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  1. I don't really understand how the matchmaking system works but for gamemodes like warzone I'm always on the losing team whether the game started or in the middle of the match. I've been playing Halo 5 his whole week and of the 5 days I've been playing I think I have only won 2-3 games. Most of the time I'm at the top of the leaderboards holding my team or in second helping the dude at the top, but I'm always on the losing team no matter what. The only time I do good is when my friends are on Halo but I can't harass them to play warzone (which some dislike) just so I can win a few games. Do I have bad luck or does this happen to other people often too? If anybody would like to play add me Gt: "your pegasus"
  2. I don't know, maybe your right since the game is faster paced and I guess it doesn't help that I'm comparing this to all the other Halo's where you couldn't sprint and clamber so you didn't run into a group of players somewhat as often as you do now. Also you cant't turn off aim assist or lower it, if I could I would've a;ready done so. Now that I think about it I never ran into ghost as often in the other Halo's than I do now at least in big team battle. I've also only used the Halo 2 Br a few times in this game and it was in custom games, I rarely play warzone anymore because of cheap tactics and lack of cooperation between my teamates so I never use it there. I still believe to keep up with the game being fast and action paced they should lower the damage by 0.1% (or at least damage over distance by that much) but once again it's just my opinion and that's for all BR's. Anyways I appreciate you guys taking the time to reply to my post, if you ever want to play a match add me
  3. I've played all the Halo's and I'm okay with whatever changes they make except for a few things that need a little tweaking in my opinion. The aim assist is way to strong. I'm comparing this to all classic shooters but nowadays a first persons shooters aim assist is so strong that when a enemy walks past you it pulls your screen with them (people mistake this as skill in the game) at least give us the option to turn it off. The BR is just a little to overpowered from the classic one. I don't knowif it's because it shoots 5% faster or it just does a little more damage but I always find myself getting killed by it on every gamemode from across the map (I know its for medium to long range but sometimes its just a little bit ridiculous.) Vehicle barriers are really weird and buggy, I touched a mongoose that started to go in reverse and it instant killed me. I knew it would take down my shields nut to instant kill me going as fast as an old persons on a scooter? Same with tanks when you touch the side while a enemy is in it it will kill you or take down your sheilds (if your infront or behind it it makes sense) The ghost floats like a foot higher than they do in all the other Halos so its easier to splatter people and it kills way to fast so there is no way to take cover. The gungoose is fun but it slides around more than a socks aon waxed wood floors and it obviously kills in 1 shot if they both manage to hit (I'm on and off about the gungoose) Sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining but theses are some of the few issues I've found with multiplayer, I really like playing Halo it's one of my favorite first person shooters, the latest installment in the series just has some issues with it in my opinion.
  4. I dunno I was just throwing some cool ideas out there. Maybe it doesn't have to be a full game it could just be dlc like Spartan ops but these ideas are most likely to not be taken seriously anyway. thanks though for filling me in on your opinions
  5. There are sub categories of Spartans other than Spartan I's, II's, and III's but why haven't I heard of them? The only team we've actually seen in a game is Noble team. What ever happened to Grey Team and Black team and all the other Spartan teams?? I want to read about it but wouldn't be awesome if we could actually play it? Grey team went MIA what happened? Black teams story randomly ends I think. What I am trying to say is I just want to live their lives see what they did and see dreams that I actually pictured in my head re created as a game. Not an ios or android game but a next generation console game. Please if anyone is reading this can you help persuade 343 to take it into consideration??
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