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Found 22 results

  1. Sniper0092

    War Scars

    From the album: Art

  2. Some Background Info: We are a Halo Warsim that dates back to Halo 2, over the years we have tuned our craft, as we have played through Halo 3, Reach, 4 and MCC. Now in Halo 5 we are in the middle of a war, and are looking to recruit more members to participate in our War Simulation events. What We Do: On our War Sim events we divide up into two factions, simply named REDD and BLUE, who fight over control of various maps in Halo 5. Members in each faction are put into a number of squads who practice and compete together each weekend in Battle Nights, as well as other weekly events including matchmaking, practices, scrimmages, customs nights, and skirmishes. Overview of Battle Nights: These are our primary events and the highlight of the War Simulation. Every week, each faction chooses a map controlled by the enemies to attack, and the Battles occur on either Saturday or Sunday at 6:00 PM EDT. Those who attend are grouped into teams and face off against those from the opposing faction, aiming for wins in order to help their faction win the map. Each map has numerous games played on it, with 8v8 maps generally being best of 9 and 4v4 maps being best of 15, though this is adjusted based on attendance. After each Battle Night, the warmap is updated and the cycle begins anew. For those curious this is the current Warmap:http://puu.sh/o6rC8/5925f92509.jpg (there's other things which I'm not explaining as they get a bit complex, but there's an "Auxiliary Battle" system that works similar to RISK also at play, which is what the small squares and circles are for) The ultimate Goal of each army to reach the opposing Capital and capture it, ending the war. It does go deeper than that though, if you're curious about anything or want to know more, just ask. What we are looking for in our recruits: Able to be respectful (we don't want ***) Active in Halo 5 Sense of competitiveness We do ask you be at least older than 15 if you wish to join (those under 15 can join once we verify that you're mature enough) After enlisting in a faction, everyone has to go through a "bootcamp" where we explain the community rules and such What else can we do in Forerunner Conflict? In truth Forerunner Conflict has always been member-run, meaning “Forerunner Conflict is what you put into it." The main feature is the War Simulation and Battle Nights, but there are numerous other events hosted weekly by members and open to anyone. We have a leadership of members that have been dubbed the "War Council" and is made up of representatives from each army and a few neutral members as well. Our current leadership is as followers: REDD - Field Marshal Solus Exsequor Lieutenant General L0rd Kanti Major General WTFRaptor BLUE - Field Marshal Metkil5685 General GuzzieStyle Brigadier General Silko10 If you are interested or have questions feel free to message me in this thread. Also if you wish to get a feel on how we run our battle nights before joining, we can get you involved in our Scrimmages held the day before battles each week.
  3. The Halo:Reach and soon to be Halo:4 and possibly Halo:5 when it is released clan War Machine is now recruiting. If you would like to apply you can 1. check out the application form on our website at http://warmachineclan.weebly.com/2. message me at DirtierCow41447 on Xbox 360 or Xbox One (I have both), or 3. comment on here with your gamertag and an alternate way to reach you. Once your application,message,or comment is received/seen we will review your message and/or application and/or comment and then invite you into a party if we think you have potential. Once in the party we will start training with a friend of mine or with different maps or both (most likely both) and then you will be given a choice of which branch you would like to go into. From that point on you are considered a member of the clan. If you have any specific questions you can email them to me at [email protected]. -DirtierCow41447
  4. The Halo:Reach and soon to be Halo:4 and possibly Halo:5 when it is released clan War Machine is now recruiting. If you would like to apply you can 1. check out the application form on our website at http://warmachineclan.weebly.com/2. message me at DirtierCow41447 on Xbox 360 or Xbox One (I have both), 3. Message Eivx99 on Xbox 360 (she does not have Xbob One) , or 4. comment on here with your gamertag and an alternate way to reach you. Once your application,message,or comment is received/seen we will review your message and/or application and/or comment and then invite you into a party if we think you have potential. Once in the party we will start training with a friend of mine or with different maps or both (most likely both) and then you will be given a choice of which branch you would like to go into. From that point on you are considered a member of the clan. If you have any specific questions you can email them to me at [email protected]. -DirtierCow41447
  5. Unease P34nut's Curb Stomp Event Halo is our main playdate material. But let's switch things up a bit shall we? Load up your Gnashers and rev up your Lancers because we're going to kill us some grubs. Yeaheahea that's right! Gears of War 3 time!!!! Now here's how this is going to go down. Some people might or might not have this game so I'm going to keep this as simple as possible. Just some rag-tag fun and mayhem in Online Multiplayer, Private Multiplayer, Online Horde and Private Horde ANYTHING YOU LIKE!!! Don't forget to hit that X or Y button from time to time to humiliate your opponents in a gruesome way. So when is this going down? Since my only free day lately is Sunday we're going to keep it that day. Same time, same day. BUT since I have the feeling not a lot of people have this game on their shelf we can discuss a different time to suit your lifestyle a bit better and get the maximum amount of players in here! Time and date: Sunday 13th of July 4 PM EST Which is 9 PM GMT A Gears of War 3 lobby can hold up to 10 players including the host. (If I remember correctly) So sign up now! 1. Unease P34nut 2. Ardent Prayer 3. Stinky 4. rrhuntington 5. Coldfreeze 6. Vaulting Frog (Maybe) 7. Edward Kenway (Late) 8. D-38 BOSS (Maybe) 9. Self Destruct 10. HaloGeek
  6. Would you like to join a gaming clan based on trust and teamwork? Do you like strategy and fun custom games? Well if you answered yes to any of the above, forerunner conflict is the place for you. Choose which army you want to be apart of, red or blue, the choice is yours. for more information PM me and I'll send you a link. Help your army in this never ending war. If you decide to join the blue army tell em darkwhip sent ya .
  7. A good game entertains the masses, but a great game will give them war stories! In Halo Reach I snuck into the enemy base, grabbed their flag, and ran behind a parked worthog awaiting a driver. I saw a enemy coming near the worthog, I hopped into the worthog and yelled into my mic "GET INTO THE HOG AND GET ME TO THE ENEMY BASE!" He immediately jumps into the driver's seat and starts to drive! As he does I hear over his mic an explosion of cursing and rage at the fact that he was driving his enemy to the enemy base with his own flag! He figured it out right about the time we got to the front door of my base. I thanked him by giving him a close up of the flag pole's hilt. Afterwards I hopped up and victoriously planted the flag. Now enough of my war stories! Do any of you have any you would like to share?! I'm sure you do.
  8. As you all know, the Sangheili species are not (yet) playable on Halo 4. 343i and lots of people use the argument "The Multiplayer (War Games) is now canonical to the Campaign", but here are the stuff the are wierd about this: ->The MM is actually a simulator aboard the Infinity ->The simulation is to train Spartan IV's ->The Flood is destroyed (at least not present on Campaign nor SpOps) So. You see what I mean? The humanity has not encountered the Flood at all after the events of Halo 3, and yet we have a Flood-specific gametype. I know that it's for the fun, but think: ->S IV's are probably not going to face Flood ->The Flood is not present at all ->The War Games are supposed to simulate an actual battle ->You get to control the Flood ->S IV's probably don't even know what the Flood are You see where this is going? 343i didn't include playable Sangheili for canonical reasons. If it is supposed to tie up to both SpOps and Campaign, why are the Flood in the WG simulator but Sangheili aren't? S IV's are going to face the Storm faction, a Covenant remain thing. So why not to put Invasion too? You Spartan fans are going to say: "Oh, simple, why would a Spartan, the mighty powerful Spartan with cool armor, would want to see the war as a dinosaur?" And here's my answer: "Why would a Spartan want to see the war as a Flood?" It makes no sense. UNSC would be then training a demonic, inter-galactic parasite to defeat their ranks? Because if an infection happens, the infected spartans would know how to take out other Spartans, so yeah. No sense. It would make way more sense to include Sangheili. Why? ->There actually are Separatist Sangheili that are allied with the humans ->There is no alliance between Humans and the Parasite ->Seeing the war from your enemy's point of view is a good strategy You may say "But there are no Sangheili aboard the Infinity". The humans have the tech to create a frigging huge ship! I think they are more than capable of creating an "A.I" that the players would control. 343i needs to think of a better excuse of such a stupid move. What would you think?
  9. Hello! My name is Freelance IND and I am here to tell you about the war simulator community that is Forerunner Conflict. What is a war simulator community you ask? In a nutshell, it is a community that simulates the actual feeling of a real war and military-like feeling in the HALO universe. There are two armies, REDD and BLUE, who "battle" every Sunday night at 6PM (EASTERN TIME ZONE) over various maps to gain control of a "war map" that we have created. In a war simulator, each army has a ranking system, and each army also has Battalions and Platoons. The "Wars" (as we call them) use a variety of gametypes, some simple such as SLAYER and CTF, and others more unique and custom-made, but in the end all feel like an actual war setting. ***See bottom of post if you are already in a clan/community. History of our community: Our community has been around since the spring of 2005, which means we've been around for ALMOST EIGHT YEARS. Our name has gone through various changes, most notable ones are Red vs. Blue Wars, Allies vs. Axis, Galactic Wars, and Red vs. Blue Retaliation, before finally becoming Forerunner Conflict by the start of Halo 3. Through the years we've gone through many positive changes to make our wars more authentic and fun. Currently, there are approximately 200+ soldiers and growing fast each day. This all sounds awesome! How do I join!? Well first off, you should visit our forum boards, register, and enlist for whichever army you would like (PLEASE REGISTER WITH YOUR ACTUAL GAMERTAG, and please put who you were referred by. In this case, it would be Freelance IND. Our forums are http://fcwars.net/. But, you can't immediately jump into battle once you enlist! Even in the actual world, all enlisted must go through a BOOT CAMP. Yes, you heard me, BOOT CAMP. This has been the TRADEMARK of our community since the day it was created. All members must go through a BOOT CAMP, in which they will be told the rules, regulations, and will be shown several few military-like tactics that can come in handy in the actual battles or even matchmaking! We also to use BOOT CAMPS to weed out anyone who isn't interested or not taking us seriously. To receive a boot camp, please enlist on the forums and you will be contacted by a drill instructor. **You MUST be at least 15 years old to enlist. Special cases will be made for people younger who can prove they are mature enough to be with us. Our Most Important Rule: RESPECT! Though our community is a war simulator and we take our roles seriously, our number one focus is about RESPECT and making sure everyone is having fun, because in the end that's why people play video games, to have FUN! If you join, don't hate someone because they are in a different army, our job is to make sure everyone is friendly and having a fun time, while at the same time being competitive! We encourage people to make many new friends. So if you are looking for a fun, yet military-like competitiveness and new interesting experience over HALO 4, PLEASE CONTACT ME (or preferably one of the army leaders listed below) IMMEDIATELY!! I will gladly respond ASAP and answer any questions. MAKE SURE YOU VISIT OUR FORUMS FIRST THOUGH! http://fcwars.net/ !! MAKE SURE YOU POST IN THE UNIVERSAL RECRUITMENT SECTION PLEASE! TL R: If you're looking to join a large and very unique community that utilizes HALO 4 custom games to the max with a spice of authentic war-like feeling, then you should enlist in an army and join the wars of Forerunner Conflict as a soldier in either the REDD or BLUE Army! Feel free to bring your friends as well! Look us up at FCWars.net! Make sure to register an account using your actual gamertag! (Also, please help us keep this topic popular by replying with your interest in the community, THANKS =D) People you can contact for Army information: BLUE ARMY: WSxPhoenix-Field Marshal Purple Gamer 17-General Nicolas Sapien -Lt. General Sicarioano -Maj. General Death758 -Brig. General R.E.D.D. Army: FuzzyStormz-Field Marshal Unlucky Num13er-General Relapsive-Lt. General Gargoyle605-Maj. General VerbotenDonkey-Brig. General ***If you are already in a clan, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR CLAN TO JOIN OUR COMMUNITY. Like I said, we are a community, not a clan. You can bring in your clan as a group into these wars and we will give you a set squad/platoon depending on how many people you have. But again, by no means are we trying to destroy or poach members from your clan. If you are interested in affiliating with us, then by all means contact our Forerunners.
  10. TOWER WARS Download Map- http://www.halowaypo...3f-4bf5d4ca0ebd Download Gametype- http://www.halowaypo...63-f508aff0f9fc A few weeks ago I made this map, My friends and I had a heap of fun playing on this with a full lobby. I would reccomend 12-16 players, the more the better with this map. Basically how it works is both team have symmetrical bases, They have a sniper pit, and Vehicle depot. The Vehicle depot has a ghost, 4 Mongeese, a Warthog, a Sentry Turret, Mounted Machine Gun Turret and a Wraith. An Incineration Cannon spawns in the middle of the map every 6 minutes. It's a CTF Mini Game map. The map is called "Tower Wars", Gametype is "Tower Wars CTF" Video Picture Time! Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoyed!
  11. Hello, I'm zombiesocks99. And today, I will be showing you the Trench wars map and game type I have recently created. I should probably get this covered first. GamerTag: zombiesocks99 Map: Trench Warfare Game Type: Trench Wars Upon realizing that one of my most favorite game types in Halo wasn't on Halo 4 yet, and that I have pretty good forging skills, I decided to make one myself. And this beauty was born. After the fall of the Territories Game type, I decided to use Dominion, because It looked like it could include so much more for an already awesome game type. Let me be your tour guide for today, and show you around the map. (Sorry for the low quality pictures.) This is the interior of the red base. Everything you see here, is on the other side of the map, same goes with the blue base. I like symmetry. You have unlimited ammo if you are in your base, this includes the roof, but does not provide unlimited ammo at the main mortar cannon. (Coming up!) One Concussion Rifle ordinance drops in from time to time to offer support. The wings on the left and right of the bases are spawn rooms. To prevent spawn camping, there are two ways you can exit your base. The first exit is just the basic front exit, while the second one is up the ramps, which leads to the roof. Each exit is covered with a one way shield for obvious reasons. This is the warthog of the base, It provides mobility and firepower for the team. You've stuck with me this long, how about I show you the base's exterior defenses. This beast is the main mortar cannon of each base. I have positioned each (Symmetrically!) so that they can only cover a limited range, just outside of the enemy's base. (I will admit, it took me FOREVER to position the tanks like this, but it's worth it!) The main mortar is actually pretty difficult to get a kill with, but if you can plan where the shot is going, you will have a good time. Protip: When using this machine, the enemy's rocket hog is NOT your friend. Another angle of the mortar cannon in action. (A good example of what the enemy team will look at) More defenses! These two things are the Wraith mortar secondary defenses, it pretty much replaces the Revenants from Halo: Reach's Trench Wars. Unless you're a god, I doubt you could plan a kill with this thing. It's more of a "Shoot everywhere, and maybe I'll hit something" Weapon. If you can position your shot just right, you could be able to kill someone camping in a trench. Who knows? This is the third and final defense. The Shade turrets are well protected and the building that was placed over them keeps your head nice and warm from even the most trigger happy Spartans! This thing should be used if you want enemies to retreat and duck behind cover, or simply if you want to light up the battlefield. Protip: This should only be used if the enemy's main mortar cannon is destroyed. Otherwise, this'll happen... ... Yeah... Now, let's focus on the main trenches themselves. Shall we? Due to basic Dominion, you can not capture trenches if you are on the side of the trench. (Y'know, It's not territories...) You can only capture a base if you are in the middle of the trench, looking at the Base terminal. Once a territory is claimed, It will fortify, bringing up a few barricades and turrets with each trench. Resupply ordinance depends on the trench you're in. Once in a trench, enemy trench or ally trench, you will have unlimited ammo. Fortification of a trench in action! Once all trenches are captured by one team, or whoever racks up the most points within the time limit, that team wins. Thank you for sticking with me on this tour, I hope you are interested in this.
  12. 17 kills. All without dying. What gives, 343i? Why you make me want to break things? :C
  13. We Need Better Custom War Games! Because of the recent hype of precision weapons being unbalanced, it is obvious that the maps are one of the biggest influences on the hype, due to that most maps are oblong and stretched, what we need is a tight corridor map, something like mazes, but that are actually oriented to the competition. These tight corners and hallways will lead to our great ascendance of gameplay that we truly desire as loyalist Halo fans. Thus, this is once we were forced to with Halo: Reach, and It's going to take some hard dedication and some serious builders to orchestrate these masterpieces that we speak of. And so I call out for you strong forgers alike, in the hopes that we can revive the spirit of custom War Games in hopes that the affordable experience that was once lost shall return. Now you may be dumbstruck by my vocabulary, but do not be frightened, for I am one of you as well. I am humble and relaxed, but I must have the efforts to stop an inevitable fate that we will succumb to in our future, known to us as the File Browser's defeat in Halo: Reach, and I simply won't let it happen again... I also call out for you who seek rich flavor of custom gameplay in my occasional lobbies of such. If you feel the need to start anew, attend for me at the gamertag of DeathRhinoAC130.
  14. Here's an awesome tactic I just discovered myself: In Capture the Flag, grab a Sticky Detonator and plant one on the tip of the flagpole (or anywhere on the pole for that matter). It can also go near the bottom where the flag is planted in the ground for the best method of concealment. The enemy, faced with the intensity of taking your flag and other people pushing towards them, will probably not even notice a Sticky C4 strapped to the pole. Instant C4 explosion! After a death or two, they might pick up on it and first shoot your Sticky, especially since it makes a beeping noise, but you'll be sure to get a few kills this way before they notice. Thought I'd share a funny and practical way to aggravate your opponent
  15. Just got my Halo: The Thursday War from Amazon! So happy!
  16. I am running through trees..the wind in rustlingthe leaves on this dark knight..dodging arrows as they are being shot at me..I swiftly move through anything that can keep me from getting hit by these arrows. Breathing heavily as I am short of breathe. Sweat is pouring down my face as I am now faced with a huge wall that I cannot get over. I turn around and there are hundreds of these things around me..Red eyes and they snarl at me. "What do you want from me?" I yell at the crowd of what seems to be demons. One approaches me and it makes a gurgling noise..It then runs at me and punches my chest impaling me. Blood runs down my mouth.."Why..?" It brings me to his face and in a demonic voice it says "This is your fate" and he tosses me to the other demons and just as I feel hopeless and lost....I awake from my nightmare. I awake gasping for air. "AHHHH!" I yell as I awake. Someone rushes in the room and holds me down a bit. "You okay Skys you have been hurt pretty bad you should rest a bit more. "I am fine i need to get to AD" I look up and instantly blush. "Oh..hi" I say trying to keep myself from staring to long. It is Cheese and she is looking as beautiful and unique as ever. She has a slim shirt on that is covered in chainmail and she has the most perfect curvy body with blonde hair peeking through her hood. You can only see her eyes but her face is so capturing it makes you blush. I begin to stare and start to daydream when suddenly a small dwarf walks in. "Skys you cheeky *******, you sure do know how to put a show on huh?" This dwarf is small with a 5 o clock shadow and plate armor. He is about up to my waist in size and carrys two small but heavy axes on his waist. He has some mead on his waist as well but what can you expect it's Mr.Biggles with his long but curlyish hair. I smile and reply "Well Biggles if you weren't at the pub you could've nearly died with me and Spectr.." Biggles cuts me off with urgency. "We need to see AD now" His facial expressions change and they begin to seem worried even for a little dwarf that is carefree he seems a bit serious now. I grab my equipment and put on my armor and walk out. We walk into a sort of tent thing outside in the dessert and AD is waiting inside. AD turns to us but he isn't greeting and he gets straight to business. "Skys I know you are recovering and most of my men are wounded but now is the time to strike" We have one of the strongest bases TheHaloCouncil ever had. And with this base we will need to defend Matowa. Biggles eyes widen and Cheese stands behind me shocked. "What is Matowa Absolute Dog?" AD looks up and then stares at me. "It is an area of land we have yet had the oppurtunity to take until now"...He pauses and then says.."I have sent countless men and woman out there and all I get back is..there remains.."This is where I put my faith in a small platoon of men that can handle hundreds maybe thousands of trolls at once." He looks at me and points.."You will take a small team I put together and take this place and defend it with your very life. I can only be of small service for I am drained from my last event claiming this base. Now go and capture this place for 343i!! He says this and turns around. We all nod and go outside. I see a row of men and woman standing some familiar and unfamiliar. I first notice someone that everyone knows but cannot put our finger on him. His name is Mayhem but really we should call him Ghost. He is a quiet person wearing all Grey light armor and has two small blades sheathed but you cannot see this persons face he is wearing a long hood. I nod and he nods back. Next is my old team that I spot. Yoshi, Spectral, and Tssicksense as well as Victory Element but Victory is busy flirting with some girls and doesn't acknowledge me like the rest. I chuckle and say "Well nice too see my team is back to normal" They all let out a nod and shout in agreement. Spectral walks up and reaches out his fist. *brofist* "Glad to see you're okay Skys" I smile and then turn to the new faces. One guy is wearing a pink suit and has a light helmet on with a pink visor and is carrying a bow and arrow but this bow looks tuned up. We all know him but never got in touch. His name is Bullet. I walk to him and shake his hand "Nice to meet you glad to have you on the team. I hear a snarl behind me and get startled. "Ermm..Hello sir" This man is standing in front of me wearing all Wolf Pelt and has a great sword with a wolf inscribed on the front. He snarls and sniffs me. He then grabs me and hug me then walks away and stands behind the group. I now have in front of me Biggles the Dwarf, Cheese, Bullet, Mayhem the Ghost, SykoWolf, Spectral Tsickssense and Victory Element. I look at my team and smile. "Let us do this for the glory of 343i!" Victory jumps in and says "AND FOR THE LADIES!" Then Sykowolf jumps in and says "FOR MEAT!" We all then stare at him and he smiles with a wolfish grin. A portal opens in front of us and we all get our serious faces on..Yoshi jumps in and we all smile. Who could forget about you? He walks into the portal first and everyone follows in. We all are now in a jungle sort of place..In the distance everyone stares at what is called "Matowa" It is a tower like no other built before. Easily the size of Mt.Everest. Everyone gets in preparation for any ambush and suddenly as we do someone walks through the bush. Instantly Yoshi runs and jumps on the person coming through the bush and then.....begins licking his face. It is Zaguroth and we all sigh in relief. "About time you guys caught up I have been scouting for a few hours now" We all nod and Zaguroth leads the group. "What do we have here?" Spectral says on top of a tree. "How did you climb that so fast?" I said in my head. He looks ahead and sees a small camp of trolls by Matowa. SykoWolf snarls and his eyes turn a darkish red. "Cheese stand back with Bullet and Mayhem you guys are our support from the distance." We all creep up on this small camp and prepare to stike when suddenly..BOOM! an explosion is heard near us and everyone at the camp is startled and begin running towards us. I look behind me and see that Yoshi triggered a trap and explosives are now going off. "ROAR!!!" Says SykoWolf running towards the trolls jumping on one and impaling another with his great sword. I instanly see Zaguroth throw his axe at a few and get them stuck onto a tree where his axe stays. He then grabs a troll by its head and crushes it in his hands. I run up with Spectral and Spectral jumps up and slices through the air grabbing one while he is levitated. The troll looks at Spectral "You stupid Scr..." The troll is cut off from talking as Spectral throws him down at the ground instantly crushing the troll on the ground. A troll is about to jump on me when suddenly two arrows hit the troll straight in both its eyes. In the distance i hear "Got one!" and then another person says "My arrow hit his eye too!" I chuckle as I see Bullet and Mayhem competing. Cheese is in the distance just volleying arrows at a few trolls in the distance pinning them down. Suddenly a small thing passes my vision and it runs into a crowd of trolls. "You like that? How about some of THIS? Or THIS?" It is Biggles slicing away at the enemy like butter with a knife. Biggles then jumps on a larger trolls back and he repeatedly stabs the troll in the head til it falls lifeless on the ground. Spectral then grabs Zaguroths axe and hurls it at a few more oncoming trolls while Zaguroth jumps on Yoshis back and using the momentum jumps and plants his knee straight into a large trolls head instantly killing it. Everything gets quiet and the trolls seem to have stopped. "Is that it?" Biggles says sarcastically. Victory Element walks up to us and says "Stay quiet guys"...We all stay quiet when suddenly...BAM!! Bullets body is seen hurling through the sky. Spectral jumps up and catches his body. We look in the distance and see Mayhem and cheese fighting off something. My eyes widen as we now see the biggest troll ever. He grabs cheese and throws her at us. I jump up and grab her. "You okay Cheese?" She nods in pain. My hands begin glowing and my team is now prepared to deal with this monstrosity of a troll. We all charge at once. Spectral flys at it and throws his sword impaling the trolls arm but the effort seems useless the troll is still rampant. Syko wolf then jumps in the air and swirls and flys through the troll scratching a tearing at its legs but the troll grabs Syko and hurls him into a tree. Zaguroth then runs to him with his axe but the troll grabs Zaguroth by his hands and holds him up. The troll looks at him and then snarls "YOU WILL DIE NOOB" says the troll and Zaguroth gets punched right in the gut with this huge troll and Zaguroth goes unconscious. Arrows begin flying at the troll as I see Mayhem shooting arrow after arrow at this troll. Biggles now runs up with his small axes and begin stabbing the trolls foot..The troll kicks Biggles but Biggles grabs on and holds on. While the troll trys to kick him off. Victory Jumps on the trolls back and stabs it with his Great Sword and his sword is stuck lodged in its back. The troll is still moving. I then run up and start using my wind energy and start pushing it back little by little hurling my hands while they glow yellow intensely. The troll falls onto one knee and lets out a ROAR! We stand our ground and Yoshi knocks the troll back with momentum. The troll falls on his stomache and Tsickssense with Spectral jump on the stomache and begin stabbing it repeatedly in the chest. We all watch ready for the next attack when suddenly. Another huge troll comes in and kicks tsickssense off the almost dead troll and Spectral levitates up fast dodging the attack. Bullet then grabs his bow and aims at the almost dead troll and fires five arrows at once into the trolls head. The trolls screams in pain and agony then becomes lifeless. The other troll becomes enraged and grabs a tree as a weapon and swings it knocking me back and sending me flying next to the other wounded teammates. I get back up grabbing my chest. Victory then lifts me up and says very promptly " I am tired of these MOTHERF***** trolls in this MOTHERF****** land!" He grabs his greatsword and throws it with such incredible force and it impales the troll straight in its chest. It trys to remove the sword but biggles begins stabbing his foot. The troll soon dies and falls....right on Mr.Biggles. We all seem satisfied and we all smile while Mr.Biggles is asking for help under the troll. Spectral lifts up the troll and throws the lifeless body towards some rubble. Biggles stands up and says "You think its funny watching the little guy get squished by a big guy?..." We all group up and Zaguroth walks to us limping, " Can't we just find a camp that is filled with a buffet of food and hot girls?" I smirk and say "One does not simply walk into a camp without nearly dying first" Everyone lets out a laugh and SykoWolf lets out a small howl. Matowa is now in front of us and we all begin walking into the large tower. We all get a telepathic message from AD "Don't fail me now" AD says and quickly ends his message. We nod and press on. Yoshi opens the large doors with SykoWolf. As we open it we hear running in the distance towards us. Bullet turns around and readys his bow and arrow but stops and realizes who it is. 'Look who decided to join the party?" Cheese said while we all looked at The Lizard. Biggles shivered and said "Good lord it is bad enough I can't stand slimy scaly things..but you sir top it off" He shivers and walks in. we all smile. Cheese and Zaguroth are up ahead scouting while Mayhem is next to me. It is too quiet..The lights shine brightly at us and we are all now forming a small circle for an ambush. BZZTTT. We here as the lights turn off. I soon hear screams from my comrades and moving around. The lights turn on but all I now see is just a few of my team. I unsheathe my sword and everyone prepares for an attack. All that is here with me is Spectral, Wolf, Mayhem, Biggles and Zaguroth. Everyone must of fell or gone somewhere. The floor seems rigged with traps. Then CREEEEK. We hear as a door opens. My weapon is ready and in front of us is..hundreds of trolls snarling and calling us Scrubs and noobs of all sorts. My hands begin to glow. Mayhem is standing silent ready for an attack. Biggles drinks a bit of mead and unsheathes his two axes. Wolf howls and grabs his great sword. Zaguroth says "Well not again..." But has his axe in his hand. Spectral smiles and says..."Time for some badassery!" What happend to the rest? Yoshi. Bullet. Cheese Tsickssense, and Victory Element and the Lizard are all gone. What happened to them I hope they are alright..We run towards the trolls and Zaguroth prepares to throw his axe once again at the oncoming trolls.........Here we go again. Thanks guys for reading and supporting. Some characters weren't placed in this Chapter for the sake of too much talking and describing. The story is filled with non stop action so I will feature you guys in a later chapter or you make a small appearance. Another Chapter will be posted later today around 7 p.m Again I wouldnt keep going without the support and encouragement so like and lets try and get everyone to appear atleast once in these chapters Also character drawings will be posted tomorrow! P.S Sorry if you weren't featured again I try and get everyone in. Just keep inboxing me your stuff
  17. The Great Stand Wars of 2012! Let me explain. First, there are 2 sides to this war: The side of Good, the side of Humor, and the side of delicious drinks: The Lemonades! Team General: Lolmenade. Team Captain: Team Members: xRaP1d Ardent The side of Evil, the side of Canadian letters, and the side of Mexican Food: The Tacos! Team General: Zed The Evil Taco! Team Captain: Team Members: (posted here after they join [do that below]) The games played: Halo 3 Halo: Reach Minecraft (Possibly) COD4: MW (Possibly) COD: MW2 (Possibly) COD: MW3 (Possibly) Gears 3 (less than possibly) Sonic and Sega: All Stars Racing (Possibly) Trials: Evolution (Possibly) Doritos: Crash Course (If you don't have it, you can find it on XBL for free) You can sign up for membership in the area below, and if the team has not yet selected a captain, you can sign up for that below too. Captains are basically just people who cover for the generals if the generals don't have the game, or can't make the playdate. Times will be posted after the game, descriptions will be posted after the name of the game, describing what gametyes/maps/and variables we will be playing with. So! Who is up for it!? EDIT: If we're lucky, I will be able to make a video of these events and post it on here, to entertain those of you who want to see it. The victors will not be receiving any special prizes for winning, however they will get bragging rights (until our next event?). It also occurs to me that there is a more appropriate place for this on the forums, so I will move it there. Or not as I cannot start a new topic there...
  18. The Sky is black..The moon is at its highest..I am breathing heavy as arrows are passing just 2 inches from my face..I can now hear a voice screaming out orders. He is defended by two guards..It looks like..It is! Absolute Dog is standing shouting orders as Mr.Biggles and One are guarding him with crossbows. AD now looks at me and tells me to come hither...I am nervous. I've never been in battle I am more strategic and I coordinate attacks..AD then asks another man to come up. We both walk up..As i look at this other man I notice it is Spectral Jester. This man looked...well badass..Wearing a Orange Robe and a Dark Grey hood..He is holding dual katanas and bow and arrow on his back. We both walk up ready for our orders. AD is now in front of me..It began raining. I can hear people screaming in the woods..Sounds like death and bloodshed..Or just kids trolling other kids..I don't know but I am a bit shaken now. Absolute Dog is standing in from of me and places a sword on my side..I am in awe..He is wearing Knights Armor. All black and blue..On his right arm there are spikes and on the other side..a small inscription saying "343industries..and Twam" He is there guardian and right hand man. I am proud to be where I am..I close my eyes and listen to the orders..Spectral Jester just kneels and continues looking like a badass..He tells us "You must go venture to this land..this land is dangerous..it is called.."Thehalocouncil" It is a bit bigger in size..but there men are uncoordinated and not well prepared for a coordinated attack" My hands shake as I know i must go into battle now..He is now murmoring words to me..The rain is getting stronger..A blue orb is floating near us..My eyes begin to go bloodshot as I realize he is about to teleport us to this land..I am shaking..Spectral Jester grabs my arm and says.."Calm down mate I won't let these men troll and or hurt us" For I am Spec......He is cut off as we both are sent spiraling in a teleporting sphere. I am now in a dessert..I throw up as my stomache wasn't ready to teleport..A hand touches my shoulder and I draw my blade..Spectral smiles.."Save that for battle good friend"...I am relieved and we press on into this desserty jungle. In the distance I see a white male. Wearing a kilt but a strong armor plating on top..His name is Mr.Payne and he is accompanied by TsicksSense. I am now reassured we can do this. My head is just thinking of all the bloodshed and battle we are about to commense..I go up to greet these men with Spectral and we are now face to face. We give a small salute and we then come together and form our strategy of attack..Spectral starts the conversation off by saying "We hit them hard and fast..the less bloodshed the better..We leave midday and we should be there when the moon is at its highest once again.." We all nod and set up a small camp..My mind is ready for battle..My sword hungry for some trolls..4 vs hundreds..maybe thousands..Can we really do this..? My eyes fall heavy and I now fall asleep.. You really think I'd actually get a goodnights rest? BOOOOM!!! I hear explosions and screaming and howling.."what the heck?" My vision is blurry..debris is now flying in my face..I look down and blood is trickling from my chest.."dangit..I might die.." What is going on? I see spectrail fighting off two guys while Mr.Payne is unconscious on the ground..Tsickssense is on one guy fighting off 5 others..I then grab my sword and ignore the pain..I run up to spectral and tackle a guy..lunging my sword into his chest..as I do this i grab a small explosive and throw it towards 6 men running to me and then duck and cover..It explodes and lets just say..Blood everywhere..Spectral and I are now facing a group of maybe 20 men now heading towards us. "Back to back?"...I nod but then say sarcastically.."This isn't Army of Two..how are we actually going to do this.." He smirks and then says..."This is nothing.." He swings his swords and i begin stabbing and swinging in all directions..Perfectly blocking and striking all my enemies..One by one they are falling..Tsickssense is now in front of me jumping on two guys stabbing both..One of our enemies begs to join us..We nod and say..We don't want to fight..tell them to call it off and we can talk about this..This enemy walks towards them and the fighting stops..A large figure walks towards us...Sweat is pouring down my face..The enemy who begged us to stop is now smiling maniacally..He lied..This is something i've never seen before...A SUPER MEGA TROLL. He began calling us names at first but then brought out his huge club..He hit the ground and everything began shaking...Mr.Payne wakes up and then quickly throws a smoke bomb on the ground..He grabs me and spectal and tsickssense follows shortly. We are now running for our lives in this dessert jungle..My heart is racing..we turn and turn again..I am losing breathe and I know if i stop i'll die with these trolls..I am behind all of them..they are all running ahead..I can see spectral..tsickssense and Mr.Payne all running passed me. My vision is blurry i now hear my enemy getting closer..And closer..when suddenly..I stop and hide behind a thick dessert tree. I can feel the heat simmering my face..I am trying to control my breathing..I don't see my team anywhere..I close my eyes..I can hear the footsteps of my enemy..Some run passed me..I press against the tree like no other..It is quiet..All i hear is footsteps..I take a breathe...AND BAM..a club hits my face..I instantly pass out..I now see my team..and AD in the distance..I am reaching for them but..they are too far..I close my eyes and everything fades..These trolls got me..I am now trolled and i might die.. To be continued? I don't know what this was..But i am at work just passing time at the office..I do this a lot. I am in now ay dissing Thehalocouncil. I just needed another forum that would make sense..There may be more sites on these small storys.. Tell me what you think? Write a few more? Maybe add people if you'd like to be in it?
  19. What if we had everything in the halo universe to ourselves? Against the talibans/whatever we are fighting. What if we had banshees, Pelicans, Hornets, Warthogs, Ghosts, Spratans, Frigates, and everything else Halo? All the weapons and everything. We would win automatically, other countries would be afraid of us! Another question is, What if we had a banshee sitting in our back yards ready to fly? Like a mini one. How awesome would it be to fly around your hometown in a minibanshee?
  20. Salutations, I will be brief in my introduction as I'm sure you have many duties to attend to. A new age is upon us, AN AGE OF EXPLORATION, new worlds, new friends, and new foes. Are now a reality, with you my comrades, both old and new, I venture forth with into the great unknown. Speak with me, and let us converse, I'm an open book and would enjoy the conversation. Without further adu, I introduce myself The Dragon Slayer - Leader of "FAIRY TALE" A fighter and a lover. I arrive to the battlefield to offer nobility and chaos. Laughter and hard core determination. I will lead you into battle, where we will emerge baptized in the blood of our foe, with fire in our hearts. I will follow you into war, never forsaking you my brother. I will post upon this forum as if I write a love letter. You have devotion and attention, 343.org That's my introduction my friends. ~Talk to you in the forums and see you on the battlefield.
  21. Alright everyone. This thread is meant to more or less sum up the 3 main factions in Halo 4(Humans,Covenant,Forerunners) for you to know what we`re up against. Starting with Humanity..... Humanity have fought with eachother for centuries bring themselves through many different conflicts and cercumstances. Before the arrival of the Covenant;the U.NS.C was at war with the Insurrection (basically the Halo version of modern day terrorists).This conflict lead to the creation of the SPARTAN program lead by Dr.Halsey.This gives Hummanity a signifigant edge in battle as Spartans are basically bred for combat.They have multiple augmentations that improve their combat effectiveness beyond that of a regular Human.Combined with the Mjlnor(I thinks thats how you spell it...) armor they can prove a near unstoppable adversary in combat.Adding to the U.N.S.C`s record is their 30 year long conflict with The Covenant.The Covenants brutal campaign pushed humanity to its very limits.However,it also lead to many advancements.The Covenants advanced techology could be reverse engineered for U.N.S.C use and proved very useful in many later projects such as the UNSC Infinity. The war with the Covenant also brought Humanity to the attention of the Forerunners (though some artifacts had been found prior to the conflict) and lead to huge advancement in technology after the war. Humans can also access some Forerunnner technology; a trait that may prove useful in the Halo 4 conflict. I think thats about it for part one.Thanks for reading and try and pardon any mistakes in my grammar if you can!
  22. Hey this is A hil13 (GAMERTAG), and i am looking for a small, new, big team battle clan to have a clan war with on custom made maps. If u wish to do this with us please reply, friend me on xbox, and message me on xbox Also, if we can get enough clans, id like to have a small tournement. For any info on what to do for the maps, what kinds of things can be on them, and what to do for the game type, reply to this thread.
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