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Found 4 results

  1. I have been a Halo fan for a long long time, Combat Evolved was the very first video game I had ever played and the Halo franchise hold a special place in my heart. I have literally just finished the game (so late after release due to lack of money) and I am so deeply disappointed for many reasons. I truly thought that this game held immense potential, the hype was palpable but after release all I heard was how terrible it was, to which I rebuffed and remained optimistic and now after finishing campaign I am saddened to say the rumors were true. Why it failed me personally was first and foremost was the lack of Master Chief. Sure the one-on-one against Locke was pretty cool but to me, that was the highlight of the entire game. I have played for hours upon hours as the Master Chief for four games, on all difficulties, for more than a decade. The replayability of all the past games is ridiculous, even years after release, sadly Halo 5 has little of that previous spark. I had no goose bumps, the epic music that made Halo so awe-inspiring made a comeback, but the game-play was dead and lifeless. I do not care to run around and play dress up as a knock off Spartan, I WANT MASTER CHIEF. Story wise was perhaps the most disappointing. For years, I feverously hypothesised what a reclaimer was, my brother and I would read the books, and Google as much Halo Lore as humanly possible. This new angle of the created being the reclaimers is the most ludicrous and unimaginative twist to the storyline I've ever seen. After Cortana "died" I was utterly heartbroken, but to recycle her as a VILLIAN is simply disgusting. I grew up playing the dynamic duo with Chief and Cortana, I can live with Cortana coming back to her senses in the next game, but quite frankly I do not trust 343 Industries not to completely destroy the Halo universe. The Arbiter was hardly involved, playing him in Halo 2 and 3 was absolutely incredible and was one of the most memorable experiences of the entirety of Halo. But AGAIN I DONT CARE ABOUT AGENT LOCKE I WANT THE MASTER CHIEF BACK!!!!!! Oh my freaking god, BLUE TEAM IS BACK TOGETHER, THE FAMILY IS BACK TOGEATHER, THE LAST OF THE SPARTAN-II PROGRAM IS BACK TOGEATER. All of that potential.. gone... wasted. Instead, we get a fireteam that is not in any way special, just an ordinary thrown together bunch of baby Spartans. To cut this rant short, 343 Industries... why are you completely destroying the foundation of a community that has backed the Halo universe for over a decade. You failed us long time players. I'm not even gonna go to how we can't split screen. I am disappointed. Not even Nathan Fillion was able to repair the damage you've done.
  2. Hello everyone, welcome to my Top Ten Best Games of 2014, it’s that time of the year again. While this year was (for a lot of generic people) a disappointing year, I personally saw it as a… disappointing year. Yeah, not a lot of great gems this year, but with all the delays hopefully 2015 will be a bit better. However, there were still some beautiful games this year, so let’s talk about them! Number 10! Number 9! Number 8! Number 7! Number 6! Number 5! Number 4! Number 3! Number 2! Number 1! That above was my list, some honorable mentions that didn't quite cut the list but are still great include Forza Horizon 2, Assassin's Creed Rogue, Infamous: Second Son, and basically anything on a Wii U because the Wii U's entire library is fantastic and I do not own it yet which makes me angry. So what's your list? What made you feel the most happy about purchasing a console this year? Let me know down below, I'd love to hear, I'll see ya'll next time for the worst of the year!
  3. Halo is slowly dying, struggling to hold on it is population its very clearly that what 343 did to "change" halo basically failed. Here are the reasons why. Some are due to poor programming and glitches etc... some are failed concepts that where destined to flop: Muliplayer Lack of playlists. No competitive ranking system Poor playlist management. Team play out the window Game fails to encourage objective play. (Halo 1, 2 and 3 did this fine Btw.) Overpowered weapons (Boltshot) Unbalanced starts Ordinance (Encouraging Camping) Perks (Unbalanced starts, Unfair to new players) Sprint (RIP small/arena Maps) Jetpack (Breaks Map flow/ Map control pointless) Load-outs (Individual tactics/skill gone... Its more focused on the "Setup" you use) Paper vehicles (Have individual Heath, Will explode faster than a grenade) No Hornet/Falcon Vehicle betrayals Can't drop flag. Experience point can be "earned" for doing nothing (Get 0 Kills 0 Deaths = 1100xp) Scoring system broken (1st 1st 7th.) Active Campo, encourages camping, used to be a skill power up.. now a noobs crutch. Random ordinance, Can ruin the outcome of the game. Red team get 2 Rockets... in a close slayer match. No Map specific weapons, no point of map control... apart from to kill & camp Rank capped at lvl 70. No codes available. Fail voting system. No veto Ugly armor Custom games (Permanent) Alpha Flood Setting Gone. Can't set % to starting zombie Trait zones don't apply to flood Can't edit flood loadouts Can't edit flood weapons Can't edit flood Perks/AA Can't edit flood armor effects Can't edit Human armor colour VIP gone 1 Flag gone Juggernaut gone Stockpile gone Headhunter gone Assault gone Invasion gone Race gone Network connection fail. Host migration will occur every 2-5 seconds. Unplayable. Not just me. Happened to Insanmiac. No file share Forge Riddled with kill zones Can't forge in water Tiny maps Broken dynamic lighting - See Mr pokerphile video. No forgeworld Can't forge on other maps. Tons on bugs Rounded blocks cause gaps Fail magnets Block are not Smooth No elephant. Spartan (Fl)Ops. Same five maps over and over. (Worst than reach) Not much better than firefight Huge letdown. Theater Network fail - Doesn't save games Only 1 Person ( Halo 3, had 4; Made in 2007 Btw.) Buggy, clips are often unusable anyway. Can't fast forward or skip forward. (From Start) Campaign No Skulls Other than that great job 343 (Campaign was decent) I liked to apologize to the forum mods for breaking the rules with my last thread, but this ^^^^ is the reason I get mad, some are opinions yes, but they are opinions that MANY agree with. Proof? look at the falling population and see the facts... However some aren't opinions are need to be fixed now 343 hasn't even attempted to do this... the game is been out for a while now and I feel as a fan since CE iv been kicked in the teeth. Feel free to discuss.
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