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Found 11 results

  1. Did you always wanted to know what your name would sound like in Sangheili? Well, this topic will inform you how to know your name in Sangheili! The steps are pretty simple, all you've got to do is write in this topic if you want to know your Sangheili name. You may inform me your real name to turn it to Sangheili. If you don't, I will use the name that you use in the forum! An example of a name turned into Sangheili is my own. That's it for now! I'd love to have something to do. If I don't reply to you so soon it's probably because my vacations are finished, or I'm having some issues on transforming your name into Sangheili name! The following text is not necessary to read, but if you want to, you may read it! Some people asked me how that I knew their names in Sangheili. Well, my answer is that I have been researching the formation of Sangheili names for some time. It was kind of difficult, but I managed to be able to transform almost any name into sangheili! I might have some issues into transforming names with numbers on them, but I'll try my best!
  2. Well, it's been awhile, but I saw similar topics and remembered how excited I was do here it is!! Not too long ago I turned purple/trusted member!! Ever since I got here I thought purple was the best color, and finally, I got it. I'm glad and proud of myself for getting up to 200 posts, and I hope to keep making high-quality posts here on the forums!!
  3. I just want to say goodbye to everyone from my name being Green, soon I will join the ranks of the Purple names and it certainly has been a privilege to green, but all good things must come to an end yes? As God closes the door, a window opens. I wish all of those good luck to being green and I say hello to all of those who are purple. Thank you.
  4. How do Cortana and the Chief know that the Forerunner they meet is in fact the Didact? Maybe I missed it but Cortana seems to just pluck the name out of the air, and then everyone (even the Librarian, with whom they've had no contact) refers to him as such for the rest of the game. It seems as though there's no canonical way for them to know that this guy is the Didact until the meet the Librarian and she lays it out for them Their in-game logic seems to be "I read about a Forerunner called the Didact once, I just met a Forerunner, therefore that Forerunner is the Didact" - no dice, this doesn't work
  5. I can change your name to a diffrent font with a app I have all you need to do is ask! It can change numbers too Here are the fonts : 1) ⓒⒽⓔⒶⓢⓔⓂⓄⓝⓢⓉⒺⓡ 2)ƈℌℇÅƨℇℳǾℵƨƬℰř 3)ςHϵΑεϵMΩηεTΞr 4)сЂєѦѕєMФиѕΓЄг 5)ɹƎ⊥suOWǝs∀ǝHɔ 6)c̶H̶e̶A̶s̶e̶M̶O̶n̶s̶T̶E̶r̶ Please ask what font you would like on this topic :3
  6. Mine would be, UNSC Frigate - Backbreaker Covenant Carrier - Repentance
  7. I have played many, MANY games since I was 5. (Some of us are just born to be a gamer ) and I have always thought " How freakin' amazing would it be if I could make a video game.." ( Let's not get into logic about design teams and engineering crews and all that jazz ). I mean, come on, I'm sure we ALL wished we could create a video game. Someday. Tell me what you would name it and, if you want, at least on level name and a plot. I would call m game Rule of Rising ( it's got a nice ring to it, don't ya think? ) And two level names of mine would be "Where Angels Fear to Tread" and "Down the Barrel of a Gun" Catchy, isn't it?
  8. I was with my cat the other day and thought " Why, oh why did we name you Zohan?". Sure, I have had a lot and I mean A LOT of pets throughout my life, but the strangest names are usually the cats. There was Dipstick, a boy cat named Mary, a sweet and loving siamese named Daisy a.k.a Bloodbath, Pennyworth, Gypsy, and many, MANY more. What I want to know is have any of YOU had a name for a pet you cannot explain. Please let me know so that Zohan isn't self-conscious.
  9. Ok. So, this is the object... you know what to do, vote for the name that you prefer. If you cannot decide or have a better suggestion, please post below. Help with this decision is appreciated!
  10. This topic is as if the Movie Quote game and the A-Z song game had an illegitimate son. You quote a song (any song will do), and then somebody has to name the song. You are not required to use the entire song, as it would become too easy, but at least one line is required. Also, the song must have lyrics. To answer you must include song name and artist. So I'll start. "In this hole. So limiting. The sun has set, all darkens." Name that tune!
  11. So, I was thinking a little bit, and I was wondering. Should they bring back some of the guns in Halo 3 for Halo 4, like the MA5C Assault Rifle and the BR55 Battle Rifle? I think so.
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