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  1. My internet was taking a little bit to connect the server and then when in the game lost connection couple times. When connection was established and strong, in game for a few minutes I was then banned twice in a row. I violated nothing to get banned. I am a huge Halo fan and don't want to walk away from Halo but wtf man. This is getting ridiculous because there's nothing wrong with my internet. No other game has an issue connecting, just Halo.
  2. Hello. Hopefully this is the right place. I'm just reporting this - both my weekly challenges are for a gamemode that's not in the game. Now I'm stuck with only 2 challenges and no way to get the ultimate reward.
  3. So I buy an Xbox for this game specifically, only to have the very first achievement stuck in "Done: Unlocking...." mode. I've tried all suggestions by Microsoft (Removing account from console, uninstalling/re-installing game, forcing a profile sync) and nothing. Not a good way to start the game, and not much faith for trying to get the other achievements. What the what? I've been xboxing since day 1 and never...NEVER had an achievement stuck like this. Can anyone here help me? It's really really frustrating. Is this game really that buggy?
  4. so i am signed in, i am able to get online but 5min in to a match the game backs me out to a screen and i am unable to do any thing, Xbox says i am still in a match so do my friends but i am unable to play, after a few min i am kicked fun the game and i get a temp ban for AFK, this happens every game in area or warzone, please help if you have any ideas
  5. So I was playing Sword of Sanghelios Campaign Mission and found out that once I got to the part of the mission just before receiving the Mantis's, every time I died instead of just restarting the checkpoint, it would force quit THE ENTIRE GAME. Which means I'm back at home menu and I have to restart halo 5. Then when I try and load my checkpoint from the title screen, it kicks me out of the game again.
  6. I am having an issue using the REQ stations in warzone. doesnt always happen but I sometimes find that the req station just wont allow me to do ANYTHING. Even if my REQ energy is full with lvl 7 req I cant so much as change my loadout. if it starts to happen it lasts all game but then sometimes i get through a whole match with no issues. anyone else experiencing this or am i nutz.
  7. To 343 industries: I was playing war zone aright. I used the sniper a lot and got some sweet shots. I missed my chance to say "Xbox record that" so I went to theater mode to record my sniper kills. Then I noticed I couldn't find my gamer tag anywhere. I was wondering oh is this a community video or something? So I exited the video looked at the one before and watched the one before, which you can probably guess, it's the one before the game I wanted to record. So I was like wait that can't be, I had the same amount of kills. Anyway, it was this guy named BonelessColt which I figured out was the guy who LEFT the game that I JOINED. My gamertag didn't replace his. So yeah, I wouldn't record that since it wasn't authentic. I noticed this because he did the same exact things I did, except in the beginning where it showed a game I wasn't even in yet. So I watched him and he had a red assault rifle skin while I had the regular one. I would post pictures but I don't know how. I'm probably gonna get back into war zone and get more beast ass kills, but this is still a complaint, and this should be fixed as soon as you guys (343) get the chance. Well that's assuming they read this of course. If anyone would reply back that would be great. Thanks guys.
  8. Halo was the first console game I ever played and has been special to my heart. I was in the process of completing the cross platform "The Master Chief Saga" playlist and the playlist reset back to the first level. All the work I have done means nothing now even though the playlist says I completed all the levels I previously completed. It just won't continue where I left off. This has been a problem for months for other people and I am shocked that it hasn't been fixed. I know I can play the games individually, but the fact that this has not been fixed with Halo 5 only being two weeks away makes me feel a bit cheated as a Halo fan. I know the game was a big undertaking to begin with, but it is hard as a fan to loose progress for an achievement or playlist, especially for fans who do not have a lot of time. 343, please consider fixing this issue and good luck with the Halo 5 release. Praying for the best, Josh
  9. Hi, currently I'm collecting the Audiologs of ODST. While collecting the first 10, I realized that 3 of 10 weren't showing up. Number 2, 4 and 6 are missing - don't know why. Here is a picture with the numbered logs I tried this on every difficult. Maybe some one can confirm this or help me with this issue.
  10. Im sure this has already been talked about but after getting bored searching the internet for a while, ive turned up nothing, so here it goes: I recently got an electronic version of Halo MCC and since my internet is crap it took a long time to install. But now that it has, I go to play one of the campaigns, and if i do custom start the timer ticks down to 0 and then I just sit there. If I do quickstart, I select difficulty and it locks up the game and i cant do anything with it. Little advice or help would be appreciated, thanks.
  11. #ANGRY RANT: 343 Industries I'm calling you out. I went and bought an xbox one just for the MCC collection and so far its been an unmitigated disaster. Not only is MCC online shotty and rife with bug when trying to play with friends but there are still NO RANKED PLAYLIST but even worse I am unable to play the halo 5 beta at all since it won't EVEN START. I've called xbox support and they couldn't helped me and told me its an issue with YOUR game and that they couldn't help me. So here is the BUG I've run into with YOUR GAME: #THE BUG: The master chief collection is functioning more or less correctly on my xbox one and I have been able to play multiplayer matches online aside from the issues everyone has had. I downloaded the Halo 5 beta a few days ago and tried to play it but have been unable to... When I start up the MCC and go to the extra's menu and click Halo 5 beta the beta starts to load and I see the "343 and Microsoft splash screens" then I am taken to an "all black screen with 4 white loading dots in the bottom right corner of the screen" which cycle as if to indicate something is loading/searching. After about 10-20sec these dots disappear and the screen remains black and nothing happens even after many minutes of waiting. The screen will remain black basically until my xbox turns off or I hit the center button on the controller and return to the main menu. Sometimes hitting the center button won't even take me to the main menu instead the screen remains black and then eventually my xbox will just randomly restart. #Troubleshooting: I've tried totally resetting my xbox to factory defaults and reinstalling everything which took FOREVER and it didn't fix anything. * I've unplugged my power supply completely from the console and the cord that goes into the power supply for multiple minutes then re-hooked everything back up and made sure the power supply cord was plug directly into the wall and not a surge protector/power strip since I was told by xbox support that doing so could cause the console to not receive adequate power. * I've tried connecting my xbox directly to my modem as well as a variety of other network configurations and none resolved the issue. (I have an open NAT). * I've been able to play online match making in the MCC collection for multiple weeks and I've played the other games I own online just fine as well. #ANGRY RANT: Basically I'm angry I bought this console just for a game that barely works with a lack of the playlists and ranking system that was promised and a beta which I can't even play. You don't even have a proper customer support system to get assitance with the numerous bugs present in your BROKEN game! I shouldn't have to be airing your dirtly laundry out on this forum and complaining publicly just to get your ATTENTION. BUNGIE would have never screwed up this bad. As a fellow programmer I can't believe you would even release such a broken game. #PS: I made a more civil post a few days ago which received no responses from anyone that could provide answers and so now being civil and polite is out the window. ------------------- Edited for language. -TSC
  12. I was playing a bit of spartan ops and was able to gain xp just fine then i left to eat for a while and came back to play some more. I played online and i gained no experience which was strange so I then played solo and again didnt gain any experience, I had also gompleted a weekly as well as a few commendations and I did not receive the experience from that either, how would I fix this problem? because i would like the exp from the games ive done as well as the weekly. I also had on the fast track as well to help boost faster. When the matches were over it skipped the exp screen and went straight to the sparan ops lobby and my exp bar didnt budge an inch.
  13. I have tried to be patient. I just figured I'd play through every campaign on legendary (again) while the multiplayer issues were resolved. Even though I was so pissed when I completed Halo CE on legendary and it did NOT unlock the player ID for it. Today, after another update that was suppose to fix things, I tried getting into a BTB game, after waiting 5 minutes, leaving then trying again and waiting another 5 minutes, I said screw it and kept on working on my Halo 2 Legendary progress. Only to find, my saved progress was gone and I had to restart the entire level (Delta Halo, I was almost done). What's the point? Is there a part of this game I can play that isn't completely broken? I love Halo! I was so excited for this, it's the only game I've been playing but I can only take so much. Over a month since launch and it's seriously gotten worse. Why should I even try to continue on playing the campaign if my progress is getting erased?
  14. So just last month I beat Halo 4 on Legendary solo all the way through. It was incredibly awesome and I got the achievements I was supposed to. However just the other day my roomies and I decided that we should get back into multiplayer to warm up for MCC coming out soon. When we were done playing online last night I went into the campaign menu just to look at the mission select screen to show off my accomplishment. To my surprise and horror all of my campaign progress had been reset. Only the first mission was available - as if I was booting up the campaign for the first time. Confused I checked to see if my profile was still signed in, indeed it was. None of the other missions were visible and it looks like I haven't even cleared the first mission according to the in - game menu. What's really strange and terrifying about this is that I have looked at the mission screen on several occasions since my Legendary completion on Oct. 2nd 2014. They were all there and displaying the correct difficulty completions. I immediately began to panic and thought maybe if I reset my XBOX it will correct itself, no luck. I haven't noticed any title updates in awhile and since I have that set to manual I'm not sure how I could have missed it. What's more is several times in the past I have seen all my armor, loadouts, and emblems get wiped and I have to go back and redo everything. My XP level stays where it is but the game forgets all the character customization. Lastly Spartan Ops is unaffected by this memory wipe, all the progress I've made there is exactly as it should be. Please 343 fix this bug. I've mostly enjoyed Halo 4 while others have bashed it but this is too much. Was there a recent title update that caused this? What would effect the status of my system's save games like that? It's just weird, and annoying, and maddening. I didn't see any post of this nature so hopefully someone will know what the heck happened. God I hope there is a fix.
  15. So, i've been reading about random disconnects during matchmaking and last night i figured out why. Long story short a kid on my team was shooting me and being a general loser. He kept screaming and blasting music so i went to go and mute him when i saw something rather silly. Instead of just seeing "Mute" i had another option, "Kick from party". I entered matchmaking by myself i had no party. So i clicked it and lo and behold he quit the game. I then scrolled to the enemy team and guess what? I was able to kick the whole enemy team and win the game. After that i had the option again for a few games but i decided against using it because there's no fun in it. Today it happened to me 3 times, i just randomly got kicked from the game. Just a headsup, didn't know where to post this so i posted it here.
  16. Firstly, apologies for sounding like a broken record as I'm sure enough this topic has been previously posted uncountable times. I have been playing the recent updated DLC playlist which I assume is aimed at those of us who are looking to gain those final few achievements that have been previously unattainable due to no DLC maps in the map rotation on matchmaking for the last few months prior to this revamped playlist. I heard that this playlist was back on so I have blitzed through the remaining achievements and have one remaining. Ashes to ashes. I've read through all of the previous forums regarding this achievement and by the sounds of things it is a common problem that this achievement just doesn't unlock. I have tried :- Incineration Cannon Binary Rifle Scattershot Pulse Grenades (including pulse grenading dead bodies) Nothing works. I've seen 343 come out and say we're trying to resolve the issue. But that is all I've heard for months. No sign of a patch. No sign of any answer. I love Halo and thus far have all achievements in all of their games. (Not including Wars and Spartan Assault) So understandably this one is driving me crazy! Is there any chance this can finally be resolved please 343? Forgot to mention... I have also tried recovering my gamertag, deleting playlists and reinstalling them, deleting the game and reinstalling it... To no avail.
  17. So I haven't played my Halo 4 Limited Edition in a long time, I decided to get back on it tonight. When I did, I was prompted to download a 276 MB update. After doing so, it sent me to the main menu like a normal update and signed me back in, however, much slower and a little trouble I didn't notice until later with my . Later on, it started it's normal check on new downloadable content. After about a minute or two, it sent me back to the main menu, saying to check my Xbox Live connection and sign in again, even though I was still logged in and connected to Xbox Live just fine. So I just hit start and begin to load the menu again, and this time it connected me to the main menu. However, it screwed me over bad. It showed the main menu on my main account now as if it's never played. It prompts me to start a new campaign (although I've beaten it on Legendary three or four times), check out Infinity, and purchase the season pass. I didn't notice this until I hit Infinity. It brought me to the classic Infinity online cinematic for when you first play it. Then it gives me the opportunity to make a spartan. It loaded me out on the Spartan hub with recruit green armor and a reset emblem and service tag. My armor and rank are still retained however, but my classes are reset and my season pass along with Forge Island is gone. It's like it has my online stats, but it shows me the local date as if I'm playing a guest account as I have no saved game slots and no downloaded content. I'd like this to be fixed, resolved, and looked at as soon as possible please. Thanks! Sincerely, A freaked out, disappointed gamer.
  18. When I was building on forge today, I found a glitch. When you go to set the corridinants (on some blocks) it will rotate the block 90 degrees, this is not a BIG deal, but it is annoying. Please tell me if this happens to anyone else, thanks.
  19. Hey there, There seems to be a huge issue with the game currently, specifically that if you lose connection to Xbox Live at any point during a Legendary campaign run, you will not get the commendation for the campaign mission you were in. This has been reported many times I'm sure, as well as I have had friends who have encountered it. Unfortunately, it has also negatively affected me. I am not great at Halo, but I had managed to scrap and claw my way through part of the Legendary campaign so far. Unfortunately, because I play with my notifications turned off, I did not receive the "You have lost connection to Xbox Live", and as so I had completed two stages(Forerunner and Infinity), through much effort and perseverance only to release after the fact that those completions had not been recorded. I would very much appreciate a correction on my profile that I have completed these stages, as well as hopefully a fix for this issue the next time there is a patch pushed live. Thanks.
  20. I hope I'm posting this in the right place but if not would someone please direct me to where I should post this. Ok So here's the thing I made a sweet map for odd ball on ravine, all of my friends thought it was sick but when we went to play it something weird would happen. Whenever I would try to load the map on ravine it would show up as this other forge map that I'm working on on impact. Also the picture for my map on ravine is the picture for Impact. Also when I play my ravine map which is really my impact map it is a different save that I've done more work on than if i just pick the actual impact map. So I'm just wondering if anybody else had a similar problem and if so how did you fix it. Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. This may not pertain to everyone, but I thought it important to share in case someone else runs into the same nightmare. I wrapped up spawn zones on a H4 map last night and felt that it was time to update my File Share. With only two maps in my file share, I deleted both in order to upload their new versions. Once I entered into my map browser in custom games, I found that a map that was created on Outpost had been replaced by the map I had made on Ravine. This was really strange considering that the map still had the correct name, but when selected it displayed the picture from Ravine along with the wrong map's info. MY HARD WORK WAS GONE!!!! Fortunately, I went back into my File Browser and still had recent activity on the correct map in my Local History. From there, I uploaded the map to my File Share. I then did a Map Variant search by gamertag, putting in my own name, and was able to download the map from myself, to myself. All is well now, but I wanted to put the info out there in case someone runs into the same issue. I hope that it's not too late for you and that your map is still available in your short term Local History. Otherwise, it may just be gone forever. - Happy Forging =^..^=
  22. I just completed episode 5 of spartan ops but the dedicated to crimson achievment didnt pop for some reason. I have completed every chapter in every episode up to now so I dont know whats up. Has enyone else had this problem
  23. Earlier today, I completed the war games daily titled "Fully Automated," racking in just 13 kills. I wanted to complete the war games weekly titled "Fully Automated," which asks for the player to get 15 kills with an automatic weapon in 1 match. Well, I made a point to get the achieve before I went to bed. I racked up 18 kills with the assault rifle as a loadout weapon in my most recent match. I'm going to bed now, so you can review my last game or something. The problem is, it didn't register as a completion of the weekly challenge, where it still shows progress stuck at 13/15. This is probably a bug where either weeklies can't be completed if a daily has the same name, or the "Infinity Challenge Regicide" doesn't qualify as a game mode for completing challenges. Any input is appreciated, -ManBearPig916
  24. Ok, I got the message a week ago, I have entered the code in 10 damn times, it simply says invalid code, I need a new one.
  25. So I finished the monthly challenge this month as a brand new SR81 Pioneer today which catapulted me to SR83 in one game. I decided to take a break, but when I came back later I was at the beginning of SR82. What the freak?! I want my 15000 xp!
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