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Found 2 results

  1. This is a map based off of the Didact's Cryptum. There are forerunner structures with forerunner weapons. And the Cryptum is flyable. It is a medium to large sized map and up to 16 people can play at once. The game type was originally made by MATT but I changed the game type a bit and renamed it. I also made the map. The game type must be used in order for the Cryptum to be flyable. Gametype: The Didact's Cryptum Map name: The Didact's Cryptum There are in my fileshare. Gamertag: atxbrit
  2. The Didact will side with Master Chief in Halo 4. PROOF: 1) The Didact's Cryptum scans Chief, it ignores him and continues to fly to the INFINITY *This shows that the Didact does not see Chief as an enemy that needs to be killed at this point in time 2) The Didact goes to the INFINITY and Cortana says, "I know where he's headed" *The use of "he" implies that they have already met, and clearly they have survived their encounter with the 'terrible' Didact 3) Master Chief replies to Cortana's statement with, "The same place we are." *Because 343i said that Halo 4 will be more theatrical than the previous Halo's, and they said that they would suddenly not make Chief into Susie-Talks-A-Lot, it is safe to assume that everything Chief says is important. Further, I wholeheartedly believe that 343i will use Chief's words as more than words but symbols. I believe that this statement to hints that the Didact and Chief will be going to the "same place," implying that they will become allies with a common goal. 4) A Promethean zaps the Elite charging Chief with the sword. *Self-Explanatory 5) Lastly, the Promethean Knight, under the control of the Didact, does not kill Chief, but knocks him out. *Since 343i would receive death threats if they killed Chief in the first game, it is clear that the Didact does not kill Chief. Becuase he has him unconscious, and has the power to kill him, and doesn't, it shows that he needs him for something and will become his ally maybe to destroy an even more ancient evil: The Timeless One, a Precursor whom the Didact supposedly killed. -As a side note for the sake of plot development, at the end of Halo: Primordium 343 Guilty Spark is shown to be 'highjacking' an ONI ship in search of the Librarian, the Didact's lover, whom, in terminal 10 of Halo: CEA, Spark says can "temper [the Didact's] anger." This could be a major plot of the game which could be the cause for the alliance between Chief and the Didact. Concept art for a Precursor compared to image compiled from one of the first trailers:
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