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Found 2 results

  1. How is it ok to have a matchmaking system that says "Oh you won your first game? HERE SUFFER 17 Losses in a row with repeats of the same people!". How is that ok, even call of duty doesnt put you through hours of 0 fun. How can people play the game casually and be forced to play like the next up and coming Esports Champion. Someone explain how 343 has yet to fix this after almost 3 years???
  2. that1dude0097


    Im sure many of you have noticed some balancing issues with halo 4 lets start of with the DMR the dmr: the gun is so overpowered and is now overused this is one of the weak side of loadouts since you recoil everytime you get shot depending on what weapon your getting hit with so everytime your hit by the DMR. the damage or recoil you get is overdone they need to fix this... now for matchmaking ok matchmaking is still nice, you find player, play with people etc... but what about balancing it? in halo 3 it pairs you up with players depending on your skill... with halo 4... you are either.. A. paired up with someone that is too good B. paired up with bad players (especially in team based games) C. in team slayer games the good and the bad are separated (i.e your with the newbies while the pros are teamed up) maps: the maps are.... fairly good however there is one map i like to discuss.... Comples aaah yes complex its infamous for having the wall glitch when you play oddball and infection but here is the issue with it... its made for campers the buildings are small in the inside so you and your team could just take a close range weapons and just camp inside (I had a discussion with this with some players in another site) for exmaple you know that building with the ramp? and has that bridge attached to it? yeah... a camping spot during slayer it was impossible to get inside without them just ambushing you (they were using close range weapons) I guess thats it.... only three issues
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