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  1. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 93. Last week we talked about your favourite ships, both Covenant or UNSC. We had many great mentions that certainly make for an interesting read. Click here to view the last poll, 92. Who's your favourite Captain/Shipmaster? Both Captain and Shipmaster mean the same thing. The head of the vessel. The leader. One term's more commonly used with the Covenant, whilst the other with UNSC personnel. Not that "Captain" in this case simply refers to the ship's CO, not the rank. A Ship Captain may be an Admiral or a Commander, whoever's best suited at the time of appointment. There are many names to list. Hood. 'Vadum. Cole. Von. Some more moral than others, but they all had a brave heart when it came to their ship and crew. Some are long gone, others remain alive. Who stands out to you the most though? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  2. Pillar of Autumn C-709 Radio Transmission: ENCRYPTION: POAG01 TRANSMISSION TYPE: Recruitment TRANSMISSION PRIVACY: Open __ Pillar of Autumn C-709 is a clan composed of experienced personnel and we are searching for applicable members. We consist of Marines, ODSTs, Spartan-IIIs and Spartan-IIs. Within Pillar of Autumn C-709 we offer a clan lead by strong leadership, daily activities, and a place where you can ultimately enjoy yourself in all aspects. We strive to have longevity within our program, and to be recognized for our professionalism and positive performance outcomes in the field. Requirements: • A working version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection • A functional microphone • Age of 15+ • Strong senses of loyalty, respect, and professionalism • Willingness to complete basic training regimens Contact Information: Xbox Contacts: Spartan 092 Spartan 051 Approved By: Spartan 092 [CDR]
  3. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 92. Last week we talked about whether we could have defeated the Covenant without the Great Schism occurring, and the clear outcome was that it would not have been possible. Community members Drizzy_Dan and RedStarRocket91 took the stage with some great detailed responses. Click here to view the last poll, 91. What's your favourite naval vessel? Infinity. Pious Inquisitor. In Amber Clad. Enduring Conviction. These are only a few names of some of the most impressive vessels ever built. Each one of these beauties has its own story. Each its own history. Its own kill count. Crew. Adventures. Tech. Weaponry. This week I want to ask you, which ship is your favourite? Be it Covenant or UNSC, there are many legendary ships to choose from, which do you like most? And hey, no funny answers, I don't wanna see any watercraft showing up here. UNSC and Covenant spacecraft only, Forerunners will have to sit this one out I'm afraid. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  4. UNSC Warlord Book 4: Rise of Tespan Chapter 1: Deployment A group of Marine’s were slaughtered at the Temple of Fahro, within a few minutes the base was taken over and secured by the imposed threat. ‘Temple of Fahro was one of Emissa’s sacred places that was currently being used as a relay post by UNSC Warlord.’ Activities of the sort have been happening all across the globe of Nessyapa. Speculation has it that there’s a group of Insurrectionists targeting these various locations across the globe, which doesn’t seem likely for a small armed resistance. Fireteam Falo, a group of ODST’s known for their stealth operations, were tasked with this job. Deployment would begin shortly, as their Pelican was approaching the island. “Alright team, this is another Stealth OP.” Captain Finch stood near the bay hatch. “You know the ground rules. We get in, figure out what the hell is going on, and get out. Keep the firefight to a minimum. We can’t blow this OP.” The hatch bay opened up, it was about a 10 feet drop onto the shoreline. Rocks and hills both swarmed the view in front of them. Only a few kilometers to go, and they’ll be at the Temple of Fahro. “Sliv and Quincy, grab your things. We’re moving out.” Finch grabbed his DMR and slapped the magazine in from the impact of the drop. Sliv fell shortly behind, shotgun in hand, already locked and ready. Quincy was already on the ground by the time Sliv arrived, his green woodland skin covered his entire sniper rifle. “Alright, Sliv. Move up on me. Quincy’s got our backs.” Finch swiveled past a few large rocks. Bright lights emitted from the hillscape in front of them. Whoever was here before them, is still here now. “Sir, three tango’s dead ahead. Third one’s headed out. We’re gonna have to push our way past them.” Quincy spoke in his rough, low, British voice. “There’s a rock on the edge, you could probably use to get the drop on them.” “Roger that, Quincy,” Finch responded while motioning Sliv towards the ledge. “We’ll get them. Quick and clean.” Finch motioned at Sliv, who was now above the two soldiers. He dropped down, the blade of his knife immediately penetrated the first targets throat. He pulled his knife out and sucker punched the next target. Knocking him cold to the ground. “Targets down,” Finch walked up beside Sliv, “Quincy, we’re moving up. On us.” “Roger that.” Quincy, closed up from behind. “Sir, tracker says target location is approximately one kilometer West of our position.” Sliv put away the tracker. A light glared in the distance. They kept moving. A few more guards were spotted towards the right, luckily out of the way. A retaining wall was up ahead. They could either climb over into safety, or risk going around and breaking their operation. The glare came over Sliv’s helmet again. This time she knew what it was, “Quincy, target tower overhead. Northwest, about sixty degrees by twenty high.” Quincy nodded at Sliv, suppressor quipped to his weapon, he raised the Sniper and pulled the trigger. Eliminated. Finch already had Sliv above the retaining wall, and was moving up himself. Quincy came over, and reached up and grabbed their hands for a boost. “Target in sight, fellas,” Finch stared in awe at the Temple in front of them. Sliv pushed passed them, taking lead towards the door. “Doesn’t look like anyone’s home.” Quincy said, as they got closer to the door. The lights were on inside and out, but no one’s in sight other than those few guards they past by. “Keep a close watch, we made it this far, but we still gotta make it back.” Finch sounded a little worried as he entered the passcode to the door. The Temple was secured by the UNSC to keep out intruders and siege’s from happening. However, this seemed to prove otherwise. Either a threat bigger than they imagine, or a small tactical force got the hand on them. The door unlocked. They went in. Nobody was inside, everything was the way it was supposed to be. Monitor’s intact, generators online, and... “Oh my god.” Sliv almost screamed, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Quincy and Finch followed her gaze towards the ceiling. Both of them gasped in horror. The Marine’s were hanging by the ropes, dangling from the ceiling with the words ‘YOU’RE NEXT’ smeared in blood behind them. “Wha-... What do you guys think they mean by ‘You’re Next?’, Sliv saw Quincy fall to the floor; quickly turning to her side as she heard Finch. “Oh no.” She knew what was about to happen. She turned around, only to see a rifle punching her in the face, knocking her out on the ground with her comrades. “Secure the bodies, bring them outside.” A loud, calm, American voice shouted. It sounded familiar. But who? Moments passed by, what felt like hours was merely just seconds. Sliv could feel the mixture of the cool air mixed with the warm breeze. It just got colder. Oh no. She knew what was about to happen. Were... Were they stripping her clothes? Why? Why would they do this? Were they doing this to the other two as well? This couldn’t be happening right now. She wanted to scream, but couldn’t. What use would it do her anyways? Nobody else was nearby. “Sliv, on my way for extraction. You better be ready in fifteen minutes.I don’t care how hot the zone is, you need to get out of there now. A large force has just show itself on the radar. It’s not safe!” It was their Pilot, Lewith. If only he knew what just happened to them. Sliv felt her earpice being removed, then crushed. So much for that anyways. Like it would even matter. She felt something poke her. Here we go, she thought. They poked her again, this time even harder. Her eyes flew open. A fire was in the distance, it was the Temple. They set it on fire, but why. She looked around for answers. She saw them. Finch and Quincy were tied up. Rifles aimed at there heads. She couldn’t make out what they were saying, probably questioning if there were more of them or who sent us. Then she noticed. They both had their armor stripped, left in their undersuits. That’s when a sigh of relief flew over her. She was in hers as well. But what were they doing with their armor? A few more individuals walked by. Their armor and weapons in hand. Wait. Were they going to board their Pelican and take out Lewith, and use the ship for their own need and desires? No. She needed to warn him, but how? Two gunshots fired off, both came from a pistol. She looked over and saw what happened. The horror in her eyes. Finch and Quincy were dead. It was too late for them now, but not her. “We got what we need.” The voice from earlier came back to haunt her. She couldn’t see who this figure was, but she could hear him loud and clear. “Kill the girl. Leave a message for the next team they send. Let them know what they’re messing with.” The voice got quieter, she heard him walking away. The sound of him entering a heavy vehicle could be heard. The vehicle raised. Now she knew what it was. They had a Mantis. But how? How could they have one here? As she saw some more individuals close in on her, weapons ready to fire... A Pelican flew over them, full throttle. It started to turn around. Lewith already knew they were done for, but it seemed he was willing to violate protocol just to pay his own respects. Oh no, this was bad. This was very very bad. Whoever these guys were, were imposing a good threat for a small armed force. There’s no way to explain it. They had one of the new expiremental Hannibal Mantis’ fully operational and everything. The Mantis fired at the Pelican. Within seconds, the ship lost control and was on its way for a crash landing towards them. ‘Maybe this was good, maybe Lewith would still have some control and was willing to use his last breath to ram his ship into this threat.’ but she was dead wrong. Something was charging up, it was really really loud. It sounded from above her. Sliv noticed the previous indivuals were gone, they ran away. She looked up, and realized why. These guy’s had a god damn Condor Gunship! But how in the world did they get that. Who exactly are these people? They were definitely no small armed force if they had this much power. This is bigger than they thought. If only she could have let Command know. Everything she had was down. Her comms were destroyed, the Temple was blazed. She was lost in thought for too long that she forgot what was going on. The Condor fired on the Pelican, a loud explosion was heard as the round pierced through the Pelican. It was obliterated to millions of pieces. She realized it was too late. Her body was numb, she could still move. Maybe even stand. She got up on her knees, then slowly got control to stand up. Pssht. A silent round pierced her leg, she let out a cry of pain. The adrenaline kicked in hard. She stood back up. She started to move away, this time faster. Psssht. Another round pierced her, this time in her other leg. There was no way she could keep going. She turned around, about a quarter way in her turn the Pelican debris rammed her thirty feet into the ground. It happened so fast, she didn’t have any time to process the thought. A warm liquid surrounded her. She felt perfect for the first time in awhile. A deep breath escaped her as she gave in and let out. Fireteam Falo was dead. Their mission objective failed. ~End of Chapter 1~ (*Touchup, will have a personal banner made later on for this Book)
  5. If anyone is interested in joining a UNSC based clan on Halo Reach please message me or add me @ Kenshin lx
  6. Link To Map "Attack On Infinity" Link To Gamemode "Covenant Bombardment" Remember the good-ole days of Covies vs. Humans in Halo: Reach? Well I bring to you, Halo 5 Invasion! With using the Strongholds gametype, I have recreated the Halo: Reach Invasion Gametype. The setting of this Map is located on the Infinity distant away from a Halo Ring. This map contains over 250+ scripts to convert this Stronghold Gametype into a Halo 5 Invasion Gamemode. The difficultly starts off Hard for the Defenders in Stage 1, Neutral for both in Stage 2, and Hard for the Attackers in Stage 3. TO PLAY, TEAMS NEED TO BE ONLY GREEN AND PURPLE. WEAPON PADS ARE WHERE BUTTONS ARE LOCATED. In this gametype, the Humans will be Green and the Covies will be Purple. There are 3 stages to this gamemode. Each stage is designed for allowing only the Attacking team to proceed. There are 4 rounds of game play allowing each team to be Attackers and Defenders twice. The goal to win is for the Attackers to successfully capture both Strongholds to score 1 point. For the Defenders to win, they must prevent the Attackers from capping the Turbine stronghold in the allotted time. Click this for a video guide on how to play and understand this new gamemode. Stage 1: "Captain Lasky! The Covenant are Inbound!" ATTACKERS: The Attackers will start off on a Meteorite distant away from the Infinity. The goal for the Attackers is to destroy the 8 explosives on the outside of the Infinity using the Banshees in your respawn area (An Image of where the explosives are located are in the photos above). Doing this causes the Big Red Door blocking the Stronghold "Bay Doors" to open. Once the door is open enough to fit your Banshee, fly through and Press the Button located near the stairs to proceed to the next stage. Yellow flashing lights and weapon pads indicate where buttons are for the Attackers to access. DEFENDERS: The teleporters in your spawn room will lead you to different areas on the outside of the Infinity to defend against the Attackers from entering your ship. Teleporter "D" will lead you to a Hanger containing two "One-Time Use" Wasps to stop the Attackers. Stage 2: " We got Jackals in the Courtyard!" ATTACKERS: Proceeding to Stage 2 has unlocked you your Tier 1 set of weapons. Your goal is to proceed your way to the button located in the back of the Armory to reach Stage 3. Do what ever it takes to open that door. DEFENDERS: The Covenant has entered your ship, Use you Tier 1 set of weapons to prevent them from entering the Control Room. Stage 3: "The Last Stand" ATTACKERS: Tier 2 weapons are now available. With gain access to the Control Room, your Covenant reinforcements have brought you a new entrance into the ship, take the teleporter in your respawn area to enter. Your goal is now to use the two available Warthogs on the map to break down the door to enter the Turbine Room. Once you break the door, press the button inside to open the stronghold. Doing this will set the Infinity on fire. Capture the stronghold and score 1 point to win. DEFENDERS: Tier 2 Weapons are now available. Stop the enemy from capping the stronghold at all cost. When the Infinity is set on fire, you can cap the Stronghold yourself to make it harder for the Attackers to cap it (Doing this will not mean you will score). Hold them off for the time remaining in the round. A PART TWO IS IN GAMEPLAY TESTING!
  7. This map is PART TWO to my Halo 5 Invasion series. Play "ATTACK ON INFINITY" first. Both maps are design with the same play style. Click here for link to "Attack On Infinity" video. Click here for link to "Raid On New Alexandria" video. Remember the good-ole days of Covies vs. Humans in Halo: Reach? Well I bring to you, Halo 5 Invasion! With using the Strongholds gametype, I have recreated the Halo: Reach Invasion Gametype. The setting of this Map is located on Reach in New Alexandria, the only city that wasn't glazed by Covenant. This map contains over 150+ scripts to convert this Stronghold Gametype into a Halo 5 Invasion Gamemode. TO PLAY, TEAMS NEED TO BE ONLY GREEN AND PURPLE. WEAPON PADS ARE WHERE BUTTONS ARE LOCATED. In this gametype, the Humans will be Green and the Covies will be Purple. There are 3 stages to this gamemode. Each stage is designed for allowing only the Attacking team to proceed. There are 2 rounds of game play allowing each team to be Attackers and Defenders once. The goal to win is for the Attackers to successfully capture both Strongholds to score 1 point. For the Defenders to win, they must prevent the Attackers from capping the "Big Tower" stronghold in the allotted time. Stage 1: The goal for the Attackers in this Stage is to fight their way through the Covenant fortified city. The Attackers must make their way to the city gates. Stage 2: The Attackers must fight their way into their own UNSC Robotics Facility. There are many ways to get in. Get inside and open the barricade blocking the stairwell to the top floor. Stage 3: The Attackers must destroy the two Covenant explosives that are holding the cage up to drop the "Big Tower" Stronghold. Warning: the Defenders can accidentally destroy these explosives.
  8. Welcome one and all to the SoJ recruitment page. We take our teachings from the UNSC but we use them in our own way. We welcome human and elites alike (we arent racist hue hue).So thats the introduction lets get down to business. Branches (Divisions, teams) Army, the army are your average foot soldiers, but with a bad attitude and kick ass trigger finger. In the army we have three sub-classes, MP, EoD and vehicular specialist. Mp is the military police when you are needed you use your shotgun and DMR to protect the games highest rank (unless you guys are having fun in custom games). EoD is the Eplosixes expert using heavy weapons to thier advantage to turn the tides of battle in our favour. Vehicular specialist or VS squad is a group very self explanatory they use vehicles to pick up troops, splatter enemies and help fortify bases Marines, these men are raid specialists eight man teams form in this branch these teams are used to raid and help allies. Rangers, the ranger subclass need to know how to climb mountains to get a good eye on the battlefield these soldiers use precision weapons to thier advantage. Brachers, these men fight thier way to the entrance of bases using shotguns and energy swords to dispatch their foes these men also breach bases in advance so the leaders can enter safely. Leadership, these men are leaders in training use thier whit to make plans to take bases or to help the RIDA (you will find out about RIDA once you join) these men also take over training sessions when the trainers have to go. Airforce, airforce use flight to thier advantage, taking control of the sky is a big part of raids. Pilot, using flight to pickup or kill these men will be trained to best dodge explosives and other abstract things Gunners, gunners will have jetpacks and know how to hell jump using the falcon turrets to help get troops past enemy lines. Engineer, these men call out flight using vehicles to pilots and then either help in the sky or take the battle to the ground. We also have a few branches you need to be hand chosen to join i will list them below Gādo, this isnt a branch but i will explain the Gādo only come into use if a RIDA joins they turn into security at that point keeping an eye out for enemies foriegn and domestic. Shadow hunters, we use these men to gather information using contacts to thier advantage Berserkers, are non cannon spartans with only four month conscription theyre not spartans but trained as they where obviously not fully or i might break one of UNSC's many rules Ghosts, only the knowledge that they exist isnt classified RIDA, we are the leaders of the clan we will have RIDA in our service tag to show we lead Before you can join any branch you need to be a recruit, not being a full member of the clan yet we put you through training to see where you will be most best suited. then comes alignment where we put you through spartan level training to weed out the ones not dedicated. We then recommend a branch for you to join but you can go against our recommended choice if you dont feel we chose right (kinda like divergent sorry im excited). If you want to join please contact these gamertags Tom20Cole 1st in command SoulSniperS059 2nd in command TheNnjaway 3rd in command If you have trouble with that contact either Our silver tag account: SoJ Clan Our E-mail: [email protected] Thank you for reading this See you on the battlefield soldier My bad sorry if you want to become allies please contact the same gamertags ECT.
  9. In this weeks bulletin it shows two new weapons called Boltshot and Suppressor Boltshot shown with the Tracker Specialization although this is possibly the UNSC/Promethean? side arm The Suppressor Shown (Promethean Weapon)
  10. Hey forum, Ever since E3 2013, we've been hearing rumours about how Chief has gone AWOL, and we now know that those rumours are true. Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 is a Spartan-II. Spartan-IIs have nothing below the best training the UNSC have to offer. They are professional soldiers, trained in many aspects. One of those aspects is loyalty. A Spartan-II would not betray the UNSC for whatever reason. After being indoctrinated, contained, and trained, they are under the influence of the UNSC and would follow every order until death. No Spartan-II would betray the UNSC for their own personal reason(s). Now we have the well know Master Chief, becoming a so-called 'traitor'. This is something that seriously bothers me because it is almost wrong. Out of all Spartans, Chief ends up leaving for his own emotions. No matter how long he fought with Cortana, he would have still let her go. He wouldn't abandon the UNSC for her. He has had longer lasting relationships with his fellow Spartan-IIs, and he would accept their death and carry on. Now maybe he's doing this because he can actually bring Cortana back unlike other dead soldiers, but this is not a legit reason. He would never go off course just because he gained an emotional attachment to Cortana. He is more professional than that, and his duty would always come first. To me it seems as if 343 have just broken Halo's lore, and have ruined the whole universe (Halo universe) all together by doing this. Am I thinking a little too extremely? No, because the Spartan-IIs' behaviour plays a vital role in the Halo universe. It's as if everything we've ever known about Spartan-IIs (Chief in this case) has been a lie. All this knowledge from books, games, comics, and so on has been burned to ashes. I believe 343 can do a good job with the gameplay, but affecting Halo's lore is something else. I personally take this far more seriously than the gameplay, because it's what makes Halo. If it were Bungie, they may never have made Chief go AWOL. Chief is far too professional to do such a thing, it just wouldn't happen. I just hope that it won't get any worse than this. There is still some time left and lots we don't know, so hopefully we'll get a better reason overall. What do you all think about this? Thanks for reading. - Spartan
  11. ~Epilogue~ Bek fired at the Covenant, there was a few grunts left. She could see a Scarab and several Wraith’s on the move to her position. She needed to get the Warthog going and get out of here. She picked up a magnum and shot the two grunts in the head. She proceeded to the warthog and grabbed a gas can off of the back and began to fuel the Warthog. “Any minute now...” She mumbled to herself. “Any minute indeed.” A voice said. Bek finished with the fuel. She turned to look at who spoke to her. Instantly, flashbacks occurred. She remembered what happened back on Reach, what happened up until just last night. That voice, that same voice that spoke is the exact same one that killed all of her friends. Bek drew her magnum and pointed it at their face. It was Osiris. A wide grin was on his face. He had apparently landed in a drop pod when Bek hadn’t paid attention. She stared directly at him, then headed to get in the Warthog. Osiris stopped her. He grabbed her by the arm and threw her backwards. “Haha. No, you little piece of trash. You’re a no good, useless soldier. I don’t want you on my ship, but I want you to be confirmed dead, so I don’t lose my current position to you ratting me out like the little snitch you are.” Osiris kicked her helmet off and puncher Bek in the face, twice. “Ow. Why are you doing this to me? This hurts a lot. I thought we were friends Osiris? I don’t understand.” Bek had tears down her face, the salty water mixed with the wounds Osiris made. It caused it to sting and hurt her more. “Key word there, little miss witch. You THOUGHT we were friends. We were never friends. I hated you from the start. Destroyer’s death made me so happy, I couldn’t believe it. I let you off for a while. Now I came to claim my vengeance.” Osiris stated, loud and clear. With pure hatred. “How will you get out of here then?” Bek saw Warlord’s engines kick on and ready to leave the surface. She turned her attention to Osiris. Oops. His boot came in like a sledgehammer, Osiris broke her nose. Bek burst into tears, blood dripped from her face. “I have a broadsword on route to your little base, your little Warthog here will get me back just in time. I have everything planned already, you stupid little brat.” Osiris picked Bek up and threw her towards the Covenant. They were a click away, they’d be here in one minute. Osiris beat Bek’s face in, until blood came out of every possible spot. She was severely injured, why would she just stand there and take it? Nevermind. Osiris’s job had to be done. He grabbed a shotgun off his back and aimed it at Bek. “Say goodnight, you dirty piece of trash.” He pulled the trigger. What luck, Bek rolled out of the way just in time. She was in the Warthog, she tried the ignition. The Warthog started. Damn, she was fast to it. Osiris was absolutely livid, he ran over to shoot her. She took off. “God damn it!” Osiris pulled up Communications, “Yes, Warlord? This is...” Osiris looked to his left. The Scarab fired upon him. Osiris didn’t stand a chance. Bek was alive, but she had to take care of her wounds as soon as she could. She didn’t have her helmet anymore, there was no time for that. A loud boom was in the distance, she turned around. UNSC Warlord headed up into the atmosphere. That broadsword was her only chance. “Come on...” Bek arrived at the outpost. ~End of Epilogue~ ~End of Book 2~ In the upcoming full Book 2 of combined sections, there will be a video at the end. Thank you for reading!
  12. ~Chapter 10: KRRRRSSSSSHZZZZZTTHZZZZZ~ “Where the hell is the evac?” Jackson assisted Frank in the destruction of an enemy Banshee. Two more fired at them. “It’s up ahead, we’re almost there. We’ll have to hold the line for about 30 seconds, we’re early.” Archangel took Junior’s shotgun and shot an Elite that tried to board the Warthog. “Nevermind the evac, where the hell is Michael and Heli?” Runner shot a jackal, denied. It raised its gauntlet just in time. She pulled the weapon over her shoulder and took out five grunts, then turned back to get the jackal by surprise. “Who knows? Maybe Michael went back to get Heli. He wasn’t in the Warthog.” Frank shot his sticky detonator at a Hunter, as soon as they were out of range he pulled the trigger and watched orange ooze explode everywhere. He reloaded. “He also wasn’t at the base. What could he have been up to?” Paladin just sat there and watched everyone. He took a sip of his coffee. Dexter and Archangel sniped any Elite’s that were after them on Ghosts. Dexter replied, “Could have been because of Bek. She’s awful flirty for a Spartan. Heli would probably have done something to prove to her he’s not worthless, like she treated him.” He shot a grunt off a shade turret. Archangel and Dexter stopped, together they said, “Oh crap.” Junior stopped the vehicle then hopped out and gunned down every Elite within fifty meters of range. “Knowing the fool, he’s probably dead from that robot.” Junior power kicked a grunt, which flew at a wall. Death on impact. “I don’t think he would’ve done that.” Bek said. She shot a drone. “Your evac shuttle has arrived! Bahaha. Hurry up and get on before I leave you to die. Don’t think I’m joking, I will.” It was Osiris, he was the one sent to extract them in this heavily armored Assault Pelican. The mounted spartan laser cannon charged up, it took out two Wraith’s in just one shot. Ugh. Bek stumbled into the Warthog, she fell on the ground. “I’m coming. Just wait.” “I told you, no waiting. We’re leaving.” Osiris commanded the Pilot to take off. “You can’t just leave her there! That’s insane!” Runner yelled at Osiris. “So be it. Nothing you can do now.” He bursted out in laughter. “Oh ho ho...” He started to calm down. “Samantha, we’re en route now. ETA, twenty seconds.” Osiris got in the co-pilot seat, he fired the 40mm cannon at a phantom. It took severe damage, he finished it off with a second. “Cheers.” He pulled out a canister and drank what turned out to be Scotch. They boarded the UNSC Warlord. This time, it wasn’t boarded. -------------- Michael walked into the base. “Huh, when did the power go off?” He activated his flashlight and found the generators. He managed to get it back online. He walked over to the Operations room to make radio contact with Warlord that he would arrive in a Hornet. Michael screamed like a little girl and threw himself backwards. He saw Heli’s body on the floor, blood was everywhere and his death was brutal. The floor was a tinted dark maroon. Heli’s left leg and left arm laid on the table. His right leg and right arm laid thrown around the room. He found his body, er the main part. It looked as if it was cut open and something feasted on the inside of it. Michael took his helmet off and threw up on the body. He wiped his face off afterwards. “This is the least I can do.” He grabbed Heli’s helmet and took it off. An eye was gone and his nose was torn off in half. Michael threw up again. He then took the video chip of everything Heli recorded within the past seventy-two hours and then made radio contact with command. He was set. Without acknowledgement of the body, he ran out of the room and got in the Hornet and started it up and headed towards the UNSC Warlord. He noticed a lone soldier off in the distance. They were surrounded, but they managed to keep alive. He started to head over to the soldier. Too late. A Scarab charged the soldier, they were gone. Michael threw up in the cockpit. ~End of Chapter 10~
  13. Spirit of fire Map Name : Spirit of fire Game type : None Map Creator : Erydhil Description : I did a huge remake of the celebrate Halo wars's ship : the spirit of fire ! Download link : https://www.halowaypoint.com/fr-fr/players/erydhil/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=40e536d9-7f3a-41ed-afce-ff186f70202b The single part of the ship i couldn't finish.
  14. ~Chapter 7: Renknown~ “This has got to be the most boring evacuation,” Paladin took a deep breath, “that I have ever had. I don’t know if it’s because of the environment, or because half you guys don’t even talk.” Paladin took a drink of some coffee. “May I ask where you got that coffee?” Frank waddled over to Paladin, “I’ve been thirsty and coffee sounds really good right now.” Frank had a grin on his face. Paladin took a sip of his coffee, his eye on Frank. “Nope, and if you ask again. I’ll shoot you in the back of the leg. That’s a promise.” Paladin drank more of his coffee. Frank’s grin went to a disappointed frown. He then waddled back over by Heli. “Where are we going again?” Archangel asked Jackson. “Back to base. It’s too risky in here. Radiation is safer than this place.” Jackson grabbed onto a rock ledge, and pulled himself up. The others did the same as well. This place was like a giant maze. None of them knew where they were going. “Ugh, this is so frustrating.” Runner punched the wall. Which surprised Bek and Paladin, she managed to puncture the wall. “Guy’s, it’s fine. We have nothing to worry about. As long as we follow Jackson, we’ll make it there safely.” Dexter stated. “I’m starting to get sick of your Jackson will hep us with this, Jackson will help us with that; bullcrap. My father was the same way, but in the end he ended up killing those who he loved and then having them turn upon himself.” Doc was frustrated, yet depressed. Dexter’s statements that made Jackson sound like a diety, annoyed him. He missed his father, that’s who made him who he was today. “Guys, lets settle down. There’s always a way out...” Jackson started to say. A loud roar was heard. “Oh, you have got to be kidding me. This thing again? It’s just as bad as having Michael around.” Runner said, “Well, kinda. I mean, I’d rather have this thing around since it’s quiet and just roars; I’d also rather have Michael just for the reason he doesn’t try to kill us. At eighty-percent of the time.” Runner noticed she was in a conversation with herself. “Who the hell are you talking to?” Paladin walked over. “HAHA!” He started to laugh about it. Runner walked up to Paladin, weapon drawn. She had him in a hostage position, pretty much. “Talking crap about me? Do it again and I’ll blow your ******* brains out. YOU HEAR ME?” Runner was upset, very upset. She noticed her mistake, but no regrets. The giant robot was over them, tentacles drawn. “You have got to be kidding me!” Jackson yelled, he took off in a sprint away, at his best to avoid the robot. The team did the same. The robot didn’t do anything, it just made some sort of what sounded like a chuckle. ITtt then flew in sync, above them. “This thing’s just playing with us!” Bek yelled. “I’ll protect you...” Heli felt embarrased, but he wanted to sound confident to Bek, he wanted to prove to her. “Ugh, look Heli. I like you, but I would never date you. This isn’t the time or place either, I know, and I’m sorry. It’s just, you’re a guy.” Bek said. “What does being a guy have to do with anything?!” Heli was confused and mad at the same time. “Nothing, it’s the only excuse I could come up with.” Bek dived under a rock wall. Then continued to run with the team on the other time. Heli felt hopeless, he all of a sudden hated Bek. Really? Had to say that right now? When we could all possibly die? He thought. He was sick of it, he stopped and let the team run on. He was going to face that robot. Heli made his way up the rock to the upper ground. The team ran over the rock, there was a cavern at the end. At least it was some place to go, Jackson thought. “Let’s go guys, the cave is right there. We can make it. I have faith in all of you.” Jackson made a mad dash of a sprint, and was in the cave. The others arrived shortly after. The robot was angry, it shot three of those armorless things that looked like Hunters. The team shot them down, they diversed into two. Now there was six. They shot again, now there was twelve of them. Archangel was tired of this, he grabbed his rocket launcher and them. That killed all twenty-four of them. “Bit of an overkill there, buddy.” Paladin said. “You know what else is an overkill? Bek with that comeback she told Heli earlier. BAHAHA.” Paladin laughed at his own joke, Bek smiled at it. Embarrased. “Ah there you guy’s are!” Someone yelled, Jackson turned around. Oh god, it was Michael... And two other dudes. He had no idea who they were, but one of them was a Spartan II, the other was an ODST Sniper. They looked like they meant business. “Hello, Michael. These some friends you found? Who are they?” Dexter asked, instad of Jackson. It make Jackson sound more confident in what he was doing. He could appreciate that. “Uh no. No they are not friends. Actually, they are... Team Lord from UNSC Warlord. Uhm, this guy is Alex.” Michael gestured to the Spartan II, “...and this one’s name is Fauz. He’s funny, he shoots things he doesn’t care about. Hehe.” Michael sounded even stupider than when he left them. “What are they here for? I thought Paladin and Bek was our way out?” Jackson was confused. “No. We came because we picked up on a distress beacon. Your friend here, lead us to the cave where it was transmitting from. Luckily, we ran into you guys at the end. He already explained why you came down here, you don’t have to explain. Right now, we need to move. We have to get back to the surface. Now.” Alex started to turn around. He stopped. “Commander, what’s wrong? You usually don’t hesitate.” Bek asked. “Uh-huh... Ugh... Guh...” Was all Alex could say. “What is it?” Archangel asked. An energy sword appeared out of nowhere, it penetrated Alex before he could vanish. The Elite uncloaked as he did so. He wanted the Spartan to know who his killer was, this was honor for the Elite. Afterall, it’s something their race values greatly. The Elite quickly disappeared and was gone before the team could even get a shot off. Alex was on the floor. Jackson moved over to him with Junior. He motioned the team to stand back. Junior examined the wounds. Alex spoke to Jackson, “Jackson.” Cough. “I want to say, it was an honor to meet you. A great honor.” A consecutive cough kept up for about five seconds. “Why is it an honor for you to meet you?” Jackson was confused. “I don’t understand.” “About ten years ago... I fought alongside your grandfather, Sarge. He was an excellent Commander. Unforanutely killed, by our medic.” Alex still spoke to Jackson. Junior felt anger run through his blood when Alex said that. Yet, he also felt a little sad for Jackson. His father killed Jackson’s grandfather. Who was apparently a great leader. He just hoped Jackson was the same. He wanted to know what his father felt like with that type of guy. Was Jackson already there and he didn’t know it? Junior felt like he needed to let things go. He didn’t care, maybe he should start. Jackson and Alex were still in their conversation. “You’re not there yet. I know you will be. I want you to go with Fauz, he’ll let them know you’re Team Lord’s replacement. We need heroes, Jack. You’ll become one of them. I know you will.” Those were Alex’s last words. He didn’t move or breathe. His body stopped. Alex was dead. ~End of Chapter 7~
  15. UNSC Warlord Book 2 is about to start. I have made a video to quickly show a teaser to all my fans of the upcoming book as well as some quotes from a few of the chapters. This book will have a lot more put into it, making it a fanfiction, than the Book 1 did. Enjoy!
  16. -INTRODUCTION Hello halo players! anyone ever want a clan UNSC based with real UNSC ranks, positions, weapons, and tactics. We are the vipers halo clan and we are good at 4 things, winning, killing aliens, following orders, and tea-bagging our foes corps... we live by the quote "you cant win or lose until the battle ends" We are a non-MLG clan that is all about room for improvement. My KD was -7000, now its +2500. I'm now a much better player who is 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in slayer game types. -ABOUT BENTOTTEN123 Im a 13 year old who has been playing halo since halo ce. I play bf4, minecraft, halo, and gta. im an active gamer on almost every day. I never give up a fight. I don't have the best conection but I do have the best gameplay. -HOW TO JOIN In order to join you need to change your... -colors -emblem -service tag -motto If you want to join message me on xbox -bentotten123 (guy with rainbow pic) Join Today!!! -ben totten
  17. Hi everyone ! There is the project that I Forge since December, UNSC Infinity. UNSC Infinity GamerTag : SnR Zaelkyria Map : UNSC Infinity Project Description : A really large ship forged on Impact.. Not playable, it's just aesthetics. Forged with SnR Fal. Screen : Overviews : Side : View from above : View of front : View from behind : View from inside : Different parts of the ship : DownLoad link : [UNSC Infinity Project] Hope you enjoy !
  18. Hello, dear Halo community. Not that many of you will care, but I created this topic to inform you all of fanfics written by me, -Stealer-L1F3, devoted for Halo and its awesomeness. If you like Sangheili/Human interactions, space battles, Sci-Fi related stuff and romance, then you should probably check out these two fanfics: Halo: Shock Troopers http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9423636/1/Halo-Shock-Troopers Reclaimers (A Mass Effect/Halo crossover. Continuation of Halo: Shock Troopers) http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9602522/1/Reclaimers Still, not that many of you will care or want to read... Also, I am searching for someone gifted in the art of drawing. I can't afford any payment, but I truly hope that my eternal gratitude, a mention in the stories and respect should be enough for you, unless you want to negotiate something. This is just something I am bad at myself, so I am looking for someone talented. If you want, contact me, if not... well, do whatever you want. Anyways, if you do check them out and if you begin liking the fanfics, do what you think is best, but the best thing you would be able to do for me is to support me in any way you can. I'm not forcing any of you to do anything against your will, it's entirely up to you if you'd want to check the stories out or not.
  19. We are a military based UNSC clan and we are looking for quality, skillful, fun and individuals who can take leadership upon theirself when under pressure, we formed on Halo 2 and we are very expierienced players we want played aged 11-17 years old who play regularly and are willing to take part in clan meetings and training sessions/bootcamps on a regular basis, WE ARE LOOKING FOR A CO LEADER A HIGHLY RANKED INDEPENDENT AND SKILLED CO LEADER THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE CLAN SO PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY OUR WEBSITE IS http://117gaming.webs.com IF YOU WISH TO APPLY FOR THE CLAN ON THE WEBSITE PLEASE DO SO BUT IF NOT TO SIMPLY MESSAGE TanglerDangler ON XBOX LIVE AND ILL INVITE YOU TO A PRIVATE CHAT AND INTERVIEW YOU, THANKS
  20. This is an idea thats been rolling around in my head since i saw the Forging The Future's image on their topic and i got to thinking what if i made a whole novel themed around halo... but used screenshots from the game and my own image editing ability and this is the first page result... kinda poor quality but it's more or les just a concept right now. Please leave feedback as to if you'd like to see a cleaner version of this and more or otherthings that could be improved on.
  21. These two maps are in a small collection of maps i decided to make, and they are places i believe the UNSC Could have built on Requiem. The first map is called Infiltration and there are two of them in my fileshare one is Free For All only and the other has no spawns for those who wish to make the map for other game modes, It makes use of the halo 4 Trait Zones and has a gravity displacer that reduced gravity with in it's range. The second Map is called Signal and is my own personal spin off of halo 2's Ascention. And there you have it... my two maps.
  22. Throughout the Halo saga, humanity has been plagued with deadly foes. First it was the Flood; then the Insurrectionists (Innies); then the Covenant; and most recently the Prometheans. So I ask you: Which was your favorite, which wasn't, and which would work best in Halo 5? Feel free add ideas for entirely new reasons, or support your own opinion of which is the best/worst. Thanks for all the support in the previous Volume; here's to many future Volumes to come!
  23. Today, me and my friend were having a conversation over Halo 4 about what we, as lifelong players of the Halo series, would love to see in Halo 5. Now that 343 Industries have stripped Halo back to the basics for Halo 4 and started building anew to gain the support of players who may have doubted 343 Industries, maybe it's time they started building again for Halo 5 and started implementing new multiplayer features. And because Xbox One will allow larger multiplayer matches with more players, perhaps they can allow for much larger maps, and thus, larger vehicle. For example, they could introduce a new class of vehicle that we've never seen in multiplayer before - the heavy air assault aircraft. UNSC Vulture Currently, the UNSC has one candidate for introduction in Halo 5 - The Vulture. This beast of a gunship was introduced in Halo: Wars back in 2009. This vehicle is notable for it's impressive forward-mounted chainguns located below the cockpit on either side of the ship. These guns could cut down a small squad in seconds. The Vulture also had two rocket pods located to the rear of the ship on the roof. These were mainly used to destroy other vehicles or structures. If this vehicle were to be implemented into Halo 5, it is agreeable that the rockets will need to be nerfed or scaled down for use against ground based vehicles, but also not strong enough that in a battle, the rocket hog/gauss hog have a chance to severely damage the Vulture. The machine gun turrets, however, may require a player to operate each one seperately from the driver to balance it out. Also, these turrets could be moved elsewhere. I.E, on the side of the ship to provide broad/starboard side defence. The players who operate these gun turrets will also be vulnerable, as they can be killed when their turret is destroyed. Also, the ship's slow maneuvering speed will be a downfall, and make it susceptible to attacks from the Lych, Gauss and Rocket Hogs and even the Wraith. Lich For those who have already played Halo 4, you will know about the Covenant Lich, a large bulky gunship build for ground assaults as seen on Requiem. The Lich is structured similarly to the main chassis of the Scarab, both on the interior and exterior. The Lich it built around 2.5 levels, the second level containing the gundeck with two side-mounted gun turrets The most notable armament of the Lich is the forward mounted plasma beam cannon, seemingly scaled down from the beam located on the Scarab. If this vehicle was to be implemented into the multiplayer, the plasma turret located on the front would have to be scaled down slightly, and repurposed for use against ground units mainly, perhaps making it a turret similar to the Phantom's forward mounted turret. This would be controlled by the pilot. The side mounted gun turrets would be of a similar variety to the normal plasma cannon, making it vulnerable to snipers. This vulnerability would be enforced by the slower speed of the Lich, slower even than the Vulture. However, the maneuverability will be slightly easier than the Vulture. Overall, the Lich will be more vulnerable to the Rocket Hog, Mantis, Vulture and players who board the vehicle from the air, or even from the ground. I urge those who read this suggestion to pledge their support in my ideas. Also, if you would like to provide constructive criticism of any aspects, please ensure that you read every bit of information first. Thank you in advance
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