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Found 4 results

  1. So guys...we meet again. In case you still haven't had time to read through the first and beginning entry of how to become a better halo player, please look at it here, you could learn something new, and it's always good to learn something new everyday! http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34004-how-to-become-a-better-halo-player-biggles-is-back-1-halo-4/ Anyway, I will try to put in as much/more detail into this one as i did into the others, as i know how much you guys LOVE detail, so, lets get on with this golden post! (Literally, it's covered in Gold, take the gold!) 1. Different Types of Power Weapons and how they can be effective. As said in my last entry, the power weapons are very effective in a game and can easily change one game from a certain victory, to an humiliating defeat. Not only that, they are actually quite fun to use too, so, lets get started, I AM ONLY GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE 3 MOST COMMON POWER WEAPONS SEEN, SO, NOT THE INCINERATION CANNON OR FUEL ROD, ONES THAT ARE COMMONLY SEEN ON MOST MAPS. a) Sniper Rifle/Beam Rifle Probably the most well known/commonly used power weapon in any game, the Sniper Rifle obviously is useful for long distance battles and can be used for a variety of reasons. It can provide, with the right position, an overview of the entire map and can be so useful for helping your teammates out, by giving them the right type of communication and the right kind of call outs, you can put your teammates one step ahead of the opponents and you can see them before they see you, and then will be able to get easy kills because you know where they are, and they will have no idea while you're giving them the back-smack! Aside from this, not only does the sniper give a great overview of the map and allows your team to get in place to control the map, it obviously has its main use, to get kills. When you pick up the sniper, I always tend to stay a bit further back from my team and make sure that I can pick off my team (i don't stay at the VERY back, otherwise i feel like i'm of no use, you need to have that impact and the idea that the opponents should watch out for you, and if you stay at the back you can't see much of the map) but i always tend to stay on the opposite side of the opponents and also behind my teammates, so they act as a kind of barrier. However, you need to be wary of teammates coming behind you too, so make sure you always move around, so your position doesn't become too well known, otherwise, you've given the sniper to the other team. Which is the last thing you want to do, because if you do, they can pick you off one by one and make the game and your game plan a waste of time for you. Not only does the sniper work for you and your teammates, but it can also work in general play-terms. When not actively helping your teammates, you can also watch the power weapons and make sure no one else takes them. If you only have the Sniper Rifle and they have the Rocket Launcher/Railgun, they will have the advantage, power weapon control is all about having the strongest and the most power weapons so you can control the map easily. If you watch the power weapons, you can make sure no one else has the power weapons and make sure your teammates find it easier to control the power weapons and can actually use it as a way to tempt them to take the power weapons, but all that will happen is that they end up with a bullet in their head. The last thing that a sniper can be used for is to watch the person who has the objective, whether it be the flag or hill, you can kill the enemies who go near him so you can continue your dominance, because you are protecting your teammates. In summary, Snipers are good for: Long Range assaults Watching other power weapons Protecting the Objective Influencing the game Keeping yourself alive acting like a ninja type person. Weak: Close Range Closed Positions Rocket Launcher/Promethean Cannon In terms of raw power, the rocket launcher has to be in the top 3 of the most powerful weapons. (Behind the Promethean Cannon and the Binary Rifle) The reason it can be seen to be so powerful is because it has a fairly large AoE (Area of Effect) which can kill multiple enemies if they are caught in the blast radius. Unlike the Sniper Rifle, the Rocket launcher is not something which you can sit at the back with and just camp and hope for the best. The Rocket Launcher is seen to be a more of an "assault" kind of weapon and something which you just need to run straight in there with and pick up as many kills as you can. Its not really a defensive weapon (because of its radius) or a weapon which you can really sit around with, however, it is a weapon of such large influence. Because of the kind of weapon it is, it can turn a game on its head so quickly and can give you the advantage, you can get at least 4 - 5 kills with it, which is quite a lot in a slayer game, and in objective, if used right, it can guarantee your team a flag capture / 30 - 40 points in the hill, the possibilities with the weapon are ridiculous and its actually quite devastating. However, it is weak against people in the air/uphill as they can jump over the rockets/glide over the rockets and can kill you quickly, also, the rockets have very limited capacity, so you have to make every shot count or you've essentially wasted the best power weapon in the game. They can be used for map control as people will fear going around the corner in case you are around there for rockets, therefore it can allow your teammates to go and take map control and then shut the other team down and then be even more in control of the game, and this is because you picked up rockets. If you have the Rockets AND the Sniper in your team's hands, then it can win you a game easily if used correctly. Always Jump with the Rocket Launcher too! Blowing yourself up for a kill is always the LAST choice and is something that should be avoided, if you jump, not only does it give you the height advantage over the player, it minimizes the damage you will take and then you will not die, instead of running straight in and blowing yourself up, which could also potentially give the rockets to the other team (Thanks to P34nut for reminding me to put this in) In summary, rockets are good for: Short - Mid Range Assaults Protecting the objective / Destroying the opponent's objective MASSIVE influence in the game Getting 5-6 kills (Slayer) Map Control Weak: Against Snipers Against JetPacks/Uphill Limited Capacity c) Railgun My Opinion of the Railgun is very short and very bias. I don't like the Railgun at all, and to me it is the weakest power weapon of the lot and something which shouldn't be in Halo 5. However i'm not going to have a rant and instead i'm going to explain what the weapon will offer to you. So, The Railgun can be used at anytime and pretty much for any position, it can be used for close range, mid range and long range and because it is 1 hit kill, it is quite a useful power weapon to have as it can stop people from moving and it happens so instantly once it has charged up that you never get time to move, like you may do with a Sniper Rifle. The Railgun in the right hands is a good weapon and it is definitely something that can change the game. I think Unease P34nut sums this up really well: The railgun is quite the effective weapon IF you know how to use it correctly. Although it might work sometime long range shots are a no go unless your opponent is standing still or moving just slightly. When you ignore my previous warning please look at this tip instead. Right after charging your Railgun use you binoculars as a quick zoom in before shooting. You'll be much more accurate this way. Please keep in mind that the Railgun slug takes some time to get to the target so calculate that in. Also Using the Binoculars before you pull the trigger causes you to unzoom. Now the way I like to use it is in close quarters and sometimes mid-range if I'm sure to hit the target. Most people won't even see it coming because the Rail Gun charges really quickly and even quicker when you time your trigger release as it does not have to be fully charged. Target users of other power weapons and take 'em out before they can even think about pulling their trigger. 2. Mentality Whether we like to admit it or not, our Mentality affects us a lot. Whether it be Halo, Sport, Exams, Work, Essays etc, it's really important that we have the best mentality possible for anything. Going into halo with the attitude that is negative and feeling that you're never going to improve and you're just going to lose all the time is the worst kind of attitude you have. I bet you don't have that kind of attitude to work or anything like that, so why have it to Halo? you are 1000x more useful to yourself and your team if you are in the right mood. So, what is the right mood? The right mood is when you are upbeat and positive, if you come in with a positive attitude, then you will do better, your shot will be better and you will actually want to play, don't feel the anxiety of going into lobby and going against other people. Halo isn't just about winning, its like any multiplayer game, its a learning experience and the more you play the more you learn and the more different things you'll do, and you will definitely improve. Halo, as said previously, isn't about winning from the get go, its about how you cope with defeat at the beginning and learn more and get tips to become a better player. I know people, including myself who get down in the dumps and feel like Halo is just a load of crap, and that you're not good enough, and even then it still happens now. But as long as you get through that and look on the more positive sides of the fact that you are a good, learning player, then everything will be fine. Because you're learning, just like everyone else, not just in Halo but in life. We are all learning, and this is how halo is meant to be seen to be. You need to want to learn, i can give as many tips and tricks as anyone else, but if you aren't willing to try them and out and try and learn from then, and try to adapt them to your own gamestyle, there's no point of watching. The whole point of my series is a kind of guideline, so you can get the basic outline of what you're supposed to do and how everything works, but i can't tell you how to do every single thing and there are some things in Halo you need to pick up yourself. You need to be open to constructive criticism and take it as a way of learning and not as a personal insult, if i had done that, i'd be a much better player than i am now. In short, don't let your ego get in the way of you getting better, and that applies to anything, not just Halo. But most of all, you need to have fun, if you are not having fun, don't play. Gmaes are made to be enjoyed, no matter how competitive they are. If you don't enjoy halo and it frustrates you, just don't play, its as simple as that, having fun is the whole reason to play and to get that thrill out of winning and even losing, and enjoying talking to your friends, this is what the community is about, if you don't enjoy playing from the start, play another game, as Halo may not be the game for you. If you don't enjoy playing but are a seasoned veteran, take a break. A break can allow you to think about your gamestyle, evaluate it, and as a result improve, it also gives you the break you need from playing too much and allows you to take a rest from the game, and actually improves your game and makes you play better (as you now think about how you play and don't make such silly mistakes as you would if yo were frustrated.) If you hate on the game, the game will hate on you. So in short, while Halo may be a competitive game to you, it should be something you want to get better at and have fun at, other wise you will not get the full experience you should get out of it, and this applies to life. I know I have gone off topic in parts, but i feel making the comparison between Halo and Life is important. 3) What to do when you find your ideal team and how to organize yourselves So, after you've found your DREAM team, they're perfect, they're solid halo players, they're really nice, they know how to improve and are improving all the time, and are giving you tips and tricks on the way, so, what is there to do now if you want to become a better team? I've learnt overtime setting people to do certain positions and certain roles is the WRONG thing to do. People can adapt to different situations and have different games and may be doing the role that the other player will do. While you may do one type of thing specifically, IE: Capture the flag more and be more of an objective player, doesn't mean you are the sole objective player and no one else can take the objective, if you have the chance of making the impact to your team, despite it not being seen as your main role, take it! Your team is more important and to win easily you may need to make sacrifices to your own gamestyle and maybe go out of position to make sure you keep map control and keep the advantage over the team, so then you find it easier to capture the flag and actually be more SUCCESSFUL in game. Your role doesn't matter at all, and don't let anyone tell you that, you need to do what's best for your team, and if that is maybe going into a slayer role when you are objective/support, you need to do it. Another thing is to make sure your team all get along and have common interests outside of Halo, if you have no other interests aside halo, its likely the team chemistry will be lacking and you will struggle to find anything to talk about outside of Halo, which is not very good. You can't solely talk about Halo as that will stress you all out and it will get to be a long and boring conversation very quick, and you will not want to be a team anymore because you will all think you're boring, something which cannot happen. Team Chemistry is basically how well you get along IN AND OUT of the game, and if you don't get along OUT of the game, there is no point of even being a team, since it probably won't last very long. Maybe you all like sports? Just talk about that outside of the game, just find a common topic you can all talk about and can have a laugh about so you are all relaxed and ready for the next game, you will be all tense and will eventually get angry at each other if something goes wrong, you need to be relaxed and not stressed at all. You also need to make sure you are each pulling your weight. If one of you is slacking and not wanting to play and is basically bringing down the whole team, first, talk to him about it. Tell him you all want to improve and you feel he needs to play more/have a better attitude, or you will consider looking for another teammate. If he still is slacking, talk to him and tell him you're looking for someone else, but say this as an empty threat, if he has an excuse not to play or maybe he has family problems, THAT IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE, DON'T BE A COMPLETE IDIOT AND MAKE HALO COME BEFORE FAMILY, NOTHING COMES BEFORE FAMILY OR OTHER SUCH IMPORTANT ISSUES. However, if the person is still slacking and has no real reason for it other than a cba attitude, get rid of him. You've given him enough times to try and make an effort and build team chemistry, but clearly he doesn't want to, so, why keep a teammate who doesn't want to play and is just letting the team down? Just get rid of him and look for someone who wants to play. Always try to keep the original team though, you made that team because you thought you could get along, and just because results aren't going your way doesn't mean that you should get rid of him, everyone has bad games, and everyone doesn't play 100% perfect, so, let people have bad games, everyone has them and maybe we are weak in a certain department. The last thing you wan to do is break tehir confidence and shout at them for not playing well, again, just give constructive criticism and let them learn from their mistakes, its the only way of doing it properly without hurting their feelings and making sure they still want to team with you without thinking you're a complete moron. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This was pretty poor from me, sorry guys, I will edit it heavily most likely and make it a lot better than it is currently, but i am still looking for advice on the railgun and any good posts will be edited into the thread. Again, i hope this helped, i will add detail when I'm not as tired, Peace all. Biggles Song for the episode: Episode 3: Haven - The Ins and Outs Best Specialization to have Manners In Game.
  2. TitanFall is inching closer and closer to release every day, and with each of these days it seems that there is always more news coming from Respawn Entertainment about what we should expect for their upcoming title. The most recent of this news was tweeted by Vince Zampella in response to a question a fan asked on Twitter yesterday: This doesn't seem to be a very big problem in my opinion, considering Halo slayer matches are 4v4 and I have plenty of fun in Halo. As Luke Karmali pointed out in an article on IGN, this player count does not include the AI fighters and points out that players can set their Titans to Guard mode or Follow mode. So while its not going to surpass the player count set by other games, it still has all the makings of a very fun, competetive FPS. SOURCE
  3. Hey I am looking for a static team of minimum 4 players to play with. A team where you can communicate with. And get used to eachother. I have about 1,40 KD and i am only getting better right now. If you're interested in a static team add me Gamertag: Dark Lord Doku
  4. I wish there was a bug thread. Anyways, I'm sure this bug has been reported but I cannot find it, along with the bug section of the forum. I just completed 'Forerunner' on Legendary. This does not show up under Career>Commendations>Player>Campaign>Forerunner. Under Campaign Lobby>Missions>Forerunner the Highest Difficulty Completed is Solo Legendary. Also, I have not recieved the 'Wake Up, John' achievement for completeing the Campaign on Normal or harder.
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