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Found 10 results

  1. Things I want to see in the next Halo Game If these things are added many many Fans will love this game forever. Many are community desired however I added some of my own thoughts such as a new Warthog. Most of the community will find things they want in here. Map Remakes Blood Gulch Halo CE (Not a forged one a real one) Last Resort Halo 3 (I would like it to have the Zanzibar Halo 2 Doors) Sidewinder Halo CE Lockout Halo 2 (This is a fan favorite you would do yourself a great favor here) Headlong Halo 2 Sand Trap Halo 3 (Another favorie make sure you have Elephants or Mammoths) Forge World Halo Reach Impact Halo 4 (Make it bigger and perhaps have Space Craft such as Sabers and Serephs) Armor and Weapons More realistic armor (Like Reach. Halo 4s Multiplayer Armor felt Alien and cartoony I much prefer Halo Reachs gear) ODST Gear (This was a personal favorite I was very sad to see it not in Halo 4) Re-adding of Covenant Elites as Multiplayer Characters (This was aweful for Machinimas also make them customizable like in Halo 3) Weapon Customization (As in perhaps the MA5D Ammo Counter Color or other color options. Maybe the ability to engrave your Callsign into the gun.) SMG return (The Saw was awesome however so are SMGs) Flame Thrower return Vehicles Spectre Return Grizzly Tank Transport Hog Civilian Hog Halo 3 Style Mongoose Falcon Hornet Elephant or Mammoth Variant Vehicle Skins / Colors (Snowy, Desert, Urban, Jungle, Standard Colors) New Vehicle Spartan Laser Warthog (X shaped mount with Spartan Lasers on each end they coyld fire all at once or in a clock-wise pattern) Multiplayer Stuff Invasion Return Flood looking Flood Mode Larger Lobbies 10-30 Forge Maps auto download to players (When they are going to play a Forge Map it auto downloads when the match starts or in the lobby) Popular Forge Maps added to match making based on Reccomends or maybe a whole Game Lobby for Forge Maps Forge Stuff Dynamic Lighting done in a preview mode or something to make forging less annoying Precision Forging Return More Round Pieces Terrain Editor (Dig Tunnels Raise hills add water etc) Ability to save multiple pieces as one new piece More Scenery stuff (More Rock types, Trees, Brush, Broken Walls, fire, Covenant Sniper Tower, Bodies, Destroyed Vehicles) Return of Purple Special FX thing (Night Time stuff is fun) Weather Options (Raining, Day, Alien, Night, Snowing) Terrain Options (Sandy, Swampy, Alien, Snowy, Rocky, Grassy) Piece Styles (Can change at will with Bumpers (Covenant, UNSC, Halo Ring Forunner, Requiem Forunner) ) Piece Overlays (Damaged, Nature Covered, Flood Covered, Rusted) More Money Doors (Doors that activate on button press that come in multiple sizes) ODST Drop Pods (They function on button press and land the same way weapon drops do. On landing pd door blows outward and kills enemies if they are in the way to prevent camping) Custom Powerups return Feel Free to add on to the list!
  2. Duel wielding (We all want to see its return) More competitive maps (like guardian and onslaught) Halo 4 shot registry De-scoping (When shot at) Ranks shown of screen and not on halo waypoint Standard, classic, infinity and competitive playlist like in halo reach (classic would contain no sprint and no loadouts halo 3 settings no leading) (new playlists Classic and infinity) Don't take out playlists that are in matchmaking (example: team regicide was taken out in February) Playlists from other games (bomb, 1-flag, 3 ball, snipers in team doubles) Remove join in session unless if its at the start of a game Have mercy rules (game ends faster in flag and other gametypes so no one can have a high kdr unless if they earn it in a slayer playlist) All players vote to end the game when its only one person left on the other team Map packs (remake maps from other games and allow us to buy them like the pit remake) Make the weapons sound more dangerous like the sniper rifle and br Being able to drop the flag (pistol still in right hand) If your going to have weapon skins allow us to buy them in the market If you think I missed anything that would be important for halo 5 please tell me and if you disagree with some of my wishes please explain why you disagree
  3. Hey there, here is my wish list for Halo 5 from the eyes of a pure custom game gamer. Here's some background of my opinions. Other than the Campaign (I love every Halo's campaign mode), Halo 4 wasn't that great for me. It basically was lots of Halo: Reach's features with a splash of "Modern Shooters". Don't leave yet, that isn't all I'm saying. I ACTUALLY liked that about it, cause it drew in some fresh players from other fan bases, and hopefully our community can turn them into decent human beings. Note that I'm mostly talking about migrating Call of Duty players when I'm talking about indecent human beings. Anyways, the point is it was nothing new (Other than the Spartan Ops missions, but I stopped playing those when they started reusing maps. It was not what I expected from "New Experiences over time!") Now, what I always loved about Halo games was that each new title gave new revolutionary items to play with in custom games. Halo 2 gave us dual wielding, melee weapons, custom game options, armor colors, and online gameplay (Which I didn't use at the time). Halo 3 gave us FORGING, better custom gametypes, Brute vehicles, theater mode, custom armor, and persistent skulls (I played this game for 3 years STRAIGHT). Halo 3: ODST gave us firefight and preunlocked skulls (EWW). Halo: Reach gave us even better Forging, even better custom game types, a credit system, forge world and game loadouts. No brute vehicles, but that is expected, this being before the brutes replaced the elites. Now lets look at Halo 4. + Better forging options + Spartan Ops + "Modern Shooter" custom loadouts. - Custom Game options are now MUCH LESS custom. - All weapons spawned in now have to come in ordinance pods - All weapons on a map now have arrows above them - No forge world-like maps. - No brute vehicles - No dual wielding - Pre-unlocked skulls in Campaign. (REALLY? HUNTING THOSE WAS FUN.) - No custom powerups, invisiblity is only an armor ability and overshield is only a ordinance. - Less gametypes My point is, don't cut half the features of Halo 3 and Reach. Add on to them. And think of something NEW. (Taking stuff from other games ISN'T the same as adding new stuff!) I literately only played Halo 4 for a couple of weeks before it got boring. It was like I played the game before. Now for the actual list. 1. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX FLOOD MODE. 2. I want to hunt down skulls again. 3. The Promethean knights to LOOK DIFFERENT FROM EACHOTHER. I'm sure the precursor human's traits had effects on the knight's traits! I can't tall the differences between them without looking at their guns! 4. DUAL WIELDING. 5. No grayed out options in the custom gametype editing menu. 6. Brute vehicles and weapons and Human flying vehicles. 7. Elites and brutes. 8. More players in bigger maps. I want a new gamemode where it's a massive battle on a huge map with lots of people fighting for territories (Like Planetside 2) Drop in like ODST's in any territory you own. Earn up credits that you can spend to call in supply drops, air support, or vehicles. I would play this gamemode forever. (Yes, I know the difference between a gametype and gamemode, if you don't, Firefight and Spartan Ops are gamemodes, while Slayer and CTF are gametypes.) 9. Screw ordinance. I want the weapons I place in forge to appear in all gametypes the way I placed them. Leave ordinance to #8. 10. No loading when turning from monitor mode to player modes. In Halo: Reach, the fastest and funnest way to travel in Forge World was to fly fast in monitor mode up and forward, then turn into a spartan and fly through the air. 11. Characters to show more respect to the Chief. 12. If you are letting us customize our loadouts in multiplayer, let me use a freaking shotgun. 13. Forge pallets and weather. 14. More 7 references. Also, off topic, Halo Wars 2 please!
  4. Halo is slowly dying, struggling to hold on it is population its very clearly that what 343 did to "change" halo basically failed. Here are the reasons why. Some are due to poor programming and glitches etc... some are failed concepts that where destined to flop: Muliplayer Lack of playlists. No competitive ranking system Poor playlist management. Team play out the window Game fails to encourage objective play. (Halo 1, 2 and 3 did this fine Btw.) Overpowered weapons (Boltshot) Unbalanced starts Ordinance (Encouraging Camping) Perks (Unbalanced starts, Unfair to new players) Sprint (RIP small/arena Maps) Jetpack (Breaks Map flow/ Map control pointless) Load-outs (Individual tactics/skill gone... Its more focused on the "Setup" you use) Paper vehicles (Have individual Heath, Will explode faster than a grenade) No Hornet/Falcon Vehicle betrayals Can't drop flag. Experience point can be "earned" for doing nothing (Get 0 Kills 0 Deaths = 1100xp) Scoring system broken (1st 1st 7th.) Active Campo, encourages camping, used to be a skill power up.. now a noobs crutch. Random ordinance, Can ruin the outcome of the game. Red team get 2 Rockets... in a close slayer match. No Map specific weapons, no point of map control... apart from to kill & camp Rank capped at lvl 70. No codes available. Fail voting system. No veto Ugly armor Custom games (Permanent) Alpha Flood Setting Gone. Can't set % to starting zombie Trait zones don't apply to flood Can't edit flood loadouts Can't edit flood weapons Can't edit flood Perks/AA Can't edit flood armor effects Can't edit Human armor colour VIP gone 1 Flag gone Juggernaut gone Stockpile gone Headhunter gone Assault gone Invasion gone Race gone Network connection fail. Host migration will occur every 2-5 seconds. Unplayable. Not just me. Happened to Insanmiac. No file share Forge Riddled with kill zones Can't forge in water Tiny maps Broken dynamic lighting - See Mr pokerphile video. No forgeworld Can't forge on other maps. Tons on bugs Rounded blocks cause gaps Fail magnets Block are not Smooth No elephant. Spartan (Fl)Ops. Same five maps over and over. (Worst than reach) Not much better than firefight Huge letdown. Theater Network fail - Doesn't save games Only 1 Person ( Halo 3, had 4; Made in 2007 Btw.) Buggy, clips are often unusable anyway. Can't fast forward or skip forward. (From Start) Campaign No Skulls Other than that great job 343 (Campaign was decent) I liked to apologize to the forum mods for breaking the rules with my last thread, but this ^^^^ is the reason I get mad, some are opinions yes, but they are opinions that MANY agree with. Proof? look at the falling population and see the facts... However some aren't opinions are need to be fixed now 343 hasn't even attempted to do this... the game is been out for a while now and I feel as a fan since CE iv been kicked in the teeth. Feel free to discuss.
  5. Gears Of War:Judgment Achievement List (This one is different from my last due to different site containing the list) Source They Called Him Karn (10 points) - Completed Museum Of Military Glory Open Arms (10 points) - Completed Halvo Bay Military Academy The Real Thing (10 points) - Completed Seahorse Hills Take Back This City (10 points) - Completed Onyx Point I Told You (10 points) - Completed Downtown Halvo Bay This One's Not Over (10 points) - Completed Courthouse Friends (10 points) - Completed Aftermath Determined (10 points) - Completed all Campaign Chapters on at least Casual difficulty Steel Nerves (10 points) - Completed all Campaign Chapters on at least Normal difficult Iron Fist (25 points) - Completed all Campaign Chapters on at least Hardcore difficulty Lion Heart (50 points) - Completed all Campaign Chapters on Insane difficulty Party People (10 points) - Played any section in 4 player Co-Op Blood Brothers (50 points) - Completed all Campaign Chapters in Co-op Challenge Accepted (5 points) - Completed your first Declassified mission Never Give Up (10 points) - Completed at least 20 Declassified missions Quality Soldiering (50 points) - Completed all Declassified missions A Peek into the Future (10 points) - Watched Aftermath teaser The Aftermath (20 points) - Unlocked Aftermath Rising Star (10 points) - Attained 50 Stars on at least Casual Difficulty Shooting Star (20 points) - Attained 75 Stars on at least Normal Difficulty Star Struck (50 points) - Attained 100 Stars on at least Hardcore Difficulty Superstar (50 points) - Attained all Stars on Insane Difficulty Never Forgotten (10 points) - Recovered 10 COG Tags during the Campaign Veteran Remembrance (10 points) - Recovered 25 COG Tags during the Campaign Respect for the Fallen (20 points) - Recovered all 48 COG Tags during the Campaign Ribbon Master (10 points) - Earned 3 unique Ribbons in any section Proud Wearer (5 points) - Equipped your first Medal Ready for War (20 points) - Earned at least one Onyx medal Sybarite (50 points) - Earned the Onyx "War Supporter" medal Seriously Judgmental (75 points) - Completed all Declassified Missions on Insane difficulty Level 5 (5 points) - Reached level 5 Level 10 (10 points) - Reached level 10 Level 20 (10 points) - Reached level 20 Level 30 (15 points)- Reached level 30 Level 40 (25 points) - Reached level 40 Level 50 (25 points) - Reached level 50 Let's Do This (50 points) - Achieved level 50 and chose to re-up for another tour of duty Fearless (50 points) - Achieved level 50 a second time and chose to re-up for another tour Unstoppable (50 points) - Achieved level 50 a third time and chose to re-up for another tour Death to Locust (10 points) - Killed with all classes of COG in Overrun or Survival Death to the COG (10 points) - Killed with all classes of Locust in Overrun Survivor (10 points) - Completed wave 10 on all maps in Survival mode Globe Trotter (10 points) - Won a match on every map in all Versus modes Jack of All Trades (10 points) - Won 10 matches of Overrun Team Leader (10 points) - Won 10 rounds of Team Deathmatch All Rounder (10 points) - Won one match in Free For All, Team Deathmatch, and Domination Roaming Free (10 points) - Won one match on every map in Free For All Team On Tour (10 points) - Won one match on every map in Team Deathmatch Overran (10 points) - Won one match on every map in Overrun Dominator (10 points) - Won one match on every map in Domination
  6. Here's a list of gamercard generators: ZaamIT.com: LusoGamer.com: XboxLC.com: Gamercards.Playfire.com: 360-HG.com: XboxGamertag.com: Raptr.com: GamerHandles.com: TrueAchievements.com: Lumabizz-Gamercards.webs.com: Content Partially Used From: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=296857 THERE YOU GO!
  7. I don't like the 3 forge maps in Halo 4 (Ravine,Impact and Erosion) they are to small and 343 have put down to much things on them. Its to little space to forge on, so i wish 343 will take back forge world or something new that is large to. with maybe a ice mountain or a volcano or something to forge on. Then in Multiplayer/Custom game. I wish they take back Invasion to Halo 5 and Elites in Custom games. A real war is Spartans Vs. Elites and I think invasion was the funniest thing in the long run to play in halo reach. And every one loves to be an Elite in custom games. Write in the comments below what you want in halo 5 Invasion
  8. title pretty much sais it all. im looking for ffa players, im on almost everyday and always down to play ffa's. add/message me on xboxlive. gt: kashurn please no rage quitting
  9. I have posted an idea of a UNSC version of the scarab (called the UNSC Buffalo) i'd like to know if this vehicle has been put into the game but i cant find a list of confirmed vehicles. If anyone has any links or if a 343 mod can give some hints i'd be very thankfull
  10. Name that one game, that one evil game that still haunts you in your nightmares. You raged, you died, you didn't want to respawn. What game is it.
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