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  1. This isn't something that happens often, but it does happen. One day, I was playing CTF, and I had the enemy teams flag at their base. I needed a ride, so i stood near a warthog hoping someone will drive me away. Soon, a teammate came to the rescue! The problem was, instead of getting in the drivers seat and driving us away into the sunset, the idiot got into the turret, and we both got killed by a plasma grenade. No, sorry, that wasn't right. FOUR plasma grenades! I hope you realise that when someone is just standing around a warthog with a flag or the ball, you all will get in the drivers seat and drive the **** away from the enemy.
  2. I agree that if 343 don't do something soon Halo will eventually die. Although may i point out that there IS 3 forgeworlds. Just another edited one with it. Check it out. But apart from that, yeah, 343 you need to pick up the act if you want it to stay infront. Already i'm turning to the dark side of Cod... You don't want that to happen.
  3. TPAM has a pretty awesome signature. TPBM should love and worship spiders forever.
  4. Only 50 gigabyte on the Hard drive? Well that sucks. Or did i read it wrong? If i am wrong someone please correct me.
  5. I love yayap. Epic dude. Even if he did survive the blast, only 1 and a half tanks of methane won't last his life.
  6. Official name (Birth name unknown):inuise sicarius (Latin, unseen assassin) Species: Sangheili Height: 8.2 feet Rank: Special operations Personality: Always quite, values hand to hand combat. Very skilled using his claws. Likes to be unseen and working at night as an assassin. Backstory: Grew up in the Northern hemisphere of Sangheilios, parents were killed at age 5 because of a rival family. Ran away and lived in the forest. Unseen for 16 years until found by a general of the covenant. A valued assassin of the covenant, never seen unless wanted to. A skilled assassin for 40 years until being brought down by the Master Chief. Favoured weapons: Using claws and modified human knife (FInds it doesn't glow and cause direct attention when on the field). Also a fan of active camouflage, but is as capable as other spec-ops without it.
  7. I like making large vehicle maps, with it evened out, i.e. one banshee on each side, a mantis on one side and a tank on the other.
  8. I have always been interested in the halo universe and the different species of it. So if you have any problems/questions about the halo species, please, go ahead and ask me.
  9. Don't try and go long range with the scatter shot. Even when you are away from the AOE of a rocket launcher, get further away from it when you shoot the incinerator. if there is a tunnel, use grenades. ALWAYS keep an eye on your motion tracker. If you have camo, it's **** in halo 4 so don't go too close with it. And when you are behind someone, before you go and assasinate, make sure not many enemies are there, otherwise you will get killed while doing it.
  10. I think that because he was waving his arms kinda, he didn't die by the pulse grenade, but probably got composed.
  11. All our knowledge merely helps us to die a more painful death than animals that know nothing. ~Maurice Maeterlinck
  12. Do you know the difference between "noobs" and "newbs"? If so, define.
  13. well it's a better name that's for sure.
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