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  1. There is a video on youtube called Halo | Ultimate Theme Mashup and I really think that the guy who made that video did something fantastic. He combines the best music from all games into one soundtrack. Now in my opinion, Halo 4 and Halo 5 music was mediocre and thats because the music for halo games has been set to such a high standard so it's really hard to recreate what Marty O' Donnell did. Now I say instead of trying to do new music just use old music from old games along with new music. Halo 4 didn't play the main halo theme once I believe and that's insane. Once again I mention this video this guy did because it is such a great mashup of all the great halo music.
  2. Hi, Welcome to my media post area. Where I'll be posting up new Video from my YouTube Page to here. I all ways wanted to create a YouTube channel to share my adventures with funny moments, scared, Epic game plays with every one. I play a variety of games and titles that i like but typically in the FPS genre. Video games have been a huge part of my life. I hope you enjoy the content. Thank You Be sure to get connected. ♦ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sniperclysm ♦ Subscribe On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtCunUUoM-ePTd0XJ0VYlcg _____________________________________________ This is a really old halo 4 clip that i found. Sorry for the quality, I did had a potato PC back then. Clip from Jan 23, 2014. This happen like 5 times to me. I was doing the story mission on blood gulch map (Episode 3 - Chapter 5). I don't no if Bungie was playing a joke, Easter egg or glitch but this was one of the best moments of my gaming life. Did this happen to any one?
  3. Halo when i think of halo i think of a skilled base game that takes nothing but skill, passion, and team work. I personal think that halo has went to a different type of gaming such as letting anyone who picks the game up can be good at in such has making the br the way it is and the dmr itself, what happen to the halo were u had to actually lead your shots and get the head shot for the 4 shot or 3 body shots and the pure skill of the game.. 343 i am no complaining about your game im just saying that as a fellow halo 2 and 3 player i loved the game because it took skill and i wanted to play it to get better and become the best but for halo 4 it seems like ever one is just good that has hand eye coronation,, also with what i have said i think that yall wanna make a game that work for the new players and also the competitive side but this is some that halo is just not halo was a game for skill and always will be because its halo and yall have tried to change it so please on your next game think about what all the players of your games has said on these fourms i mean the mlg droping halo sucks bad but halo is halo not halo mixed with armor ability's i mean there cool i guess for someone who just started playing but its not halo. therefore i have said what i think any wanna comment plz do so i wanna see what others have to say,
  4. PAIN clan welcomes anyone wanting to just sit down and have a good game of halo whether custom games or matchmaking. We're looking for a mixture of competitive/just for fun players. If you're interested change your service tag on halo to PAIN and message m0dy21b on Xbox.
  5. Instead of having multiple topics regarding these issues this topic will serve as the Community Information Topic. So please post any and all technical issues you are experiencing with Halo 4 in this thread. Remember we are a community forum, This thread serves the purpose of helping everyone in the community stay informed. It also helps users confirm if anyone else is experiencing the same issue as themselves. All the rules still apply, Inappropriate Language, Rude Remarks, Abusive posts will just be removed regardless of content.
  6. Yo new to this forum and i have absolutely no idea where else to ask this type of question. (THIS IS NOT SELF PROMOTION) im a music producer from australia, and im releasing a drum and bass track through a music label. In this track ive used an audio sample from halo 4, which is the didacts speech upon his first interaction with the Chief. The track will be released for commercial use (i will be making profit from it) so obviously i need clearance/approval to use the audio from the original content creator (343i) So my question is does anyone know how i can get in contact with someone from 343i to shed some light on this, there is a link below to the track to hear the samples i have used. Thanks in advance https://soundcloud.com/blayze_official/blayze-forerunner-1/s-tZsbk
  7. Clan name: SABER SQUADRON Clan leader (me) : one1sh0tonek1ll (that's my gamer tag) My email: [email protected] Halo MCC (a lot of halo 4) / Halo 5/ Any other halo after that will be the primary games this clan will play. Any other games played, if any, will be discussed by the clan. If you are the type of person who cannot play a game for a long period of time then please don't ask to join the clan. This is a master chief collection clan and a halo 5 clan primarily and this will probably be the only game that is consistently and mandatoraly played by clan members. I predominantly play halo 4 myself in the MCC because imo it is the most fun but will play halo 1-3 too if the clan wants. I am not crazy strict but if you don't follow the simple rules below then don't bother trying to join the clan. I PREFER PEOPLE WHO HAVE MICS- IT MAKES IT A LOT HARDER WHEN WE CAN'T TALK. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A MIC BUT WANT TO JOIN AT SOME POINT YOU MUST GET A MIC. Clan Rules: 1. All members of the clan WILL treat every other member of the clan with respect. If you consistently bother, disrespect, or just do things that you obviously shouldn't, you will get demoted. Max of 2 demotions are aloud a year. The third problem with the same individual in that year will get them kicked from the clan. 2. You must play halo MCC or halo 5 (when it comes out) at least once a week (by yourself or with another clan member) . On top of this, an officer must play with an Enlisted member and an Enlisted member must play with an officer once a month. I will not keep a written record of this but if I ask and see that you are not playing halo once a week/ not playing with a clan member once a month then you will be demoted. Consistent problems with a clan member never playing will get them kicked from the clan. 3. TIME and my own judgement will determine when you get ranked up in the clan. One clan member per enlisted and officer will get ranked up every two months. You cannot get selected two months in a row. For example, once every two months in the clans life span I will pick 1 officer and 1 enlisted member to get ranked up. The next time I select an officer and an enlisted member to rank up (two months later) it will not be the same person as BEFORE (there may be exceptions) . I will pick people who put in the most work in the clan. If you rarely help in the clan and do the minimum not to get kicked, you will obviously not get ranked up. 4. There are a max of 50 people in the clan. A max of 10 officers and 40 enlisted members can be in the clan. OFFICERS WILL GET MORE RESPONSIBILITY AND HAVE TO PUT IN MORE WORK THAN ENLISTED MEMBERS. With that though comes predominance of decision making in the clan-you get more say. More time put in the clan means your words will have more impact and you will obviously get the credit you've earned. If you want structure and want to be in a good clan but don't want the extra responsibilities then ask to be enlisted- there is no shame in that and I respect officers and enlisted the same. If we max out clan members, and someone wants to join the clan, and they are putting in more work than you, I will let you know that you may get kicked due to competition. You need to actually BE A CLAN MEMBER to be in the clan. 5. Understand that THIS IS NOT A JOKE CLAN. THIS IS NOT A CLAN THAT YOU CAN JUST DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. THIS IS A SERIOUS CLAN WHERE WE PUT IN WORK AND HAVE FUN. BUT THE HAVING FUN IS **!! AFTER THE WORK IS DONE!!** PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS. This is not an mlg clan and this is not a clan I ever want to go pro with. But just because I don't want to go pro with the clan does not mean I want to bs all the time. I want to learn tactics, become dominate in this game and get better. SERIOUS HALO PLAYERS ONLY. 6. IF INTERESTED, send me a message on xbox live/ or my email (which is listed on the top) consisting of: -gamertag -what you want to be called. Do you prefer me calling you by your gamer tag or first name? -if you want to be enlisted or an officer -primary weapon of choice and secondary weapon of choice -main playing strategy (do you stay long distance, snipe, are you aggressive, close quarters, medium distance, guerilla tactics, or do you have many different playing styles) -why you want to join a clan Enlisted ranks: Private Private First class Lance corporal Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant First Sergeant Sergeant Major Officer ranks: 2nd lieutenant 1st lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant colonel Colonel Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General General
  8. Source-EscapistMagazine With Halo 4's Castle Map Pack now available, Microsoft wants to offer you a bit of incentive to grab the rest of the game's extra content - but you'll need to hurry to grab it all. The Castle Map Pack for Halo 4 debuted this week. That would be news in an of itself, but in an effort to pull in even more extra cash from Halo fans, Microsoft has opted to discount all previous DLC releases for the game. The big caveat here? This sale runs for one day only. Either you buy these packs at a discount today, or you're stuck paying full retail price tomorrow. So, what kind of discounts are we looking at? According to Microsoft, both the Crimson Map Pack and the Majestic Map Pack are each now now available for $7.50 (instead of their usual $10 price tag). Likewise, the War Games Map Pass has been discounted from $25 to a more wallet-friendly $20. You can find all of these discounts on the Xbox Live Marketplace, but again, they're only valid for today, so if you're interested we'd recommend you hurry over and grab your discounted content ASAP. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the Castle Map Pack will set you back $10. It's too early for this addition to see a discount, though buying the discounted War Games Map Pass will allow you to grab all three DLC packs for what is effectively two-thirds of their normal pricing. If you've got the scratch and don't already own any of the DLC packs, that's definitely the way to go.
  9. Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a clan to join, create one or anyone that wants to party up. I'm interested in some casual gaming, I am mostly available everyday after 8pm. Also, I have a microphone, and I speak English. Gamertag: Cacho665
  10. Me and my friend are starting a Halo 4 clan called "Spartans of Dawn," We are trying to go public and find other clans to be friend or foe with and we are looking for recruits. If you want to join or if you are in a clan than message me or my co-leader. Requirments- MUST be over 14 years of age, must have a working Mic, Xbox live gold, on at least 3 or 4 times a week, and have a positive kd. I will make a 1v1 to see your play style and your strengths and weaknesses before you join clan. We do not require gamertage change but you must use our emblem and service tag that we give you message me to join My Gamertag: FRobert616 Co-Leader: FRobert717
  11. These Two New Vehicles Are BAUS!! Halo 4 is just around the corner and 343i does not want us to get tired of waiting. So here you go some brand new vehicles to check out. One belongs to UNSC and one to Covenant. The Lich and the Broadsword. Broadsword Lich (Sorry for the difference in picture size. Couldn't get them to resize properly.) Both of these bad boys look sweet. I can't wait to give them a spin. Let me know what you think. Source Halo WayPoint
  12. Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn - Episode 1 Hastati Squad, the newest batch of freshman cadets at the UNSC's Corbulo Academy of Military Science, pays the price for cadet Thomas Lasky's tactics. Thomas Lasky came to Corbulo Academy of Military Science with his mother and brother's impressive military careers hanging over his head. Haunted by ghosts from his past, he has serious doubts about the war he's expected to fight. As fellow cadet Chyler Silva tries to help him find his place at the academy, tensions with other squad members approach the breaking point. Video Page
  13. Hi everyone! I've been playing Halo since it first came out (lan party days). Recently got into making forge maps in Halo 4 (don't have any ready for play yet), but would love to see how my job as a game level designer translates into making FPS maps. This looks like the perfect community to playing some cool maps and sharing some of my own. Also my xbox id is iJohn1, add me! Cheers!
  14. So i want to play Halo 4 Campaign again but i keep getting this error: Players failed to load content. A player may be missing downloadable content How do i fix this? I already contacted xbox and they told give me this link
  15. does the lighting in halo 4 irritate anyone else besides me? Here is an example, for me the reflection is just too bright of of this spartans armour. should a spartan's armour really be this shiny?
  16. Join us and check us out http://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Detail/174112 All who are loyal to us we shall be loyal also you join us and we join you. To are people we are bound but yet we are bound to nothing at all the only thing that limits us is time and yet time is not limited so are we then yet limited decide for yourself.....All I can promise is a brotherhood and sisterhood a fun and reliable community and a bond between members that shall last you a life time. Glory Honor Respect Fun Pride Humility Ambition Determination. These are qualities most appreciated and found within our clan gain some of these by joining the ranks and getting higher positions not based on recruiting but experience loyalty and Game ability. For a short amount of time high placing positions are available for 10 members worthy.
  17. Hosting a custom games lobby Emile A129 HI everyone I'm new to posting one of these topics and I not quite sure but I'm going to try and do it how I saw the pros do it. Anyway July 14 Monday I'm going to host a custom games lobby in Halo4 at 4pm est time. Open to game type suggestions and maps i just wanna have fun and i want to do it with the people of the community. It will be a fun chance for us all to get to play with each other some more in a more relaxed environment no real competitive play but the spirit is appreciative to a degree. Or whatever go crazy but in all things lets be respectful people and have fun and share some laughs keep an open mind and post if you wanna join. Some gametypes going to be played are Prop Hunt Duck Hunt Freeze Tag Speed Run Race Basket Ball Football and many many more Time running from 6:00 pm est - 11:00 pm est Vote fore the first three game types and event starting time.
  18. I am building a clan/city map for my clan and machinima. (That I'm trying to build EAK) I need some help and ideas in forge throughout the week and i am looking for forgers who have decent experience in Forge in Halo 4 and Reach. I have a general idea of how i want the map to look aesthetically but I'll need help with execution and development. Please reply here, on my profile or send a message to my gamertag if your interested. You will get credit for work done as I know and you know and you know i hope i know that we all know we hate to do work and someone take the credit. Looking to have fun while we do it as well. Looking forward to working with you all. (estimated times at which i should be online). Idea map build: Clan/city Tuesday 2:30-6:30pm est 9:30-11:00pm est Wednesday 2:30-3:00pm est 6:30-11:00pm est Thursday 2:30-3:00pm est 8:30-11:00pm est Friday All day Saturday 8:00-12:00pm est Sunday 6:30-12:00pm est
  19. I need some help and ideas in forge later today and i am looking for 1-3 players who have decent or amazing experience in Forge in halo 4 and reach please message me at my gamer tag for more information if you would like to help. I'll be on today from 2:30-6:30 est and 9:30-11:00 est Idea map build: Clan
  20. I would like to thank everyone that made me reach 500 subscribers this is a gun sync special, hope you guys like it. together we can reach for 600 subs lets do it please share this video it'll mean the world to me :') Hope y'all like it sorry i haven't been posting my gun syncs, but here is my new one Enjoy Hope you like it guys and girls and 343 Ind. Please comment Rate And sub :') Took me 12 hrs but i got it still learning D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bipLrKOP2DI My Second gun sync My third Gun sync http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwaM8w3MU4Q this is a little preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6ahh8NztNE my brand new halo 4 gun sync this one is actually 2 mins long i changed this one up a bit i actually put in the halo 4 announcers voice, i wanted it to be amazing a new mix for halo 4 gun syncs if this video gets a lot of likes ill make more of these with the announcers voice 
  21. I would like to thank everyone that made me reach 500 subscribers this is a gun sync special for y'all, hope you y'all like it. together we can reach for 600 subs lets do it please share this video it'll mean the world to me :') The master chief collection needs to hurry up lol, i need that game [sharedmedia=ccs:media:6~120] Hope you like it [sharedmedia=ccs:media:6~121]
  22. im looking for a clan to join on halo4 im starting to play it again
  23. 343 industries can you please help me solve the problem with my achievements Can anyone else on the forums support me please 343 industries I respect you as a game developer, can you help me with the issue
  24. Custom Games Matchmaking [Waiting since Halo3] [Fixed] Halo 4 forge with more features = Adding Ai [Ai as in everything from UNCS Grunts, to enemies, to campaign bosses] New Forge Mode: Campaign Forge [Lets you go into a campaign mission, choose a checkpointed section, or area, and build there and complete the mission how you would've liked too, or just use that area to make a game mode in] Remove armor abilities from starting load outs and make them pick up if you still choose to keep them in. Make the DMR a pick up, not the BR. Dynamic Animations such as juking to the left or right as you hit jump. [Maybe] Graphics. Coop. Fun mode where you get to play as an ODST. [Maybe as an activated skull, or a custom setting.] In Custom Games allow you to play as: Forerunners, Elites, Hunters, Etc. Be able to use the War Sphinx in custom games.
  25. Hi All! I'm new to the forums here and would like to say "Hello!" Curious if anyone would be willing/down to play some Halo 4 Social Matchmaking/Custom Matchmaking for both fun and for competition. I personally enjoy a good competition, but am rusty and also curious if anyone would mind giving me a hand with some more advanced stuff. Most times I hop on and do very well, but occasionally a good player comes along and he/she kicks me arse in strafing, shot placement, movement, etc. I am looking primarily for competition/learning, however am extremely willing to play with any and all Halo 4 players, as the community (not in the forums, but online) seems really small unfortunately . My only request of y'all is to not be too rage induced/serious. I do take competition seriously, but screaming through a microphone that the game is "broken" isn't going to fix anything, so either shush or sodomize yourself with a plunger. Seriously. Kthanx <3. I'm on West Coast U.S. GMT -7:00. Generally try to be on around the hours of 6pm-10pm most days of the week, with the occasional super late night on the weekends. Will be having a child in 12 days, so I'm sure that availability is subject to change. If interested, please add GT: ModernWarMonger. Really hoping and looking forward to hear from all of you. The more the merrier. Really, I'm serious. Can't stand playing team based games by single-handedly. Apologies for the long post, thanks again. Hope you all have a good one. GT: ModernWarMonger
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