.
  11. So they are certain maps I can't play on in the playlist Team Throwdown. The default maps that are in the game I can play on fine, but the forged maps I can't join the game, it sends me all the way back to the Halo 4 logo & the developer intro. Is it a problem with MY disc or 360, or is this a problem other people are having?
  12. Well I wanted to go play some halo.... when I realized that all of the XBL servers are down..... lol CHINA?!?!?!?! im just joking.... any updates anyone?
  13. Spartan Ops has the potential to be one of the greatest things, going forward, about the new Halo era. But only if you can play it. I have about a 10% chance of successfully starting a Spartan Ops chapter and I'm playing **solo**. This is, frankly, inexcusable. I understand there have been server issues since November. First of all, you should never have made any solo experience dependent upon your server performance. Secondly, it's January, now. How much longer do we have to wait for you to resolve this issue? I hear episodes 6-10 are coming soon. Fantastic. Will I be able to play them or will I just keep getting kicked back to the main menu for hours at a time as 1-5 have done? Eventually, I imagine you will want to charge for installments of Spartan Ops. You have a loyal fan base that absolutely would shell out more money to continue an interesting story that dovetails into the main storyline of the Chief but we demand a product that functions properly. I hope you and Microsoft take that to heart as you move forward with the franchise.
  14. Hey guys! so I'm having problems with Haven, and its really starting to bother me. It all started when the DLC map pack came out, I downloaded it and played it for a day and then it was taken away, which I get. But after that, I wasn't able to get onto Haven at all. I can't get on the map from either forge, custom games, or matchmaking. The UNISC logo comes up and spins for much longer than it should, then I go black screen and then I'm at the Halo 4 main menu. WHAT DO I DO SO I CAN PLAY HAVEN!?
  15. I used all of my numbers and yet I still don't have the armour or the maps. Please help? I will eventually post pictures of my receipt for proof.
  16. So as the title suggests, in Halo: Reach Forge, I am having issues with Forge pieces shifting after a clean save. Upon save I go back into Forge mode to double-check placement of all of the pieces and they are fine. When I go to Custom game, pieces shift on their axis'. Now I have seen this in different variations such as a piece shifting up or down or even to the side. Though the shift is barely visible, I notice. *Side note - when Forging I always use the 90 degree snap lock feature to lock the pieces in place unless it's not possible to for rock or weapon placement or other aesthetic features. I guess this is more of a minor frustrating issue that I have encountered but an issue none-the-less. If anyone has any advice, I welcome it. - Choot
  17. I've been playing all night now since it's my day off and between the hours of 03:00hrs and 04:00hrs CST I wasn't given ANY Experience for my games played...Also The Weekly Challenge "DEADEYE" isn't giving me any kills towards it except for the 12 given from the daily challenge "DEADEYE" so having 2 challenges with the same name may be effecting that..the weekly Challenge DEADEYE demands you get 70 kills with head shots with precision weps....I don't know hom much more precision is needed when I'm playing SWAT a DMR and SNIPERS with a SNIPER....also because of this I'm not getting the full potential of my 2x experience through your promotion with Mt.Dew and Doritos...i'd like something done -AngryR4coon
  18. Halo 4 was a good game, but there are a few problems that have been overlooked. Flood gave many Halo players what they want, the ability to play as a flood. I enjoyed the gametype at first but after going into forge and creating a new map to test out a new infection gametype I encountered a major problem. I could no longer customize the flood gametype to the extent I have been able to customize infection to in the past. My idea was ruined and a couple hours were wasted because of it. I post this forum with the hope that 343i could add back the original infection gametype, allowing you to change flood weapons and give them grenades. Think back to Halo 3 when forge started and new infection gametypes were made, now we can no longer play Duck Hunt, Garbage Man, (Halo), Cat & Mouse, Cops & Robbers, Ghost Busters and more. Custom games won't be what they used to be. To members of the Halo community, please help me spread the word to return custom games to their former glory. And to 343i, please review gametypes and return the old features we all loved so much.
  19. Game play wise Halo 4 is awesome. The story sucks. The lack of variety in enemies makes for a dull experience. It would have been better off if Master Chief had died at the end of Halo 3. So I finally got my copy of Halo 4 and I have now beaten the campaign. I have not played Spartan ops yet, but let me put it this way: As long as it's something that doesn't directly include the Master Chief then it could be worth something. Main story: Somehow a forerunner has survived millennia imprisoned inside a forerunner shield world. So the only surviving forerunner is evil. They saved the evil guy... After the rings were fired killing all life, after countless ages he tricks you into releasing him. ...from inside his own cell, he tricks you into releasing him, by manipulating his prison... Did I mention he knows magic? Or the force, because he does force grip you. Oh! I know! How about the part where you NEVER fight him? Or the part where he personally does nothing more than force grip you? At the end you do 3 quick time moves to plant a grenade on his chest and Cortana saves you from him AND kills him. And then she saves you from a nuclear explosion from the warhead you detonated... WITH YOUR HAND. No, you didn't even lose a pinky. BTW, no, I can't explain how Cortana had the ability to save the chief. She just DOES. Well they did it. Chief is now the second coming of Christ himself. You find what remains of a Forerunner's memory stored in a computer and she admits to having sown the seeds to Humanities rebirth. Ok, that I can deal with. Wait... 343, what are you doing? Stop. Stooooooooooop! She continues "Yes, I laid the ground work for your being. You, your armor and your AI companion. I arranged it so you would be here to defeat this threat." W.T.L.F. So the forerunners had the power to set things in motion to create ONE individual over numerous millennia, insuring he gets augmented into an experimental warrior, gets experimental armor, and an experimental AI. Not only that, but battle off the covenant and defeat the flood AGAIN since they couldn't do it right the first time, only to end up at this world to defeat this Forerunner that doesn't know what time is. Yet they couldn't put a round between this evil forerunner's eyes? Oh and Lasky? You know how forward unto Dawn ended with him as a grizzled captain who says "We're going to get chief"? Yeah, no. He's a young hopeful officer on a ship that ends up in the area because they found some coordinates from a forerunner site. Oh, and you know how at the very end of the last episode the Infinity has a bunch of smaller support craft with it when they go to jump to get the chief? You know, like real battle groups to protect big important ships? Turns out the ships weren't going to the same place because the Infinity WAS THE ONLY SHIP THAT SHOWED UP. Oh, and the guy that actually is the Captain? Says "screw you chief, you're crazy. I'm going home." Like the chief didn't just save the human race four years earlier. Not to mention the Infinity, the BIGGEST ship ever built by mankind to this point, crash lands on a planet and within a day, after no serious repairs, takes off for space again... This is why it would have been better off if Chief had died. There is no way that man would fade quietly into the night. He has nothing but fighting. But there gets to be a point where upping the ante just makes it that less real. He has changed from being a soldier doing what he can to save mankind into Hercules... He has no one to settle down with and raise a child with, and hell if they keep what the books say he's sterile. Even if they dont keep that, there's NO WAY they can logically have Cortana be the mother of his child. If he survived Halo 3 he should have, at best, made kick ass appearances throughout and moved on, but not been the main character. There are other Spartan twos. Share the love. How about the fact that besides hunters (only 4 in the campaign) there are 3 kinds of covenant and 3 kinds of forerunner lackeys? Grunts, Jackals, Elites. Knights, Dog things, watchers. ...That got boring. The game looks great, plays great, but the plot holes are so big that they are in fact black holes. Didn't you know 4 years in cryo sleep magically upgrades your armor? The content from their miniseries, which was awesome, doesn't match up with what went on in the game. It's not that it breaks the halo universe, it's that it breaks logic. There is some serious potential from 343, but I feel that everyone BESIDES the Halo 4 campaign story team could come up with some awesome stuff. Otherwise RIP Chief
  20. I bought the collectors edition of Halo 4, and was lucky enough to get a myriad of codes for additional content in the game, including Armour permutations. I installed these before I played the game, then went directly onto the campaign. When I decided to go to the Multiplayer, It prompted me to install disk 2, which I did, and now I can't access any of the additional content that I have. Is this a glitch to be patched out?
  21. Hey guys, so as some of you know there have been some issues for people submitting Halo 4 remix entries recently, because of the site claiming that the contest was closed early. Today I found out the site came back up, and I tried to upload my remix (by pressing the "upload remix" button on the official contest page, as one might suspect), to find that after it had 'completed' uploading, SoundCloud would give me an email confirmation. That was about an hour before the contest finished. Now the contest is closed, and I still haven't received an email. I've now uploaded my remix onto SoundCloud separately (the normal way) in hopes that they'll see it, but I doubt that. Does anyone have any idea what went wrong with the upload? Or, if nothing went wrong, and it's normal for SoundCloud to take a while to send a confirmation email, will my remix still be considered a valid entry? TL;DR - Uploaded remix, confirmation email not sent, halp? Thanks
  22. Hello forumers, whenever I go into Halo Waypoint it says I need a new version update of Waypoint. So, I click accept, then it takes me to the downloader. It downloads, eventually, but then I go back into Waypoint, it still says I need the update, so I cannot get into Waypoint until it gets downloaded correctly. Can someone help me?
  23. I cant upload videos or two maps I have to my fileshare. It says there is no room but, I deleted everything from it that i previously had. Do you have to pay, update or something? Anybody else have this problem?? kwah (sad Kwah)
  24. There are a few reasons in general why people hate Halo: Reach passionately. I will cover the main ones that I can think of in this thread. The armour abilities. These are considered to be the most overpowered, "noobish" abilities in the game. Personally I enjoy playing reach, but it can get frustrating at times. Let's review the abilities. Active Camo This is in my opinion only annoying by how people play it. By that I mean that some people like to rush around and when they see somebody they activate it just to mess up the motion sensor, now, on the other hand there are people who like to sit in their spawn with a sword and use it to go invisible and pretty much be camping "noobs". Armor Lock (The worst of the worst) I think that this armor ability is the most overpowered of all. You can survive literally ANYTHING while using this ability. Most Halo: Reach players see anybody using this power up as a bad-kid. My advice on how to avoid hate using armour lock? (Don't use it), and you will make the game fun, and more challenging. Jet Pack In my personal opinion this ruins the dynamics of a map. Instead of running the normal routes on a certain map, you can now take any path that you like and gain a huge "unfair", advantage in-game. Sprint Sprint is usually the power-up that people usually don't have a problem with. I rarely do, but in some cases it can be a pain. Let's say that I am shooting someone, that person is getting out DMRed and almost dead, but so am I. Then he manages to get behind cover and use sprint to run away so his teammate can come and clean me up. (Also, evade works the same way). From now I can say that the only armour ability that I do not have a problem with is hologram. Doesn’t really affect most experienced players, only n00bs go for the holograms The ranking system As we all know in previous Halos, the ranking up aspect of the game has always been different. In my opinion I think that in previous Halos the system has been much better. In Halo: Reach, ranks are mostly based on how much you play the game and how many challenges you can complete. So I could be in a lobby with a Commander, and an Inheritor. The commander could be an MLG pro with a 5.00k/d and the Inheritor could be negative, so what I’m trying to get at is that in Reach, you are not ranked according to skill level. In the previous Halos you could have a “50” in team slayer, and you would always be paired up with other randoms that would be playing to win. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but when Halo 3 was at its prime, people that had 50’s 9 times out of 10 would be great. The odd exception would be a bought account. So it would be a much more challenging/fun game to play. That pretty much sums up my main two negative points on this game. Thanks for reading, I hope this proved usefull to some of you out there! -MaGIIXz
  25. please fix the matching team ups, im tired of going up against people with like positive 10,000 kds and ending up with teamates that are negative as ****, i only have a positive 2,000 kd myself and if you think a person with that kd can match up against a team of positive 10,000 and above with teamates that are negative as ****? then you are wrong my friends. for once i would like to be on the good teams instead of these shifty as teams your system has been placing me on, i have/ or been loosing most of my games for the last 3 months, i figured id give you guys time and maybe it will be better, HECK NO! ITS GETTING WORSE! im sure my friends and other players have been having the same problem and/or concern and i strongly recommend fixing this, otherwise you will be losing players and subscribers and possibly any money you are making off us playing this game. also fix your automated hacking tracker, ive also been in lots of matches recently where people would be flying across the map shooting snipers and getting headshots, people would kill me n one shot of a dmr, people would have a jetpack or invisablity and use armorlock at the same time, people would have overshields or my weapons would be ineffectve against them. message aCOWBOY2 for the video proof or look at some of DigitalDarkLinks filebrowser videos to catch them if you must.
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