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  1. Hiiiiiiiiiiii ! New Forerunner theme map for you guys. :3 Harmony Sorry for the Copy/Past, but I didn't have the time ... ><
  2. Thank yoooooou ! :DD I love your comments. <3
  3. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much ! I really love to see you like my maps ...
  4. Hiiiiiii everyone ! I'm back again ! Download : Hope you'll enjoy it ! :3
  5. Hiiiii ! :3 Hope you'll enjoy it. :3
  6. @Zandril : I'll do a third version. I'll change somethings that you noticed. :3 ( I'll put the thrid version's screens. )
  7. You're right Zan'. But, I'll not do a second version for this map. I'm changing my style of Forge, so I can't modify a map done months ago. Hope you understand me. I'll modify my latests maps, like Neutron, Proton ... I'll try to do better, and to think all pieces of my maps now. Zan', you're my forger model. :3
  8. I'll do these maps FOR the community. Not for me. So, I'll put some weapons I hate ( DMR, Needler, Concussion Rifle ... ). Hope it will please.
  9. Thing is I don't want to be out of ammunition on a battlefield. So I place much precision weapons with a short respawn time. :3 Waitin' for ya feedback Zan'. :3
  10. Harder than you think. x) I'll try. :3
  11. I know. x) But I don't really have the time, and I like to lunch a Forge without knowing what I'm doing. :3 I'll try to think for an optimal second version.
  12. Thanks for your feedback. Honnestly, I created this map without ideas, so I did it on the moment, without reflection. This map took me all the blocs that I can use. - No building blocs - No bridges - No doors - No naturals All the blocs $10 are used. So. I'll try to make a second version, cleaner. And, the " odd " thing is an artefact. :3 I'm really happy for this interesting feedback. Thanks Zan'. :3
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