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  1. Wow. Have to say I absolutely love the gameplay of Infinite, and especially the ranked playlist, BUT, there is absolutely no reason to stick to this game. There is zero sense of progression. There is nothing to unlock. OK, we have the battle pass, but what do you get from it? A couple of armor mods and shaders you can't even equip because its locked to an armor it isn't possible to unlock stuff for. Seriously, the progression in this game needs fixing. I want a grind. I want bragging rights. Give us a reason to play please.
  2. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #86. Last week we compared our favourite matchmaking playlists, and the thread will give you one hell of a throwback. Click here to view the last poll, #85. How do you want the armour-unlock system to work in Halo Infinite? We talked about the REQ system a couple of weeks ago, and one strong point for criticism is how it has completely flawed the armour-unlock system. I personally see Halo 3 as having the best armour-unlock system out of all games. Halo Infinite needs to not only consider realistic designs (no idea what they were thinking in Halo 5 with some helmets), but the means of unlocking each armour piece needs to be seriously reconsidered. What armour-unlock system do you want to see in Halo Infinite? One of the older ones, or something completely new? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  3. The REQ packs in Halo 5 in my opinion are done wrong. In order to get that armor set you want you need to open a REQ pack and hope its in there. The thing that made the other Halo games so good is their combination of skill, patience, and hard work. In Halo 5 you don't need any of those to get what you want. In the older Halos you had to look at the armor you wanted and find out the requirements needed to unlock it and you only got the armor you wanted. The requirements needed to unlock the armor you wanted were challenging and required skill and patience. After you put in the blood,sweat, and tears you would get the armor you wanted. Now the way you get armor is based all off of luck. Someone could want a armor set like Noble and have played the game for over a two years and not have gotten it, while a new person can open up their first REQ pack and get the noble armor and not even want it. I personally think this is unfair to the player base. The players bought the game and were promised an action packed game with customization feature and a good campaign. They didn't get that. What they got was a game where either you get spawned killed or you run for a minute every time you mess up, and they get a campaign that is repetitive, and sure they can customize their character but they cant have their character look the way they want because they have to get lucky in order to get the armor they want. The armor unlocks in Halo 5. The armor unlocks to me are an effort to please the people who think that the way you should get armor is to unlock it and in a way it did please me... until i learned how you have to unlock them. In order to unlock the unlock able armor in Halo 5 you have to buy the Master chief collection. From what i understand you get nothing for completing the campaign on legendary because the armor you would get for completing the campaign is now impossible to get unless the bought the master chief collection and beat every Halo game on legendary. This is wrong. Someone bought your game so they shouldn't have to give you more money to get the other part of the game they already bought. You know Bungie ,the old makers of Halo and the ones who made the armor earning system perfect and the gameplay amazing, also tried to take their players money in a similar way. Do you know what happen to them? Over half the people who played their game stopped playing and actually sold their game. I couldn't even sell the game. Not even to the game store that buys games for consoles or devise that aren't around anymore because they already had twenty three copies of the game. The fact that you made it to where all the older armor was only unlock able through the master chief collection really made me mad. New players to Halo don't have the master chief collection so you just gave them a big middle finger and people who cant afford the master chief collection cant get the armor too so now you guys are taking away their ability to take their mind off of life and the stresses of it because the immersion of the game just got hit by a ******* truck. When i played Halo Reach i never once fell out of immersion. I played Halo Reach's campaign multiple times and each time i always feel like i am part of the Noble team. I have yet to be immersed by Halo 5's campaign. I stopped playing after i decided that while the campaign was better than i thought it would be it is still pretty terrible and needs a better story. There is a big gap between Halo 4 and Halo 5's campaign. While it was okay to leave a gap between Halo Reach and Halo 4 because master chief was a freezer burrito and didn't know what happen it is not okay to do the same to halo 5 because a lot has happened since then. Through the whole line of Halo games there has never been a gap in campaigns that wasn't at least mentioned. As i said the Halo 5 campaign is repetitive and i stopped playing because all my team mates are only useful to get me up when an enemy grunt pulls out his shiny new dying ******* star of some far away place that i don't know because i bought the game for fun and i only catch up on the history of halo when it directly relates to the game. The campaign is easy the only hard part is trying to find the ammo to fire back at the enemy and trying to not die from a heat seeking nuclear bomb. Honestly i think REQ packs could be useful if used correctly. I think that REQ packs should only be used for weapon skins, weapon variants, and vehicle variants. While we are on the subject of weapon variants i think that you shouldn't have to open a REQ pack for a DMR because in every Halo with the DMR in it you could've used the DMR just as easily as you could've used the assault rifle. I also think that you should go back to military ranks instead of spartan ranks because it feels more immersive and it feels like you accomplished something, not just ranked up. One thing that i think everyone should keep in mind is that Halo Reach succeeded because everything in the game ran with each other. Everything from the ranking system to the armor design to even the map design all ran with each other making it feel like you were actually at someplace during a time. Each set of armor was different but still had the same rouged feel, and every map was different but still felt like they were built during an industrial age. The colors reflected the mood which was serious and sad. As the campaign progressed the world was crumbling and the feeling of helplessness started to set.Each mission had an important task to do not a get from point a to b but a get from point a to b by going around massive maps and completing objective which now in Halo 5 would be considered a mission per objective, but in Halo Reach one mission had possibly over twenty objectives. The ending where you die showed just enough to show that you've died but it showed so little that it would make you want to redo the campaign because you felt like maybe the second time it will be different, maybe the second time Noble team will live. No two missions were the same thanks to those and that is what Halo 5 is lacking and to be perfectly honest Halo 4 too. Even though the Halo Reach campaign was one of the hardest campaigns to complete people still played it because it was fun and it hooked people. People ended up playing Halo Reach's campaign for the story not the challenge or the fun. That's what Halo 5 is lacking. Even in the matchmaking you are reminded of the campaign in many different ways. You guys also changed so much about the armor that is to honor Noble team by changing the names and the look. Commando is now Noble and you now look like an iron man rip off. and the same with the others too. You should've made the recruit armor from Halo Reach and named it Noble 6. There is a lot to complain about in Halo 5 but i'm thankful that i can play a Halo 5 because with out 343 Halo probably would've stopped or for all we know would've been complete trash. One last thing. Maybe next Halo game they should make like stances or something that you only get if you live in a certain state. I also mainly was sort of yelling at 343 so i said you a lot but if someone would like to add or comment on something i said its a free country so go ahead and voice your opinion on the matter.
  4. Hi! Seeing as the juggernaut in charge of Halo right now turned the game into a Microtransaction barbie-simulator, there has been this question that I've been dying to ask. Since there will be customizable armor akin to Halo 3, Reach, and so forth, I'm curious as to how the armor will be unlocked (unless I'm actually stupid and there won't be any armor, in which case I'm gonna kill all of my friends for lying) Will it be like in Halo 3, where the armor is to be earned by achievement-like unlocks? Like how you had to get the special skulls, complete the final mission with 4 friends in ghosts on the hardest difficulty, and so forth to get the Recon armor, Or will it be more like Halo reach where you get credits for playing and you can spend those credits on the armor you want? Or perhaps a combination of the two, where some armor is unlockable via a credit system, while others are achievement-only? Then again I may just be stupid and there won't be any armor at all. ----- hmmm.. If there isn't a planned development for armor, perhaps I could allocate my time to 3d modeling and creating the models and textures for the armor? If you're not doing armor since it's most likely a waste of time, would you allow me to waste my time and implement models of mine that you enjoy?
  5. Hello fellow Installation 01 community I'm mason I have a very big request for this epic new game coming out. First to start I'm a huge fan of halo I absolutely love it and care so much about it. I want to say thank you to the developers of Installation 01 for doing this and creating this game. i always really wanted to be a marine in halo not the epic spartans with shields etc. but a standard soldier of the UNSC or a ODST I would love to see this in the game because what not better than having many options to choose from from being a spartan a marine and a ODST. I do understand that matchmaking must be for spartans and stuff but like for like private matches and different game types can allow the Marines or ODST. This would also be a pretty good way to create like short movies and stuff and having like spartans be the heroes and stuff but any way I thought it would be cool hopefully we can see these and if this can happened make the variety of armor like from marines form Halo 1-5 and from halo wars 1-2 from the cutscenes. Now I would to see a flood gameplay survival like kinda like firefight but will the flood and there endless horde and this fights right in with a marine and ODST if the get lets say get killed they get there dead body can get infected and be a flood mutation. Thank you guys and I hope the community can agree that this would be a neat stuff to have
  6. Heyy, welcome back to the Weekly Site Poll! Poll 56 - 'Top 5 Favorite TV Shows' - is here if you'd like to read the responses, or post a late reply. This poll's bought one of the most contested topics in all of Halo, and makes 343 extra loopy... What are your favorite armor permutations in the Halo series? It can range from Master Chief's armor (new or old) in the story to the fishbowl-subwoofer fusion of a helm, Seeker. The next Weekly Site Poll will be posted whenever, maybe. Feel free to suggest the topic for the NEXT Weekly Site Poll in your response! SD, out!
  7. I recently completed the "Legend" achievement on Halo MCC. Doing this should have unlocked the Helioskrill armor in Halo 5. However, it has now been around 24 hours since i completed it and the helioskrill armor still hasn't unlocked. Can anyone help?
  8. Type -23 Hollow Armor Made during an uneasy alliance between the UNSC and Soul Society, the goal was to make something able to fight off Covenant and supernatural enemies. The suit is compatible with most MJOLNIR armor systems. You can change the color of the stripes as you customize the armor. I thought since we have Hayabusa, which is from Ninja Gaiden, it be cool to have armor inspired by other franchises.
  9. We know for sure that MJOLNIR is composed of a Titanium alloy. We do not know what elements are included in this alloy (besides Titanium), so we can only make an educated guess. What elements do you believe are involved in the Titanium alloy used to make MJOLNIR armor, and why? This question applies to Mark IV, V, and VI. It only involves the elements existing today, and does not include the possibility of any possible undiscovered future elements.
  10. Halo 4's complete armor sets shown. Read below for more details Source: Gameinformer.com Halo 4 is out in just a matter of hours. Now's your chance to get a look at all of the game's armor sets before your schedule is completely booked with multiplayer matches. Deviantart user Sithvenator has compiled a massive image of all the game's various armor, including from preorder bonuses, unlocks, and limited-edition bonuses. It's a perfect overview of the game's art design and a nice glimpse of the sheer variety of cosmetic details you'll see in the game. Of course, they'll be worn by people hopping around like overcaffeinated idiots, so this is probably your best shot at soaking in the detail. Thanks for the tip, Cru Hunter!
  11. Here are a few examples of why I hate Halo 4 down to my very soul, I love the series but just what 343i has done to this most recent installment is for lack of a better word an "Abomination". *NOTE* Don't think of this post as hatered towards the series, I love the series, but the recent installment has dissapointed me and makes me regret buying the Limited Edition and ever getting my hopes up that it would be a game that you can have fun in. OverPowered Weapons- For one the plethora of needlessly overpowered weapons, for example the Binary Rifle (Basically a hand held Gauss Cannon with a scope that leads to camping, weapon hoarding, spawn camping, and is just a horrible excuse for a "Weapon", it should be instead named the "Rape-Machine"), the Incineration Cannon (Offspring of a Rocket Launcher, a Shotgun, and a cluster bomb leading to excessive "Cross-Mapping" and is also a great "Bunker buster" as you have a chance to dodge a rocket or use cover to avoid it but "Oh No" the Incineration Cannon doesn't give a care in the world about cover going over it and in some cases through it.), the suppressor (A SAW in any battle within 6 feet, not really that bad but still an issue as anyone who goes around a corner and someone camping with this tool will decimate you 9 times out of 10), the lightrifle (Which makes both the DMR and Battle Rifle obsolete, same issue as with the DMR 4 shots = instant death without any time to react or return fire with the chance of surviving), Sticky Grenades (Really not a huge problem until you can now SPAWN WITH THEM, which is total bull anyways as 85% of the time everyone spawns with stickys in addition to the Explosives Support Perk and the other perk which allows you to carry 3 grenades which leads to no one using guns in CQC anymore its just a flurry of sticky missles being hailed at eachother which makes the winning of the game based on who can camp with the Boltshot and throw the most stickys instead of things like "Skill", "Tactics", and "Teamwork" very underused), Beam Rifle (Offspring of a Sniper Rifle and a DMR which allows for amazing hipfire kills very easily and extremely fast leading to snapshots galore), the DMR (Doesn't sound very overpowered does it? 4 shots kills you fast enough to where you have no time to react isn't overpowered at all [sarcasm]), and last but not nearly the least the unmistakable unthinkably overpowered weapon widely known as the Boltshot (I call it the "No-Skill Insta-Kill as it requres 0 skill and only 2 tactics in addition to you being able to SPAWN WITH SUCH AN OVERPOWERED WEAPON, camp in a corner and wait for someone to walk by and ruin his day with a crossbreed shotgun instant killing machine or they could rush a person with it and with a small amount of hope the defender may kill the Boltshotter but it is in vain as it just incinerates his body instantly with very little chance of success.) Lag- Next on the list of things that make Halo 4 the most poorly designed and executed gane I have played thus far, the LAG and don't respond with something along the lines of. "Oh no your just butthurt because you suck and your connection is crap!" I've heard this all before frankly I don't care if you don't lag if you don't lucky you don't brag about it but for many people with good connections it ruins everything in terms of trying to have fun, the various occurences of lag are as follows, Teleportation (Of me and enemies) spawning under the map and (Committing Suicide), inability to spawn (the game just says "Time to spawn/respawn 0 seconds" for about 1 minute and by that time I'm getting spawn camped by grenades and power weapons), Black Screen Of Death (Because Halo can't have Dedicated servers "OH NO" that be to nice, but no black screens of death routinely happen because the games host or a large amount of players quit (Oh this whole "Drop-In Drop-Out system" is all well and good WHEN IT WORKS because nearly every single time someone quits and I'm playing guess what happens? Black screen of death, some last 5-10 seconds while some last up to 5 minutes leading to me having to "Dashboard-It" just so I can continue playing. This lag I know comes from the fact that Halo "Must" have player host based servers so when that host has a crap connection it leads to everyone in the server getting brought down to his/her level. Were Halo to get some dedicated servers that lag would be DRAMATICALLY reduced. If you don't believe me on this whole "Lag" situation go to YouTube and look it up, you'll see people with perfectly normal connections teleporting all over the place and getting owned. Hackers/Hacking- Now, lets move on to one of the more touchy subjects that people love to start needless flame wars over. Oh yes Im talking about the one thing gamers hate more than lag, Hackers. Now, I could go on a rant on how hackers are obviously bad, ruin the game, and cause people like me regret every buying Halo 4, but I feel this is a pointless venture as someone (Likely many) Halo fanatics will begin posting their opinions on this page about how there isn't any hackers, you just suck at Halo, their just better than you so you have to say they hack. I have heard and seen this before as well and if you think people don't hack Halo than your probably one of them, if you think someone getting temp-banned for 1 or 2 days for hacking is good enough your wrong. So I will restrain myself from doing so and just list as many of the hacks I have seen off the top of my head with some minor comments throughout. Hacking needs to be delt with much more aggressively than it has before because whatever they are doing to hinder the problem isn't doing enough. I have seen countless times examples of "Near fully-Auto DMRs/Pistols", "Weapons with seemingly bottomless clips" (Namely Overpowered weapons such as the Binary rifle, Incineration Cannon, etc...), Active Teleport anywhere in the map, Vehicle jacking beyond the player height limit, Aimbot (VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM, really if you don't fix this 343i there is something very very wrong with your decision making process), the ability for bullets to "No-Clip" through the map, and seemingly infinite health and grenades. These are just a few of the many hacks I have seen throughout the various maps leading to death, again, and again, and again. Maps- How about now I make note of how the current maps in Halo 4 (Including the Crimson DLC) are terrible. Some are good, some are O.K. and many more are just awful. "Haven" for example, one of 343i's poster maps is in the top 3 worst maps of all time on my list. First of all one side spawns at the bottom of a ramp allowing the opposing team to send all of their grenades flying like mortars in and around their position making it difficult to move outside your safe zone, by this time the enemy team has more than likely already rushed over the minor crevice and is on top of the ramp with their advantage of altitude over the enemy team and slaughters them. In some cases the situations can be switched with the side that spawns on the ramp rushing to the top of the ramp uses the fact that the lip of the ramp covers their head almost completely allowing them to fire away and decimate the enemy team with DMR's and Battle Rifles with little chance of retaliation. 3rd possible case that happens at the beginning of the game, both teams rush to the middle but the team that spawns at the ramp gets their first because of their close proximity uses the middle cover and decimates the coverless opposing team. Any of these ways the teams get virtually slaughtered with one side losing little and the other losing everything due to the unbalancedness of the map. secondly this map is a prime location for Boltshot campers due to its large number of sharp inescapable corners leading to death after death, especially at the ends of the man cannons which in addition to Active Camouflage can render the person who lands off of the ground dead without any chance of survival. Another example of an unbalanced map is "Abandon" in which one team spawns above ground and has the advantage of making it to the middle first giving them the advantage of being above ground and they almost in all cases decimate the opposing team which has to rush up from their poorly defended and nearly useless cover coated spawn and pray that they can get some kills before death. Lets make an example of a horrible "Crimson DLC" map, this map is a glorious waste of money, Oh sure they look impressive but in use they are all disgustingly unbalanced. Take for example "Harvest" on the SWAT game type. In this it is just a rush to the top of one of the many excessively tall rocks to get Cross-Map headshots instantly with amazing cover leading to a monotonous game of "Spawn-Die" with little chance of retaliation. There are several more maps I could go on about but this paragraph is getting a bit lengthy so I'll stop this note of unbalanced and horribly designed maps here, the maps may look amazing but looks mean nothing when you are getting spawn killed over and over by enemies. Spartan Ops- Lets get off this topic of "War games" problems for a moment and move on to a different game mode "Spartan Ops" Oh don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy spartan ops but the fact that each chapter can be easily finished on heroic in just around 10-15 minutes with very generic "Go here, pick this up, drop off over here, then go kill this group of people, then hold out against their reinforcements." this gets monotonous and boring amazingly quickly, Firefight In Halo: Reach didn't get this boring this fast. Spartan Ops really needs to be expanded in a more exotic way doing more things that are a challenge and fun to do as most things that happened in season one that looked very impressive was almost always in an uninteractive cutscene. Here's and idea on a cool mission idea: Fly a pelican "Litearally fly it, that would make it more fun" Infiltrate a covenant cruiser, battle-cruiser, frigate. etc... and you have to fight your way through waves of the ships inhabitants to get to the ships captain and subdue him "Likely an elite" and have to drag him to your pelican and then fly away as the infinity nukes the ship from orbit leading to an epic and fun escape and infiltration mission. Also you never see yhe Infinity use it's massive array of firepower on really anything which makes it just a "Dog with all bark and no bite" show off the ships abilities 343i, you made it, show it off make it look good don't make it just some floating paperweight that doesn't help really at all. In addition to the monotonous gameplay, when attempting to play with your friends over xbox live it is heavily difficult to play because the once again lag which is the fault of not having dedicated servers and everyone being forced to run off of one persons connection forcing me to play online with people I don't know who just rush in, take your kills, run you over with vehicles, and troll you in addition to still lagging albeit not as much or alone which isn't very fun when in the missions it always talks about "Team" Crimson, a 1 man team is kind of difficult to believe, you are a Spartan IV not Master Chief. Also why does every time you get extracted in spartan ops you never actually get in the vehicle to leave you just stand next to it and it flys off without you? it's a little complaint but you cant just code an extra 5 seconds of gameplay to actually see your characters walk or jump in? That just seems like lazyness to me. Spawning- How about "Spawning"? which does coincide with maps but I feel it deserves it's own "Mini" paragraph. Spawning has always been a problem I've seen in Halo Multiplayer but in Halo 4 it takes the cake of just unplayability. for example In a dominion match, why would it spawn me inside an enemy owned and occupied base with no chance of survival? Why would I spawn directly in front of the enemy and get immediately assassinated in Slayer? Why when I spawn in Big Team Battle my face gets torn off by the sniper bullet of some player the second I spawn? Why I ask must enemies spawn on your side of the map at the beginning of the map and kill you instantly? please if you could explain why this is necessary please go ahead I'd love to hear it, because it isn't getting any better, the more I play the worse it gets. Forge- Forge, theres a game type many wouldn't complain about but the problems I have for forge are minor in the least and can very easily be corrected should 343i take some initiative. I would like for the build limit for all objects to be increased the needs I have require a much larger variety of resources, Reach had a perfect amount of things to forge with for my various projects but the amount of materials in Halo 4 seems to be lacking to a serious extent restricting me to small pointless maps. In addition to this, it would be nice if there was a map dedicated to Forge like "Forge world" from reach it was monotonous but it was perfect for almost anything you wanted to build, the possibilities were limitless but in Halo 4 the possibilities are very limited by the low amount of resources I am able to use. Weapons and vehicles- Not merely just "Weapons" I am covering in this paragraph, I am asking why. Why does the "UNSC Infinity" have such a "Large and Expansive" armory that holds not only weapons from the UNSC but the Covenant and Forerunners but in such an armory not a single SMG is held? Flamethrower? No missle pods? You would think they might have some spikers? some needle rifles? they had the DMR from reach but not the Needle rifle? No grenade launcher? it may be obsolete now but no plasma rifles? or plasma repeaters? no plasma launchers? Im getting at there were all these great weapons from past games and you advertise how large the armory of the infinity is yet you don't even have an SMG? Really? Come on, the SMG is a great weapon and just adds diversity to the inadequate variety weaponry in Halo 4. The Infinity being bigger than some cities houses thousands of people, and thousands of vehicles in their garage bay and in this garage is strictly pelicans, mongooses, warthogs, and scorpions? No Hornets? Vultures? Grizzleys? No transport warthog? No Falcon? my favorite aerial vehicle the Falcon is not in the infinity? 343i you have set in the lore of the Infinity that it is such a superstructure that houses so many weapons and vehicles but in reality your variety is very little in both vehicles and weaponry, I am not saying you don't have many vehicles or weapons, I'm saying the variety of choices is limited. A majority of the new weapons in Halo 4 are all Power weapons and of the vehicles returning the choices are little especially since you can only fly a Pelican once in the entire game. Also why is it no longer possible to dual-wield weapons? Spartan Palmer can in a cutscene but I cant? Really? Don't say that "Dual-Weilding is unfair and unbalanced" Because almost everything you have done with war games makes it unfair and unbalanced to everyone who trys to play for the fun of it. Armor Customization- I believe this is the last major complaint in this long list, Armor Customization. It seems like something 343i has already done but Reach did an amazingly better job than Halo 4 did, Several of the helmets, chestpieces and vambraces have changed and I believe there should still be the same armor choices in reach in Halo 4. For example the EOD helmet was my favorite helmet in Reach but now you changed it to where I just hate it I should have the option to have Reach's version. Also where did the MK. V Helmet go? I know many people that loved that helmet and to just take it away like you did is really really uncool. It was much more creative when you could put health packs, storage, wrist Tac-Pads and the like on your spartan no matter how useless they may have been they were interesting and added more in the line of armor customization.I know many people that miss the loss of the cybernetic replacement arm and the pilot helmet, as with the health packs, tac-pads etc... they may have been useless but they added a new and interesting way to customize your spartan. You replaced all of these things with the stances.....That is so creative (Sarcasm) it is so creative to have 16 people in a match and every single one of them have either the last stand or the assassin stance. If you wanted to make these limited amounts of stances more creative you could have added where you could customize what weapon your spartan holds in the picture based on what commendation they have mastered and they can choose how it looks. But no of course this didn't happen along with a seemingly never ending list of things that could have been done better but were not even touched upon, What 343i did with Forward Unto Dawn was very creative and I enjoyed it, it helped me get ready for the release of Halo 4 I was so excited I preordered the Limited edition and now after all of this... It feels like just a waste of money, I could probably make another 10 paragraph post on 10 different things I hate but this is growing tiresome and I highly doubt anything I have written today will have even the slightest effect on your future decisions in regard to the Halo series. I have been putting off writing this for weeks now because I knew if i did it wouldnt matter and people would just insult me because of their ignorance.   Good luck in your continued efforts to make Halo a game for people who would see it abused.          
  12. As a true halo fan aside from already destroying kids with its perfectly balanced multiplayer the way it WAS,The armor was some thing truly special to me,it made you feel like a bad -snip- and made you want to flock it to anyone you killed, In H4 the armor style was just wack,everyone looked the same since it was so fast,and i felt no urge to really want to play the game to unlock more of its armor unlike the previous Halos,Halo 3 and reach had fantastic armor,and after Bungie left they took that great armor styled talent and put it in Destiny now,The titan class?? Man i could only imagine how they wouldve made the spartans look in halo 4 with that talent,but im not here gonna praise Bungie now,cause 343 can do it too,If they just spend a good amount of time putting the effort into every single piece of armor instead of just using an easy template for all the spartans,I mean if you need help just look at the Destinys Titan class xD (sorry again) but no really, I love what 343 is doing by going back to Halos roots and everything but the Armor was Definitely apart of that, Each spartan looked truly different from buff spartans with that huge knife as a shoulder piece in Halo Reach to slim spartans like in Halo 3,and then people would just make crazy combinations and it was great to even then see their spartans in Halo reach on the side with the vertical list view (As in all halo games) unlike H4 with its horizontal card style which made me feel like i was playing a game that was not Halo sadly,So yes Im hoping 343 would really hear me out on this cause im sure every halo player is hoping of a much better armor customization style for Halo 5,cause after they nail the multiplayer and make H5 go back to how Halo was, Im going to get bored if theres not that super impossible god like piece of armor that ill have to put in mad hours to get,like how halo reach did it ,if anything you can implement credits again and just use them to buy pieces of armor,make them at ridiculous prices and thatll get players to put a lot of hours in the game and especially if you can unlock armor from playing the campaign,and unlocking achievements,thats how you get them hooked,but once again MAKE THE ARMOR LOOK BEAST like a true war fighter spartan,just think Tactical,Military,and Warrior with sharp edges,and even in halo reach you could see some of the dirt and damage on some armor too. but if you listen I bet youll be in the right path to make some fine Armor for H5,Not super power rangers from space with retarted bright colors that made the red in matchmaking look salmon and the blue was like sky blue?? DO NOT REPEAT H4 with that armor style ever,again.but thank you for reading i know it was a lot to -snip- read but i felt i had to get this point across ASAP,cause this will be the decision for me if i actually want to keep playing H5 after you guys make the game "Go back to its roots" Side note: Whats up with all the Blue in Halo 4's UI? Make it a nice Dark mysterious atmosphere, sadly look how Bungie did it with Destiny? Lol sorry again
  13. Mark 4 He looks a bit better then the Mark 6 to me. The space diaper does not look as weird, but they fixed that in Halo 4. A very cool armor, the design was a test that would be used for the future armor he wears. Mark 5 Very cool, one of my favorites. It looks very iconic and original. Mark 6 Halo 2 era A bit of a downgrade to me. It just does not feel as unique to me, especially the helmet. Still badass. Mark 6 Halo 3 era More realistic, he looks less dirty. I like this, especially the scars. Mark 6 Halo 4 era A heck of a lot more detail and better design. I love the black covering his crotch. The shoulders and visor look nice too. My favorite out of all of them would be Mark 5, just feels more badass, my favorite helmet in all of Halo. Your favorite?
  14. Every time I play Halo 4 I think, "there's no difference in the Elites armor, or is there? If anyone could say, is there any difference between the armor shielding between the Elites? Because every time I shoot an Elite with a shotgun, they die instantly, or in hard their shield is taken off. Unlike in others like Reach, where there's a CLEAR difference between the shielding of Ultras, Zealots, Field Marshals, Generals, Minors, Officers, and Commandos. So if anyone could tell me: Is there a difference between the Elites shielding in Halo 4? If so, how much? Thanks to all of you wonderful people here! I see you in the night........ Happy Halo-ween!
  15. Ok well I was playing and after a match my venator armor I got when I pre-ordered the game was no longer there or available to wear so is there anyway I could get this back
  16. I think there should be more armor unlocked by acheivements and medals rather than rank or money. But they shouldn't be super hard to unlock eather, cause I mean, dude, how many people have you seen with a vangard or protecter helmet, ever? Tell me what you think.
  17. Armor Ideas. I know at least 80% of Halo fans have soooooo many armor ideas that haven't been added yet as well as gametype ideas, weapon ideas, etc. but those can be saved for another thread so what I want you guys to do is just post what you would like seen for armor in the comments whether it be a picture or just a description or both I just want to see that the halo community can voice it's ideas to the fullest possible spark in fact I'll start us off. Armor Name: Titan Armor Style: Heavy Helmet: A mix between Grenadier(third attachment option) from Halo Reach and Protector from Halo 4 Chest: A mix of ODST from Halo 4 and Katana from Halo 3 Shoulders: A mix between ODST and EVA from Halo Reach Forearm Left: Mix of Tacpad and Assault Breacher from Halo Reach Forearm Right: A Jackal Energy Gauntlet Legs: Hardlight from the knees down with grenade pouches on the right calf Visor Color: Gold and Red Unlockable Skin: WARTRN (War Torn) which takes the armor and puts it into as much action as you've been in in Halo Multiplayer history by cracking the visor a bit as well as the tacpad, showing some skin by cutting up the jumpsuit some, putting a couple of energy sword marks in your chest, and Putting some blood on the armor wherever. How you unlock the Armor: Get SAW-Distinguished in Halo 5: Guardians How to Unlock the Armor Skin: Get Human Ordnance-Master Special Weapon Skin unlock criteria: WARTRN Which is like TRM (Trauma) from Halo 4 but beats up your weapon a bit too and you can get it by unlocking the WARTRN armor skin. EXTRA CREDIT(NO WORK NEEDED): If you can give me some weapon ideas that you've got stored in your memory banks I'll do everything in my power to try and get it to be possibly put into the game's engine (no promises but I will try) -Sincerely, The team at TeamHostileTakeover Machinima and Commentary
  18. A couple of questions for all of you. Question 1: What do you think The Arbiter's HUD (Ammo Counter, Radar, Helmet Decals, etc.) will look like in Halos: 2, 3, and Guardians? Question 2: Would you like to see both the TrustySnooze falcon and the generic Reach Falcon brought back in guardians? Question 3: Would you like to have either Hayabusa or Raider armor as a Waypoint Unlockable? Question 4: Would you like to be able to make your OWN, PERSONAL armor whether it be intimidating or silly in multiplayer that only YOU can possess and tinker with as you please in multiplayer? Question 5: Would you like to be able to have your emblem on your elite character again like in Halo 3? Thanks for answering, ladies and gentlemen. -Sincerely, The Men and Women at TeamHostileTakeover Machinima and Commentary
  19. Will 343i ever release Bungie chest in Halo 3, like Bungie did on bungie day 2010? They can unlock recon, can' t they unlock bungie chest for everyone, too? inb4 Bungie made a custom code, 343i coders are as skilled as Bungie ones, so it won't be difficult for them.
  20. [FINISHED] Thanks for all your help! Looking for somebody to help with the Campaign on Legendary! I looking to get the Master Chief armor set for Match Making and stuff. Anybody willing to help PM me! I'll pick one random person! It should be by this weekend, hopefully. I'm too busy on weekdays with school and what not. Thanks for your time!
  21. I beat Halo 4 on legendary offline because at my house I only have dial-up internet, I go to my grandmothers house just to get online. So when I logged on today I my service record did not update. It still says "No Campaign Started" however if you look at my achievements, the "Beat the game on legendary" is unlocked. I'm really only complaining because I CANT GET THE MARK VI HELMET WITHOUT MY SERVICE RECORD KNOWING! Please 343 fix this for me because I'm really still on edge if i think you failed at making a good halo game.
  22. Halo 4 Master Chief fan made 3D model video Just another project of mine that I thought that I would share on here. Thus far I have put about 3+ years into it and I'm still working on it. But unfortunatly hardware limitations are making it hard for me to work further on the model since I'm wanting to fully rig it and have it run through an animation without any huge problems.
  23. Hi guys! When i play Halo Reach, I OFTEN see High graded (or not) person with an ugly armor... That's my opinion , of course, but i want to see how you look like, then if you have a picture of your spartan , share it with me And tell your grade (Because a Captain won't have the same armor than a Noble...) i won't judge, I just want to see And if you don't have picture, just tell what's the perfect armor for you (Just tell HELMET,SHOULDERS,CHEST) The rest isn't very important. That's my old Spartan, I don't look like that anymore...
  24. Halo Xbox One thoughts on gameplay mechanics NOTE : The following is mainly personnel opinion and may not accord to your liking. Any feedback of personnel judgement would be appreciated, Thank you. I feel that Halo 4 had an amazing campaign and direction of story but I'm sure we can all agree that the multiplayer of the game feels unfinished. That is why I am going to share my thoughts on what I think could make the next Halo installment one of the most memorable in the series. One of my thoughts is that cooperative play should feel more interactive such as the ability to share ammo and even interactive gameplay mechanics to help players get to a certain unreachable point. For example, in Halo 3: ODST there were supply caches scattered across the map. Say your playing the campaign solo and you pass by a point of interest that could aid you but is unaccessible and only notified to you in co-op through your HUD. So if you were to go back and play the same sequence (this time in co-op) then your HUD would notify you maybe on your radar that there is supplies nearby. You or partner could give the other a boost and be pulled up to achieve supplies. The next thing I wanted to talk about was the melee combat. I have been saying that it would be cool if you could equip your knife or bare hands since Halo Reach was released and featured assassinations. If a player were to run out of ammo with his/her firearm they could then switch to their blade or fists by choice. This wouldn't just be for the overall look. If you had a rocket launcher, it'd have more damage behind it's swing than your fists or knife would. But if you were to smack someone with it, it'd have a slower swing than your knife or fists would have. It would also add a possible variety with each weapon to have their own initial assassination, similar to Gears of War's executions. I would also like to see the same with armor. If I am wearing the scout helmet or boots then perhaps I should have increased vision or movement. If I had the EOD armor set then I should have an increased resistance to explosives. I'd also appreciate a quick timed counter attack during assassinations. Now I know you're probably thinking of Battlefield 4's counter knife attacks and that IS where I drew my inspiration from but trust me, this is different. Say a button prompt pops up on your screen as you about to be assassinated. If pressed at the correct time it would prevent a player from killing you and a second prompt would become available but whoever presses it first finishes off the other. For example say a player controlled spartan (or possibly even elite if they return) is about to stab you in neck from behind. You press the button prompted at the correct time and your character grabs the others' arm and flips 'em over your shoulder but the person you just flipped trips you and you fall as well. Your enemy climbs on top of you and raises the blade, the second prompt pops up and the following occurs: 1. The enemy pressed the prompt first and shoves the blade in your chest 2. You pressed the prompt first and your character twists the blade around and forces your enemy to shove it through their throat or visor A counter prompt type of mechanic could even work for vehicle hijacks. One example could be you're driving the warthog and an enemy hops in the passenger seat like how they usually do so they can pummel you out. In this situation you'd hold down the melee button for the amount of time it takes to perform an assassination and you character kicks the guy out of the passenger seat and they fall out only to have the rear tire roll over their face causing instant death. If the other person performs this on you then you would meet the same fate only on the driver side and they get to commandeer the vehicle after you have fallen. One of the last things I'd like to share is the many possibilities of forge mechanics such as unlimited objects, movable objects, weather enhancements, and backdrops. Bungie and 343i added a budget system to keep us from lagging our maps and prevent render problems onscreen. I would greatly appreciate it if they would remove this system and replace it with something much like Far Cry 3's level editor where it'd tell you if the game's "performance" was high or low. It would also make maps more immersive and possible if objects could be set to a movable state through their trait settings such as setting it a coarse to move in rapidly, back and forth or have it move to a position and stay there. These events could be triggered by a player entering a boundary, trait zone or through a time set for this action to occur. This would be insanely helpful to create things such as doors, elevators, traps and even custom vehicles. Forge would also be a whole lot more immersive with a weather enhancement system. Again this is much like Far Cry 3's level editor but it could also add more atmosphere to custom maps and shouldn't effect the map's rendering at all if it's just a visual effect and doesn't alter the map's environment physically. Weapons and vehicles are the last subject I would like to discuss because it is completely my personnel opinion and if you don't feel the same then that's fine. That's the reason I wanted to share this last. I would like to see the flamethrower, SMG, plasma rifle, plasma repeater, sentinel beam, and all brute equipment (such as the brute shot, mauler, spiker, spike grenade, flame grenade, chopper and prowler) return. Night vision would also have a pretty sweet comeback as either an armor ability or armor installment (like sprint) if there were more levels where you actually needed it. Speaking of which, stealth missions were great and some of the stealth missions were the most memorable moments in the previous Halo games. If a couple new stealth based levels were to be implemented in the new Halo then night vision and a knife would become pretty handy (if usable). Now the vehicles are the last thing that I am going to discuss... When I see a perfectly intact vehicle whether it be civilian or military, I WOULD LOVE TO DRIVE IT! Why haven't we been able to operate any vehicle we'd like in a Halo game before? I mean sure, we could take construction transport vehicles for a ride in Halo Reach but for instance in Halo 2's level, "Metropolis" there were over a hundred different vehicles abandoned on the bridge and around the streets of New Mombasa for like three or four kilometers. Why couldn't we take one for a spin? It's not like the keys aren't already sitting in the ignition of an abandoned car that's perfectly intact, right? Anyway, I hope you appreciate what I had to share and all of the above are completely possible and fairly easy to program and implement into the game. Any feedback would be appreciated. Soon I should have a couple of videos uploaded to a community channel on YouTube known as the Halo Xbox One gaming news and reviews. I am the owner and only member of this community and I would greatly appreciate any feedback you'd like provide. You may participate in this community I'm trying to build but only if you are actually willing to contribute. link to YouTube channel - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCowUL_bTJdePwUkwp9V5D4w/feed link to google+ page - https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/100922647061327760973/100922647061327760973/posts Thank you and as always... We'll keep you posted, ----------------------------- the Halo Xbox One gaming news and reviews team
  25. Is it just me or does the Halo 4 Infinity Armor Pack characters helmets look "Smooth"? like look at The ODST helmet, there's no detail, The Recruit helmet can pass off as ODST, the only thing that stood out to me on the ODST armor was the torso pack with the backpack... but seriously am I the only one who thinks this is weird kinda?
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