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Found 7 results

  1. Okay this is just another theory about Cortana's survival, however this time related to Spartan Ops. In the campaign it seems unlikely that the librarian, who had made such accurate predictions regarding the outcome of the Chief would let Cortana "die". So similar to other theories it's very possible that the librarian either copied her when they met, or made some modification that would save her. There are many modifications she could have made, but if you notice when Cortana's terminal is destroyed, a similar data field. To that knights etc leave when killed. So maybe this data field was then uploaded to some forerunner digital world and that's were Cortana is now. You may now be wondering how this links to Spartan Ops, well so far those who have played through them will have noticed that many humans have been sucked into what could easily be a 'digital world'. Now if then look at the Halo 4 achievements, there are two back to back achievements for Episode 4 - Chapter 5 and Episode 5 -chapter 1. Now this is only a couple of weeks away so it would be early, but maybe there'll be further clues there? Anyway that's just my theory, please add your own and feel free to pick apart mine
  2. Now, here me out. Though I fully believe that all remnants of Precursor technology are gone in this galaxy - this being the Halo fictitious one - wouldn't there be Precursor remains in the other galaxy the Librarian traveled too? It is mentioned she traveled to this other galaxy, saw 'star roads' and some other Precursor artifacts, along with ancient forerunner warships. Now onto my more pressing question. What if in the next few installments of the Halo games series, the flood returns - being precursors - and regains the use of their old neural physics technology? That would be a sight to see. The books described the creation of 'star roads' so vividly, I would love to see how they would make that on screen. Any thoughts? What would you guys think about them bringing in Precursor technology and giving the flood the use of it? Would it make the flood seem more mysterious, dark, ancient, incomprehensible? A more formidable enemy perhaps? Would it make for better games - in terms of campaign missions - ? Post away!!
  3. Hey guys, i was just wondering if anybody is as much in love with the halo universe as i am. To be more specific the Forerunner saga. I've already read the first two of the Forerunner books and would love to just discuss it with people who have also read the books and are as much looking forward to the third and last of the Forerunner series. I really want to discuss the conversation the Didact had with the primordial towards the end of the second book. Talk about how awesome ancient humans must have been during the Forunner-Human War. Talk about how you guys feel about their 'Religion', so to speak, of upholding the mantle and of being the guardians of all life. That and everything else that makes Forerunners an amazing fictional race. Seems as if we could actually learn a lot form this fictional culture. And to Bungie and 343 for making/continuing such an awesome universe. Hopefully 343 that this will not be the last we hear of the Forerunner, I want to read more books regarding their culture, maybe even everyday life for a Forerunner. Maybe even some small conflicts that the forerunner had to overcome in their long years.
  4. What will you build first. Anything big or small. What are your favorite features. I like the magnets and I will probably build a big castle or remake some famous gametypes like duck hunt or fat kid (yes I'm talking to you)
  5. Over the course of the campaign, we learn that long ago, Humanity and the Forerunners went to war. Ultimately, it was learned that the Humans weren't making war with the Forerunners, but, in fact, running from the Flood. Okay, wait... If Humanity was already engaged in a galactic battle with the Flood, WHY would they EVER start a war with the Forerunners? Aren't they threatened enough? Well, I've heard it put, "If you're running from a serial killer and have to cut through someone else's property, you're not going to care about the person that owns the property, you're running from a freaking serial killer." Okay, that makes sense. But wait...how did the Forerunners not learn that Humanity was fighting the Flood? I mean, it should have been very, very obvious. Well, maybe it all happened so fast that by the time the Forerunners realized humanity was fighting the Flood, it was too late for either side. Okay, that makes sense...only no, it doesn't. At all. Because the Forerunners and Humanity were at war for ONE THOUSAND YEARS. Yes, the Librarian herself states this fact, that they were at war for a millennium before they realized that the Flood was a thing. This doesn't even APPROACH making sense. We've all seen how fast the Flood spreads. How fast they work. Even if somehow, someway, the Forerunner battled Humanity on a galactic scale for a thousand years and SOMEHOW never ran into the Flood...don't you think Humanity would try to communicate the fact that they were facing a race of parasitic, unstoppable killers that would gleefully not only wipe out Humanity, but the Forerunners, too, if given the opportunity? Wouldn't it make FAR more sense for Humanity to try, desperately, to form a pact with the Forerunners? And I can't believe it's a breakdown of communications. The Forerunners built the Halos, they built the Ark, they are apparently able to enact a plan that takes literally one hundred thousand years to come to fruition. There's no way something like a lanague barrier would stop them. So, am I missing something here? How could 343i drop the ball so thoroughly on this little fact?
  6. While I admit that the story and the execution thereof had a few issues, I found it to be interesting and fairly well thought out. The biggest problem I had, though, was that all of the plot was shoved into one cutscene. That made it kind of hard to follow. When the Librarian mentions that she hid seeds from the Didact, what exactly is she talking about? Is this something where I would need to read the Forerunner trilogy to understand thoroughly?
  7. Alright so everyone's seen the last Halo: CEA terminal where 343 Guilty Spark speaks of John destroying his Installation and then towards the end he says, "Oh but what I would not give to have a single company of Prometheans here right now. Oh they would most certainly restore order with their trademark lethality. Although... That would mean He would have to be here too. And without the Librarian around to damper his rage, well... These Reclaimers might almost prefer the Flood." And then the Didact's symbol appears in a flash of light. Also at the end of Primordium Guilty Spark claims to suspect where he might find the Librarian. What do you guys think their relevance will be to Halo 4? I believe that the dark, ancient threat could very well be the Didact or maybe even Faber. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Km0kWdxvqqU&feature=related
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