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Found 38 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am writing this post to highlight significance of the engineers in Halo 6. They should indeed play a vital role, and here's why: After the human-covenant war, humanity began acquiring Huragok, most of which had knowledge from the time of the Forerunners. This explains the major technological advancements seen in Halo 4, compared to the state of UNSC technology in Halo 3. These engineers are stationed upon every UNSC ship by the time of Halo 5, 2558, and they make technological advancements wherever possible. They were allowed to reproduce, each new engineer inheriting the knowledge of its parent(s). These engineers are essentially organic computers; biological AI. They learn, and serve humanity, with no opposition. It's like an AI without rampancy, they have no reason to fear humans, and the UNSC takes good care of them. We give them new tech to work with, and they make it even better. Did I mention they live for technology? So it's really a win-win situation, and here's how they tie in to Halo 6. When Cortana calls for all species to join her revolution, the engineers will certainly not be convinced. They essentially share the same value as us, and will support humanity and its allies against any potential threat. They have nothing to gain from joining Cortana, and will certainly remain with humanity over the Created. Despite the fact Cortana now controls the Prometheans, these engineers are aware of Forerunner knowledge that could give us the upper hand. One engineer can make a major difference, we essentially have a fleet of them. I strongly believe these engineers will play a vital role in countering the Created. Not only are they resistant to Cortana's persuasion, but they are pure intelligence which understand the Domain and how to deal with forerunner tech better than anyone else, and faster. Despite Halsey's exceptional intelligence which was certainly a valuable asset, there's nothing new that she or any other scientist can deal with better than the engineers. They are faster, and more efficient in every way than any other human. We'll need them, and should certainly see them in Halo 6. With them, we won't have to worry about not understanding anything, troops can be sent in with a definite goal assuming the Huragok have analysed everything necessary. I don't believe they'll continue to play a background role, they're now going to be more important than they've been for the past 5 years. What are your thoughts? How do you think the engineers will tie into Halo 6, if at all? - Spartan
  2. Hello, I am a french map maker and I will show you my first aesthetic map on Halo 5 : Elder light. This is an aesthetic Forerunner structure composed by 3 towers themselves composed by 3 constructions in an aesthetic close to Halo 4 and Halo 5. There is no game mode on this map, this map is purely aesthetic. I hope you will enjoy it !
  3. TL;DR - In think that the new forerunner weapons in Halo 4 weren't interesting and were just laser/energy versions of the human weapons. The incineration cannon was interesting and the scattershot was different but I hope that Halo 5 can offer some new, creative and iconic weapons. So yeah. I didn't like the forerunner weapons in Halo 4. Some of them were fun to use like the incineration cannon but none of them turned out to be iconic like the needler. My hope is that we get a lot of new creative and iconic weapons in Halo 5. I'm not saying it's easy to come up with iconic weapons I'm just saying 343 shouldn't hire any more designers who worked on the TRON movie. Most of the forerunner weapons are essentially laser gun versions of the human weapons. This in my eyes is lazy. To be honest the names for these weapons are pretty bad too (boltshot, scattershot....???!!). Halo Reach, the last game that Bungie worked on, had some nice examples of creative weapons. The grenade launcher (pro pipe), plasma launcher, the DMR (sem-auto rifle isn't necessarily inventive, but it was for Halo and developing 'bloom' was for sure a challenge), and the needle rifle. I love how the needle rifle richoches off of almost everything. The grenade launcher from Reach being by far the most creative edition of the game. It's like Bungie took the noob tube from CoD and made it into a viable thing to use in multiplayer that is actually fair and versatile. Truly brilliant m8. What do you guys think? Here are some of my ideas for what could have been interesting weapons: 1. Some version of an EMP type weapon/launcher. Kind of does something similar to a pulse grenade except more easy to use and powerful. How about an automaic weapon that shoots rounds which easily deplete shields? Plasma weapons sort of already do this but it could be a power weapon that is similar to this from crysis: http://crysis.wikia.com/wiki/K-Volt I can see a weapon like this being huge in competitive play. One guy in the front pushing forward and spraying out shield depleting blasts while the rest of the team picks the enemy off from behind him/her. 2. Damage over time weapons. Come on, we're talking about forerunners here I'm sure they can do better than laser/heat-based weapons. How about biological weapons that kill you over time? I feel it would be super cool to have some sort of forerunner sub-machine gun, like the supressor but more accurate, which shoots out rounds that go straight into the opponents health. It would be a power weapon of course. But instead of making it sound like a gun the rounds would have to look, feel and fire a lot more interestingly. I know that's vague but....yeah. So when you hear this gun basically you run or kill the guy weilding it from a distance. It would be very distinct. 3. Some sort of a gun that moves physical objects. Ok we have the gravity hammer, what's the next step? How about some sort of a device which can latch onto a vehicle or object and the player can use the analog buttons to toss it into something, or hit a button to push the object forward. Some sort of a splatter machine. If you tried to move a player, instead of being able to throw the player like a ragdoll (would be super annoying) it would just deplete some/all of the player's shields instead. The amount of time that would be allocated to you in order to move the object between picking it up and letting it go would be very short. Just a second or a second and a half. So you could latch onto something and toss it right after. Would make it less over-powered that way. 4. A complete killing machine. The incerineration cannon is powerful, same with the binary rifle. However neither of these weapons quite live up to what I imagined forerunner weapons to be like. I don't think anything 343i created came close. I believe it would have been possible and it is possible to implement a forerunner power weapon that is rare to find on maps, hard to use but totally iconic and satisfying to get kills with. Something OP but with very limited use. It would shoot out multiple flying arcs of energy....That crack and richoche on surfaces. Basically a gun that could shoot lightning out of it, forerunner style. The lightning would kill anyone in impact but it would be quite hard to control when fired in a general direction. The bolt of lightning would last about 1-1.5 seconds allowing the player to subtley drag it to his target. the lightning would arc off of the target and damage other things, without killing them. So basically a spartan laser that shoots out an uncontrolled lightning blast instead of a focused beam with a small splash damage radius...or A HUGE splash damage radius. Obviously it wouldn't be EXACTLY lightning but the blast would just look like it. I'm totally going to draw a picture of this and post it later.
  4. What makes a Forerunner Weapon... Beam-based... Anti-Flood... weaponry. We should look at current designs... the appearance of the weapon is built around the wielder, and some have variating fire modes. So we should have two firemodes... current ones and unique ones. That allowing a lot of significance when using and separating them from their UNSC and Covenant counterparts. Suppressor - Offensive Mode... Rate of fire decreases, bloom decreased... accuracy increases. (tap trigger) - Suppress Mode... Rate of fire increase, bloom increase... accuracy falls dramatically (hold trigger) Light Rifle - Burst Fire Mode (zoomed out) - Single Beam Mode... think focus rifle or sentinel beam in Halo: Reach and Halo 3. (zoomed in) Scatter Shot - Bolt Shot... charged shot with damage that is proportional to holding time. (hold trigger) - Scatter shot... more ammo and richochet but less damage. (tap trigger) Binary Rifle - Single shot fire mode... think light rifle zoomed in Halo 4. (zoomed out) - Binary Laser Tracking One Shot (zoomed in) Incineration Cannon - Single Photon Blast. (tap trigger) - Charged Photon Blast... think Plasma Launcher from Halo: Reach. (hold trigger) Stasis Pistol - Burst shot... a small spray of hard light. (zoomed out) - Decay shot... damage over time. Doesn't stack. (zoomed in) Plus create new forerunner/promethean weapons unlike the ordinary categories... Sniper, Shotgun, Heavy Weapon, Automatic, Pistol and Precision... we need a new special weapon like the Needler, Spartan Laser, Sticky Detonator, Railgun, Plasma Launcher, Focus Rifle, Sentinel Beam... perhaps a beam-based charged weapon if the above changes are NOT implemented? Okay I just thought of this new idea for making the Forerunner weapons a lot more unique... Firstly what do we know, or have seen, from Forerunner or Promethean Weaponry: - They fire hard light and photon projectiles... (Promethean) - They construct themselves around the user arm... (Promethean) - They disintegrate the enemy target... (Promethean) - They have a variety of fire modes... (Promethean) - They use beam-based firing modes... (Sentinels) - They have a glow or aura about them, that signifies a certain Forerunner caste... (Sentinels, Promethean) Secondly what are the Forerunners technologically advancements, that the other two factions, UNSC and Covenant, do not possess: - Gravity Fields Manipulation - Hard Light Projection - Slip Space Mastery - Star System Cloaking - Sentient Artificial Intelligence So my idea is we should see a lot more gravity manipulation and slip space weaponry that creates a different, unique weapon... like the Needler, Energy Sword and Gravity Hammer... which has still, not been successfully reskinned by the UNSC or Promethean weapons... same with the Spartan Laser, Rail Gun, Grenade Launcher and Stick Detonator... [buffer Grenade]Buffer Grenade... This weapon is a grenade. This weapon allows the user to manipulate gravity around an foreign body, which slows the enemies or allies. "This Forerunner device was used for Forerunner crowd control and can manipulate gravity fields in a certain location, around the device. The device creates a denser environment... which puts more strain and pressure on the muscular and skeletal systems, of foes, thus slowing or even halting the riots." This grenade should be combined (integrated into) with the Pulse Grenade which can be used for crowd control of objectives and choke-points alike. [Confinement Gauntlet]... This weapon is a gauntlet that builds around the players arm, which creates a glowing Forerunner glove. This weapon has 2 charges upon pick up, and can only have 3 charges maximum. The weapon is an instant kill and can target any player, beside the manipulator, friend or foe. To operate, the user presses the firing trigger, which then must be held to maintain the portal (5 seconds maximum)... otherwise portal disintegrates and the tear in real-space is repaired. "The manipulator can summon a slip space rupture that causes foreign bodies (scenery, vehicles, weapons, enemies, allies), that are not attached to any planetary body, to be drawn into a tear in real-space. The foreign body is sent to a slip space bubble, which lacks the basic necessities to survive... oxygen, food, or water. This is known as the null dimensional plane." This weapon can be used to get multiple kills from projecting the rupture at objectives or block entrances to certain access points in objective matches... as well as key choke-points in a slayer match. Besides these new additions changes to the current weapons mechanics should be made... The mechanic should be changed instead to not have single weapon classes, or categories, with one hard body... but have one Forerunner weapon that manipulates itself for the purpose it requires, via modular components pick ups. In other words a player could start out with a suppressor but wants to use a light rifle he/she could simply grab the modular device require... which transforms (deforms then reforms) the gun in front of the user without the need of pick up trading... this would essentially be pick ups (modular pick ups) but with a spin that gives a uniqueness to Forerunner weaponry... so an all-in-one gun...
  5. Hi guys ! There is some Forerunner aesthetics for helping for some Forerunner theme / structures. Forerunner Aesthetics GamerTag : SnR Zaelkyria Map : Forerunner Aesthetics Description : Some aesthetics for theme Forerunner. Not playable. DoanLoad link : Forerunner Aesthetics
  6. So I've been going through Halo 4 on Legendary after taking some time off from it. I got through levels 1 and 2 without any issues. But then came time to play level 3: "Forerunner". After several failed attempts to load the level, a little message appears at the bottom of the screen saying I may be missing some downloadable content. Every other level loads just fine. Only Forerunner gives me problems. I downloaded the Spartan Ops Episodes 6-10 free DLC to see if that would work. No such luck. I tried re-installing disc 2. Nothing. Do I have to pay for DLC in order to carry on with the campaign? I was playing in co-op and when we reached the end of level 2 the game sent us back to the lobby, so I don't think restarting the campaign will fix the issue. My last resort would be to delete all of my saved data from my Xbox and start completely from scratch, but if anybody has any other suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.
  7. INHERITOR By Squally DaBeanz Players: 4-8 Gametypes: Slayer, CTF, KotH, Ricochet Inheritor is a medium sized symmetrical map with a two base design. The map was designed with symmetrical objective gametypes in mind (especially Ricochet), and takes subtle design elements from Midship, The Pit, and Gemini. The map is divided into five main areas: The two bases (Red and Blue), the upper platform (Gold), the middle atrium, and the outer balcony (Green). There are also various jumps throughout the map for quicker movement between areas. A majority of the jumps have been optimized for easy use. Each base has a bridge leading into the middle atrium, a tunnel housing the sniper with a lift at the end, and two large ramps leading up to the lift exit. The upper area of each base leads into gold, while the doorway on the other end connects to the outer balcony. The outer balcony curves around the outside of the map, connecting the two bases and the middle atrium and houses a teleporter leading to gold. Gold is a large platform with a ramped structure dividing sightlines between each base landing, and has sightlines over the middle atrium. The middle atrium has two ramps leading to a floating middle platform, and two small balconies connecting to each base looking down on the platform. A sword spawns on the middle platform and a rocket launcher spawns out on green, by the teleporter entrance. Each team gets a sniper off of spawn, with quick access to Gold via the lifts. Enjoy! Video Walkthrough:
  8. Chronos Chronos is a medium sized symmetrical ring shaped map for 4V4 matches. The idea of this map was to create a somewhat circular map with different "rings" circling an enclosed atrium in the center. The result was a Forerunner themed structure slowly being taken back by nature with various height differences and crossing sightlines through the middle atrium. Screenshots: Download: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/squally%20dabeanz/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0 Chronos is set up for Infinity Slayer, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, and Swat. Slayer and Hill played as well as I had hoped. However, CTF and Swat were surprise hits on this map, offering a lot more depth than I had anticipated with those gametypes. The straight shot through the deadly center made Flag surprisingly fun, forcing players to skirt around the edges with the flag. And the varied sightlines through the center and segmentation of the map makes for some great Swat matches. Any and all feedback is appreciated!
  9. Ok, whilst I am busy, I will post on here another plot line I was thinking about for the next halo installments. As they have yet to announce what the story will be, I am continuously day dreaming about different stories, so I figured I would post another. It involves Cortana and some previously mentioned/ already considered plot derivatives. I will post a full version later tonight.
  10. This is a map based off of the Didact's Cryptum. There are forerunner structures with forerunner weapons. And the Cryptum is flyable. It is a medium to large sized map and up to 16 people can play at once. The game type was originally made by MATT but I changed the game type a bit and renamed it. I also made the map. The game type must be used in order for the Cryptum to be flyable. Gametype: The Didact's Cryptum Map name: The Didact's Cryptum There are in my fileshare. Gamertag: atxbrit
  11. How do Cortana and the Chief know that the Forerunner they meet is in fact the Didact? Maybe I missed it but Cortana seems to just pluck the name out of the air, and then everyone (even the Librarian, with whom they've had no contact) refers to him as such for the rest of the game. It seems as though there's no canonical way for them to know that this guy is the Didact until the meet the Librarian and she lays it out for them Their in-game logic seems to be "I read about a Forerunner called the Didact once, I just met a Forerunner, therefore that Forerunner is the Didact" - no dice, this doesn't work
  12. Chronos Chronos is a medium sized symmetrical ring shaped map for 4V4 matches. The idea of this map was to create a somewhat circular map with different "rings" circling an enclosed atrium in the center. The result was a Forerunner themed structure slowly being taken back by nature with various height differences and crossing sightlines through the middle atrium. Screenshots: Download: http://www.halowaypo...le&startIndex=0 Chronos is set up for Infinity Slayer, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, and Swat. Slayer and Hill played as well as I had hoped. However, CTF and Swat were surprise hits on this map, offering a lot more depth than I had anticipated with those gametypes. The straight shot through the deadly center made Flag surprisingly fun, forcing players to skirt around the edges with the flag. And the varied sightlines through the center and segmentation of the map makes for some great Swat matches. Any and all feedback is appreciated!
  13. Ever since Halo CE I have been interested in these Galactic scale Genocidal Weapons. Though to anyone who played Halo and enjoyed the campaign did I guess. Though even after reading all the books and learing all the lore I could since I started playing Halo CE, the workings of the rings kill everything mode still escape me. We know that they destroy the Flood by starving them, as well as destroying all Flood within range, this being explained this in game. But they have never shown this happen. Except for one small scene in one terminal of Halo CEA of a lizards arm dissolving. But that raised more questions than answers. It looked like the trees in the background were not harmed at all. That made me think of Cortana in Halo CE when she said it destroys all sentient life large enough to sustain the flood. But in games like Halo 2 and Halo Wars you can see Trees being consumed by the Flood for biomass. I always liked to believe that the rings sent out a huge pulse of radiation in the form of Hardlight that the Forerunners use so much that just burns every organic cell it touches leaving crispy blackened sterile planets. Does anyone know if this is correct or total crap that Im talking about here?
  14. Hello! My name is Freelance IND and I am here to tell you about the war simulator community that is Forerunner Conflict. What is a war simulator community you ask? In a nutshell, it is a community that simulates the actual feeling of a real war and military-like feeling in the HALO universe. There are two armies, REDD and BLUE, who "battle" every Sunday night at 6PM (EASTERN TIME ZONE) over various maps to gain control of a "war map" that we have created. In a war simulator, each army has a ranking system, and each army also has Battalions and Platoons. The "Wars" (as we call them) use a variety of gametypes, some simple such as SLAYER and CTF, and others more unique and custom-made, but in the end all feel like an actual war setting. ***See bottom of post if you are already in a clan/community. History of our community: Our community has been around since the spring of 2005, which means we've been around for ALMOST EIGHT YEARS. Our name has gone through various changes, most notable ones are Red vs. Blue Wars, Allies vs. Axis, Galactic Wars, and Red vs. Blue Retaliation, before finally becoming Forerunner Conflict by the start of Halo 3. Through the years we've gone through many positive changes to make our wars more authentic and fun. Currently, there are approximately 200+ soldiers and growing fast each day. This all sounds awesome! How do I join!? Well first off, you should visit our forum boards, register, and enlist for whichever army you would like (PLEASE REGISTER WITH YOUR ACTUAL GAMERTAG, and please put who you were referred by. In this case, it would be Freelance IND. Our forums are http://fcwars.net/. But, you can't immediately jump into battle once you enlist! Even in the actual world, all enlisted must go through a BOOT CAMP. Yes, you heard me, BOOT CAMP. This has been the TRADEMARK of our community since the day it was created. All members must go through a BOOT CAMP, in which they will be told the rules, regulations, and will be shown several few military-like tactics that can come in handy in the actual battles or even matchmaking! We also to use BOOT CAMPS to weed out anyone who isn't interested or not taking us seriously. To receive a boot camp, please enlist on the forums and you will be contacted by a drill instructor. **You MUST be at least 15 years old to enlist. Special cases will be made for people younger who can prove they are mature enough to be with us. Our Most Important Rule: RESPECT! Though our community is a war simulator and we take our roles seriously, our number one focus is about RESPECT and making sure everyone is having fun, because in the end that's why people play video games, to have FUN! If you join, don't hate someone because they are in a different army, our job is to make sure everyone is friendly and having a fun time, while at the same time being competitive! We encourage people to make many new friends. So if you are looking for a fun, yet military-like competitiveness and new interesting experience over HALO 4, PLEASE CONTACT ME (or preferably one of the army leaders listed below) IMMEDIATELY!! I will gladly respond ASAP and answer any questions. MAKE SURE YOU VISIT OUR FORUMS FIRST THOUGH! http://fcwars.net/ !! MAKE SURE YOU POST IN THE UNIVERSAL RECRUITMENT SECTION PLEASE! TL R: If you're looking to join a large and very unique community that utilizes HALO 4 custom games to the max with a spice of authentic war-like feeling, then you should enlist in an army and join the wars of Forerunner Conflict as a soldier in either the REDD or BLUE Army! Feel free to bring your friends as well! Look us up at FCWars.net! Make sure to register an account using your actual gamertag! (Also, please help us keep this topic popular by replying with your interest in the community, THANKS =D) People you can contact for Army information: BLUE ARMY: WSxPhoenix-Field Marshal Purple Gamer 17-General Nicolas Sapien -Lt. General Sicarioano -Maj. General Death758 -Brig. General R.E.D.D. Army: FuzzyStormz-Field Marshal Unlucky Num13er-General Relapsive-Lt. General Gargoyle605-Maj. General VerbotenDonkey-Brig. General ***If you are already in a clan, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR CLAN TO JOIN OUR COMMUNITY. Like I said, we are a community, not a clan. You can bring in your clan as a group into these wars and we will give you a set squad/platoon depending on how many people you have. But again, by no means are we trying to destroy or poach members from your clan. If you are interested in affiliating with us, then by all means contact our Forerunners.
  15. Hey guys, i was just wondering if anybody is as much in love with the halo universe as i am. To be more specific the Forerunner saga. I've already read the first two of the Forerunner books and would love to just discuss it with people who have also read the books and are as much looking forward to the third and last of the Forerunner series. I really want to discuss the conversation the Didact had with the primordial towards the end of the second book. Talk about how awesome ancient humans must have been during the Forunner-Human War. Talk about how you guys feel about their 'Religion', so to speak, of upholding the mantle and of being the guardians of all life. That and everything else that makes Forerunners an amazing fictional race. Seems as if we could actually learn a lot form this fictional culture. And to Bungie and 343 for making/continuing such an awesome universe. Hopefully 343 that this will not be the last we hear of the Forerunner, I want to read more books regarding their culture, maybe even everyday life for a Forerunner. Maybe even some small conflicts that the forerunner had to overcome in their long years.
  16. Now It came across to me to think who the hell would a Grunt invite to his/her birthday party? Any ideas?
  17. Do you wonder, Elite Ultra v A forerunner? who would win in a break dancing contest? I think the Elite would totally win.
  18. Sacrifice (may change name if a better one comes up) Concept idea for a new mode Based on the campaign Librarian Memory sequence Concept- A survival mode that doesn’t end till you and your team die from the Flood (The Halo Arrays fire) Description- The Spartan fire team(you decide) enters a Forerunner construct and accidently re activate an ancient ancilla that links all the Spartans to the last moments of the Forerunners memories .The Forerunners have lost and the remaining survivors huddle in their defensive place as the flood pours in. The Halo Arrays are charging and readying to fire. This is not about survival the Forerunner race this is the last fight the end of the forerunners. The Classes The Builder Security- The builder Security an architect of the Forerunner Empire’s defense is also the architect of its people’s demise. The builder Nightborn lost his people, his home, and his way of life… but he hasn’t lost his family and fights for them. (When the Halo Array finally fires he has a holo link with his family showing them disappear like composing then he himself and he flood invading disappear in a flash) Abilities- Construction- Construction allows for the creation of specialized constructs ranging from Turrets to Synthetic Constructs. Construction type Turrets- Nightborn can create a turret a specified local that can be upgraded and repaired/reconstituted by watchers. How upgrading would work- When using the D-pad selection for turret you look at the turret you want to upgrade and press the D-pad selection. Construction type Sentinels-Nightborn can teleport in sentinel class constructs to assist in the defense. How Sentinels would work- Using the D-pad look at any location and a group of sentinels will appear to assist by either repairing defenses or attacking enemy forces same upgrading method works. Construction type Promethean-Nightborn has access to the Didacts elite warrior constructs and can teleport them into assist in the defense. How Prometheans would work/Upgrade- Same as the Sentinels Construction type Weapon pack teleport pad-The builder can teleport in a weapon teleport pad for allies to use to teleport in new weapons. How the teleport pad would work- Players would use the pad to use points they’ve accumulated to get new weaponry or ammo for their current weaponry. How upgrading the teleport pad would work- As the teleport pad is upgraded heavier weaponry will be teleported in. (Weapons would be randomly selected with heavier weaponry being harder to get) Recycling- Anytime there is excess weaponry on the field you can chose to recycle these weaponry for resources needed for construction. The Promethean Hunter-The Promethean named The Hunter was deemed by the Didact too important to join the other Prometheans in composition and instead sent him to fight and coordinate the Forerunner forces in threat of the Floods advance. His title was earned by his ability to ruthlessly kill Flood key targets and escape unseen. He has nothing left in this world but his people and will do anything to protect them. (His death scene involves watching the last of the Forerunner people being vaporized) Abilities- Advanced Camouflage-The Hunter can remain completely cloaked while moving and running and firing (this deception doesn’t mean you can walk into the enemy wave and snipe everything.) The Lifeworker- The Lifeworkers were the saviors of all life protecting and evolving it now with the Halo Array the Lifeworkers final project was to save life. The Lifeworker Life given to the Mantle had finished his goal and saved the last of the index now with nowhere left to flee he heals the mortally wounded and injured soldiers helping ease the last of their pain. With nothing left to save he helps the others in the defense helping his fellow Forerunners. (His death scene would be watching his fellow comrades be vaporized in front of him knowing he could do nothing to avoid this fate.) Abilities- Advanced Regeneration Field- The deployable field grants temporary Overshields as the users are in the field once they leave the field the Overshield is gone. The Promethean Warrior- When the Didact was originally attempting to make himself immune to the Flood he experimented on his fellow Prometheans. Fallen born of light, one of the elite Prometheans was among the first to assist the Didact in the experiment. While Fallen was considered a failure his brevet mutation allowed him to have an increased combat efficiency against the Flood. Due to the nature of the Flood the Didact informed Fallen that should the Flood ever attempt to infect him his suits ancilla would begin an immediate self-termination to prevent the flood from using his brevet mutation against the Forerunner people. (His death scene is that a flood forcibly attempts to infect him and he then hears his ancilla telling him goodbye.) Abilities- Telekinetic Push/Pull- Fallen can use his brevet mutation to either pull an enemy towards him or forcibly send an enemy flying away. Using the D-pad you can change the polarity from push to pull. Enemy Types- Flood- Infection Form- Simple infection form easily destroyed Combat Form-These are infected Human and Forerunner people who have been turned against their own people to further spread the infection. Combat forms come in two varieties ranged and melee forms. -Combat Form Ranged- These combat forms use ranged weaponry to attack you. -Combat Form Melee- These human combat forms have lost the ability to use ranged weaponry and has grown blades out of their arms to slice enemies to pieces. Carrier Forms- These combat forms bodies have lost their utility and have become mobile suicide infection spreading Flood bombs. When they detonate they release multiple infection forms. Pure Forms- These Flood are not made from host infection but the very Flood mass itself and have the ability to transform their forms. These types of flood are very deadly and require heavy weaponry to destroy. -Tank Form-This juggernaut is a heaving mass of destruction that will rip anything near it to bloody shreds. -Stalker Form-These annoying pure forms harass and sneak upon you defenses. While less armored and easier to destroy, this type will become bothersome to destroy. -Ranged Form-This form of pure form relies on firing spines at enemies as their only means of offense. -Mortar form- The tripod like Mortar form releases explosive spores at the players position and must be destroyed if defenses are to be made safe. These forms transform directly from ranged forms. Juggernaut Form- This beast of the flood forms is rarely encountered and is incredibly deadly. This form uses whip arms to smash defenses to rubble and splatter defenses to paste. Renegade Forerunner Sentinels- Sentinel-Average sentinel that has fallen under the control of Medicant bias consider it a threat. Sentinel Major- An enhanced version of the average sentinel that takes much more punishment and can dish it out even more. Enforcer Sentinels- These colossal Sentinel constructs are forward shielded and require heavy ordnance to destroy you have been warned. Waypoint Link https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst143574_Idea-for-a-game-mode-for-Halo-4--Sacrifice.aspx
  19. Ok so I must have overlooked some information and linked some things in my mind that weren't accurate because when I played through Halo 4's campaign I was very confused by the time it ended. I would like to say I have complaints and questions about everything in the story but I'm only going to focus on the one unconfirmed subject for me at least, that being The Forerunners. Throughout the games and books the forerunners are said to have been a race of super advanced beings who expanded across the galaxy, then in an effort to destroy the flood they killed themselves and all sentient life. But they had libraries of samples belonging to all sentient life in secure areas so they could be distributed back after the Halo's were activated, restarting sentient life from where it left off. So I'm going to jump right in with my opinion here. Until I played Halo 4 I always assumed the forerunners were in fact humans. Hence why the Prophets referred to them as Humanity's forefathers, why Guilty Spark calls humans Reclaimers, why only humans can use (and instinctively know how to use) important forerunner controls. But as it happens I was wrong and the Forerunners are simply confused aliens. You may be wondering why I said "confused" aliens, well my friend I can only assume they were confused. Or at the very least their thought processes are very different to that of a human. Let me explain. Why when they wiped out all sentient life did they clone all the species, excluding themselves. Did the forerunners decide their species had been around for long enough? Did they simply forget to add their own samples to the libraries? For whatever reason when they fired the Halo arrays the forerunners decided that they weren't worth having around any more. That's one reason why i thought they were humans, because we were a result of their gene samples that were plonked on Earth after the Halo's were fired. But what confuses me most according to 343's cannon, they were at war with humans. So before they all died they made sure that their mortal enemies could rise back up to their former glory and use all the forerunner technology. I may have missed something but to me that makes little to no sense at all. Which brings me on to humans. Where's all the ancient human stuff then? Over the years humanity has discovered Forerunner artifacts, robots, planets, stations and weapons. Yet not a single human space chair has been discovered. There is no evidence anywhere that anything besides the forerunners existed before the events of Halo. But apparently Humans were not only a living species they were also a galactic nation large and advanced enough to stand against the forerunners. So where are their planets? Their robots? their Artifacts? Or did the ancient humans just have an identical taste in architecture and engineering as the forerunners? As I've said I must have gotten the wrong end of the stick or something because I've always felt that Halo had been subtly hinting that humans and forerunners were the same. But maybe I'm wrong and they've always been shaved brutes with jedi force powers. But if someone could weigh in and explain what I've missed I would appreciate it! And another thing when did every one find out that forerunner's name was "Didact"? I swear he never mentioned it to Cortana and Chief when he was evily monologue-ing
  20. Hello forum. I don't know if a whole lot of you are interested in role-playing the Halovese and writing, but I'm putting this out there anyway. I am a Roleplayer, and started a board specifically to provide, a fun. Roleplaying experience in the enriched Halo universe for fellow enthusiastic fans of the Halo franchise,if your a roleplayer, interested in roleplaying or love the Halo Universe, holler in this topic or send me a PM. Or head on over to the board http://s13.zetaboards.com/Halo_Ascension_Rp/index/
  21. Over the course of the campaign, we learn that long ago, Humanity and the Forerunners went to war. Ultimately, it was learned that the Humans weren't making war with the Forerunners, but, in fact, running from the Flood. Okay, wait... If Humanity was already engaged in a galactic battle with the Flood, WHY would they EVER start a war with the Forerunners? Aren't they threatened enough? Well, I've heard it put, "If you're running from a serial killer and have to cut through someone else's property, you're not going to care about the person that owns the property, you're running from a freaking serial killer." Okay, that makes sense. But wait...how did the Forerunners not learn that Humanity was fighting the Flood? I mean, it should have been very, very obvious. Well, maybe it all happened so fast that by the time the Forerunners realized humanity was fighting the Flood, it was too late for either side. Okay, that makes sense...only no, it doesn't. At all. Because the Forerunners and Humanity were at war for ONE THOUSAND YEARS. Yes, the Librarian herself states this fact, that they were at war for a millennium before they realized that the Flood was a thing. This doesn't even APPROACH making sense. We've all seen how fast the Flood spreads. How fast they work. Even if somehow, someway, the Forerunner battled Humanity on a galactic scale for a thousand years and SOMEHOW never ran into the Flood...don't you think Humanity would try to communicate the fact that they were facing a race of parasitic, unstoppable killers that would gleefully not only wipe out Humanity, but the Forerunners, too, if given the opportunity? Wouldn't it make FAR more sense for Humanity to try, desperately, to form a pact with the Forerunners? And I can't believe it's a breakdown of communications. The Forerunners built the Halos, they built the Ark, they are apparently able to enact a plan that takes literally one hundred thousand years to come to fruition. There's no way something like a lanague barrier would stop them. So, am I missing something here? How could 343i drop the ball so thoroughly on this little fact?
  22. Im just wondering what your all think of the various new forerunner weapons that are coming out. Boltshot, Lightrifle, Scattershot? Theres more I know but those are of the top of my head. Anyway, thoughts?
  23. I wish there was a bug thread. Anyways, I'm sure this bug has been reported but I cannot find it, along with the bug section of the forum. I just completed 'Forerunner' on Legendary. This does not show up under Career>Commendations>Player>Campaign>Forerunner. Under Campaign Lobby>Missions>Forerunner the Highest Difficulty Completed is Solo Legendary. Also, I have not recieved the 'Wake Up, John' achievement for completeing the Campaign on Normal or harder.
  24. Is it just me or is every Promethean/forerunner weapon overpowered ? There is a weapon kinda like a sniper that fires 2 shots and each one can kill in one shot. Plus there's another Promethean weapon that requires you to charge it up and fire a blast that is way too strong and can get one shot kills from across the map, especially in Ragnarok . It's ridiculous and sch a game breaker , i actually quit playing for a while yesterday from one shot kills coming from my enemy side one after the other . The light rifle ( pic related also feels over powered I was killing enemy's left right and center with still clips left in the gun and getting kills with only 2/3 head shots. Health also seems a little too short for a halo game. I have an over-shield but it might as well not be there .It's already disappeared from 3 shots on a DMR. Other than that 343 done a great job.And the game is awesome. But i think some weapons need nerfing ASAP
  25. Was looking over the Halo 4 launch gameplay trailer and found something interesting about the Forerunners, well.... at least the one shown in the trailer, lmao! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIspQ1NmGf4&feature=player_embedded From that trailer I grabbed a few screens of this "Ancient Evil". Now let's count the fingers. One...two...three...four...five...six!!! Yes folks, this Forerunner has six fingers!! Well, to be "technical", 5 fingers and a thumb on each hand (which do appear to be opposable, lol)!! The "pinky" isn't viewable in the second screen. I guess 343I figured five wasn't enough to fully wrap around Chief's head!! Enjoy!!
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