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  1. Well we will find out soon enough. It probably was. I just saw it and figured I post it, just in case.
  2. You started this, so finish it! Here I'll just and you tell everybody what you hear.
  3. I know, sounds awesome already, if its not just a rumor. It reads as if it is mainly talking about the improvements on what was in Halo 4. I hope at the very least the Campaign portion of it is somewhat true. If so, then I will very happy. Its just every Halo campaign to date takes (on legendary if you snail through every mission) roughly 3 - 5 hours, at most. It would be cool to see a campaign that is much longer, and one that has more freedom. I'm all for linear storytelling, but a little freedom goes a long way, especially in a universe as big as Halo's. ODST was still very straight forward, it blocked portions of the map making sure that you would find your objective. I would prefer a little more freedom. Being able to visit vast planets and environments, participate in enormous battles between the covenant, forerunners, etc would be amazing. I'm sure many would agree, linear gets right to it, but with some freedom comes more fun. And I think the freedom part is more to do with Xbox One (new machine so test out its limits per say) and the fact MC no longer has Cortana so I guess he just roams about? Unsure as to where to go, so its for you to decide. Multiplayer seems a little sparse in the explanation, but I would imagine it would also include the things we have in Halo 4 + what was written. I dunno, seemed like a cool bit of news I found and I thought I would share. And now.................some more of this
  4. So I found this online and figured I would share. If 343 does go this route, I will forever be a number one fan. The link to the article is below. I posted my favorite part from it below. http://www.idigitaltimes.com/articles/19745/20130903/halo-5-release-date-news-plot-details.htm At the moment 343i is in the prototype phase, but i will post the current state of Halo for Xbox One. Just a reminder that the game you will see probably wont feature everything you are reading here. Tech: 60 FPS has been confirmed at E3, now the team around Corinne is basically taking the Halo 4 Engine, "dumps" it on Xbox One Devkits and measures the perfomance and goes from there. The Xbox One hardware is really powerful, though as many have stated not as powerful as Sony's machine. Nevertheless the team does have the goal to create one of the best looking titles next year. People are seriously overstating the power difference and underestimate the potential of the eSRAM (yes, it was included for bandwidth reasons, but the low latency does increase efficiencs in real world perfomance, if the eSRAM is used in smart way. I basically got the same code, with some optimization with the eSRAM running only 20% worse on Xbox Oen than on a PS4-Devkit from January. Now what tech and graphical features will be implemented? Deferred Shading will finally be implemented, Halo 4 was really sparse on terms of dynamic lights, a drawback of havin to use a traditional forward renderer. G-Buffer will consist of 4 MRTs. The entire pipeline is HDR and linear space. Those Render Targets will probably be stored in the eSRAM or split between the two pools, depending on perfomance. Some form of SSAO will also be implemented, Halo 4 only had static and baked AO which looked great in pictures. PRTs will be used, current tests with eSRAM and the results are amazing. Thanks to 5GB of ram (soon 6GB ) the textures will look amazing and the models will have plenty detail. There are a few drawbacks with aiming for 60 FPS. First the game will not render in native 1080p. Current resoultion on display plane 2 is 1920x720 (1,3 Megapixel compared to 2 for 1080p), display plane 1 (HUD an weapon) will be native 1080p. You literally cant tell the difference. Cloud: Dedicated Server. First titel to showcase true power of cloud processing. Massive battles with 100s of AI (calculated by the cloud); massive worlds with dynamic weathher and global lighting (all done in cloud). And yes, this will need an alway online connection(you dont need a powerful connection, those data pakets are really small) Game: Campaign is planned to be 3-5 times longer than Halo 4. No more linear , going open world. Master Chief has gone rogue, has own ship and can visit different planets (6-8 planned). Each planet has several regions with main objectives and several side missions. ( Think of Wings of Liberty or Dawn of War 2 cmapaign) Core gameplay is still Halo (2 weapons, grenades, melee; "30 seconds of fun"; sevaral different enemies) but there are RPG elements added to it: character progression (mostly items like forerunner relicts you will find that make Master Chief stronger or will give him more ablities), not really loot, but you will have to acquire weapons first, before you can use them in more missions. Weapons are stored in the armory on the ship and chief can choose his loadout, which he will use on the mission start. He can still pickup and use the weapons he finds in the different missions.Loadout weapons are basically the same you have in Halo 4 Multiplayer (you cant start with a rocket launcher, but you can call in those "super weapons" on a mission like in Infinity Multiplayer; difference is this is a limited ability, at "low level" you can call one time, this can be upgraded over time) There will be more weapons in campaign than in Halo 4(and yes more "alien" weapons; not just human weapons with a different coat) Enemies: Elites (the same faction you fought in Halo 4), Grunts, Jackals, Hunter, Brutes, Drones Promethean (heavily redesigned, more types like Promethean Warlords) Humans (yep you will gith humans, but not UNSC, those are Insurrectionists) Vehicles: Biggest number of vehicles ever. Warthog (classic, rocket, gauss), Scorpion and yes the Grizzly will be in, Mammoth, upgraded Mantis, more Halo Wars vehicles like rhino, wolverine, cobra, hornets, falcons, vultures Chiefs ship can store a limited amount of vehicles (call in similar to weapons) Forerunner War Sphinx are in, very powerful enemy "vehicles" (and yep you will fight them) To put the gameplay in campaign into perspective: The team was running an encounter test in the Halo 4 engine with prototype models. This encounter featured several hundreds of Brutes with 2 Scarabs, 10 wraiths and several ghosts and banshees fightin against one Forerunner War Sphinx and some Prometheans. Now the player could engage in that battle or just simply watch them fight (Power of the Cloud: AI in short distance to chief is process on the box; rest in the cloud) and pick off the remaing forces. Well the current player chose to engange, took his Hornet and landed it on one of the Scarabs ( the AI is amazing, the Brutes had now to choose who to fight, most forces fought against the Prometheans, a few took on the fight with chief; it really looks and feels like every single AI makes smart and menaingfull decisions)) The Player killed of the crew on the Scarab and well, thise time he doenst destroy the Core, he gets behind the wheel of the Scarav All hell breaks loose, brute forces more and more engage the rogue Scarab, while the Prometheans dont really difference their enemies. And yep the Scarabs is destroyed withing seconds , thought the Player surived thanks to god-mode. Those are the kinds of encounter you will find in the final game. Multiplayer: Split between two categories. Halo Wararena ist basically Halo 2 reloaded. No loadouts, no armor abilites and perks. Player Count 8-16, game types are Slayer, CTF(yes classic Halo CTF ), King of the Hill, Assault, Oddball.... Static weapon spawns, more weapons on map which means more ammo, weapons wont respawn as quick as in Halo 4 The seconds multiplayer categorie is titles Halo Battlefield (not final name obviously). Those are basically really big teams battles like 32-64. Gameplay is more inline with Invasion from Halo Reach. Custom Loadouts, "armor abilites" (more like class abilites), Vehicles, Infinity like call ins Thats it for the moment. Just a small glimpse into what you will eventually play in November 2014.
  5. 1. Would never work. Halo Multiplayer has 7 minute games, if everyone was allowed to take cover the game would last much longer as that would mean many player would not need skill in order to survive. As it stands right now, you need to be quick, precise, and have a good grasp of the map in order to survive. Add cover to that, and the game goes to hell. 2. Invasion was fun, added a sense of objectivity to multiplayer. Made it so there was something to do. I think 343 tried to replace that game variant with Spartan Ops. While Spartan Ops was cool, it was the same as Invasion. Agreed. 3. No. No discussion required. This is not CoD, Battlefield, or Gears of War. It is Halo.
  6. Now hang on a minute. It sounds very similar to Star Wars: Battlefront series, which I have to say was a great series. Thank you SPARTAN 117 for the Battlefront reference. I think if they did something like that, they would attract more of the RTS players (expand their ever growing community of players) which 343 might do. I personally love Halo the way it is. Don't change the main series of games. But I also loved Halo Wars, was a nice side game. I see nothing wrong with making a Halo themed FPS/RTS game variant. It would be awesome (if it was made correctly).
  7. You forget those sub-games did not include the Master Chief in any way either. They were made purely as filler games, to tie up fan related plot interests (Reach more so than ODST). If the game included MC, it would have to have Cortana in it. Whether she be involved directly in game play or whether she was just involved in the story. End of Discussion.
  8. Depends on which theory you wish to believe. -- Geas were removed by the forerunners when they brought the humans back to Earth (the special voice reading of the epilogue of Silentium references this). -- Domain was never mentioned to have been destroyed. It was theorized that the Halos would eradicate it. The place the Librarian met MC in was thought to be an area of the domain (in their mind) as well as when she met Dr. Halsey (Spartan Ops). So. Say what you will. I believe in a very different version of Halo than most. All will be revealed when the next few installments come out (Halo 5 and 6). Then we will see exactly which direction 343 decided to go.
  9. OK. As ridiculous as you have made yourself out to be, let us be clear on this matter: Spartan Ops is a canonical multiplayer story line, meaning it does ACTUALLY happen, and does contribute to the story. Keep this in mind.
  10. Damn straight are expectations are high! Not in a million years. Microsoft would never allow Halo games to made for the PlayStation platform. I hope there is a legendary edition. Gotta get that.
  11. For the first point - Never read Grasslands, interesting though but still irrelevant to the main part of my hypothesis. As for the second point - I said in the original post : as it states 'in their galaxy'. So im not sure why that bothers you. Post something informative and or relating to the thread you are replying to. Posting about stuff that 'bugs you' is neither helpful nor informative, other than making you come off as some rambling idiot.
  12. Mendicant Bias already paid for his penance by helping Master Chief on the Ark, he was sealed there by Bornstellar at the end of the Forerunner Saga (books). (only one part as; (1)one was destroyed during the Forerunner Flood War, (2) another was sealed away on the Lesser Ark, and (3) the covenant city of High Charity had a fragment of him in the Dreadnought the Prophet of Truth used to open the portal to the Ark). Here is the link: Apparently they are making Halo 5 into a semi-RPG based first person shooter. Kinda like Destiny but not, as it would still have a straight way story line (everything affects the main story line, no side quests and ****) but apparently you get to explore 8 different planets searching for 'something'. There is a link for that too: http://www.examiner.com/article/halo-5-xbox-one-rumored-campaign-details-potentially-leaked Sounds interesting. Look forward to seeing the game.
  13. Would do it but I live in Canada..... always wanted to use this emoticon. It feels applicable here.
  14. Hello Everybody! I was new to this forum in April, lol. Finally found my way around to the PM box and of course it had a message stating I should probably try posting an introduction as it may help for people getting to know me. So figured I would post about me, or at least a little bit about me, and why I decided to join. Me -- I love and currently dream all things Halo related (books, games, online stories, fan fiction, personal fiction, canon, etc) probably wouldn't find someone as intensely interested in the Halo universe as me (though I know those people exist lol) -- From Canada, Newmarket more specifically, and not a fan. Its cold and hot, never an in between, and for some reason I find myself wishing it would rain more (though that may be my British background doing its job) -- New to forums and online discussions - never been on or taken part in anything online and figured I would try it, see how it goes (no better way to start out than talking about the things you love I suppose) Why I joined -- I love Halo - almost every aspect and detail intrigues me. And so, to broaden my already diverse intellect on Halo, I joined to share my ideas, thoughts, opinions on the Halo universe, and to hear, share, and read other peoples ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Halo will always be a part of my life that I would never want to change, and so, I would rather add to my already intense obsession, simply because it is one of the few things in my life that I enjoy. Feel free to reply or message me. I don`t bite, am open to discussion for most things, and am a generally nice guy. *****I want to post this emoticon even though I don`t know its purpose but the sight of a smiley spanking another smiley make me smile.
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