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  1. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 93. Last week we talked about your favourite ships, both Covenant or UNSC. We had many great mentions that certainly make for an interesting read. Click here to view the last poll, 92. Who's your favourite Captain/Shipmaster? Both Captain and Shipmaster mean the same thing. The head of the vessel. The leader. One term's more commonly used with the Covenant, whilst the other with UNSC personnel. Not that "Captain" in this case simply refers to the ship's CO, not the rank. A Ship Captain may be an Admiral or a Commander, whoever's best suited at the time of appointment. There are many names to list. Hood. 'Vadum. Cole. Von. Some more moral than others, but they all had a brave heart when it came to their ship and crew. Some are long gone, others remain alive. Who stands out to you the most though? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  2. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 92. Last week we talked about whether we could have defeated the Covenant without the Great Schism occurring, and the clear outcome was that it would not have been possible. Community members Drizzy_Dan and RedStarRocket91 took the stage with some great detailed responses. Click here to view the last poll, 91. What's your favourite naval vessel? Infinity. Pious Inquisitor. In Amber Clad. Enduring Conviction. These are only a few names of some of the most impressive vessels ever built. Each one of these beauties has its own story. Each its own history. Its own kill count. Crew. Adventures. Tech. Weaponry. This week I want to ask you, which ship is your favourite? Be it Covenant or UNSC, there are many legendary ships to choose from, which do you like most? And hey, no funny answers, I don't wanna see any watercraft showing up here. UNSC and Covenant spacecraft only, Forerunners will have to sit this one out I'm afraid. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  3. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 91. Last week we talked about which Elite you like most. Thel 'Vadam topped the poll, with some other interesting individuals also mentioned. Was great to see the community's thoughts on the topic. Click here to view the last poll, 90. Could the Covenant have been defeated without the Great Schism? The Covenant Civil War, also known as the Great Schism, was a climactic and disastrous event for the Covenant. The Elites weren't easily stomped out, unfortunately for the Prophets. Despite being the Covenant's primary warriors for thousands of years, the Prophets had to try replacing them, as many Elites were beginning to realise the truth and chose not to support the Prophets any longer. As the Brutes took their place, and Elites began getting slaughtered, a massive civil war erupted within the Covenant. This event, many believe, caused the Covenant to fall apart. Would the Covenant have been defeated without it though? Many will say that there's no way the Covenant would have lost if the Great Schism didn't happen. Do you think humanity could have defeated the Covenant without it, or would we have lost for certain if there never was a Covenant Civil War? On a side note: I'd like us to remember Miguel Ferrer, the man who voiced Sesa 'Refumee in Halo 2, as he passed away last year. Sesa (pictured above) was one of the first known Elites to realise the Prophets' words were a fallacy, unfortunately the man who represented his voice in English is no longer with us. Rest in peace Miguel. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  4. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 89. Last week we talked about which alien races we'll be seeing in Halo Infinite, and there were many great responses. We had members wanting to see something new, or a species we've previously encountered in past games. One thing was certain though, the Covenant is gone and there shouldn't be any more factions, at least nothing big enough to be seen in the games. Click here to view the last poll, 88. What's your favourite Covenant species? Be it the masterminds we know as the Prophets, or the warriors that led for so long which we call the Elites, the Covenant has had many species. Some may appear more effective than others, but we know they all have their strengths and weaknesses. The Covenant's clearly the most impressive empire to have ever existed after the Forerunners were wiped out, and one reason for that is its policy of absorbing species. All started with the Prophets and Elites, then along the way they picked up the Hunters, Grunts, and others. With an ancient history and one hell of a roster, the Covenant has been comprised of various species. Which do you like most? I know there are many Elite fans out there, but you find the same with Brutes, Jackals, and other species. What's your favourite Covenant species? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  5. The Halo 4/5 art styles are really just different species (or "ethnicities") of alien races being depicted. This is made clear in the Kilo-five trilogy, the appearance of most Elites, Jackals, and Grunts is canon. Some are clearly not, such as the Arbiter's, and this is due to resource limits. The reason both species aren't shows is because of time constraints, and resources. The ultimate solution is to have all species shown, and this may well be possible for Halo 6. If 343 can show all species, or at least the ones that should be there by canon, Halo 6 will be almost perfect already. Of course there are many things that can be improved/developed, but the appearances in-game and in cutscenes are too important to be sacrificed. Halo's most important aspect, in many people's opinions, is its lore. 343 have done an outstanding job with Halo Wars 2. They show both the original species from "Bungie's" Halos, and the "343" species. This is what all future Halo titles need. It makes sense, and breaks no canon or lore. Why would there only be all of one species in a specific military? There would be a mix, like we see in Halo Wars 2. For the Covenant, the only "mix" we see is with grunts, and that's perfectly fine. It could make sense that all of Let Volir's crew was full of were the Halo CE/2/3/Reach species shown. We can safely assume that there were some Halo 4/5 species during the older games as well, just not depicted. The Arbiter, Thel Vadam, certainly needs his real appearance back in all future titles, but all the rest (not previously confirmed Elites) can be mixed. The Kig-Yar have 3 different species confirmed, with names. The Sangheili don't need different species names, they're not that different and wouldn't distinguish each other in that way. They Unggoy, I can't say, would love to see some more differentiation between the Halo 4/5 ones and those prior though. The reason we may see 343 succeed in this area with Halo 6 is because of the time spent on Halo 6's development; clearly a lot longer. It will most likely drop in 2019 or 2020, and will be a huge success in the eyes of it's followers if 343 mix these styles together. They could be working on it right now as you read this. It will revive the dead horse everyone keeps kicking, and grow it from a colt to a stallion. This will be even better than before, because we see things how they really are, with all species (or the ones which are meant to be there canonically) involved. If 343 don't do this, it would be very disappointing, and more hope would be lost. I'm confident they know what to do now, and have known for the past 2 years. Halo Wars 2 has reassured me, and I hope to see both styles in future titles. Bringing back the old and getting rid of the new is not the way to do it. That will only make it worse, it won't make much sense, and completely get rid of newly introduced species (which have canonically been there from the start). We need both, and I put my faith in 343 to not fail us.
  6. G L A S S I N G​ "You are, all of you, vermin. Cowering in the dirt, thinking what, I wonder? That you might escape the coming fire? No. Your world will burn until its surface is but glass! And not even your Demon will live to creep, blackened from its hole to mar the reflection of our passage... the culmination of our Journey. For your destruction is the will of the gods! And I? I am their instrument!" - Prophet of Truth Ever wanted to bring the intense, blood-red, fully upgraded Halo Wars 2 glassing beam into Halo 5? Well, this is just that. Two alpha infected spawn with sentinel beams that fire a steam of incineration cannon bullets, and are teleported into small pipes just below the massive covenant cruiser in the sky. These pipes restrict the alpha infected such that they can only shoot downwards, and will move with them as they walk such that they can chase the scurrying humans below. The humans spawn in a small, run-down town called old mombassa. There are two key buildings. The Dirthouse and the Pavillion. The Pavillion is an L-shaped structure at the corner of the map that you can enter. In provides some minimal cover from the glassing beam, however, you won't be safe. The Dirthouse is a grimy, empty house that you can run through to make a shortcut from one place to another. Its roof will collapse, however, when hit by the glassing beam, so you're not safe in there either. If you can find it, there is also a wooden crate hiding a speed boost to help you outrun the glassing beam. However, it takes a while to break it open, leaving you vulnerable for a few seconds. Once you are infected, you get to assist the glassing beams with cleansing the rest of the pesky humans. You have one shot in your white scar to set trip mines in the city and splinter grenades to block the humans' paths. More screenshots: This minigame is meant for 6-16 players. The map can be downloaded here: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?query=Glassing+V3&tags=&gamertag=n0mnom321&lastmodifiedfilter=0 The infection gametype used can be downloaded here: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/game-variants?query=Glassing+(Alpha)&tags=&gamertag=n0mnom321&lastmodifiedfilter=0 "For your destruction is the will of the gods. And I? I am there instrument!"
  7. Hello everyone ! I present you : "Complaint", which I co-forged with "SPEEDMOTORDEATH" (yeah it's an hardcore gamertag I know). Overall, he dealt with the base of the map, its structures, while I did all the natural decor and the finishes. It is a symmetrical 2vs2 map in covenant theme, for the story, it's a kind of temple which is a sacred place of for the San'Shyuum. The map contain: - 1 Plasma-caster in the middle-below - 1 Overshield in the middle-waterfall - 1 Plasma-pistol in the middle-cave - 2 BRs in the spawns-below - 2 Plasma grenades in the middle-high - 2 Plasma rifles at the elevators It is a map that I wanted completely oriented for the competition but with a really big work on the map's aesthetic and decor, the floor at the water level does'nt have guardrails and you must be very careful with your moves if you don't want to die in the water. The map has very long lines for shooting which favors duels, the cooperation is essential if you want to win. If there are some competitive players who test the map, your feedback will be welcome ! I also had fun hiding some easters eggs on the card map permitting to change the banshee in the middle, try to find them !
  8. What is the best Covenant species?
  9. Gamer tag: Mr Deliciousman Map name: Divine Fury Game modes: slayer, strongholds. Player count: 4v4 Halowaypoint link:https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=Mr%20DeliciousMan#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_Mr%20DeliciousMan_aee844fe-bb3c-4c99-9425-26d93a7a8b5b Divine fury is a 4v4 asymmetrical map inspired by the temples of sanghelios. This map has already been tested numerous times and is finally after months of play testing is finished. The map was designed to circulate the players through its various areas. I worked hard to make each play space unique and easily identifiable through obvious visual callouts. I put many man hours into this and I hope that you guys enjoy my map and I hope you guys enjoy it. Pictures:https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/screenshots?page=1&gamertag=Mr%20DeliciousMan#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_screenshot_Mr%20DeliciousMan_18e013a6-b3d4-44bc-a097-f60b06618beb Pic2:https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/screenshots?page=1&gamertag=Mr%20DeliciousMan#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_screenshot_Mr%20DeliciousMan_57524369-7ed1-4a04-9853-2e4479e07906 Pic 3: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/screenshots?page=1&gamertag=Mr%20DeliciousMan#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_screenshot_Mr%20DeliciousMan_ba4e69b9-11de-49d1-a1b0-fd1db0ab9d19
  10. Link To Map "Attack On Infinity" Link To Gamemode "Covenant Bombardment" Remember the good-ole days of Covies vs. Humans in Halo: Reach? Well I bring to you, Halo 5 Invasion! With using the Strongholds gametype, I have recreated the Halo: Reach Invasion Gametype. The setting of this Map is located on the Infinity distant away from a Halo Ring. This map contains over 250+ scripts to convert this Stronghold Gametype into a Halo 5 Invasion Gamemode. The difficultly starts off Hard for the Defenders in Stage 1, Neutral for both in Stage 2, and Hard for the Attackers in Stage 3. TO PLAY, TEAMS NEED TO BE ONLY GREEN AND PURPLE. WEAPON PADS ARE WHERE BUTTONS ARE LOCATED. In this gametype, the Humans will be Green and the Covies will be Purple. There are 3 stages to this gamemode. Each stage is designed for allowing only the Attacking team to proceed. There are 4 rounds of game play allowing each team to be Attackers and Defenders twice. The goal to win is for the Attackers to successfully capture both Strongholds to score 1 point. For the Defenders to win, they must prevent the Attackers from capping the Turbine stronghold in the allotted time. Click this for a video guide on how to play and understand this new gamemode. Stage 1: "Captain Lasky! The Covenant are Inbound!" ATTACKERS: The Attackers will start off on a Meteorite distant away from the Infinity. The goal for the Attackers is to destroy the 8 explosives on the outside of the Infinity using the Banshees in your respawn area (An Image of where the explosives are located are in the photos above). Doing this causes the Big Red Door blocking the Stronghold "Bay Doors" to open. Once the door is open enough to fit your Banshee, fly through and Press the Button located near the stairs to proceed to the next stage. Yellow flashing lights and weapon pads indicate where buttons are for the Attackers to access. DEFENDERS: The teleporters in your spawn room will lead you to different areas on the outside of the Infinity to defend against the Attackers from entering your ship. Teleporter "D" will lead you to a Hanger containing two "One-Time Use" Wasps to stop the Attackers. Stage 2: " We got Jackals in the Courtyard!" ATTACKERS: Proceeding to Stage 2 has unlocked you your Tier 1 set of weapons. Your goal is to proceed your way to the button located in the back of the Armory to reach Stage 3. Do what ever it takes to open that door. DEFENDERS: The Covenant has entered your ship, Use you Tier 1 set of weapons to prevent them from entering the Control Room. Stage 3: "The Last Stand" ATTACKERS: Tier 2 weapons are now available. With gain access to the Control Room, your Covenant reinforcements have brought you a new entrance into the ship, take the teleporter in your respawn area to enter. Your goal is now to use the two available Warthogs on the map to break down the door to enter the Turbine Room. Once you break the door, press the button inside to open the stronghold. Doing this will set the Infinity on fire. Capture the stronghold and score 1 point to win. DEFENDERS: Tier 2 Weapons are now available. Stop the enemy from capping the stronghold at all cost. When the Infinity is set on fire, you can cap the Stronghold yourself to make it harder for the Attackers to cap it (Doing this will not mean you will score). Hold them off for the time remaining in the round. A PART TWO IS IN GAMEPLAY TESTING!
  11. This map is PART TWO to my Halo 5 Invasion series. Play "ATTACK ON INFINITY" first. Both maps are design with the same play style. Click here for link to "Attack On Infinity" video. Click here for link to "Raid On New Alexandria" video. Remember the good-ole days of Covies vs. Humans in Halo: Reach? Well I bring to you, Halo 5 Invasion! With using the Strongholds gametype, I have recreated the Halo: Reach Invasion Gametype. The setting of this Map is located on Reach in New Alexandria, the only city that wasn't glazed by Covenant. This map contains over 150+ scripts to convert this Stronghold Gametype into a Halo 5 Invasion Gamemode. TO PLAY, TEAMS NEED TO BE ONLY GREEN AND PURPLE. WEAPON PADS ARE WHERE BUTTONS ARE LOCATED. In this gametype, the Humans will be Green and the Covies will be Purple. There are 3 stages to this gamemode. Each stage is designed for allowing only the Attacking team to proceed. There are 2 rounds of game play allowing each team to be Attackers and Defenders once. The goal to win is for the Attackers to successfully capture both Strongholds to score 1 point. For the Defenders to win, they must prevent the Attackers from capping the "Big Tower" stronghold in the allotted time. Stage 1: The goal for the Attackers in this Stage is to fight their way through the Covenant fortified city. The Attackers must make their way to the city gates. Stage 2: The Attackers must fight their way into their own UNSC Robotics Facility. There are many ways to get in. Get inside and open the barricade blocking the stairwell to the top floor. Stage 3: The Attackers must destroy the two Covenant explosives that are holding the cage up to drop the "Big Tower" Stronghold. Warning: the Defenders can accidentally destroy these explosives.
  12. Resolute Bury the enemy in the grave they so happily dug! N3gat1veZer0​ This is Resolute, my favorite map in Halo 5 I've made. It's a covenant themed asymmetrical map set in a cave. I decided to mimic Halo 3's Assembly style of covenant when making this map. The pinker side of the Covenant is one I haven't seen in forge maps yet. The map is multi-layered and houses a rocket on the center structure, active camo on the mid level off to the side and a one-clip scattershot near the opening of the cave. There is also a teleporter below red side that leads to the top near blue. The map is set up for Strongholds, CTF, Slayer, and Neutral ball modes. Thanks to the iForge team and the Spark Forge Network for helping get some test lobbies together for the map. You're awesome! Please let me know what you think. I think I can make this my best map yet, but I can't do it alone. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Forgehub Link (For more pics):http://www.forgehub.com/maps/resolute.2061/
  13. Will you be a faithful peon to the Covenant Order or a daring Heretic oppressor? Hello everyone, Edward Kenway here and today I am bringing you all an event that will change your life. On July 3rd, at 3pm EST (8pm GMT or 12pm PST) you will choose your side and fight to the death in Covenant and Heretic themed arenas on Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Spartans and Elites are both welcome to join their desired teams. Sign up, pick a side, and prepare to march to war! (Please bring your own weapon, neither the Covenant Order nor the Heretic Rebellion have the resources to supply everyone. You may bring snacks.)
  14. The upcoming Xbox One shooter Halo 5: Guardians has had a host of new images reveal features and details of the highly hyped game! Recently, GameInformer.com posted a wealth of pictures revealing new details about the game, which you can find in a huge information dump provided by Self Destruct. Since this, new images have surfaced revealing a wealth of details about Halo 5: Guardians and it's story and features. For starters, the Covenant Remnant, a fanatic cult separated from the now broken Covenant order, will be returning in some old ways. Images show the genetically modified Jackals and Grunts looking mostly the same from Halo 4, however, the Elites have gotten a few changes to their armour and it's ranking as Zealots seem to now be white and green and much taller than typical spartans, likely due to their genetic modifications. View attachment: halo510.jpg Next up, Promethean weapons like the Boltshot, Suppressor, and Incineration Cannon are returning, with balancing changes but little aesthetic variance to date, coming from an anonymous source. Finally, a new cover has been released for Escalation issue 22 on HaloPedia.org which will launch on September 23rd and follow Spartan Palmer and others as they track down Halsey. This will be an official sequel to the story told in Spartan Ops. And finally, Spartan Jun's voice actor confirmed over Twitter.com he was not called back to voice his character, meaning an appearance by Jun is unlikely unless in cameo form, or maybe he's lying to us... Nah. View attachment: halo517.jpg Anyways that's all for now guys, below are a bunch of other pictures for you to look at showing off Spartan Tanaka for the first time in-game as well as Blue Team renders. Enjoy!
  15. The following is about the Covenant weaponry in the game. There is video and much more below. Enjoy! Read below for more details From: http://blogs.halo.xbox.com/Headlines/post/2012/09/19/The-Halo-Bulletin-91912-.aspx By: Bs Angel Au is on the horizon Our eyes are bloodshot, our work areas are full of empty energy drink cans, and our beds have filed a formal request to spend more than two hours per night with us. Our spirits remain high, though, because we're almost there. Au is on the horizon … As we work around the clock to put the finishing touches on Halo 4, our studio is focused on three main things: finding bugs, fixing bugs, and arranging a cage match between Caitie and Hoop (two of our developers on services). Actually, we’re trying to arrange a triumvirate of events, which includes the aforementioned cage match, a Gangnam Style dance off, and a Nerf war but either way, my money is on Caitie. Primarily because I like the thought of keeping my money. Our PR and Marketing teams are also going full speed ahead, as they prepare to kick things into overdrive. I snuck a peek at their calendar for the next few months, and let’s just say they have more than a few surprises up their sleeves. Some of those things you will see in stores, others will aid you in your eternal quest for nourishment, and a few of them have the potential to blow your mind. (I say potential because they will blow your mind if you like awesome things, but maybe not if you don’t like awesome things. Take that as you will.) By the way, Halo 4 launches in less than 50 days. If you’re not ready, I suggest you get ready, and what better way to do that than by learning about the Covenant weapons you will soon have at your disposal? Halo 4’s Covenant Weapons The Covenant weapons in Halo 4 presented us with an interesting design challenge. Traditionally, they haven’t been as popular as their UNSC counterparts, and they get much less use across the board. From a high level, we still wanted them to feel alien, futuristic, and technologically advanced (or at the very least, foreign) when compared to human weaponry, but we also wanted them to be equally viable choices.This was not an easy problem to solve. There are a lot of gameplay specific reasons why Covenant weapons function the way they do. The blue/purple/pink color schemes and higher-pitched sound effects are intended to contrast the UNSC weapons and make enemy fire stand out. The projectiles are intentionally slower so that when fighting AI, the player is able to react and dodge them. They also tend to drain shields faster than armor health because it adds tension and creates situations where the player feels like they are escaping a fire fight by the skin of their teeth. In short, the weapons were designed to be fun to fight against, and some of these properties work against making them fun to use. So how did we resolve these issues? On the aesthetics side, we felt like the shiny textures, bright colors, and flawless models of the past made them read a bit too toy-like, so we tried to make everything slightly more grounded. We did that by showing more wear and tear (such as scuffs and imperfections) and using new textures that made the guns look like they were created from hard metallic alloys (instead of plastic). The audio for all Covenant weapons went through several iterations until they felt a bit more punchy and visceral, while still sounding alien. As far as gameplay goes, we changed the weapon properties to make them better equivalents to UNSC weaponry. For example, the projectile speeds are drastically increased when the player uses them so that they are easier to hit targets but when AI fires them at the player, they are slower so that they are still fun to dodge. Finally, we spent a lot of time on the interface components. Two such examples are the zoom scopes, which were made to have a much more alien feel when using the guns, and the digital displays and reticles use of a similar alien language. Halo 4 features nine Covenant weapons, with a mix of old and new. Take a look at them in action by watching the following (brand new!) video, and then we’ll chat a bit about how they feel when you’re using them on Halo 4’s virtual battlefields. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4NLJpTXOtU&feature=player_embedded If you’re interested in the audio side of things, get your headphones ready and crank up the volume because we'll be releasing the version without music shortly. Frank O'Connor (Franchise Development Director), David Ellis (Spartan Ops Designer), and Chris King (Lead Sandbox Designer), along with Jeff Guy, Jayce Diaz, Joel Gifford, Kynan Pearson, Ali Zandi, Alyson Szymanski, Todd Colby, Josh Lindquist, and Chris Howard joined me to share their thoughts about this particular subset of weapons. The Covenant utilizes the following base weapons: PLASMA PISTOL DESIGNATION: T-25 Directed Energy Pistol MANUFACTURER: Iruiru Armory MAGAZINE CAPACITY: N/A Directed-energy weapon capable of semi-automatic firing and a scaled-burst effect which disables electronics. How it feels: Frank - Absolute beast, tempered by the fact that you’ll deplete your charge quickly and are brutally punished for running around with it pre-charged all the time. I had it in one of my go-to loadouts on a semi-permanent basis but I’ve kind of moved away from that, except where early vehicle domination seems likely. David - Let me answer your first question: No, we’re not introducing the Halo 2 Noob Combo as a standard loadout in Halo 4. While the Plasma Pistol still strips shields, in my experience it doesn’t track nearly as much at a distance when compared to previous titles. It’s still very useful against shielded enemies (UNSC and Covenant alike) but as Frank mentioned, pay attention to your remaining charge. Chris - Don’t be deceived by the toy-ish looks. This is a powerful gun! To be effective with the normal shot, you will need to use it at close ranges because the projectiles are extremely slow relative to other weapons. And since players spawn with it from the get-go as a secondary weapon, we’ve had to retune the number of charge shots down from the past (when charging, the energy drains pretty quickly in multiplayer compared to the past). It’s still a great choice, though, especially on vehicle maps. If you are a fan of the Noob Combo, I’d recommend trying to scavenge a Magnum as a backup. The Halo 4 pistols all have faster animation timings than in the past, allowing you to switch to them faster than any other weapon in the game. Charged Plasma Shot + Magnum headshot = WIN! Jeff (Test) - The Plasma Pistol continues its role as one of the strongest utility weapons in the Covenant arsenal. Its ability to strip enemy shields or disable enemy vehicles makes it a dangerous and deceptive weapon in the hands of the right player. There’s something so satisfying about landing a charged shot against a Banshee and watching it fall from the sky, the pilot helpless to avoid his descent to an inevitable barrage of fire from your appreciative team members. The soaring green blasts in any PvP match are a reminder that you are only one good shot away from being defenseless against headshots. The sound of the charged weapon rounding the corner as the player un-crouches from cover to engage you stops your breath for a moment. The sting to a Spartan’s hands when the weapon overloads from charging too long is a bittersweet reminder that the weapon remains destined for the hands of the tactical player. NEEDLER DESIGNATION: T-33 Guided Munitions Launcher MANUFACTURER: Lodam Armory MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 18 rounds Exotic guided-munitions weapon firing crystalline shards that home in, impale, and detonate on soft targets. How it feels: Frank - The Needler is not my favorite weapon in terms of efficacy – and you’ll see that in my Reach stats, but as something I used to only use in cases of last resort, I’m finding it more and more useful in Campaign and Spartan Ops than ever before – and taking out Elites and Promethean Knights by supercombining can be a great way to break up strategic logjams in big encounters. David - Here’s some friendly advice for your Legendary Campaign runs in Halo 4: make friends with the Needler. For clearing out Elites and Knights, it has quickly become the pick-up weapon of choice at higher difficulty levels in both Campaign and Spartan Ops. Chris - The Halo 4 Needler is probably the most powerful version of the gun to date. I love the new, more mechanical firing sounds of the gun as it feels more visceral. One of the big changes this time around is that the needles stick to shields again (in Reach, the needles only supercombined when shields were down). This makes it deadly for sure. However, its effectiveness is tempered by the overall faster pace of the game, which gives players a better chance of avoiding the needles. If you catch an opponent off-guard, they are in for a world of hurt. Chris H. (SDE) - The Needler has received a damage and speed boost, which definitely makes it more powerful this time around. It’s always been a fun gun to use, but now it’s extremely satisfying and almost always a good idea to pick up if found on the battlefield. Josh (Senior SDE) - The Needler is so bad-ass, some of us call it the “noobler”. It feels like the Halo 2 Needler to me. It will wreck your -Yoink!- STORM RIFLE DESIGNATION: T-55 Directed Energy Rifle/Advanced MANUFACTURER: Lodam Armory MAGAZINE CAPACITY: N/A Fully automatic, directed-energy weapon, widely considered the successor to the traditional Plasma Rifle. How it feels: Frank - This isn’t accurate in terms of power or performance, exactly, but in a way I am reminded of the Brute Plasma Rifle from Halo 2 in terms of ferocity and sheer visceral pleasure. Of course it doesn’t work well at long range and can’t be dual wielded, but that’s my snapshot impression, if it makes any sense. David - The Storm Rifle fills a role similar to that of the UNSC Assault Rifle, but somehow the Storm Rifle is just plain more frightening to come up against. Early in development, there weren’t a lot of people using this weapon, despite how effective it was at close range. That changed overnight when the weapons effects and sounds started to come online. Chris - This is a fantastic close-range weapon, once you figure out the rhythm on the overheat. I especially love using this weapon on smaller maps or in tight areas as it’s incredibly lethal. It doesn’t have the range or accuracy of the AR but if you manage the heat well, you can continue firing for quite a while and it will give you a significant advantage over other weapons that require longer reloads. It takes some getting used to, though. If you just hold the trigger down and let the gun reach its overheat state, you are faced with a long cool down penalty. Alyson (Producer) - The first level of the campaign is set up really nicely for the Storm Rifle. Use a charged shot on the Plasma Pistol to knock down the Elite’s shields, then pop him with the Storm Rifle, and finally finish off the fodder of Grunts. Then pick up the Plasma Grenades for yourself. Mwhahahaha! Todd (UI) - Before Halo 4, I was lukewarm on Covenant weapons. I never felt like I got the meaty feedback I got from UNSC weaponry. The Storm Rifle has converted me to the Covenant arsenal – half of my loadouts are customized with it in mind. Its rapid fire rate makes it perfect for run-and-gun, and covering teammates has never been so rewarding. When I engage enemies with the Storm Rifle, it’s like I’m repeatedly slapping my opponent in the face with a thousand fruit roll-ups. Delicious victory. COVENANT CARBINE DESIGNATION: T-51 Carbine MANUFACTURER: Iruiru Armory MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 18 rounds Notable semi-automatic mid-range accuracy, firing ballistic rounds unlike most other Covenant weapons. How it feels: Frank - It’s the Carbine. I have always felt it was a perfectly good sub for BR and DMR and indeed sits somewhere between the two in terms of its utility for my style of play – but I have tended to avoid it every now and then because of the super-visible contrail. For some reason, in Halo 4 that hasn’t been much of an issue for me – or it was my imagination to begin with, but I have been using it more and more and in Campaign, it’s essential. David - I can’t decide if it’s the size of the bolts you fire or some other intangible, but the Carbine feels (to me) like the most accurate weapon in the game. I find it especially useful for when I’m waiting to launch an ambush. Against inexperienced foes, the barrage of rapid fire shots can cause enemies to panic and make mistakes… to their doom. As Chris mentions below, it’s great as a finishing weapon. I would recommend pairing it with a Plasma Pistol or Storm Rifle. Chris - Mathematically, this is the most lethal long-range rifle in the game in a one-on-one encounter. It fires extremely fast – double the rate of the other rifles. But it doesn’t have the range of the DMR or LightRifle, and each individual shot is relatively weak. A player that can land the bulk of their shots and manage their ammo well can be extremely successful with it, though. Because of its headshot capability, it is also a great weapon for playing cleanup with teammates (have them drop opponent shields and then score the headshot). I love using this weapon but I can only use it in short bursts. The firing rate is so fast, it makes my fingers tired after a while! Joel (Test) - The Covenant Carbine is an absolute terror when going up against unshielded foes. Bringing it into Spartan Ops missions against Grunts, Jackals, and Crawlers allows you to quickly drop waves of enemies, provided you can land the headshot. In PVP, it has a little trouble getting through enemy shields, but the precision and high rate of fire allow you to constantly bombard your opponent. Ali (Systems Designer) - It’s my go-to weapon on the Covenant side because it’s the anti-Grunt and Jackal weapon from a distance, and it caters to my somewhat stealthy play style. I enjoy the firing rhythm and the punch it delivers.It’s fascinating compared to UNSC rifles because the look, feel and audio feedback are unique and alien, especially when scoped in. BEAM RIFLE DESIGNATION: T-27 Special Application Sniper Rifle MANUFACTURER: Merchants of Qikost MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 10 shots Extreme-range sniper rifle, charging ionized hydrogen gas into a lethal beam of accelerated particles. How it feels: Frank - The Beam Rifle always felt a bit more solid and frightening to me than at least one or two iterations of the UNSC sniper. Now I prefer the UNSC sniper overall, both aesthetically and in terms of performance, but the sonic impact of the Beam Rifle is super satisfying. Like the Carbine, they seem to be easier to find in Campaign than human snipers. It’s also a bit easier to know where you’re being pinged from [with the Beam Rifle]. David - First off, I love that a proper Covenant sniper weapon is back for Halo 4. It’s been sorely missed. Secondly, the new HUD elements on the Beam Rifle when zoomed in really help to sell this as a piece of alien technology. As before, the meta-game of managing the heat of your rifle and firing on enemies means that every shot counts. Get too hasty and you’ll be looking down at your dead body in the flash of venting gas. Chris - I love the Halo 4 version of the Beam Rifle! This thing is ridiculously large and imposing looking, and it has a really mean firing sound. Because of its enormous size, it does have a decent amount of recoil between shots but the firing rate is the fastest of the snipers and if you manage the heat state of the gun, you can get off all shots in quick succession without an overheat or reload. One other pro-tip on this one: it’s the best sniper rifle for hip shots in Halo 4! Kynan (Lead Multiplayer Level Design) - The Beam Rifle is sick. What’s not to like about being able to clear out an enemy team with a single weapon that when used correctly doesn’t require a reload… and the sound is so satisfying. CONCUSSION RIFLE DESIGNATION: T-50 Directed Energy Weapon/Heavy MANUFACTURER: Merchants of Qikost MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 4 rounds Similar to other Covenant mortar weapons, firing explosive bolts of plasma at close-range to mid-range distances. How it feels: Frank - I have always found this weapon to be useful in close quarters combat and even against vehicles as a “confuser” – and I think the combination of fireworks and physics does a tremendous amount to add chaos and doubt to a battlefield. While I don’t use it except in desperation in Campaign, in MP I will absolutely grab it as a secondary, or when I am out of ammo on a primary. Chris - The Concussion Rifle and Brute shot have always been somewhat controversial in that players either love them or hate them – there doesn’t seem to be an in-between. The biggest change to the Halo 4 Concussion Rifle are the stronger physics impulses from the explosions along with faster projectile speed, which makes it work better in more open spaces and from a longer distance. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend trying to use this in a duel with a DMR from across the map. I love the firing rate on this weapon but IMO, the best part about it is the emergent sandbox moments you can get from the strong physics impulses on the explosion. Try drilling a speeding enemy Warthog from the side, and watch as hilarity ensues! David - I suppose you can put me in the latter of Chris’s camps as I still haven’t quite been able to wrap my brain around this iteration of the Concussion Rifle quite yet. It’s great against vehicles and the physics impulses are great, but I suppose I’m a simple man and I like blowing stuff up in a shower of fire and brimstone. Jayce (Spartan Ops Designer) - Against AI, it can topple vehicles and has a fast enough firing rate to scatter large groups, and against other players it has the uncanny ability to cause confusion and pain at a safe distance. It is the ultimate noise gun, a disruptor that can leave enemies in complete disarray before they die. Chris H. - I am impressed with the precision the AI can wield the Concussion Rifle with in Spartan Ops. They are really good at juggling my lifeless body after they obliterate me. FUEL ROD CANNON DESIGNATION: T-33 Light Anti-Armor Weapon MANUFACTURER: Merchants of Qikost MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 5 rounds Typically used against heavy armor by launching charged fuel rods which violently detonate upon impact. How it feels: Frank - A great weapon, not exactly a Covenant Rocket Launcher, but not too far off – also one of the weapons that oddly enough, really shows off some of the environment mapping on our surfaces. You really get a “feel” for whatever space you’re in based on the reflectivity and the way it catches color and light. David - For me, the Fuel Rod Cannon sits somewhere between the Rocket Launcher and the Brute Shot, with regard to how I use it. Against Covenant or Promethean forces, you can clear out the cannon fodder with relative ease, but against more evenly matched enemies, expect to need multiple hits to drop them. Chris - Traditionally, the Fuel Rod hasn’t gotten a lot of love in Halo multiplayer. This has changed in Halo 4. This is another case where I am really excited about the direction the audio and FX teams went in with the weapon. It’s not drastically different but the changes just make it feel that much more satisfying and visceral. As with the other “area of effect” weapons in the game, the projectile speeds have been increased on this one, and we’ve fine-tuned the blast radiuses just a tad. Despite the faster speeds, you will still need to land a couple fuel rod shots to finish off an opponent, as an individual blast isn’t powerful enough to kill someone. Because of the large magazine size on this one, it’s also great for area of denial as well. ENERGY SWORD DESIGNATION: T-1 Energy Weapon/Sword MANUFACTURER: Merchants of Qikost MAGAZINE CAPACITY: N/A Composed of superheated plasma, this sword remains the preferred close-quarters weapon of specialized Elites. How it feels: Frank - I am just eating it with this right now. I thought universal Sprint would give me a huge advantage, but the reality is it flattens it out for me. I used to go on crazy tears with the sword, but now I find myself being stopped short – that “gun game” thing people are referring to more and more seems to be hitting me where it counts during would-be sword sprees. I do find myself on the receiving end of it a fair amount, however. Chris - To Frank’s comment, I think one of the mistakes I see people making with our sword is that now that players move faster with Sprint by default, they assume they can just run at opponents and kill them with the lunge from far away. This is a mistake – you still need to be somewhat sneaky with it. That being said, if you can restrain yourself from going all Rambo and just use it in tight spaces, it’s as lethal as ever. Important changes include making it swing much faster than it has in the past and eliminating those pesky melee parries (no more “CLAAAAAANG!” unless the other person also has a sword). One final pro tip: when sprinting with normal weapons, if opponents shoot you, the shots will slow you down a tad. A sword wielding player is immune to this! David - It’s big, it’s made of hard light, and it will wreck your world if you’re not paying attention to your surroundings. I think Frank and Chris covered everything else. Kynan - I love the sword in combination with the Thruster Pack. There’s no better feeling than sprint jumping off the roof of a building into a crowd below and then thrusting to dodge or close distance, putting you perfectly in range to cut through them all like butter. GRAVITY HAMMER DESIGNATION: T-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer MANUFACTURER: Recovered from field (originally Sacred Promissory) MAGAZINE CAPACITY: N/A Crude yet formidable close-range Brute weapon, substantially improved by way of a powerful gravity drive. How it feels: Frank - For me, it’s kind of the opposite philosophy from a lightsaber, an inelegant weapon for a more barbaric time. I love the fact that the splash effect can buy you some distance, even when you whiff it badly. I love the fact that a direct hit is a cast-iron guarantee of success, and I love the fact that you feel almost exactly like Donkey Kong for a similar amount of swings at the “barrels” the sandbox presents you. And yes, I know Mario is the one swinging the hammer, but it’s important to make the Donkey Kong analogy sing! David - I think this says everything. Chris - The saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies here. This is one of my all-time favorite Halo weapons. There aren’t a ton of changes that we made to it – more like nuanced tweaks. The animation speeds are a tad quicker, the area of effect has been expanded, the damage tuning tweaked but overall, it’s pretty similar to past incarnations. Probably the biggest change comes in the form of the physics impulses – they are much more powerful now to compensate for the beefier vehicles in the game. This has the awesome side effect of making the Gravity Hammer ragdoll players and objects much more than it has in the past. In short, you should expect the hammer to function similar to past versions, but with more showboating flair! And that wraps up today’s feature about Covenant weapons. Don't leave yet, though, because we're about to breakdown the different editions of Halo 4. Join me, won't you? A breakdown of the different editions of Halo 4 On November 6, there will be several different options available for those interested in purchasing Halo 4. As this information came out in waves, there has yet to be a central location for seeing all the relevant details in one place. Until now. Below you will find the different editions of Halo 4, along with what each edition comes with. Clicking on some of the fields will open a picture or take you to an article with additional information. Completionists worrying about the fact that exclusives mean certain items may never be available to them have been noted, and we’re definitely considering ways to make the entire gamut of items available at some point in the (relatively distant, since we obviously wish to give our retail partners plenty of room) future. It's also worth noting some readers have noticed that GameStop has stopped taking Limited Edition pre-orders online – and we suspect GameStop gets the lion’s share of US pre-order Limited Edition units. Some overseas retailers have also stopped taking Limited Edition pre-orders so without jinxing it, we can confirm that this generally happens when they run out of inventory. We’ll keep an eye on that situation and keep you apprised. Halo 4 Standard Edition $59.99 USD Standard Edition Copy of Halo 4 Halo 4 Limited Edition $99.99 USD Halo 4 War Games Map Pass Launch Day Access to Six Specializations UNSC Infinity Briefing Packet Special Edition of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn In-Game Prime Armor Skin In-Game Prime Weapon Skin - Assault Rifle In-Game Prime Emblem Recruit Armor Avatar Costume Avatar Cryo-Tube Prop Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo 4 Console Bundle $399.99 USD Two Exclusive Forerunner Controllers Standard Edition Copy of Halo 4 Wired Headset 320GB Hard Drive Built-in Wi-Fi In-Game FOTUS Spartan Armor In-Game Imprint Weapon Skin – LightRifle In-Game Unicorn Emblem FOTUS Armor Avatar Costume Avatar Promethean Crawler Prop Halo 4 War Games Map Pass $24.99 USD Access to Nine Competitive Multiplayer Maps (Three Future War Games Map Packs, Each Including Three Maps) In-Game Scanner Helmet In-Game Strider Helmet In-Game Falcon Emblem
  16. sometime when the Halo 4-5-6 series finished. Would great see some prequel games showing more about the history of the covenant, starting from the war - San 'Shyuum - Sangheili (when the covenant is founded). - Covenant - Unggoy(Grunts) - Covenant - Kig-Yar (War not so relevant). - Unggoy - Kig-Yar - Covenant - Hunter/Mgalekgolo (One of the hardest)
  17. Halo Nightfall has introduced to us a new race, the Yonhet. These guys have apparently been associated with the Covenant before the Human-Covenant War, so they must have been here for a while. They had no role in the Covenant military and had a small population. They were free to trade with the Covenant Empire. They had wanted to trade with Humans too, but the war had prevented this. Coming tot he end of 2552, they had began limited operations on some Human worlds, including the Human outer colony Sedra. They are relic hunters, and smugglers. They do not have much interest in Covenant religion, but are interested in Forerunner relics. The Sangheili see them as more trusted business partners than the Kig-Yar (Jackles). Their homeworld is Yonhe. The Yonhet seen above is called Axl, he is the one we see in Halo: Nightfall. For those of you who have already seen the two episodes released so far, you would know that he smuggled an anti-human bioweapon that looked like a bomb of some sort. He handed this to an Elite Zealot who dropped from a Spirit in the forests of Sedra. Axl was eventually captured and interrogated. I'm curious to know whether they will be seen in Halo 5 or not. They are now more commonly know by Humans. One reason we may not see them is because they do not fight for the Covenant, they are not in its military as mentioned above. What do you think about the Yonhet? Do you think we'll be seeing more of them?
  18. 343i Has posted new videos on their YouTube Channel titled as Halo 2 Anniversary Prologue terminals. It is unknown if these are to be in the actually game, or just a showcase of what the terminals will appear like. So without further ado... ROLL CLIPS! Terminal 1 - Beholden A small Covenant recon team has been dispatched by the Prophet of Regret to retrieve an artifact that could, at last, point the sacred way to Halo. Terminal 2 - Unyielding Fred-104 and Linda-058 come before the Office of Naval Intelligence to update them on their assault of the Covenant’s Unyielding Hierophant, and to reveal what it might mean for humanity’s fight for survival. Summary: In the first Terminal, you see that the Covenant recon team finds a "Luminary" which pinpoints to the opening of the portal to the Ark, which just so happens to be on "Erde Tyrene" (Earth) This gives insight on why Regret Jumped the gun to Earth before anyone other prophet knew of it. In the second terminal, Fred and Linda are still in contact with John, and are supposed to rendezvous with him after meeting ONI Brass. It also gives a picture of Regrets fleet riding past Jupiter on their way to Earth. So what are your thoughts, concerns, assumptions, about the terminals?
  19. Hey everyone, here's the trailer to a movie I've been making with the 405th Halo costuming group. It's a live-action fan film about the Fall of Reach, so please tell me what you think. Feedback is always appreciated!
  20. With Halo 2: Anniversary (and MCC) coming out this November, I thought we could look back and think of our very favorite missions from the 15(13) mission long campaign of Halo 2. Halo 2's campaign offered some very fun moments, and with it some great memories. What missions did you find the most enjoyable, had the greatest moments, or were just plain fun and became your favorites? For me, I would vote for the two missions: High Charity and Metropolis. High Charity was one of my favorites because of the sheer chaos of the entire mission. Brutes, Elites, Flood, and other Covenant troops all battling it out as the Great Schism of the Covenant happens right before your eyes. The chaos gives way to very fun battles to watch, and a mesh of fights you can join into yourself and kick some Covenant butt. Metropolis is loved by me for about a couple things. Scarab Gun, The fight on top of the scarab, Scorpion, and loads of other vehicular man(alien)slaughter events. A close second to these two would be Uprising. Killing Monkeys was never so much fun...
  21. Hey guys. After my first try at fan fiction (Life or Dishonor), I'm back for another try, which will hopefully be better and cooler! This whole thing is (obviously) not official canon by any means, and will probably go against a bit of the canon (for example, Hyar not actually being a colony). So that's the general bit. It is the early years of the Human-Covenant War. Spartans are scarce, and so are ships capable of defending Earth's colonies. Hyar is a planet in the far flung system Orion Eta, and has little chance of survival, now that the Covenant have found it. However, the few ships in orbit, the Freezerburn, Witching Hour, and Archangel will fight to the end with the Covenant, who are searching for something on the planet's surface. Their small contingent of Marines and few battle capable citizens must fight overwhelming odds to find the Forerunner artifacts on Hyar before the Covenant do. How will the humans survive on Hyar without a Spartan to save them? So that's it basically. Check back, as I'll be posting new snazz and jazz (the story) in bits and pieces. Stay tuned for some Hyar! And stuff!
  22. In game on Spartan Ops "Episode 3 - Chapter 5" Don't no if this is a Glitch, Easter egg or what? Playing with some friends of mine, Lvling up my Spartan & some how we thought it was just the covenant guns shooting at us running around but up close you can see that the covenant them self about 1" & a half short lol. If you stop the video at 4:10 you can see one. I don't see 343 industries saying anything about this so it could be a glitch. What do you all think? Comment on my YouTube channel if you can and thumbs up if you like it thanks.
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