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Found 2 results

  1. The release of Halo Infinite by 343 Industries was met with a blend of anticipation and concern, particularly regarding the game's mechanics and the resulting gameplay experience. As the stewards of the Halo franchise, 343 Industries faced the daunting task of evolving the series while maintaining the delicate balance that Bungie, the original creators, had so masterfully achieved. Unfortunately, many players feel that 343 Industries has fallen short in this respect, with particular criticism aimed at the game's mechanics and the cross-play experience between console and PC players. One of the major points of contention is the perceived unfairness when console players are pitted against their PC counterparts. The precision offered by a mouse and keyboard setup on PC can give players a significant advantage in aiming and reaction time over those using console controllers. While aim assist has been a traditional mechanic to help level the playing field for console players, the community has voiced that the aim assist in Halo Infinite is inadequate, leaving them feeling outgunned and at a disadvantage. Furthermore, the aiming mechanics themselves have been described as 'completely garbage' by a portion of the player base. The dissatisfaction stems from the feeling that the aiming does not feel intuitive or responsive, especially for those who have been with the franchise since the early days of Halo: Combat Evolved. The argument suggests that the aiming system requires a significant overhaul to restore a sense of fairness and competitiveness for console players. Another critical issue that has been raised by players is the time-to-kill (TTK) metric in Halo Infinite, which many argue is unbalanced. Players have reported that the TTK feels inconsistent and does not reflect the Halo experience that long-time fans have come to expect. The sentiment is that the TTK is either too fast, catering to a more Call of Duty-like audience, or too unpredictable, which can lead to frustrating encounters where skill seems to take a backseat to chance. The comparison to the Bungie era is inevitable, as Bungie's handling of game balance and mechanics set the standard for the Halo series. Players reminisce about the fairness and balance that Bungie achieved and implore 343 Industries to take a page out of their predecessor's playbook. The community feels that the successes of the past are being ignored in favor of a new direction that does not resonate with the core fan base. The apparent discontent within the development team itself, evidenced by the departure of several key developers, has not gone unnoticed by the community. These departures are viewed as a sign of internal recognition that the direction of Halo Infinite is misaligned with the franchise's legacy. This perspective is compounded by the belief that 343 Industries is focusing too much on the input of professional players while neglecting the voices of the long-term fan base. In conclusion, there is a growing chorus of players who feel that Halo Infinite's game mechanics need significant revision to restore the franchise's reputation for balanced and fair gameplay. The community's call to action is clear: 343 Industries must reassess their approach, listen to their diverse player base, and either make the necessary adjustments to Halo Infinite or consider stepping aside to allow a new steward to guide the future of the series. Only time will tell if 343 Industries will heed these concerns and take the steps needed to unify and satisfy their players. What are your thoughts on this?
  2. please fix the matching team ups, im tired of going up against people with like positive 10,000 kds and ending up with teamates that are negative as ****, i only have a positive 2,000 kd myself and if you think a person with that kd can match up against a team of positive 10,000 and above with teamates that are negative as ****? then you are wrong my friends. for once i would like to be on the good teams instead of these shifty as teams your system has been placing me on, i have/ or been loosing most of my games for the last 3 months, i figured id give you guys time and maybe it will be better, HECK NO! ITS GETTING WORSE! im sure my friends and other players have been having the same problem and/or concern and i strongly recommend fixing this, otherwise you will be losing players and subscribers and possibly any money you are making off us playing this game. also fix your automated hacking tracker, ive also been in lots of matches recently where people would be flying across the map shooting snipers and getting headshots, people would kill me n one shot of a dmr, people would have a jetpack or invisablity and use armorlock at the same time, people would have overshields or my weapons would be ineffectve against them. message aCOWBOY2 for the video proof or look at some of DigitalDarkLinks filebrowser videos to catch them if you must.
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