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  1. This is also posted in r/Halo on Reddit... Thread: Halo Campaign 'Offline' (even tho EVERYTHING is PAID, Up to Date, NO Errors... but still 'Offline'. 343? Anyone? Gameplay Hi All! You know the UPPER RIGHT-HAND Corner of the Screen where the small 'offline' shows? The one that keeps you SIGNED OUT of your Battlepass, even tho you are not even close to the expiration date? I've been with Halo since 'Day 1'. I'm about to end it.... Off and On the 'offline' shows up and EVEN THOUGH I'VE PAID FOR IT, when this 'gatekeeper' decides to... it will randomly, of it's own accord, just decide NOT to let me play the Campaign. (I'm already 1/3 thru it...) Here's what I've done. Troubleshoot the XBox S THREE TIMES with 100% accuracy. Troubleshoot my Local Network THREE TIMES with 100% accuracy. NO latency. NO Packet Loss Reboot the XBox S several times and different ways. Never any problems. All Network and XBox options are all set to 'ALLOW'. I'VE ALREADY TRIED THE 6 OR 7 'FIXES' LISTED ON THE INTERNET. (THAT DOESN'T WORK EITHER.) EVERY XBox Game on the System works perfectly (Thank You Division 2! Never a problem!) with the EXCEPTION of Halo Infinite Campaign. I have 40 years of IT experience and this issue is just 'lazy' (and costing them incoming dollars). This 'gatekeeper' problem should have NEVER been allowed to pass UAT. If this doesn't get fixed (and consistently works) I guess I'll do what other Halo Players do... Shelve this Game and move on, with no more purchases to from 343 and/or Microsoft. I hate to do it, but... Anyone have an actual solution to this problem? 343 if you're reading this and want to test, I'm wide open for working with you! Thank you all for reading this and your input! Happy New Year to You All! - cgarduc1
  2. so my brother got an xbox one bundle with a code for halo mcc. and being the stupid man that he is, he redeemed the code on my account rather then his, even tho i already had halo mcc. i just got done with microsoft support and they told me to post something on here because 343 regularly checks here. so please can someone from 343help us resolve this issue?
  3. So I am bringing this up because i was cleaning my Halo MCC disk and i noticed something that i have never seen on a disk in my life. I am asking each and every person who owns a hard copy of the halo MCC disk to check the back and see if this is on theirs as well, 100% of my friends that play have seen this and all have never seen this type of weirdness on their disks as well. i Believe that this may be part of the problem as some people are using the disk and some people are using the XB1 Store bought version of the game. The only way i can describe my disk is this: Every disk i ever seen the rainbow colors on the back shoot out from the center to the edge of the disk. ON my HALO MCC disk, i have noticed that the rainbow colors on the back of the disk are all over the place and looks to me almost like they melted in a way or like water. im not sure how to explain the back of my disk but i can say that I have never seen anything like it. Part of my belief here is that some of the problems may be because of this. some people are playing store bought and some are playing with the hard copy and their codings may be different in some way or something is corrupted on the disk itself. So.... maybe some one can enlighten me on what this really means or if it could be a problem at all.. im just saying that i've never seen this before on any disk i've ever seen and i've never had this many problems with a single game before in my life. im asking too, if you bought the game from the XB1 store, are you having as many problems as every one else? Trying to get to the bottom of this and help out halo as much as i can, because i love this game and a huge portion of my life revolves around this game, so im dedicated and willing to wait for the fixes to come through. hopefully i've stumbled upon something here. ALSO TOO I WANT TO WaTch nightfall!! iT says to BuY hALo?!!? PlEASE FIX THIs If Any one has a brand new copy of the MCC disk before installing games, i'd like to know if the same weirdness is on the back of that disk as well..
  4. So I haven't played my Halo 4 Limited Edition in a long time, I decided to get back on it tonight. When I did, I was prompted to download a 276 MB update. After doing so, it sent me to the main menu like a normal update and signed me back in, however, much slower and a little trouble I didn't notice until later with my . Later on, it started it's normal check on new downloadable content. After about a minute or two, it sent me back to the main menu, saying to check my Xbox Live connection and sign in again, even though I was still logged in and connected to Xbox Live just fine. So I just hit start and begin to load the menu again, and this time it connected me to the main menu. However, it screwed me over bad. It showed the main menu on my main account now as if it's never played. It prompts me to start a new campaign (although I've beaten it on Legendary three or four times), check out Infinity, and purchase the season pass. I didn't notice this until I hit Infinity. It brought me to the classic Infinity online cinematic for when you first play it. Then it gives me the opportunity to make a spartan. It loaded me out on the Spartan hub with recruit green armor and a reset emblem and service tag. My armor and rank are still retained however, but my classes are reset and my season pass along with Forge Island is gone. It's like it has my online stats, but it shows me the local date as if I'm playing a guest account as I have no saved game slots and no downloaded content. I'd like this to be fixed, resolved, and looked at as soon as possible please. Thanks! Sincerely, A freaked out, disappointed gamer.
  5. Hi, I have recently purchased an Xbox 360 which came with two games in the box one of which is Halo 4. When I tried to play the game I installed Disk 2 without any problems, unfortunately when I try to play it it says that Disk 1 is unreadable. I tried to replace it at the store where I bought it however they told me I should contact Microsoft instead because the game is not for a separate sell. I contacted Microsoft and they told me I should write a post here. Could you please tell me how can I get my game replaced and what information you need to do this. Thank you very much. Best regards, Stiliyan
  6. OK, so I finally manages to play Forge Island on Forge after deleting the map I had downloaded before getting Forge Island. I spawned with a Needler and half of a Incineration Cannon. The front end of the cannon looked fine but the rear half simply wasn't there, including the hand hand grips. Would have loved to have taken a screenshot but when I tried loading the clip I got the same glitch happen where I was sent back to the main menu. After that I couldn't go back into Forge Island without getting sent back to the menu. Works fine in custom games oddly enough. Will try to delete and redownload again.
  7. Is anyone else experiencing a glitch where you try to load Forge Island on Forge but get sent back to the main menu every time? It works perfectly fine on Custom Games. Extremely angry with 343 right now.
  8. I recently changed to a larger hard drive on the original Xbox 360. I moved all my data (including the Halo 4 map pass and Crimson Map Pack) and my old hard drive is completely empty and so is the USB drive I used. When I went to play halo I noticed that I didn't have the Crimson map pack and it would cost mp to get the majestic. I looked through my new hard drive and found that under Halo 4 there is no map pass or crimson map pack file. I preordered the limited edition and still have the old code (says it was already used, obviously) and have no idea where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Shield Recharge Rate: Does anyone have the problem of getting picked off right after getting a kill? I usually kill an enemy while my shields get dropped. In 4v4 Slayer, usually there will be multiple enemies at once. He will usually take 1-2 shots to finish me off. Sometimes, if I am lucky I can get away. The problem is, there might be another enemy just around the corner. Sometimes, my shield just won't go up fast enough, and then I get killed. I think the shield recharge rate at the time is the same as it is in previous Halo games. This particular one though, has a much faster pace to it, thanks to sprinting and long range weapons. The shield recharge rate being the same however, makes you have to hide almost every time you get a kill. Added in with sprint and flinch when getting shot, this game caters to chasers. If you're getting chased the only hope you have is a teamate. I have explained my thoughts. Please tell me what you think.
  10. Well I wanted to go play some halo.... when I realized that all of the XBL servers are down..... lol CHINA?!?!?!?! im just joking.... any updates anyone?
  11. Hater


    IMO, Complex is the WORST map I have ever played n any Halo game. Does anyone even like this map? First off, lets start with the map balance. Clearly, Complex is a non-symmetrical map. One side of the map is an abandoned mess of useless buildings with no role in the map. The other side is a DMR Sniper resort. The building has 2 floors which are both extremely camp-able On the top, you have an open roof that overlooks the entire map! Great for DMRs right? Oh, and did I mention that there is little to no cover in this map? Ghosts: This map has too Ghosts on it. With the cover that isn't in this map, the people in the Ghost can easily mow people down as they run along, over and over and over. Spawns: The spawns on this map are horrid. Once again, with no cover on the map, you are constantly spawning in the open. I remember I got spawn-killed four times from the roof. When you finally get the relief of spawning elsewhere, The enemy's Ghost will be happy to clean you up. This map has no role in competitive gameplay, tell me your opinion on the map.
  12. Ok, starting off, I noticed the venator armor, after a few level achievements, and decided to go for said armor set. I went through enough assassinations to get to the 50 assassination stretch which would give me an assassin mastery. The commendation was titled: Assassin - Mastery. After completing the fifty assassinations, it did not give me the armor, and restarted the challegne for the commendation. The only thing that changed, was that once I complete it this time, I get +2000 exp, instead of +1000 exp. It's still titled: Assassin - Mastery, and I have to get the same 50 assassinations. I am not really angry about it, but I think this may be: 1.) a glitch 2.) something in which the creation of the game that was accidentally done (does happen sometimes) 3.) it may be how it works. But I seriously don't think 3 is the answer. Same title, same assassination count? Has to be something wrong... I don't expect this to be found soon, or to be answered soon, and I will definitely redo the 50 kill stretch, probably before this is answered, thanks to skill. I do not expect this to be fixed for me. For now, I am pointing this out, and asking if this is how it's supposed to work. The only thing it has impacted was about three minutes of my time. Creating a kill joy. I sign off for now.
  13. Hello 343i community, I came up with an idea yesterday in my head and wanted to see the community's opinion on it. I think that there should be a Leader-boards to promote friendly competition among this website. I have noticed the small lack of competitiveness among this website's members. I think it would add a different option for being known on the site rather than having quality posts. How it would work: The leader-board would be hooked up with Halo Waypoint or Halo Tracker to show individuals' stats. There would be different categories for things such as K/D, Wins, AVG Score, Skill Rank, and gametypes. I think that many members would be able to show off their Halo skills with this. This is just my opinion, please tell me what you think about this idea.
  14. This thread is not to show my hatred toward Halo 4, it is to show what I dislike about Halo 4. I love Halo 4, but there are some things that I dislike about the game. This is completely opinion based and if you disagree with me, that is fine. 1. Ranked playlist - As most of you know, there is not a true skill rank system. That means that you can do bad the whole game and still rank up. This is alright, however, there should be a split between playlists; a social playlist, and a ranked playlist. The social playlist being for players who just want to have fun. Ranked playlist for people who want to compete competitively with each other. There would be different ranks for the the two playlists. I feel that this will comfort the players' gaming style. 2. The maps - I feel that Halo 4 has had a major let down for the maps. Especially for the 4v4 maps. There is only five maps, but only two of which i feel comfortable playing on; Adrift and Haven. Complex is just a DMR camp fest, Abandon is a tower of power map, and Solace is just too open. I feel that the community forged maps should come back into gametypes, much like Halo: Reach. 3. Weapon Balance - For me, there is not much diversity between the weapons used. The main weapon used is obviously the DMR. The reason being is for the lack of weapon balancing. It has the fastest killing time for anyone loadout weapon except the assault rifle at close range. It can practically snipe someone from across the map. It also has insanely good accuracy due to its easy to use reticle. It eliminates the use of the other loadout weapons. I have now stated what I dislike about Halo 4. The list could go on for hours, but these are my main concerns. In the replies to this thread, please tell me, what are your dislikes for Halo 4?
  15. Hi, alot of Halo fans have been complaining about Halo 4. 343 have made some mistakes and have caused major issues in this game. I'm a major fan of Halo. But for the first time. I actually thought Halo 4 was screwed. The're are so many annoying things about this game. I actually rage so hard over this like no other Halo game. All my friends have quit playing. It's going borderline and Halo 4 or the next Halo needs to be better, because I believe if it keeps heading in this track it will go down hill. So I've decided to address this issue and I hope somebody listens to this and takes it seriously. Especially 343. Here is a list of some problems in this game. Bolshot is OP (Why get a shotgun or a scattershot in your ordinance when you spawn with a bolshot) Assault Rifle is OP (or atleast abit more powerful then any other Halo game) Spawning with plasma nades. Joining mid games Weapons despawn to quickly. Spawning with camo (noob combo = camo and bolshot) No good connection and good connection search No file share Bad playlists No veto No 1-50 rank system Auto pick up flag and can't drop it. No custom maps online Mantis is OP (Prefer a falcon instead) Wepaon spawns are reandom (You can't learn weapons spawns) Instant respawn Kill cams need fixing (glitchy) Spartan ops should be able to play offline Armor abilities NEED BALANCING. Now by reading this, you might think I'm just some player that's just winging about these problems. But these are actual problems. If you play this game and you're serious and like to 5 shot with the dmr and br, you will find that people spawning with plasma nades that spam them at you or run at you with assault rifles is annoying. Here is a video link to why the bolshot is annoying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0cG0jGuTQ0 The bolshot is very stupid. It's only because you can spawn with it. I consider it as a power weapon. If you couldn't spawn with it, then It'd be abit more balanced. But since everyone has one all people do is camp around corners with camo and bolshot you. It's stupid. If you want to practice strafing and etc... It doesn't work against bolshots and assault rifles. It's very frustrating. This makes the game not enjoyable but annoying. Please take this seriously. It's a serious problem. If you agree or have anything else you would like to add, post it below. Once again, please take this seriously. Thanks. Here is a link to the same post that I posted on Halo waypoint. It's become a big post and alot of people agree with the post and have some opnions. Please consider reading everything and what the community is saying. We want you to LISTEN. We've posted this to an MLG Pro Ninja's live stream and on the stream he stated that he agreed with the post on waypoint (same post as this one) SO PLEASE LISTEN 343 https://forums.halow....osts&m=2143578
  16. Ok, I got the message a week ago, I have entered the code in 10 damn times, it simply says invalid code, I need a new one.
  17. I have been unable to connect to my brother in matchmaking for weeks. it is not my internet connection or live. we can connect seamlessly in other games or even in spartan ops and custom games. whenever we are in a party in matchmaking it automatically kicks one of us. I think the problem is that we are on the same internet but different xboxs. please help.
  18. Terrible thing happened today. I got my email with my priority specialization code. I went to redeem it, and somehow it was redeemed to another gamertag... not mine. It was an xbox live account I guess I had created long ago with the email address the code was sent to. Now my redeemed code is stuck in the depths of some useless gamertag with no history and no future activity. At my last wit, I ask for suggestions, though I'm quite certain there is nothing I can do. Would be great if an admin could help me out...
  19. I've been reading a lot about people having issues with their specialization codes being sent to email accounts they created years ago. That sucks. I for one have another issue regarding the same topic. I remember my account information for the email and have received the code, however, my account is not the only account linked to this email. There are two Xbox LIVE accounts linked to the same Windows email and we are both big Halo players but there is only one code. I would suggest a fight to the death winner gets the code but let's be a little more civil for once...thoughts?
  20. Hey guys thought id create this for those new members wondering what is happening with the server issues. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following statement was provided on Halo Waypoints Twitter: "We are aware of the server issues & currently investigating. We will keep you updated. Thanks for your patience https://twitter.com/HaloWaypoint So while this is not much to go on, they HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED the issue at hand. Thus they are WORKING ON THE ISSUE. Now they haven't provided a date or even a timeline as to when these issues may be solved, but we can usually expect to see things like this fixed as soon as possible, otherwise it effects sales, which is exactly what Microsoft DOESN'T want to happen. At this point in time there IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE for 343 Industries. The only option for complaints is Halo Waypoint, 343 employee's regularly check Waypoint for these problems, but because this is a COMMON PROBLEM they will have heard of the issue, so you don't need to report it again. We can be assured that they are working on this issue, obviously because they have stated it, but also due to the fact that Microsoft is behind 343, and they WILL NOT allow this issue to destroy the game. This is all the info that has come out so far, please stay calm, these issues WILL be fixed. Authors Note: Dont worry guys, these issues will be fixed, 343 wont allow something like this to tarnish the games name. Just give it a little time, and try not to vent in the shoutbox.
  21. Hello everyone, I recently beat the campaign solo on legendary, which was a HUGE pain in the ass, but I did not unlock the Masterchief's armor on multiplayer! I looked it up and it turns out that you needed to beat it while online which is like a huge kick in the face since my internet disconnects a lot and is very problematic! So, I pretty much went to all that trouble for almost nothing! What I want to know please, is there any way to still unlock the armor and not go back and beat it all over again on legendary? Because, the armor is really cool and all but its seriously not worth all that trouble! Does anyone know a moderator or something who can unlock it for me? I would really, REALLY appreciate any and all help!
  22. When I beat the Campaign on Legendary, I noticed that the Commendation 'Requiem' in the Campaign commendations, wasn't complete for some odd reason, even though it said I beat the mission and that I had completed the Campaign on Legendary. Just now I got around to doing the mission again on Legendary (Starting from point Alpha, AKA the beginning of the mission, the whole 9 yards) and yet again, no commendation completed. Has anyone else experience this and/or came up with a workaround? Thanks ahead of time!
  23. I've been playing all night now since it's my day off and between the hours of 03:00hrs and 04:00hrs CST I wasn't given ANY Experience for my games played...Also The Weekly Challenge "DEADEYE" isn't giving me any kills towards it except for the 12 given from the daily challenge "DEADEYE" so having 2 challenges with the same name may be effecting that..the weekly Challenge DEADEYE demands you get 70 kills with head shots with precision weps....I don't know hom much more precision is needed when I'm playing SWAT a DMR and SNIPERS with a SNIPER....also because of this I'm not getting the full potential of my 2x experience through your promotion with Mt.Dew and Doritos...i'd like something done -AngryR4coon
  24. Warja

    Servers broken

    I cannot connect to any of my friends games or play online. It keeps saying the servers are offline and my spartan is put back down to level 1 and default armor. This is similar to the bug in Halo: Reach, but It's non-tolerable because I can't freakin' play online or with my friends in any mode whatsoever please help me! ( By the way, I have tried dash-boarding and restarting my xbox!)
  25. The language of my Halo 4 is auto selected by my location. I'm Finnish and if I won't change my console location (I have changed it) my Halo 4 will be poorly translated to Finnish. And Finnish is the worst language to translate things to. Please make language settings manual or to auto select by console LANGUAGE not location.
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