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  1. I loved Serena, her sarcasm was a nice touch, but sadly she would be long gone, or reduced to simple processing power. The Spirit could be a drifting Hulk of ship, I mean in space once you speed up, if you decelerate then there is nothing to slow you down, so theoretically Serena could have plotted a final course to drift back to the inner colonies and hit the gas before decommissioning herself. If everyone is in the cryo bay they will be fine so long as the power holds. Could be a great way of bringing in "old" vehicles and weapons, such as the Cobra, into the new games. And to SPARTAN 117, sadly Halo wars was Ensembles last game before they shut down. So there isn't really a studio out there to make another Halo wars, no-matter how epic it could be with the new generation of consoles.
  2. Backdemon

    The Flood?

    The entire game series is named after the weapons designed to halt them, so i presume they will return. Most of the hate for the flood comes from people who don't like the way the flood act in game, not the idea themselves. If the flood come back (which they definitely should) it could be from many sources. I mean the Installation 04b didn't even fire, it overloaded because of chiefs premature activation, so there could be a very large, very angry Gravemind and his horde rebuilding through the 4 years between Halo 3 and Halo 4. Also Installation 05 is still quite infested with flood, I dont think the UNSC, even with Infinity and a new batch of spartans, could handle what 2401 Penitent Tangent and 100,000 years of sentinels couldn't.
  3. I agree that variation through attachments could make the game better in some aspects. I enjoyed the Silenced smg of Halo 3: ODST and the duel confetti sprayers of Halo 3, but I think that a compromise would be the sneaky continuity protector Bungie brought in with the arrival of Halo 2: weapon models. Now I know this was stated earlier but I am trying to put a different spin on it. In Halo CE there is the MA5B variant of the assault rifle; the 60 round 7.62mm Elite shredding primary weapon, which is different to say the Halo 3 MA5C and Halo 4 MA5D assault rifles. If this were in game, rather than selecting your attachments, you select a pre-balanced weapon that suits your needs. Want more ammo in a magazine but don't mind a drop in accuracy? Grab the MA5B. Want accuracy over damage? MA5C. Rate of fire and damage for a compromise in both ammo capacity and range? MA5D is the choice for you. But it doesn't have to be variants of the same gun, because of course you have weapons that fill the same Niche such as the BR55 Battle-rifle, M392 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), and the MA5K (mentioned in Ghosts of Onyx and Halo legends). Having greater diversity can allow for greater storytelling in campaign and for more variety in multiplayer. Weapons of similar models would share ammunition to prevent the players using less common weapons from permanently playing with Famine turned on. If firefight returns it would allow more customisation, for those who enjoy it there is more availability for storytelling in role-playing, maps from previous Halos could return in more than just form. Game modes for the insanely nostalgic (like a couple of my friends who denounce every halo apart from CE) can limit to one game era's weapons, or specific weapons only on a map. Assault-rifle game types, Snipers with greater variety, rockets from all eras and so on. I am not so xenophobic to say that attachments will turn Halo into Call of Duty, because there were many-a-better game that existed before the Fish-Person-Shooter that is CoD which had weapon customization and load-outs, I do believe more customization is a natural progression for the franchise and will make the game better, but "attachments" as such do not fit the mold that was sculpted with previous Halos. Permutations is more along the lines of my idea of an addition to Halo, rather than Attachments. Choose your weapon rather than the frilly pink tassels to cover the base bland gun that everyone would rather spice up than use as its vanilla form. Changing it up by keeping the old stuff. Then those with the Meaty looking customized Mjolnir Armour for multiplayer/campaign can pick the Meaty loud gun to go with it, while those who are more a stealthy character but want to use an assault weapon can carry the cut down version. Me? I just want my Halo CE M90 shotgun to back up my Future Halo endeavors...
  4. I like the Halo CE/2 scorpions with the turret mounted machineguns, but for balancing its a nightmare. Though I think they could add more features to the scorpion. Its meant to be a team based vehicle, but almost noone wants to get into the machinegun turret cause the driver gets all the kills. Also the canister shell would be interesting to see in game (the upgrade from Halo wars for scorpions) but that doesnt really help the idea of a team based scorpion...
  5. The Covenant will always be a part of Halo, whether its as enemies or allies (or both which we may see in halo 5), and I agree with BaconShelf about needing more in the way of Forerunners. Halo 2 gave us a great glimpse of different variations of sentienls, I would like to see them expand on this. Especially since Promethian Knights are like the elites of the remnant Forerunner forces. Rather than just having Watchers and Crawlers as cannon fodder, throw sentinels into the mix, giving us a broad spectrum of enemies.
  6. A melee vehicle is always tricky to implement into a first person shooter, but i think the cyclops could work. If it had the highest armour of any vehicle to balance out its one gun (maybe a machinegun on one arm) and melee smash that 1 hits warthogs I think it could work. Maps would have to be built around it, but 343i did that for the mantis anyway, and mobility wise the cyclops is similar. Also with the large open cockpit pilot sniping would be possible. Imagine the gamemodes you could play with it. Juggernaught, vehicle ctf, king of the hill (like they tried to impliment in Reach, where the vehicle was the hill)... Also I just want there to be ridiculous kills like jumping and punching a banshee from the sky...
  7. I could imagine walking into a Flood covered corridor (like the innards of high charity) and seeing this oozing mass of Flood and hunter armour come charging at you. Awesome Bacon
  8. Ever since Halo CE I have been interested in these Galactic scale Genocidal Weapons. Though to anyone who played Halo and enjoyed the campaign did I guess. Though even after reading all the books and learing all the lore I could since I started playing Halo CE, the workings of the rings kill everything mode still escape me. We know that they destroy the Flood by starving them, as well as destroying all Flood within range, this being explained this in game. But they have never shown this happen. Except for one small scene in one terminal of Halo CEA of a lizards arm dissolving. But that raised more questions than answers. It looked like the trees in the background were not harmed at all. That made me think of Cortana in Halo CE when she said it destroys all sentient life large enough to sustain the flood. But in games like Halo 2 and Halo Wars you can see Trees being consumed by the Flood for biomass. I always liked to believe that the rings sent out a huge pulse of radiation in the form of Hardlight that the Forerunners use so much that just burns every organic cell it touches leaving crispy blackened sterile planets. Does anyone know if this is correct or total crap that Im talking about here?
  9. It is true, there are so many ways the Flood could return. Even the ending of Halo 3 they werent completely destroying the Flood, just the gravemind and his small accumulated force. They just kinda "Stop" the flood. I do agree, Why bring back the Elite force made to combat the Flood... and then not combat the Flood? I wanna burn some bodies with a sentinel beam (hope it has the new burning effects) and dissolve carrier forms with the scattershot! Also if you do not like the Flood and are posting here, why dont you like the Flood and how do you think they could fix this? Dont just scream at us you want it removed and then run away. Nothing gets fixed that way. Everyone has their own opinion on why the Flood is amazing or complete crap, so share it and say how it could be improved!
  10. I agree with pretty much everything. Cobra's are my favourite Halo Wars vehicles, and even if you only got to drive it in campaign I would be happy. I think the Cyclops could work similar to walkers from Volitions Red Faction Guerrilla with a melee function and maybe a machinegun. Also they do need the APC elephants from Wars. In Halo 3 they were vehicle rescue ones that were not really ment for heavy combat.
  11. I believe ODSTs might have been left out of Halo 4 because of the UNSC Infinity itself. The Infinity was equipped for scientific exploration and for housing the Spartan IV program. Even though it had SOEIV bays that could be used for ODSTs, they were probably built in before it was converted for this role, and would now be modified to be used by spartans. Each group would require different gear for both combat and every day roles. Think of the gyms, leisure time, armoury etc. ODSTs are the SAS of the UNSC, the S IVs are now like their own Corp rather than black-ops ONI agents (which chief and all the mk II & mk II spartans were). The Infinity is their homebase so they fill the role in this circumstance. ODSTs are trained for different missions and would probably have been in the rest of the UNSCs fleet. Well thats how I see it
  12. I agree. Quicktime events dont really belong in Halo. The Enemies and Environments are dynamic enough as it is, and I would probably prefer an epic cutscene to a mediocre quicktime fight.
  13. Good point xxBEASTLYBOYZxx, alot of Halo's campaign fanbase has grown up alongside the franchise. Everyone is older, and even new fans are normally around the age. I was well under 16 when i first played Halo CE but Im perfectly fine (he says from his padded asylum cell...) so i think scarier flood is a natural step. They were first put into Halo CE as the tension building point. With the composer stunt they pulled in Halo 4 (the ONI crew of Ivanoff station dissolving before your eyes) they could easily get away with viceral flood combat. With Fighting a Gravemind i think attacking the tenticles would be a cool idea Baconshelf. I always like cutting the arms off flood in Halo 1, 2, and 3 with the assault rifle (SMGs in 2, but you get what i mean). I think an awesome boss fight could take place in a room piled with bodies and flood biomass with the Gravemind inside. With peoples ideas of dormant flood like the sleeper mentioned earlyer you could be attacked by even the walls themselves. Great way to include vehicle combat also...
  14. The Mantis was ment to be a cheap marine friendly version of the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL prototype. It is only used by ONI and the Infinity (the infinity was field testing them). It entirely possible to bring in something new to replace them. Cyclopses were great support vehicles in Halo Wars. I think they could be implimented with a melee attack like what they have in Halo Wars. If anyone has played Red Faction Guerrilla and used a walker the attacks could be similar to that. One arm has a Machine gun on it for ranged attacks and the other trigger (left trigger most likey) uses both arms in a smashing motion to crush ghosts and warthogs (or punch if you are facing the sky, to destroy banshees in one hit). Id love to smash people with the Jackhammer attached to its arm....
  15. Hunters can be infected by the flood but since they are each really a hive of small worms there is no point infecting them. They are normally dissolved into food/biomass to create flood hives and spore pockets like the ones in High charity in halo 3. Great idea though! How do you guys think a Flood boss fight would work without quicktime events or predictable attacks? Im kinda stuck. The normal videogame Boss fights dont really fit in Halo, apart from the fight with Spark in Halo 3 (and even then that wasnt really a boss fight). If you fight a Gravemind or even something smaller I cant think of anything that doesnt turn into a resident evil quicktime event...
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