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Found 24 results

  1. Halo: Escalation Issue #9's cover art has been revealed, showcasing the Didact landing a deft punch to Master Chief's visor, confirming his return and hinting at Master Chief's cracked helmet from trailers and promotional art and how it came to be. Halo: Escalation has done it's fair share of teasing and confirming new things in the Halo lore and hinting at future events in the newly announced Halo 5: Guardians. This post comes from Dark Horse's publishing website, ComicBookResources.com as today we received another tease as Halo: Escalation #9's cover was released, showcasing the Didact landing a hard blow to Master Chief's helmet and possibly his body armour before or after. The description reads, “In the days following the events of Halo 4, the Master Chief faced one of his greatest challenges . . . the Master Chief from the fires of Halo 4 to the pages of Escalation in “The Next 72 Hours” Part 2!” The price of Escalation #9 is $3.99 USD, launching August 27th with 32 available pages. View attachment: HaloEscalation-9.jpg Do you want the Didact to return; what are your theories on this fight between Chief and the Didact and his resurrection? Let me know below, I'll see you next time, thanks for reading! Credits to RC-1262 Scorch for Private Messaging me this article!
  2. I believe that what follows will be the Halo 5: Guardians campaign. Be careful: this will be a rather long read. PROLOGUE: A mix of both trailers. It begins with the trailer that involves the Arbiter and Locke. Gameplay begins: You look through the cracked visor of the Master Chief, walking and all, when the Forerunner bird-like structure rises througn the sand. Chief grips Cortana's chip, and her famous quote, "don't make a girl a promise, you can't keep," flashes through his mind, followed by a blue frenzy in Chief's H. U. D. that causes the Spartan to fall to the ground. The screen goes to black. (Queue HALO 5: GUARDIANS title head) MISSION 1: Sanghelios Arbiter and Locke are walking through a line of Elites, talking about where Chief could be, when a Brute ship emerges from cloaking. Locke readies his MA5E (next-gen Assault Rifle) while Thel grabs two Plasma Rifles. (Gameplay begins) Co-op returns. Locke is player one, player two is the Arbiter, player three and four are the two Elites from Halo 3, aged and battle-hardened. The team pushes through a platoon of Elites to join the front lines. Brutes drop from pods. However, most are taken out by Sangheili anti-air guns. Others make it in and drop infantry. Players quickly drop these infantry, then fight wave after wave of enemies coming from the grav lift (esque of the Truth & Reconiliation level segment of Combat Evolved) until they can board the ship. The group clears out everything else, and a brief moment of calm is enjoyed. (Cutscene)As Locke goes through his sack, he finds a Havok bomb. Arbiter strongly protests, but is eventually persuaded by the two other Elites (they are now bots in campaign if not played as.) (Cutscene ends, gameplay begins again.) The players reach the control room, clear it out, and arm the nuke. The team now has 90 seconds to escape through a hole torn into the ship by an AA gun. Arbiter, Locke, and the other two jump out, and the screens fades to white. MISSION 2: 117 Chief gets up again, and grabs his MA5D rifle (outdated, I know) and aims it at the Promethean Overseer (bird-like thing.) (Gameplay begins) The Overseer can take a massive amount of damage, but when it attacks, it reveals it's heart, where it is weakest (I don't care if it's cliche) and can be "boarded." Boarding the Overseer offers a chance to deliver massive damage, but it spawns Crawlers inside to defend it. Finally, the Chief kills the Overseer, only to find even more Overseers ready to kill him. The Chief sees no way out, until a portal spontaneuosly appears. Chief goes through it, to a room of shifting blue platforms. (Cutscene) Chief looks around, but sees nothing. He checks again, and finds Cortana, his trusty partner, in front of him. Chief is baffled for a moment, but eventually accepts it after some explaining from Cortana. She claims that after the nuke exploded, Cortana disappeared into seemingly nothingness, until a strange hand-like figure grabbed onto her and lifted Cortana up. The A. I. saw a familiar face: the Librarian. The dead Forerunner held onto her, and repaired her at least some using advanced Forerunner tech far beyond even Covenant comprehension. Finally, John removes his necklace and Cortana goes into it, Chief inserts her into his helmet. He feels a welcoming sensation. (Cutscene ends, gameplay begins.) Going through another portal, Chief gets a familiar blue interference, this time weaker and easier to deal with. Chief asks where Cortana was leading them, but Cortana remains silent. Chief asks again, and Cortana gives coordinates to: Earth. More precisely, a ride to Earth. A Pelican lands after Chief and a squad of HAZMAT Marines clear an L. Z. from Prometheans. Chief boards the dropship, the screen fades to black. (Level ends) MISSION 3: Predators (Cutscene) Arbiter, Locke, and the two other Elites activate their Anti-Grav packs just before hitting ground. (Cutscene ends, gameplay begins) They dropped their weapons, so they are resorted to melee weapons (Combat Knife for Locke, Energy Daggers for the Elites.) Moving through the desert, the fighters come across a Brute pack on the prowl (5 infantry, and two Prowlers, with turrets.) The team kills the infantry, and steals their weapons (a new Brute weapon is introduced, the Lancer fires Spike Grenades that detonate on impact, effective anti-vehicle weapons.) After killing the drivers and turret-manners (destroying the Prowlers causes more to spawn,) the crew splits the vehicles, and heads back to the Sangheili city. (Level ends) Stay tuned, more to follow.
  3. Halo: Escalation Issue #9's cover art has been revealed, showcasing the Didact landing a deft punch to Master Chief's visor, confirming his return and hinting at Master Chief's cracked helmet from trailers and promotional art and how it came to be. Halo: Escalation has done it's fair share of teasing and confirming new things in the Halo lore and hinting at future events in the newly announced Halo 5: Guardians. This post comes from Dark Horse's publishing website, ComicBookResources.com as today we received another tease as Halo: Escalation #9's cover was released, showcasing the Didact landing a hard blow to Master Chief's helmet and possibly his body armour before or after. The description reads, “In the days following the events of Halo 4, the Master Chief faced one of his greatest challenges . . . the Master Chief from the fires of Halo 4 to the pages of Escalation in “The Next 72 Hours” Part 2!” The price of Escalation #9 is $3.99 USD, launching August 27th with 32 available pages. Do you want the Didact to return; what are your theories on this fight between Chief and the Didact and his resurrection? Let me know below, I'll see you next time, thanks for reading! Credits to RC-1262 Scorch for Private Messaging me this article! This post has been promoted to an article
  4. Hello everyone, This is my first post on this website and it is about a topic that I'm sure may have been talked about a lot. I've been thinking about it for a long time and have been wanting to talk about it myself with other people. Spoilers: (not sure how to actually mark spoilers, I'm sure nobody should care at this point though.) In the ending of Halo 4, the Didact is narrating and talking about how humanity is basically the enemy and the forerunners are the good guys. What caught my attention was the fact that, in the final cutscene, as Master Chief is walking into the building to where he has his armor removed, the Didact says "I stand before you, accused of the sin of ensuring Forerunner ascendancy," and mentions that the are forced to "recede." He mentions that humans are the greatest enemies and should be wiped out, and only fools would believe otherwise. As he is saying this, it seems as though Master Chief could possibly be staring at the other humans with disgust and condescension, especially while walking past the female spartan. In the end, he says "Think of my acts as you will, but do not doubt the reality. The reclamation has already begun and we are hopeless to stop it." As he says this, Master Chief takes off his mask and in the legendary ending, you see that his eyes don't have the whites. They are pure black. Also, consider the fact that John is known as "The Reclaimer" and the Didact says the reclamation has already begun. Multiple theories derive from all of this. I think that either the Didact has fused with Master Chief. He is the reclaimer, the reclamation has begun, and you can't stop it. If Master Chief, the best soldier on the planet, has been taken over by the Didact, or any other Forerunner, then obviously he would be extremely difficult to defeat. This would ensure the ascendancy of the Forerunners. "Do not doubt the reality." If the Didact has not taken control of Master Chief, I still believe that either Master Chief has Forerunner DNA inside of him, or that he is a Forerunner-Human hybrid. Another thing that can be evidence to this is when Master Chief detonates the nuclear device. Forerunners are basically living digital code/data. While Master Chief is talking to Cortana, it seems as though he is digitizes based on the surroundings. Also, if he is human, he would not have been saved by a nuclear explosion, not to mention the explosion of the spacecraft that the Didact controlled, by Cortana. I believe Cortana turned Master Chief into data to allow him to survive, just like how the Prometheans can teleport by turning themselves into data, traveling through space, and reforming themselves. I believe the same trick could have been used by Cortana on Master Chief to get him away from the blast of the nuke. What does everyone else think? I find this evidence to be highly likely, if not actually true. Yes, I've played all of the Halos. Feel free to state your own opinions/beliefs about this. I'm not even sorry for the long post. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/KPmBT08zcc4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Apparently you can't embed youtube videos.
  5. This is a map based off of the Didact's Cryptum. There are forerunner structures with forerunner weapons. And the Cryptum is flyable. It is a medium to large sized map and up to 16 people can play at once. The game type was originally made by MATT but I changed the game type a bit and renamed it. I also made the map. The game type must be used in order for the Cryptum to be flyable. Gametype: The Didact's Cryptum Map name: The Didact's Cryptum There are in my fileshare. Gamertag: atxbrit
  6. How do Cortana and the Chief know that the Forerunner they meet is in fact the Didact? Maybe I missed it but Cortana seems to just pluck the name out of the air, and then everyone (even the Librarian, with whom they've had no contact) refers to him as such for the rest of the game. It seems as though there's no canonical way for them to know that this guy is the Didact until the meet the Librarian and she lays it out for them Their in-game logic seems to be "I read about a Forerunner called the Didact once, I just met a Forerunner, therefore that Forerunner is the Didact" - no dice, this doesn't work
  7. Download Map - http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/009b1cab-1676-4fd8-8648-9cf164e84bfe Download Gametype - http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/juggacly/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=6948fbe5-6345-4a42-b22f-69acbc2c05a4 Hello and welcome to Didacts Skull! This is my first Puzzle-like map for Halo 4, you must race to the skull, first one there wins. I started this map earlier this year, and completely forgot about it until yesterday. I would now like to share it with you. The map can be fun, but is quite challenging. Recommended Players: 1-5. Difficulty: Hard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwsXG1zMfb4 I'm doing a competition. It's a speedrun competition. The best time wins. To enter, simply put your clip of completion in your fileshare. Send me a message saying your entering, and that your clip's in your fileshare (Send to my XBL account, Juggacly) The winners clip will be recorded and put on YouTube, with your name on the video. The competition ends 9/6/13. Start playing!
  8. Now, here me out. Though I fully believe that all remnants of Precursor technology are gone in this galaxy - this being the Halo fictitious one - wouldn't there be Precursor remains in the other galaxy the Librarian traveled too? It is mentioned she traveled to this other galaxy, saw 'star roads' and some other Precursor artifacts, along with ancient forerunner warships. Now onto my more pressing question. What if in the next few installments of the Halo games series, the flood returns - being precursors - and regains the use of their old neural physics technology? That would be a sight to see. The books described the creation of 'star roads' so vividly, I would love to see how they would make that on screen. Any thoughts? What would you guys think about them bringing in Precursor technology and giving the flood the use of it? Would it make the flood seem more mysterious, dark, ancient, incomprehensible? A more formidable enemy perhaps? Would it make for better games - in terms of campaign missions - ? Post away!!
  9. Last update: 6/19/12. 4:19pm Okay so, heres another one of my theories. So basically i believe that Master Chief has geas' imprinted into his dna that is similar to/from the didact. This would explain why we keep seeing the didacts symbol everywhere (even though hes dead). Because the didact was actually a good guy and he never wanted to even activate the rings. So i dont think that he is the enemy. I believe that the enemy is somehow medicant bias or a similar (corrupted AI). I believe that the enemy is a rampant AI because the Promethean's on requiem are AI's and due the fact that they are that red color (like the monitor when he went rampant). Also there seems to be a theme of rampancy all around Halo 4. In addition, at one point in the e3 trailer, we see what seems to be a seperate class of Promethean's, except that they are colored blue. I believe that the Promethean AI's that attack chief are rampant or under control of Medicant Bias (or another rampant AI). - I'll add more to this theory later, but WHAT DO YOU THINK?? Have anything to add? Or any criticism? -Update: 6/18/12 11:58pm Okay so let me clarify some things. First off, i want to explain the "chief's imprinted dna" thing. Now when i say this, i dont mean that he has the didacts exact dna. Lemme explain, when the humans were being de evolved after they lost to the forerunners, the librarian was in charge of overseeing their de evolution and their future evolution. Now she imprinted every human with certain geas' and (it is believed) she chose certain, specific humans with geas' from people she knew. For example she ( the librarian) gave every male human a geas that makes them attracted to women who most resemble herself. So what i am saying is that, maybe she gave chiefs great ancestors a geas that resembles/took from the didact? -This could also explain the trait that chief has that no one else does: ""luck"". what if luck was given to him via a geas from the librarian?... Just saying haha. HUGE EVIDENCE!!!!: -Also, in halo CE the monitor says to chief, ""Why would you hesitate to do what you have already done?" (regarding activating the halo). and we know that the didact was the one to activate the halos milenia ago. So it now makes sense as to why the monitor would say that...because he mistook the chief for the didact. -It also explains this line "Last time, you asked me, if it were my choice, would I do it? Having had considerable time to ponder your query, my answer has not changed." - Also, if you believe that the chief has geas' from the didact, it explains and sheds light on everything in the first terminal in halo cea. (oh also assume that Bornstellar makes eternal lasting is dead or out of the picture when reading this theory) Update 6/19/12 - Just another thing to add, at one point in chiefs adventures in forerunner territory, he comes to an area and says it seems strangely familiar, as if he had been there before.... Maybe he did... As the DIDACT! anyways i hope this update cleared things up.. any more questions/comments? -Also feel free to check out my older ( now basically debunked) theories.. they have been basically shot down now, but still interesting to read.
  10. Map: Eleventh Hour Author: Did4ct This map is a very close remake of the most memorable fighting moment of the Halo 4 Campaign. It is a remake of the left platform on the Didact's ship. This is one of the two platforms at the end of Midnight that creates the Didact's shield around the himself and the Composer with an energy beam. Gametype: Slayer or Cortana Cortana is a variant of CTF that functions as a 1 Flag CTF where the Infinity picks up Cortana (the flag) and tries to deliver her to the terminal above (the return point), just as Master Chief did, with the "Prometheans" trying to stop them. I have tested the gametype by myself and all of the spawnig works but I found no way to ensure that the Attackers get only the Infinity loadouts and the Defenders get only the Promethean loadouts. In my opinion, this map would be pitch-perfect for an Infection gametype where Master Chief is the Flood and the Prometheans are hunted by him until there are none left, but sadly Flood is not customizable enough to work well with it. There were quite a few hours put into this so hope you enjoy it and let me know if there are issues with it.
  11. So I posted this on a Facebook page a while ago, thought I'd get the communities opinions. This is what I could figure out from Halo 4, my speculations for where Halo 5 could go! 343 have stated Halo 5 will be a darker game. We will be looking at the Chief dealing with the loss of Cortana and finally realising his humanity, it's a huge point, "soldiers aren't machines Chief, they're just people" really hit him. Also there will be the issue of a newly enraged Covenant. Chief just killed (possibly) one of their gods. I imagine that would piss them off. Furthermore, is Didact dead? A lot of sources say yes but don't forget that line before the final fight about slipspace readings below the composer. He could've fallen into a slipspace rupture. OR there is the second option, Forerunner armour had personal slipspace jumpers (like the Promethean Knights used). He may have been badly wounded but he coulda jumped out of there. Will we see a return of a larger contingent of Forerunner from out of galaxy? Will they be hostile or friendly, sympathetic to the Didact or not? Could there be another Didact, much like when Bornstellar and the original Didact were "fused" in a sense. Plus there is that rousing speech that the Didact gives in the epilogue. Is that a speech from before the Halo activation? Sounds to me like he's talking to other Forerunner, on trial for the events of Halo 4. I feel a further return of Forerunner and the Didacts survival are the most likely options. Which bodes for the "darker" game. If he rouses the remaining Forerunner into a campaign of eradication against man kind, humanity will be almost powerless. Covenant tech is base doff back engineered Forerunner tech. If humanity was almost wiped out by them, what will the Forerunner cause? Could we lose Earth? Another factor is indeed the possible return of the Precursor. It's a possibility. Did Precursors flee the galaxy? Do some lay dormant, in cryptum like states, much like the Didact? We do not know. Perhaps we will learn more with the release of Silentium next year, but for now, this is my speculations. I hope people agree or see where I'm coming from.
  12. From the album: Photoshop Collages

    A collage I made a long time ago i think it really needs some lighting work....i also need to find the pics i used to make it so i can upload them

    © Marchand Designs

  13. Hey guys, i was just wondering if anybody is as much in love with the halo universe as i am. To be more specific the Forerunner saga. I've already read the first two of the Forerunner books and would love to just discuss it with people who have also read the books and are as much looking forward to the third and last of the Forerunner series. I really want to discuss the conversation the Didact had with the primordial towards the end of the second book. Talk about how awesome ancient humans must have been during the Forunner-Human War. Talk about how you guys feel about their 'Religion', so to speak, of upholding the mantle and of being the guardians of all life. That and everything else that makes Forerunners an amazing fictional race. Seems as if we could actually learn a lot form this fictional culture. And to Bungie and 343 for making/continuing such an awesome universe. Hopefully 343 that this will not be the last we hear of the Forerunner, I want to read more books regarding their culture, maybe even everyday life for a Forerunner. Maybe even some small conflicts that the forerunner had to overcome in their long years.
  14. So.... what was up with all of that Force pushing that the Didact knew how to do? I have enough imagination for levitating architecture, but spontaneous invisible forces at will? That's pushing it, even in the Halo universe. I mean, the Forerunners are enigmatic, I understand that, but inherent telekinetic powers seem a little too high up on the Overpowered scale. I can understand massive tentacles, a huge hammer, and religious propaganda, now those are a little more reasonable. The Didact literally comes out of nowhere and spontaneously uses this power to make Chief look like a little girl (no sexism intended). Also, you'd think that if you really wanted to imprison someone, you'd make sure it was unable to be open by anyone, let alone be able to transmit radio frequencies freely through the cage. I would just like to know where the heck this came from. Any explanations in Halo novels that I have not explored?
  15. What will you build first. Anything big or small. What are your favorite features. I like the magnets and I will probably build a big castle or remake some famous gametypes like duck hunt or fat kid (yes I'm talking to you)
  16. Just a quick rant for all the Halo "fans" who have now completed the Halo 4 campaign but are confused about the story. If you are gonna *post* questions on this forum like "who is this new villain?" or "where is the arbitor?", I understand, you don't have a lot of background info. Maybe you didn't explore previous halo games for terminals or read the books. But check it out, if you are *posting* on this forum, all you have to do is put a keyword in the search function and your answers will magically appear cuz "fans" who have explored and have read have already answered most of these questions on the very forum you are posting on. it's too eazy. If you want to know the stages of AI rampancy, I can GUARANTEE you it's been delved into on this forum in great detail. If you want to know why there is some sort of love story between didact and the librarian, I GUARANTEE you it's been discussed on this forum. If you want to know why MC is fighting the covenant when UNSC had a truce after Halo 3, then stop posting. SERIOUSLY. stop posting and start searching.
  17. WARNING: PARTS OF THIS ARTICLE CONTAIN REVEALED CAMPAIGN SPOILERS! For quite a while people have been theorizing on why the prometehans are changing color and I have come to a conclusion. Lets start with the theories we have already heard of: 1.The Prometheans are orange in daylight, blue at nightime: This theory was brought to the table due the the only situations we see blue knights are in the dark and the orange knights in the light. 2. Classification of power: Some people thought that blue prometheans were somehow a stronger varient of the orange one relating to the elites and their colors structure. 3.Orange knights are controled be the Didact where the blue knights by cortana: The biggest reasons why this was thought of is that cortana is supposed to go rampant and is convienent on how the knights are blue. There are a few more lesser theories but these three are the most popular at the moment. Now I will explain my theory on how it came to me....(this theory was brought together from Information from Glasslands, Gamtrailers Halo 4, Cryptum, Primordium, and other press realeases in the last week) Watching the Gametrailers Halo 4 episode that came out last thursday on the 21 of september, Frank O'Conner goes into some detail on Chief meeting Prometheans on Requiem, Their role there, and the New Enemy (not suprising) The Didact. Frankie goes on to talk about how your first interactions are with the knights and the new covenant. They are fighting eachother making it clear that the prometheans do not want this new covenant (Storm) to interfere with what they want. Frankie has also told us in other interviews that this new faction of covenant, The Storm (or theorized The Servants of Abiding Truth) Is at Requim due to their Religion that see the forerunners as their Gods and have information on a living god on the planet and will do anything to get to him. If this is the case then why would the Prometheans be fighting the Storm? Just wait it will become clear in a second. Back to our gametrailers interview Frankie goes on, he says that your first encounter with the prometheans seems familiar like a defense AI system with no other real goals or intentions from them. However before he anounces the Didacts involvment within halo he says something very very important. He says that there is a specific moment in the campaign where you can see that shift in the Prometheans to a defensive group to something more. you see the prometheans as if they have organization of a higher archy. This is also when he anounces the didact. We see the prometheans as blue before the didact is awaken because they have been in a defensive state over the didact for 100,000 years. The blue is more of a calmer state in color giving us that same look of any other forerunner structure we've seen in the past halo games. Once we run into the Didact that means he now takes control over the prometheans and gives them drive, purpose and objectives making them alot more of an active construct making them Orange instead of blue. I mean think about it 3rd mission Forerunner(their blue), Infinity mission (their orange) Over all My theory: The Prometheans are blue Before the Didact hasn't taken control over his prometheans yet, then the Prometheans turns Orange after because he has then taken control of them giving them purpose. Give me your thoughts or flaws with this theory
  18. Was watching the Forward Unto Dawn episode 1 and in the beginning when master chief is in cryo out of the window, you can see the blue light of requiem shining over the horizon but then there is a red flash. What could that red flash be or what could it foreshadow. Do you think the Infinity crew are going to meet the prometheans in Forward Unto Dawn. It would be awesome to see what they would look like!
  19. One of the themes common in Halo is internal strife which exacerbates a situation with an external threat. Essentially, most of the civilizations in the Halo Universe have died off or overcame fighting a war on two fronts. Human-Forerunner War - Humans were fighting the flood, then colonized away from the flood which got them in hot water with the uppity forerunners. their fight with the flood was not widely known and more of an internal human civilization thing. during this war they also teamed up with the prophets who signed a side treaty with the forerunners. these two "internal" battles and betrayals led to them being overwhelmed by their external foe, the forerunners. Forerunner Flood War - Forerunners split politically over halo arrays and some of the decisions being made, such as destroying sentient species' worlds (one of the prophets worlds was destroyed by MB using halo array). this internal strife aided their demise by the flood/halo array firing. Human-Covenant War - Humans found the covenant presence due to putting down a human rebellion in the outer colonies. The civil war that was beginning also enabled the covenant to penetrate said colonies without much UNSC interference. internal conflict once again enabled an external foe to gain an upperhand. Also, on the covenant side, the elites v brutes as an internal strife while the covenant under the stewardship of the prophets was still on their great journey. with humans as the external conflict. So this leads to Precursors. they were ran out of the known halo universe by forerunners, who were their creation. It's difficult to imagine that happening without some internal distraction giving the forerunners the opportunity to either catch them offguard or attack while they were down. This internal strife could be directly related to the creation of the flood by the precursors, although its unclear whether the precursors were flood or just created the flood. I believe precursors created the flood and in creating them, were able to evolve graveminds without the flood needing to consume a great deal of sentient life. The reason being that if the flood had ravaged the precursors, like the end of the human-forerunner war, the forerunners would have found out about the flood and then fought them. instead, at the end of the precursor-forerunner war, precursors left and forerunners knew nothing of the flood for quite some time. so the flood was still in the "lab" or on a shield world where they couldn't escape. So if the flood running rampant isn't the internal distraction then it would have to be some political or physical conflict within the precursor society. possibly a dispute over which creation is worthy of the mantle? look at it from the standpoint of each political internal conflict we have seen in the haloverse so far. one group believes the forerunners, who are adept at incorporating precursor technology into their own and advancing at a rapid pace should carry the mantle. the larger or more influential group believes in the humans, who are more compassionate and physically less intimidating should carry the mantle. The human lovers win out, but the forerunner group decides to tell said forerunners that their creators do not deem them worthy of the mantle, thus creating an external foe for their precursor counterparts. then survivors of that group leave the universe feeling the mantle is in good hands with their favorite creation, the forerunners. meanwhile, the human group has set into motion the "test" which will exalt humans to the carriers of the mantle. they hide a gravemind in the area where human civilization will expand that is farthest away from forerunner territory so that humans will be tested by the flood. this gravemind is given access to precursor records or at some point, assimilates its handlers into its conscious. then it waits for humans to find it and begins to unleash the flood, knowing that its purpose is to test humanity. just an idea.
  20. The Didact will side with Master Chief in Halo 4. PROOF: 1) The Didact's Cryptum scans Chief, it ignores him and continues to fly to the INFINITY *This shows that the Didact does not see Chief as an enemy that needs to be killed at this point in time 2) The Didact goes to the INFINITY and Cortana says, "I know where he's headed" *The use of "he" implies that they have already met, and clearly they have survived their encounter with the 'terrible' Didact 3) Master Chief replies to Cortana's statement with, "The same place we are." *Because 343i said that Halo 4 will be more theatrical than the previous Halo's, and they said that they would suddenly not make Chief into Susie-Talks-A-Lot, it is safe to assume that everything Chief says is important. Further, I wholeheartedly believe that 343i will use Chief's words as more than words but symbols. I believe that this statement to hints that the Didact and Chief will be going to the "same place," implying that they will become allies with a common goal. 4) A Promethean zaps the Elite charging Chief with the sword. *Self-Explanatory 5) Lastly, the Promethean Knight, under the control of the Didact, does not kill Chief, but knocks him out. *Since 343i would receive death threats if they killed Chief in the first game, it is clear that the Didact does not kill Chief. Becuase he has him unconscious, and has the power to kill him, and doesn't, it shows that he needs him for something and will become his ally maybe to destroy an even more ancient evil: The Timeless One, a Precursor whom the Didact supposedly killed. -As a side note for the sake of plot development, at the end of Halo: Primordium 343 Guilty Spark is shown to be 'highjacking' an ONI ship in search of the Librarian, the Didact's lover, whom, in terminal 10 of Halo: CEA, Spark says can "temper [the Didact's] anger." This could be a major plot of the game which could be the cause for the alliance between Chief and the Didact. Concept art for a Precursor compared to image compiled from one of the first trailers:
  21. This theory is based on research done using halo.wikia.com. So the theory is based on fan contributed information and may have some flaws, but hopefully not. First, the theory is assuming that Didact (http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Didact) is the villain for Halo 4 as his symbol is shown in the most recent E3 2012 trailers. Didact is a forerunner of the promethean class, which is a Warrior-Servant class. Didact has a hybrid personality because he downloaded his memories and personality into a young forerunner nambed Bornstellar (http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Bornstellar_Makes_Eternal_Lasting). Didact hates humans although Bornstellar has some empathy towards them. Part of the reason for Didact's hate is the Human-Forerunner war which was a human-san 'shyuum (Prophets) alliance vs forerunners (http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Human-Forerunner_war). Humans, back in 110,000BC, had equaled forerunner technology by adapting Precurser technology, which is also where forerunner tech comes from. Precursors were "god-like" beings pre-dating forerunners and humans. a side story that the new trilogy may focus on. Didact most notably fought well in the human-forerunner war and the flood-forerunner. He was against building the Halo Arrays and imprisoned in a Cryptom for his beliefs. Bornstellar was the one who found him and then was downloaded with his memories during their subsequent journeys together. But, back to the theory. If Didact hates humans and was the reason for human technology being wiped out post war (and the de-evolution of the species), then the reappearance of humans near requiem would have to piss him off. On Didact as a promethean, prometheans were supposedly around 4 meters tall and as a warrior, Didact would be able to crush a human skull with one blow. the promethean AI's shown in the E3 trailers are basically sentinal type of machines. They are supposed to engage and eradicate any foreign beings that get near or on requiem. They are supposed to be blue, but the fact that they are red suggests corruption or guidance by an evil entity, ala Didact. Didact was supposed to have died in the Halo Array release by the forerunners, which wiped out their race of beings. But its alluded that Didact survived somewhere, ala Requiem. So the theory goes that Didact managed to learn of and then hide on Requiem, which shielded him from the effects of the Halo activation. Thousands of years later (prometheans lived for thousands of years, unsure of how time has affected him physically) he sees the re-emergance of humans and covenant. If this rogue covenant faction is being led by a prophet, then that would also add to Didact's mood as he fought against the Syn'Shyuum as well. My theory is that the sentinals will not be the only enemy on Halo 4. The level shown on the gameplay trailer already tells you how to beat them and seems to be the 2nd level of the game. If all you do is fight covenant and promethean sentinels then the gameplay should be fairly easy. I would theorize that Requiem was the "safe place" Didact told the Librarian (his wife) could go to when the halo arrays were activated. This being said, what was it a safe place for during that time? He had to have told others about it and possibly escaped with other prometheans or even other beings who have been living there for thousands of years. Also, the fact that the previous Halo games hypothesized that humans or Master Chief could be a decendent of forerunners makes for an interesting story arch. If Master Chief is a decendent of forerunners, wouldn't he be a promethean as well? This calls for Didact to try to recruit Master Chief to his side and fight humans and covenant alike and retake the "Mantle" left by the Precursors. Just a theory.
  22. Alright so everyone's seen the last Halo: CEA terminal where 343 Guilty Spark speaks of John destroying his Installation and then towards the end he says, "Oh but what I would not give to have a single company of Prometheans here right now. Oh they would most certainly restore order with their trademark lethality. Although... That would mean He would have to be here too. And without the Librarian around to damper his rage, well... These Reclaimers might almost prefer the Flood." And then the Didact's symbol appears in a flash of light. Also at the end of Primordium Guilty Spark claims to suspect where he might find the Librarian. What do you guys think their relevance will be to Halo 4? I believe that the dark, ancient threat could very well be the Didact or maybe even Faber. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Km0kWdxvqqU&feature=related
  23. Who are we going to be fighting? A lot of evidence points at the Forerunners themselves and definitely some Forerunner made machines. Leaks show the crawler and the watcher (1) as most may know, but the Halo CEA terminals heavily hint at more specific Forerunners like the Didact (2). There is no more flood, the covenant have been ruled out as the main antagonist for the game, so what would be left? Were crashing on the shield world/dyson sphere which was created to protect from the ring blast. Who else would be in there? Its hard to believe were not fighting the Forerunners in some way or another. There is a video which was removed from halo waypoints Forerunner terminal log in (place to unlock the last terminal) which would be shown after typing "wake up john" in the Forerunner language. link below (3). And if we just so happen to have a Precursor in the game at any time, it will be in Halo 5 or 6. So what do you guys think? Will we be fighting some completely unknown enemies which have never been mentioned before? Or will we see Prometheans Ready to kick our asses? 1- leaked enemies http://images.thisisxbox.com/2012/05/halo4toys1.jpg 2- didact everywhere http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/841/speculation.png/sr=1 3- wake up john
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