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Found 19 results

  1. A 1-1 remake of the Halo: CE classic Derelict. Pictures: Walk-through Weapoms Shotgun x2 x90 0 clip Needler x2 x60 1 clip SpnKr x1 x180 1 clip Sniper Rifle x1 x180 2 clip SMG x2 x45 1 clip H:CE Pistol x4 x30 2 clip Grenades Frag Grenade x8 x15 Plasma Grenade x8 x15 Powerups Overshield x1 x120 Active Camo x1 x120 All set to respawn on disturbance like Halo:CE
  2. Hello, I have just spoke to the Xbox customer service team and they have directed me to go to you. I recently bought an Xbox One, I bought the Halo master Cheif Collection Edition. As you know, this game is installed Via the xbox store. I did know that this could only be downloaded and didnt come with a disk. However, I wasnt aware that the game itself would use 60gig if not more of my storage space on the hard drive. The size is not the issue but the install is, My broadband internet speed at home is extremely weak as I live in an area that is immune to Fibre optic therfore the best speed I can get is just over 1mbps. Installing a game of that size over my internet is just ridicoulous. Would it be possible to get a Disk sent to me so I can install it that way. I have all the information and details to prove I have bought this game encase you need some type of verification. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can get back to me ASAP. Regards Im new here, can anyone help me? Im new here, can anyone help me?
  3. I'm building a team on halo MCC that will do the most challenging thing in halo history, but before you join my question is are you ready? Put your gamertag down OR?? Message me on xboxlive.
  4. Greeting everyone, I, «Ð§»Þülsê, am the leader of a newly formed clan called Ðeathly §hadows. We created Ч so that players who still play Halo: Combat Evolved could feel the sense of belonging to a community. A community where they can express themselves, make some friends and most importantly, have a good time! As we are a newly formed clan, as expected, we do not have a lot of members. However, in a matter of days since we have created our forum, we have had many inquiries to join our clan. We hope that this will continue and Ч can become a great haven for Halo: Combat Evolved players to socialise and compete with each other! We will hold Clan Scrims every month so that clan members In the very near future, we will have many servers with many different game types. This will help bring in even more members,thus, enhancing the reputation of the clan. To join Ч, we do not have any major requirements from the players. All we wish is that you enjoy yourself while you are part of the clan! Our forum can be found here http://deathlyshadowsclan.enjin.com/ To apply, first create an account at the site and then click the Apply Now button located in the menu bar. Fill out the application form and the founders will get back to you as soon as they can. We need at least one more person to help us manage our servers. Someone who can manage scripts and has some experience in that field would be great! That doesn't mean that we are only look for members who has help us in that aspect. Like I mentioned before, we want anyone who is up for a laugh and knows how to have a good time! We hope to see you soon. Yours sincerely, «Ð§»Þülsê Ðeathly §hadows Clan Founder
  5. So, the Halo Reach Map Packs that come with CEA. I think the Map Packs that come with CEA are cool because they provide a new style and open difference betwit requires more skill to stay alive. The difference between the two graphics aren't to noticable, and after continously playing the same maps, it's nice to getso e new maps to use. So what are your thoughts?
  6. Is there any plan to put in a Halo 1 playlist? For over a decade now, I've been waiting for a way to play THE Halo online (other than xbconnect). My first dissapointment was anniversary, which was NOT Halo 1. It was reskinned reacharound. Then when I heard my nostalgic gaming pipe dream was finally going live, two console generations later, I jumped at the opportunity! When I finally got one of my old Halo buddies and brother around to play (unfortunately only two controllers, if guest support works for H1 then we'd be in business). Sure I have a few minor gripes: It's a port of Halo PC, not the original Xbox version (any Halohead would immediately notice the difference). There are campaign tweaks for increased enemies and disabling of some fun glitches. Although you can go back to original music, you cannot go back to original sound effects (most noticable with the guns). The multiplayer netcode is on the same plane as Gearbox's unpatched entry (i.e. aim 2 feet in front of any moving guy, and shields may show up after they're down --even after death). And to touch on Halo 2, it's the patched version which fixes some griefer glitches, but has the laser-like battle rifle (bleh). Okay, now that my uterian flushing has been vented, here is my main gripe: THERE IS NO DEDICATED HALO 1 PLAYLIST! I've been waiting over a decade to rekindle my love of this classic of LAN party games, and maybe one game in 6 is the original game. Between H2 BRs and H3 nausea, I can only get a mere taste of why I bought the package. Not to mention --there is a team glitch, where half the time I'm playing AGAINST my friend! Talk about screen-peeking issues. The praise I can give is that the few rounds I have played have adhered to the MLG-esque gametype: AR and Pistol Starting weapons Green Indicator over heads FF on No Motion Tracker (iirc. This particular feature is important to play-style) 4v4 (I'm open to 8v8 on larger maps, but not the rumored 2v2) If only there were other LAN classics like sniper-only (no pistol secondary), no-shield shotgun (team and FFA), and 8v8 CTF. So, are we any closer to a Halo: Combat Evolved ONLY playlist? With friends who only play Halo 1, and a few with 1 and 2, we haven't been jiving at all with this H1,2,2.5,3 team slayer playlist, opting to quit whenever it's not the original. Please give me some good news 343!
  7. When matchmaking is fully fixed to a Halo standard, please can you make more individualised playlists for each game. That way I can enjoy the wonders of Halo 1 and Halo 2 without running the risk of some person voting for a Halo 3 or Halo 4 map... :-| WHAT?!! Also surely it would make sense to have the original Halo 2 playlists that everyone loved. 1v1 Double Team Big Team (Just for Halo 2 and even Halo 1) Team Slayer Team Skirmish Multi Team even Action Sack!! This is the best thing you could have done for Halo fans, please don't spoil it by not making the multiplayer what it should be. Halo 1 and Halo 2 multiplayer all the way!! Thank you.
  8. My friends and I have been dreaming of Halo CE online for the past 15 years... It's now a reality. beginning tonight, we'll be endlessly searching for people like ourselves who love and appreciate the genius of this game. Our favorite? CTF on Blood Gultch. if anyone is interested in playing custom games with our dedicated crew, please email me at TuneyTune11 (@Yahoo.com). 1 Flag CTF Map: Blood Gultch or Sidewinder Time: Unlimited Respawn Time: 5 sec Weapons: Human Only Vehicles: Warthogs only Flag Options: Flag at home to score, Touch your own flag to send home. Shields, damage, and powerups all normal. We'll play anything.
  9. I would like to thank everyone that made me reach 500 subscribers this is a gun sync special for y'all, hope you y'all like it. together we can reach for 600 subs lets do it please share this video it'll mean the world to me :') The master chief collection needs to hurry up lol, i need that game [sharedmedia=ccs:media:6~120] Hope you like it [sharedmedia=ccs:media:6~121]
  10. Okay so i just checked out the halo spartan assault download free trial and for it being a arcade style i'm not to impressed with it and for a demo it was way to short and for it to take up 2.2 gigabytes for less then 3 minutes of play time and just thinking if i want to play a arcade style game i will go to a arcade place in a mall.....i have been a halo fan from 2001-2011 i'm sad that the opportunity wasn't taken to make a add on to halo wars and expand the halo line that way and after i noticed that 343 industries left out peaces of cutscenes for the remake of halo 1 for the xbox360 if some one want's to do a remake of a game awsome but keep it true of what exaly happend and just not cut things out that where a part of the original if by chance their is a halo 2 remake don't slater it like the halo 1 ce keep it true to the point of i remember this and that and how the game is mapped out yeah go for better grafics just don't leave any thing out of it but after the mess up and what fell short of the halo 1 remake i just kind of drifted away from the halo scene i really wish things would get turned around for halo i'm not even looking for word to seeing what the next halo will be for the xbox one i wasn't to thrilled about the xbox one and i never got one because no game's have caught my eye for it i have been a loyal microsoft customer since 2001 and going through 7 xbox360s because of hardware issues but also seeing huge bugs in the xbox one of not being able to see how much space is used up on a hard drive hearing that their is no party chat and the list goes on and seeing that bungie not a part of halo makes me really sad and i find it frustrating that my halo 2 multiplayer bonus maps cant be played off line on my xbox360 i missed looking at the dlc maps so i wanted to go down a trip of memory lane but i found out that even with me buying the hard copy of the DLC from way back when is no longer of use besides seeing some really awesome game footage to find out what happens to the second pelican on the second mission in halo 2 makes me upset that i can't use content from a disc made for dlc that i pad for but yet many years later finding out that i can't even use it for off line fun any more that's just not right in so many ways i wont hold my breath to see any changes but halo is turning in to cod and i went and started playing cod if i want a cod experience i know where to go for it if i want a halo experience i know where to find it with halo 1,2,3, odst, halo wars, halo reach notice how i didn't say any thing for 343 industries remake of halo 1 yet their halo 4 i didn't even go out of my to get it i'm glad i was able to test out the waters for the new halo spartin assault i'm glad i didn't wast 14.99 on it but i'm not happy where the new studio is going with it i wish bungie could have stuck around i'm a old school halo fan and i think 343 industries is trying to hard and not thinking right compete with Call of Duty the halo reach match making has been messed up since 343 industries took over the service over all i'm not to impressed with what it is soon becoming why did Microsoft have to shut down the halo 2 servers why not make a patch to where only xbox360s can play a copy of halo 2 oh that's right you want to sell more copies of newer halo games i can understand halo 3, odst, halo wars, halo reach but my thought's for what the next one is for the line up it's not so good yet i am just a little person in a big world where every one will just put up with it and keep the ball rolling i don't know if my word matters at all but i am at least going to say my thought's on the future of what halo is becoming...what about the story yes you gave one to halo spartan assault i give you credit for that but to make it a arcade play style.....just make's no sense to me when it could have been a rts command style like halo wars who ever came up with the idea of arcade style bad move on your part for who ever thought of it yet alone why not pick the book up from halo wars and continue that story oh some one was hot headed about about a arcade style game play.....
  11. Hi everyone, Here’s a halo 1 trick jumping video I made which attempts to do jumps at the level of what’s possible in some of the later halo games. I started working on jumps for this video Summer 2011, and I’ve come a long way since then. This is my first trick jumping montage. I hope you enjoy it.
  12. Ever since Halo CE I have been interested in these Galactic scale Genocidal Weapons. Though to anyone who played Halo and enjoyed the campaign did I guess. Though even after reading all the books and learing all the lore I could since I started playing Halo CE, the workings of the rings kill everything mode still escape me. We know that they destroy the Flood by starving them, as well as destroying all Flood within range, this being explained this in game. But they have never shown this happen. Except for one small scene in one terminal of Halo CEA of a lizards arm dissolving. But that raised more questions than answers. It looked like the trees in the background were not harmed at all. That made me think of Cortana in Halo CE when she said it destroys all sentient life large enough to sustain the flood. But in games like Halo 2 and Halo Wars you can see Trees being consumed by the Flood for biomass. I always liked to believe that the rings sent out a huge pulse of radiation in the form of Hardlight that the Forerunners use so much that just burns every organic cell it touches leaving crispy blackened sterile planets. Does anyone know if this is correct or total crap that Im talking about here?
  13. Is Halo 4 Actually Halo: Reach 2? My opinion Halo 4 should be based off Halo 3. Why do we have DMRs? Why do we sprint? And Loadouts? This game is called Halo 4 not Call of Duty in Space. 343 Industries... You wanna know why so many people quit playing Halo 4? I know why. Everybody can get to a 130-Spartan, You dont even care for the halo fans from Halo 1, Halo 2, and my favorite Halo 3.You forgot how fun the 1-50 ranking system was. Kids would skip school to play halo, people would actually get mad when they lose, and derankers just made the game harder for the online community. Without any Halo 1, Halo 2, and Halo 3 games you would of never of been successful. People bought Halo 4 because its "NEW" and it said "Halo 4" so were expecting its based off Halo 3... Now that theres Spartan 4s you should change the name to Halo: Reach 2... If you agree, like it, please add me and maybe the community can help Halo 4... FOREVER! Intactness
  14. What do i have to do to make the pistol, 3 head shot kill on this game? i tested i with friends on regular classic and it took 5 head shots.... What can i change to make it only three? Is there something i can do in the settings?
  15. Hey guys its me again. So I have just bought all of the halo series. (not extras like wars or ODST) But I need help finishing the Combact Evolved Anniversary campaign. If you would like to and or can help me with campaign please respond and or private message me and or message me on XBL. My GT is: KSI LORDLIDELL Online at U.S. Eastern time. P.S. I also need help on Halo 2 Campaign. -LORDLIDELL
  16. As with the Reach forum, this is the official Technical Help thread for all things regarding the CEA edition of Halo as well as the original Combat Evolved. Same rules apply as the Reach forum one. Ask your tech questions, and myself or others will do our best to answer them. Ready set go!!!!!
  17. I have an original xbox halo combat evolved game with a round white sticker that says "microsoft company store pruchase not to be sold" and uner it it say "purchased by _____ (employee Number)
  18. Have you ever played a prank on someone on Halo? Or have you had a prank be played on you? If you have, share what happened below! I'll start: Funniest thing EVER. XD When I was 10 years old I started a custom game lobby on Halo 2 on the map Warlock- (Snowy version of Blackout) ok before I actually tell the story I'm gonna tell everyone in case they didn't play Halo 2 that in the center top of the map there was a glass tile that you could see through the ceiling into the floor below. I started up a lobby and within minutes I was able to have a completely full game of people. (All which were older than me XD) Despite me being either 9 or 10, -I cant remember- I convinced everyone that if everyone stood in a circle around the glass tile that it would break if we all shot it at the same time. ...but only with Rocket Launchers. XD I got EVERYONE. EVERYONE. -to stand in a circle all on top of the tile hoping to see the glass shatter beneath their feet. I stood on top of them all, counted to 3, and right before I said 2 I jumped off of them, in mid-air stuck the middle guy with a sticky grenade, and when I said 3 I got a Killionaire! The rest of the game was filled with the gametype change from 'Slayer' to 'Lets kill RANMAN'. XDDDD
  19. Just wondering if the community feels that Halo Reach had the feel of good ol' classic Halo. If you don't think it does, share your thoughts below.
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