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  1. Yeah, i feel like if the Forerunner did have some pretty big flaws. I wish i could read more about their culture. Now that you mention it, it does seem as if the aniclla may have been taken for granted. I hope that they would make the primordial lie during the conversation with the Didact. That would be dissapointing. If what he does say isnt true then, hopefully in the third book it will come back as some sort of dramatic irony. Maybe the primordial didnt know he was lying but was only saying what he knew. I hope they go more into the relationship between the Didact and the Librarian aswell. They should make a book on the Forerunner-Human War form the Human ponit of view, that would be an interesting book i think too.
  2. Yeah i remember this, i think it was called tug of war, basically what this gametype is.
  3. I loved the first two books. The last of the three was said to come out on March, 19th. I too think that the last Precursor in the galaxy was a gravemind. The precursor himself told the Didact he was the last of them left but some fled the galaxy beyond their reach. The conversation the precursor has with the Didact is when the precursor mentions that the flood were sent by the precursors to eradicate the Forerunner form the galaxy. Thus answering why the humans were so much more effective at fighting the flood off. It wasnt 'meant' for them. As for the graveminds, yes it is said that once a gravemind has been established it acts as a central command center for any localized flood forms. They communicate via some sort of telepathy. So, yes, they pretty much do share a consciousness. There is no factor of whether or not they would get along because once they get a gravemind they are of one goal . . . one mind. The precursor mentions that the flood work to bring unity. A gravemind has all the knowledge of those they infected. Along with any pre-programmed knowledge given to them by the presursors, if they are in fact their creation. Unless before a gravemind goes it backs up its knowledge somewhere. Something i would believe to be very possible if they can communicate telepathically maybe he was able to store it in another gravemind prior to his death. I did not see all of the halo 4 terminals, I'll have to go back and check em all out. I have not yet read the thursday war or grasslands but im working my way up to it. Im still on the initial series, from Reach to Harvest. Im only on ghosts of onyx. I stopped to read the Greg Bear version of the forerunners. I do plan on reading all of the above though im interested to see how good they really are, I'll take your word for it. Yeah the master builder did start to corrupt. Maybe it is the the master builders fault that the precursor want to rid them from the galaxy and give humans a turn at the test of the mantle. I really like the idea that Didact had for humanity in halo 4, but at the same time i agree with the Librarian, who said that we deserve to forge our own path as humans. I feel for the Didact though, he believes that humanity is the biggest threat to peace in the galaxy and wanted to compose them. I wouldnt want our race to just have to throw in the towel either. I though the Forerunner were doing a damn good job upholding the mantle. Apparently not good enough for the precursor to have sent the flood after them. I feel as if all my questions will be answered come March 19th, I can't wait.
  4. If halo does go **** up, 343 should just stop making games and keep making books shorts and movies about the halo universe. All of the above are awesome when it comes to halo.
  5. Ok, let me shed some light on the situation for you guys. * Ancient Humanity 'discovers' the flood from the edges of the galaxy * The Flood slowly infect and spread amongst some humans * While running from the flood the humans had to push back the Forerunner * The Forerunner are a peace seeking race, their offense wasn't that strong to begin with. They had a disarmament which made them even weaker offensively, and were still able to de-evolutionize ancient humanity. Safe to say that yes they were superior. * Humanity was surprisingly effective at fighting the flood and the Forerunners wanted to know how(your learn how/why from the second Forerunner book Halo: Primordium(AWESOME ENDING!!)) * The Forerunners being all about the preservation of life, after having de-evolutionized ancient humanity, tried to quarantine and study the Flood. * Forerunner attempts to detain the flood were quickly being deterred by the overwhelming power of the flood. * If you read the second of the Forerunner series you will find out more about where the flood came from(AWESOME!!) * Don't base your Forerunner knowledge from the games. READ THE BOOKS. Literally every question asked in this entire thread can be answered from the first two Forerunner books. * And technically the Forerunner are still around as the last of the series has, as of now, yet to come out. The exact nature of their defeat has yet to be known. * Humanity never defeated the Forerunner. * The awesome part is you guys would know a little bit about why the flood have returned to "present day", master chiefs time, if you read the books. * The moral of my post is read the book they are freakin amazing. If you love halo as much as i do you will love LITERALLY every page that has anything to do with Halo.
  6. Hey guys, i was just wondering if anybody is as much in love with the halo universe as i am. To be more specific the Forerunner saga. I've already read the first two of the Forerunner books and would love to just discuss it with people who have also read the books and are as much looking forward to the third and last of the Forerunner series. I really want to discuss the conversation the Didact had with the primordial towards the end of the second book. Talk about how awesome ancient humans must have been during the Forunner-Human War. Talk about how you guys feel about their 'Religion', so to speak, of upholding the mantle and of being the guardians of all life. That and everything else that makes Forerunners an amazing fictional race. Seems as if we could actually learn a lot form this fictional culture. And to Bungie and 343 for making/continuing such an awesome universe. Hopefully 343 that this will not be the last we hear of the Forerunner, I want to read more books regarding their culture, maybe even everyday life for a Forerunner. Maybe even some small conflicts that the forerunner had to overcome in their long years.
  7. Sometimes yes 5 can be considered pretty low, but that is the point in a sense. If there are two evenly matched teams then this can go on for a while. If, like you mentioned, there is one team that is obviously more skilled than the other than it can be over in a matter of minutes. Imagine two evenly matched teams going at it until one team had 15 points. That would mean that one team is 15 kills ahead of the other team. Matches like that would never end unless one team is getting literally blown out. You don't want the match to be that long unless the teams are evenly matched. A couple of mistakes for one team and the game is to the opponents. That is also why i mentioned there should be a best of 3. Giving the previous losing team to redeem themselves and fix any mistakes. Honestly the options to make a slayer match run this way have been around forever. If this kinda of slayer hasn't made it to matchmaking by now it won't unless it becomes popular. So play it, love it, and help it become popular.
  8. Hey guys my name is jCoze, and that is also my xbox live gamertag. I was doing some reading up on Game Theory, and I ran into Zero-Sum Theorum. I won't get into it here, but basically that is what real competative gaming should be like. I have created an easy-to-make gametype called Zero-Sum Slayer. Getting kills gives your team points and getting killed loses your team points. First team to 5 points to win, best of 3 rounds.I'm sure this gametype has been tried, but i personally haven't seen anybody playing it. I takes more teamwork and cooperation than most matchmaking playlists, which i love slash miss. If you are not into teamwork and winning then this gametype is not for you. Most likely you wouldn't even like it anyways. Message me on XBL or just don't talk to me at all, download it off my fileshare and play it with your buddies.
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