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  1. I have or I wouldnt be asking, I found the Flying colors code easy but the recruit one is being a pain in the butt none i found works and its still locked >.<
  2. Is there a xbox code for the recruit in the halo waypoint classified section in draetheus V archives, the ones i keep finding does not work and tells me i need the achievment but i have it on console, so was wondering if there was a xbox version of the code.
  3. I was playing a bit of spartan ops and was able to gain xp just fine then i left to eat for a while and came back to play some more. I played online and i gained no experience which was strange so I then played solo and again didnt gain any experience, I had also gompleted a weekly as well as a few commendations and I did not receive the experience from that either, how would I fix this problem? because i would like the exp from the games ive done as well as the weekly. I also had on the fast track as well to help boost faster. When the matches were over it skipped the exp screen and went straight to the sparan ops lobby and my exp bar didnt budge an inch.
  4. Looking for some people to do halo 4 campaign on legendary with all skill levels welcomed! Also communication is key along with having some fun lol not serious all the time. GT Drakgo Join the fight!
  5. I am having a same issue with the no easy way out achievement i did it a lone on normal a few times without dieing and on hard without dieing and with a friend without dieing and it never poped every one told me to clear my cache on the x box and restart it that never worked for me.... But maybe it can work for you trying clearing your cache on your x box and do another challenge if not then 343 will take a while to reply
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