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Found 5 results

  1. How do Cortana and the Chief know that the Forerunner they meet is in fact the Didact? Maybe I missed it but Cortana seems to just pluck the name out of the air, and then everyone (even the Librarian, with whom they've had no contact) refers to him as such for the rest of the game. It seems as though there's no canonical way for them to know that this guy is the Didact until the meet the Librarian and she lays it out for them Their in-game logic seems to be "I read about a Forerunner called the Didact once, I just met a Forerunner, therefore that Forerunner is the Didact" - no dice, this doesn't work
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3qwep7PCA8 it's a joke. (although it does hold some truth)
  3. As you all know, the Sangheili species are not (yet) playable on Halo 4. 343i and lots of people use the argument "The Multiplayer (War Games) is now canonical to the Campaign", but here are the stuff the are wierd about this: ->The MM is actually a simulator aboard the Infinity ->The simulation is to train Spartan IV's ->The Flood is destroyed (at least not present on Campaign nor SpOps) So. You see what I mean? The humanity has not encountered the Flood at all after the events of Halo 3, and yet we have a Flood-specific gametype. I know that it's for the fun, but think: ->S IV's are probably not going to face Flood ->The Flood is not present at all ->The War Games are supposed to simulate an actual battle ->You get to control the Flood ->S IV's probably don't even know what the Flood are You see where this is going? 343i didn't include playable Sangheili for canonical reasons. If it is supposed to tie up to both SpOps and Campaign, why are the Flood in the WG simulator but Sangheili aren't? S IV's are going to face the Storm faction, a Covenant remain thing. So why not to put Invasion too? You Spartan fans are going to say: "Oh, simple, why would a Spartan, the mighty powerful Spartan with cool armor, would want to see the war as a dinosaur?" And here's my answer: "Why would a Spartan want to see the war as a Flood?" It makes no sense. UNSC would be then training a demonic, inter-galactic parasite to defeat their ranks? Because if an infection happens, the infected spartans would know how to take out other Spartans, so yeah. No sense. It would make way more sense to include Sangheili. Why? ->There actually are Separatist Sangheili that are allied with the humans ->There is no alliance between Humans and the Parasite ->Seeing the war from your enemy's point of view is a good strategy You may say "But there are no Sangheili aboard the Infinity". The humans have the tech to create a frigging huge ship! I think they are more than capable of creating an "A.I" that the players would control. 343i needs to think of a better excuse of such a stupid move. What would you think?
  4. So engineers seem to be popping up more and more in the books and games and I feel like they are going to play a very important role in the upcoming game and in the halo universe in general. In the most recent book, humans were able to get a hold of four engineers and we're told that they can "make" more. What kind of materials are needed to make another engineer?? Also how is this going to change human technology in general?
  5. Halo: Reach does not exist, the game plot is completely wrong, and none of it ever happened. I am here to prove once and for all that the plot of Halo: Reach is not canon, it is a rewrite, and is not real Halo, not only as a cry for justice that we have been betrayed by the people we trusted to deliver the battle of reach, "From the beginning, you know the end." as the official slogan of the game goes. But to shoot down any bastardization of future plot destruction by way of material from Halo: Reach being used in the future. I will start with the most plain flaws of the plot, number one on my list is the Pillar of Autumn. The Pillar of Autumn as seen in Halo: Reach was grounded and preparing to launch, this is not true, I reference the book 'the fall of reach'(which came out before halo2) as my evidence. QUOTE FROM "the fall of reach" CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE 0400 Hours, August 30, 2552 (Military Calendar) / UNSC Pillar of Autumn, in orbit around Epsilon Eridani System, Reach Military Complex Captain Keyes tapped the thrusters of the shuttle pod Coda. The tiny craft rolled and the Pillar of Autumn cam into view. Normally, Captains did not ferry themselves around the space docks of Reach, but Keyes had insisted. All unauthorized personnel were restricted to a narrow flight path around the Pillar of Autumn, and he wanted to take a careful look around the outside of this ship before he took command. END QUOTE/// This is about half of the first page of chapter twenty nine of 'the fall of reach' page 271 by my book. As we see here clearly the Pillar of Autumn was not on the ground when the battle started, and ive even heard that the Pillar of Autumn was built in space and cannot land, but I dont have a source for that so its not valid in this argument. QUOTE FROM 'the fall of reach' (last paragraph of chapter twenty nine) "Approaching Reach system's edge," Ensign Lovell reported. "Ready to generate a slipstream--" "Captain!" Lieutenant Dominique cried. "incoming Alpha priority transmission from FLEETCOME HQ at Reach... sir, they'er under Covenant attack!" END QUOTE/// Page 278 by my book. With both of these quotations in mind, the plot of Halo: Reach, is utterly wrecked in totality... The basis of the end plot was that Cortana, or a portion of her as has been suggested to me, could not possibly be delivered to the Pillar of Autumn, because it was, as seen in chapters 33-37 in space throughout the entire battle. Even the battle itself in Halo: Reach is completely wrong, I will not quote anymore in the interest of saving space in this post, but the final chapters 33-37 are available to be read by anyone who is willing to take the time to read them. In summery, the Pillar of Autumn was surprise attacked by a Covenant Carrier and narrowly destroyed it because of Cortanas skill and capability taking control of the ship. They then turned around and make full thrust to return to Reach in an attempt to join the fleet in orbit, which they were unable to do. They then witnessed the battle for reach from a large distance and on approach, there were approximately one hundred fifty UNSC ships in orbit, with approximately three hundred Covenant ships preparing to attack from afar. By the time the Pillar of Autumn came into range of the battle in was nearly to late. John(master chief)Linda, and James, were dispatched to secure navigation data from a space dock to keep it out of Covenant hands, while the rest of the Spartan-IIs were sent to the surface of Reach to defend key instillations that powered the SUPER-MAC orbital platforms that defended the planet, similar to the Cairo Station as seen in Halo2. James was died, Linda was mortally wounded, John as well as SGT Johnson and a few marines who were on the station escaped back to the Pillar of Autumn, and they jumped to slipstream-space to Halo shortly after. There, it is done... lol Again, anyone can read the last few chapters of 'the fall of reach' and verify this summary. With all that said, does this sound like the plot of Halo: Reach? Even a little? Of course not, because Halo: Reach is a rewrite and bastardization of a perfect plot that would have been one hell of a game all on its own... Leaving all of that aside, we have the Spartan-IIIs According to the book 'ghosts of onyx' the III program started in the year 2531, with candidates of ages six, doing the math, the oldest possible IIIs in existence would at oldest be twenty seven years old. When looking at Carters profile on Halopedia, we see that he is in fact thirty two years of age, this is impossible, not to mention that the first two batches of IIIs had all died off. Kat-B320 22 years old Emile-A239 29 years old Jun-A266 28 years old Impossible, all impossible, Kat is the only one old enough to even exist, and that in of itself is in question. I could drag on and on pointing out every single flaw in the very substance of Halo: Reach, but this alone is enough in any court of law for to exact a ruling. I would like to last mention that the armor they use is not even armor rated for IIIs the armor they use is refered to 'ghosts of onyx' but as I said im done at this point. With the conclusion of just what we see above, not even the fullest documentation of lies and insults to the fans, the destruction of integrate and well as the truest nature of the halo universe in the minds of countless fans around the world. I here by demand an official apology from those responsible, I want a public statement that the game Halo: Reach is not cannon, and is in fact a rewrite "fan-fiction" game, and has not sway or control over any plot material past present and future. Any questions or concerns with the evidence above I will be happy to explain and assist in any way I can, I want to make this fact as clear and understood for everyone as much as possible. Thank you.
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