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Found 13 results

  1. Hey everyone, here's the trailer to a movie I've been making with the 405th Halo costuming group. It's a live-action fan film about the Fall of Reach, so please tell me what you think. Feedback is always appreciated!
  2. Lets say a grunt sat down at a table, and doesn't blow it up, and asked you for some food, what would it be? What do you think is a grunts favorite food?
  3. This is the tale of the little Grunt that could. Once upon a time on a planet far, far away lived a little Grunt. That grunt was named Oscar. So if you put his full name together he was Oscar the Grunt. Oscar lived alone for you see, he was a grunt that could never do what he wanted to do, as the Elites said. Oscar lived in the Elite part of the neighborhood. So when ever he would ask to play in the Elite games, they told him he was a too different than the rest of them and to go away. Everyday felt like it was time for Oscar the Grunt to just go suicidal. He thought about what it would be like to just run up to those Elites and just stick them with a grenade, but Oscar knew that was not the smartest thing to do. So Oscar quickly gave up on that idea..... Hundreds upon Thousands upon Millions of Ideas Later........( Yes my friends some time has passed by ) Oscar thought about what he could do. Since Oscar was old enough to drive one of the coolest vehicles on the block, a Ghost, he decided that he COULD try to drive his neighbors Banshee from the Halo Wars. So one night Oscar ran over to his neighbors house, assassinated his neighbor sleeping getting an achievement of some kind, and then took the banshee out for a joyride. You see, Oscar knew where each Elite that had made fun of him was, because Oscar was smart, because Oscar did not take no BULLS*** from any stupid Elite. So he spent the night Massacring Elite after Elite. In the early hours of the morning not a noise was made and not a sound was stirred. Oscar awoke from his bed to find himself pleased with what he had done. Oscar said to himself that he could do something one day. And He did. He killed a lot of people. Good job Oscar. Good Job. (This is where everyone should start crying for joy.)
  4. From the album: Grunt Feelz

    Save them today, your adoption of one grunt could save that grunt of going suicidal.
  5. Pbrabbit

    Fail feelz

    From the album: Grunt Feelz

    We all have these moments..
  6. Now It came across to me to think who the hell would a Grunt invite to his/her birthday party? Any ideas?
  7. Hi, My name is Dr. Chief. I have recently done a study on how grunts feel about when they have to go suicidal and someone kills them. Well Here is what he said: So how do you feel about this?(I hold up an inactive plasma Grenade) Grunt:(THIS IS WHERE YOU INPUT YOUR CAPTION)
  8. Spectral Jester allowed me to start up another C.G.R.C. thread so that we can hopefully get some more winners and continue the fun! __________________________________________________________________________ Official Award: Previous Winners : humpstyles (12-14-12) Ladies and Gentleman! Spartans and Elites! "Please have a sit and listen to me, telling something about Jackals and Brutes, about guns and wars, the oddies and the weird, about anything I have jeered. You know who am I? I'm the very best in this center of the galaxy, the Jester of this ring, or maybe just a clown. What day is today? Topsy turvey, ye may say.... Here i am just to amuse the audience, with some short tiny riddles about anything of The Halo World: May it be guns and vehicles, powerful weapons, people, or quests, monsters, terminals, places, insanity......aaaanything ye like! Guess rightly to the puzzle, and thou may collect point. 1 guess per post, then wait for the host! If you're correct, then it's your turn; respect! When thou reach 10 points...thou shall winneth! ___________________________________________________________________________________ I'll start with an easy riddle to get the thread going: alone, I sit on the ground. when someone is with me, I levitate. What am I?
  9. Okay guys. Here is something fun for you to do. Take this Trivia Quiz, and post a comment with your answers. The winner gets nothing but an E-Congrats! Contest ends 12/9/12 at 6:00 PM. 1. What is the cannon fodder of the Covenant? 2. What race are the Arbiters? 3. What is Master Chief's name? 4. What is the large text on a Rocket Launcher? 5. What does AI stand for?
  10. iTz Vplus2


    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    My second signature. Didn't keep it for too long lol.
  11. I love the look of this elite and Grunt! They look meaner, scarier, and funner (funner is a real word look it up, became official in 2010) to fight! But that red grunt and elite minor didn't look good... makes me sad, elite minor look was always my favorite. I got this from GameInformer.com
  12. Grunts. The little guys. Alien cannon fodder. The things you love to kill. Some find them cute. But, there is a time in every Halo fans life when he/she thinks: What if I could play as a Grunt? Imagine it, you're a Grunt in a new playlist: Grunt slayer. You have Spartan shields. You move as fast as a Spartan and hitting the crouch button makes you more accurate, you move slower and you disappear from the motion tracker. You can use any weapon, you have armour abilities like armour lock and armour effects like Birthday Party and you melee with the strength of an Elite. You can also pilot vehicles, jump and do anything else Spartans and Elites can. Like with Elites you unlock different armour classes from minor to ultra. I want it!
  13. wusup. if u wanna join a non-hacker, non-camper, and non-sniper clan than GRnT could be your clan! we are against any forms of not being legit and fun in the world of halo. We don't like it when people snipe or camp throughout every online multiplayer match. We are also against call of duty because everybody camps in that game and its not skillful to get a kill it's mainly because 1 shot from any gun gets a kill. In halo, you need skill to get a kill and GRnT is all about skill and non-n00byness i guess you could say. And besides in halo nobody has a n00b tube attached to their gun LMFAO. so if your legit and fair then join GRnT and forever have a team who doesn't wait for you to hurt someone so they can steal your kill!!! Message SkullWarriors on Xbox Live to join.
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