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  1. Currently scoped weapons are only exclusively either click to zoom or hold to zoom. I would love to see the same functionality that exists in Halo 3 which allows you to both click to zoom (hard scope) and hold to zoom (quick scope). This feature feels like a necessary addition to help Infinite's gameplay feel closer to previous titles.
  2. Since Reach was the most played online Halo. Why chance the weapon input? There is not one weapon which can counter the sword properly, like the shotgun in reach. I honestly think infinte will be a great game. But there is a lot to chance to make it perfect. Lets take the maps for example. It doesn't feel like the great map making, which u have in halo 3 or even reach. Maybe Im to focused on the old halos but why chance a winning system? The perks are kinda unbalanced too. Love Halo and just want to have a better game experience.
  3. I always thought the Gravity Hammer was better but now that I think about it, I like the Energy Sword a lot more. You sprint faster with it, hit faster, and it has it's own assassination! But the Gravity Hammer can actually block the Energy Swords attacks. So, as a conclusion, Sword is faster and better looking, but does less damage to vehicles and groups of people. Also I'm just better with the sword. Tell me what you think in the comments!
  4. Heyy, welcome back to the Weekly Site Poll! Poll 45 - 'Halos 15th Anniversary' - is here if you'd like to read the responses, or post a late reply. This week's Poll is brought to you by mass-produced wanton destruction and mayhem, and the joy that comes of it.... What are your favorite weapons throughout gaming? It doesn't matter what it is, only that it has been used as a weapon at some point. The next Weekly Site Poll will be posted whenever, maybe. Feel free to suggest the topic for the NEXT Weekly Site Poll in your response! SD, out!
  5. Anyone around here been wondering what types of items we can see within the new REQ pack reward system? Well, luckily there is a site out there that posted additional photos and information about these weapons. All sources linked below this post. First up, we have the GameStop exclusive rifle. Here, we have the BR85 service rifle decorated in the Bloodthirst battle rifle skin, with a laser target and scope! This weapon has extra accuracy. Our next weapon comes straight from the Amazon pre-order. This is the SMG, with a Long-barrel and the skin called Potence! It is assumed this weapon has longer range. Next up, for those of you who pre-ordered directly from Best Buy, you will be given the Longshot Assault Rifle with a Recoil Compensator. Decorated with the Steel skin! This weapon has less recoil. And for anyone here who pre-ordered from the Microsoft store, you will be given one of the coolest looking weapons I've ever laid eyes on... The Recon Assault Rifle with an Energy Bayonet, decorated with the Lagrange skin! This weapon has a buff on melee attacks. As of now, there is still one weapon that doesn't have a pre-order location yet, and that is the Recon DMR, with a silencer and decorated with the Clash skin! This weapon is suppressed, and most likely will not have many effects due to it. And for anyone who is worried about never getting these, don't fret! Josh has confirmed that you can indeed, get these skins in variations from normal playtime. All you need is a little luck with your REQ packs. Sources: 1. http://mp1st.com/2015/06/24/new-halo-5-guardians-weapon-skin-pre-order-bonuses-guaranteed-on-day-one/#.VZGiQvlViko 2. https://twitter.com/JoshingtonState/status/613463164445814784
  6. The following is about the Covenant weaponry in the game. There is video and much more below. Enjoy! Read below for more details From: http://blogs.halo.xbox.com/Headlines/post/2012/09/19/The-Halo-Bulletin-91912-.aspx By: Bs Angel Au is on the horizon Our eyes are bloodshot, our work areas are full of empty energy drink cans, and our beds have filed a formal request to spend more than two hours per night with us. Our spirits remain high, though, because we're almost there. Au is on the horizon … As we work around the clock to put the finishing touches on Halo 4, our studio is focused on three main things: finding bugs, fixing bugs, and arranging a cage match between Caitie and Hoop (two of our developers on services). Actually, we’re trying to arrange a triumvirate of events, which includes the aforementioned cage match, a Gangnam Style dance off, and a Nerf war but either way, my money is on Caitie. Primarily because I like the thought of keeping my money. Our PR and Marketing teams are also going full speed ahead, as they prepare to kick things into overdrive. I snuck a peek at their calendar for the next few months, and let’s just say they have more than a few surprises up their sleeves. Some of those things you will see in stores, others will aid you in your eternal quest for nourishment, and a few of them have the potential to blow your mind. (I say potential because they will blow your mind if you like awesome things, but maybe not if you don’t like awesome things. Take that as you will.) By the way, Halo 4 launches in less than 50 days. If you’re not ready, I suggest you get ready, and what better way to do that than by learning about the Covenant weapons you will soon have at your disposal? Halo 4’s Covenant Weapons The Covenant weapons in Halo 4 presented us with an interesting design challenge. Traditionally, they haven’t been as popular as their UNSC counterparts, and they get much less use across the board. From a high level, we still wanted them to feel alien, futuristic, and technologically advanced (or at the very least, foreign) when compared to human weaponry, but we also wanted them to be equally viable choices.This was not an easy problem to solve. There are a lot of gameplay specific reasons why Covenant weapons function the way they do. The blue/purple/pink color schemes and higher-pitched sound effects are intended to contrast the UNSC weapons and make enemy fire stand out. The projectiles are intentionally slower so that when fighting AI, the player is able to react and dodge them. They also tend to drain shields faster than armor health because it adds tension and creates situations where the player feels like they are escaping a fire fight by the skin of their teeth. In short, the weapons were designed to be fun to fight against, and some of these properties work against making them fun to use. So how did we resolve these issues? On the aesthetics side, we felt like the shiny textures, bright colors, and flawless models of the past made them read a bit too toy-like, so we tried to make everything slightly more grounded. We did that by showing more wear and tear (such as scuffs and imperfections) and using new textures that made the guns look like they were created from hard metallic alloys (instead of plastic). The audio for all Covenant weapons went through several iterations until they felt a bit more punchy and visceral, while still sounding alien. As far as gameplay goes, we changed the weapon properties to make them better equivalents to UNSC weaponry. For example, the projectile speeds are drastically increased when the player uses them so that they are easier to hit targets but when AI fires them at the player, they are slower so that they are still fun to dodge. Finally, we spent a lot of time on the interface components. Two such examples are the zoom scopes, which were made to have a much more alien feel when using the guns, and the digital displays and reticles use of a similar alien language. Halo 4 features nine Covenant weapons, with a mix of old and new. Take a look at them in action by watching the following (brand new!) video, and then we’ll chat a bit about how they feel when you’re using them on Halo 4’s virtual battlefields. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4NLJpTXOtU&feature=player_embedded If you’re interested in the audio side of things, get your headphones ready and crank up the volume because we'll be releasing the version without music shortly. Frank O'Connor (Franchise Development Director), David Ellis (Spartan Ops Designer), and Chris King (Lead Sandbox Designer), along with Jeff Guy, Jayce Diaz, Joel Gifford, Kynan Pearson, Ali Zandi, Alyson Szymanski, Todd Colby, Josh Lindquist, and Chris Howard joined me to share their thoughts about this particular subset of weapons. The Covenant utilizes the following base weapons: PLASMA PISTOL DESIGNATION: T-25 Directed Energy Pistol MANUFACTURER: Iruiru Armory MAGAZINE CAPACITY: N/A Directed-energy weapon capable of semi-automatic firing and a scaled-burst effect which disables electronics. How it feels: Frank - Absolute beast, tempered by the fact that you’ll deplete your charge quickly and are brutally punished for running around with it pre-charged all the time. I had it in one of my go-to loadouts on a semi-permanent basis but I’ve kind of moved away from that, except where early vehicle domination seems likely. David - Let me answer your first question: No, we’re not introducing the Halo 2 Noob Combo as a standard loadout in Halo 4. While the Plasma Pistol still strips shields, in my experience it doesn’t track nearly as much at a distance when compared to previous titles. It’s still very useful against shielded enemies (UNSC and Covenant alike) but as Frank mentioned, pay attention to your remaining charge. Chris - Don’t be deceived by the toy-ish looks. This is a powerful gun! To be effective with the normal shot, you will need to use it at close ranges because the projectiles are extremely slow relative to other weapons. And since players spawn with it from the get-go as a secondary weapon, we’ve had to retune the number of charge shots down from the past (when charging, the energy drains pretty quickly in multiplayer compared to the past). It’s still a great choice, though, especially on vehicle maps. If you are a fan of the Noob Combo, I’d recommend trying to scavenge a Magnum as a backup. The Halo 4 pistols all have faster animation timings than in the past, allowing you to switch to them faster than any other weapon in the game. Charged Plasma Shot + Magnum headshot = WIN! Jeff (Test) - The Plasma Pistol continues its role as one of the strongest utility weapons in the Covenant arsenal. Its ability to strip enemy shields or disable enemy vehicles makes it a dangerous and deceptive weapon in the hands of the right player. There’s something so satisfying about landing a charged shot against a Banshee and watching it fall from the sky, the pilot helpless to avoid his descent to an inevitable barrage of fire from your appreciative team members. The soaring green blasts in any PvP match are a reminder that you are only one good shot away from being defenseless against headshots. The sound of the charged weapon rounding the corner as the player un-crouches from cover to engage you stops your breath for a moment. The sting to a Spartan’s hands when the weapon overloads from charging too long is a bittersweet reminder that the weapon remains destined for the hands of the tactical player. NEEDLER DESIGNATION: T-33 Guided Munitions Launcher MANUFACTURER: Lodam Armory MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 18 rounds Exotic guided-munitions weapon firing crystalline shards that home in, impale, and detonate on soft targets. How it feels: Frank - The Needler is not my favorite weapon in terms of efficacy – and you’ll see that in my Reach stats, but as something I used to only use in cases of last resort, I’m finding it more and more useful in Campaign and Spartan Ops than ever before – and taking out Elites and Promethean Knights by supercombining can be a great way to break up strategic logjams in big encounters. David - Here’s some friendly advice for your Legendary Campaign runs in Halo 4: make friends with the Needler. For clearing out Elites and Knights, it has quickly become the pick-up weapon of choice at higher difficulty levels in both Campaign and Spartan Ops. Chris - The Halo 4 Needler is probably the most powerful version of the gun to date. I love the new, more mechanical firing sounds of the gun as it feels more visceral. One of the big changes this time around is that the needles stick to shields again (in Reach, the needles only supercombined when shields were down). This makes it deadly for sure. However, its effectiveness is tempered by the overall faster pace of the game, which gives players a better chance of avoiding the needles. If you catch an opponent off-guard, they are in for a world of hurt. Chris H. (SDE) - The Needler has received a damage and speed boost, which definitely makes it more powerful this time around. It’s always been a fun gun to use, but now it’s extremely satisfying and almost always a good idea to pick up if found on the battlefield. Josh (Senior SDE) - The Needler is so bad-ass, some of us call it the “noobler”. It feels like the Halo 2 Needler to me. It will wreck your -Yoink!- STORM RIFLE DESIGNATION: T-55 Directed Energy Rifle/Advanced MANUFACTURER: Lodam Armory MAGAZINE CAPACITY: N/A Fully automatic, directed-energy weapon, widely considered the successor to the traditional Plasma Rifle. How it feels: Frank - This isn’t accurate in terms of power or performance, exactly, but in a way I am reminded of the Brute Plasma Rifle from Halo 2 in terms of ferocity and sheer visceral pleasure. Of course it doesn’t work well at long range and can’t be dual wielded, but that’s my snapshot impression, if it makes any sense. David - The Storm Rifle fills a role similar to that of the UNSC Assault Rifle, but somehow the Storm Rifle is just plain more frightening to come up against. Early in development, there weren’t a lot of people using this weapon, despite how effective it was at close range. That changed overnight when the weapons effects and sounds started to come online. Chris - This is a fantastic close-range weapon, once you figure out the rhythm on the overheat. I especially love using this weapon on smaller maps or in tight areas as it’s incredibly lethal. It doesn’t have the range or accuracy of the AR but if you manage the heat well, you can continue firing for quite a while and it will give you a significant advantage over other weapons that require longer reloads. It takes some getting used to, though. If you just hold the trigger down and let the gun reach its overheat state, you are faced with a long cool down penalty. Alyson (Producer) - The first level of the campaign is set up really nicely for the Storm Rifle. Use a charged shot on the Plasma Pistol to knock down the Elite’s shields, then pop him with the Storm Rifle, and finally finish off the fodder of Grunts. Then pick up the Plasma Grenades for yourself. Mwhahahaha! Todd (UI) - Before Halo 4, I was lukewarm on Covenant weapons. I never felt like I got the meaty feedback I got from UNSC weaponry. The Storm Rifle has converted me to the Covenant arsenal – half of my loadouts are customized with it in mind. Its rapid fire rate makes it perfect for run-and-gun, and covering teammates has never been so rewarding. When I engage enemies with the Storm Rifle, it’s like I’m repeatedly slapping my opponent in the face with a thousand fruit roll-ups. Delicious victory. COVENANT CARBINE DESIGNATION: T-51 Carbine MANUFACTURER: Iruiru Armory MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 18 rounds Notable semi-automatic mid-range accuracy, firing ballistic rounds unlike most other Covenant weapons. How it feels: Frank - It’s the Carbine. I have always felt it was a perfectly good sub for BR and DMR and indeed sits somewhere between the two in terms of its utility for my style of play – but I have tended to avoid it every now and then because of the super-visible contrail. For some reason, in Halo 4 that hasn’t been much of an issue for me – or it was my imagination to begin with, but I have been using it more and more and in Campaign, it’s essential. David - I can’t decide if it’s the size of the bolts you fire or some other intangible, but the Carbine feels (to me) like the most accurate weapon in the game. I find it especially useful for when I’m waiting to launch an ambush. Against inexperienced foes, the barrage of rapid fire shots can cause enemies to panic and make mistakes… to their doom. As Chris mentions below, it’s great as a finishing weapon. I would recommend pairing it with a Plasma Pistol or Storm Rifle. Chris - Mathematically, this is the most lethal long-range rifle in the game in a one-on-one encounter. It fires extremely fast – double the rate of the other rifles. But it doesn’t have the range of the DMR or LightRifle, and each individual shot is relatively weak. A player that can land the bulk of their shots and manage their ammo well can be extremely successful with it, though. Because of its headshot capability, it is also a great weapon for playing cleanup with teammates (have them drop opponent shields and then score the headshot). I love using this weapon but I can only use it in short bursts. The firing rate is so fast, it makes my fingers tired after a while! Joel (Test) - The Covenant Carbine is an absolute terror when going up against unshielded foes. Bringing it into Spartan Ops missions against Grunts, Jackals, and Crawlers allows you to quickly drop waves of enemies, provided you can land the headshot. In PVP, it has a little trouble getting through enemy shields, but the precision and high rate of fire allow you to constantly bombard your opponent. Ali (Systems Designer) - It’s my go-to weapon on the Covenant side because it’s the anti-Grunt and Jackal weapon from a distance, and it caters to my somewhat stealthy play style. I enjoy the firing rhythm and the punch it delivers.It’s fascinating compared to UNSC rifles because the look, feel and audio feedback are unique and alien, especially when scoped in. BEAM RIFLE DESIGNATION: T-27 Special Application Sniper Rifle MANUFACTURER: Merchants of Qikost MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 10 shots Extreme-range sniper rifle, charging ionized hydrogen gas into a lethal beam of accelerated particles. How it feels: Frank - The Beam Rifle always felt a bit more solid and frightening to me than at least one or two iterations of the UNSC sniper. Now I prefer the UNSC sniper overall, both aesthetically and in terms of performance, but the sonic impact of the Beam Rifle is super satisfying. Like the Carbine, they seem to be easier to find in Campaign than human snipers. It’s also a bit easier to know where you’re being pinged from [with the Beam Rifle]. David - First off, I love that a proper Covenant sniper weapon is back for Halo 4. It’s been sorely missed. Secondly, the new HUD elements on the Beam Rifle when zoomed in really help to sell this as a piece of alien technology. As before, the meta-game of managing the heat of your rifle and firing on enemies means that every shot counts. Get too hasty and you’ll be looking down at your dead body in the flash of venting gas. Chris - I love the Halo 4 version of the Beam Rifle! This thing is ridiculously large and imposing looking, and it has a really mean firing sound. Because of its enormous size, it does have a decent amount of recoil between shots but the firing rate is the fastest of the snipers and if you manage the heat state of the gun, you can get off all shots in quick succession without an overheat or reload. One other pro-tip on this one: it’s the best sniper rifle for hip shots in Halo 4! Kynan (Lead Multiplayer Level Design) - The Beam Rifle is sick. What’s not to like about being able to clear out an enemy team with a single weapon that when used correctly doesn’t require a reload… and the sound is so satisfying. CONCUSSION RIFLE DESIGNATION: T-50 Directed Energy Weapon/Heavy MANUFACTURER: Merchants of Qikost MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 4 rounds Similar to other Covenant mortar weapons, firing explosive bolts of plasma at close-range to mid-range distances. How it feels: Frank - I have always found this weapon to be useful in close quarters combat and even against vehicles as a “confuser” – and I think the combination of fireworks and physics does a tremendous amount to add chaos and doubt to a battlefield. While I don’t use it except in desperation in Campaign, in MP I will absolutely grab it as a secondary, or when I am out of ammo on a primary. Chris - The Concussion Rifle and Brute shot have always been somewhat controversial in that players either love them or hate them – there doesn’t seem to be an in-between. The biggest change to the Halo 4 Concussion Rifle are the stronger physics impulses from the explosions along with faster projectile speed, which makes it work better in more open spaces and from a longer distance. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend trying to use this in a duel with a DMR from across the map. I love the firing rate on this weapon but IMO, the best part about it is the emergent sandbox moments you can get from the strong physics impulses on the explosion. Try drilling a speeding enemy Warthog from the side, and watch as hilarity ensues! David - I suppose you can put me in the latter of Chris’s camps as I still haven’t quite been able to wrap my brain around this iteration of the Concussion Rifle quite yet. It’s great against vehicles and the physics impulses are great, but I suppose I’m a simple man and I like blowing stuff up in a shower of fire and brimstone. Jayce (Spartan Ops Designer) - Against AI, it can topple vehicles and has a fast enough firing rate to scatter large groups, and against other players it has the uncanny ability to cause confusion and pain at a safe distance. It is the ultimate noise gun, a disruptor that can leave enemies in complete disarray before they die. Chris H. - I am impressed with the precision the AI can wield the Concussion Rifle with in Spartan Ops. They are really good at juggling my lifeless body after they obliterate me. FUEL ROD CANNON DESIGNATION: T-33 Light Anti-Armor Weapon MANUFACTURER: Merchants of Qikost MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 5 rounds Typically used against heavy armor by launching charged fuel rods which violently detonate upon impact. How it feels: Frank - A great weapon, not exactly a Covenant Rocket Launcher, but not too far off – also one of the weapons that oddly enough, really shows off some of the environment mapping on our surfaces. You really get a “feel” for whatever space you’re in based on the reflectivity and the way it catches color and light. David - For me, the Fuel Rod Cannon sits somewhere between the Rocket Launcher and the Brute Shot, with regard to how I use it. Against Covenant or Promethean forces, you can clear out the cannon fodder with relative ease, but against more evenly matched enemies, expect to need multiple hits to drop them. Chris - Traditionally, the Fuel Rod hasn’t gotten a lot of love in Halo multiplayer. This has changed in Halo 4. This is another case where I am really excited about the direction the audio and FX teams went in with the weapon. It’s not drastically different but the changes just make it feel that much more satisfying and visceral. As with the other “area of effect” weapons in the game, the projectile speeds have been increased on this one, and we’ve fine-tuned the blast radiuses just a tad. Despite the faster speeds, you will still need to land a couple fuel rod shots to finish off an opponent, as an individual blast isn’t powerful enough to kill someone. Because of the large magazine size on this one, it’s also great for area of denial as well. ENERGY SWORD DESIGNATION: T-1 Energy Weapon/Sword MANUFACTURER: Merchants of Qikost MAGAZINE CAPACITY: N/A Composed of superheated plasma, this sword remains the preferred close-quarters weapon of specialized Elites. How it feels: Frank - I am just eating it with this right now. I thought universal Sprint would give me a huge advantage, but the reality is it flattens it out for me. I used to go on crazy tears with the sword, but now I find myself being stopped short – that “gun game” thing people are referring to more and more seems to be hitting me where it counts during would-be sword sprees. I do find myself on the receiving end of it a fair amount, however. Chris - To Frank’s comment, I think one of the mistakes I see people making with our sword is that now that players move faster with Sprint by default, they assume they can just run at opponents and kill them with the lunge from far away. This is a mistake – you still need to be somewhat sneaky with it. That being said, if you can restrain yourself from going all Rambo and just use it in tight spaces, it’s as lethal as ever. Important changes include making it swing much faster than it has in the past and eliminating those pesky melee parries (no more “CLAAAAAANG!” unless the other person also has a sword). One final pro tip: when sprinting with normal weapons, if opponents shoot you, the shots will slow you down a tad. A sword wielding player is immune to this! David - It’s big, it’s made of hard light, and it will wreck your world if you’re not paying attention to your surroundings. I think Frank and Chris covered everything else. Kynan - I love the sword in combination with the Thruster Pack. There’s no better feeling than sprint jumping off the roof of a building into a crowd below and then thrusting to dodge or close distance, putting you perfectly in range to cut through them all like butter. GRAVITY HAMMER DESIGNATION: T-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer MANUFACTURER: Recovered from field (originally Sacred Promissory) MAGAZINE CAPACITY: N/A Crude yet formidable close-range Brute weapon, substantially improved by way of a powerful gravity drive. How it feels: Frank - For me, it’s kind of the opposite philosophy from a lightsaber, an inelegant weapon for a more barbaric time. I love the fact that the splash effect can buy you some distance, even when you whiff it badly. I love the fact that a direct hit is a cast-iron guarantee of success, and I love the fact that you feel almost exactly like Donkey Kong for a similar amount of swings at the “barrels” the sandbox presents you. And yes, I know Mario is the one swinging the hammer, but it’s important to make the Donkey Kong analogy sing! David - I think this says everything. Chris - The saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies here. This is one of my all-time favorite Halo weapons. There aren’t a ton of changes that we made to it – more like nuanced tweaks. The animation speeds are a tad quicker, the area of effect has been expanded, the damage tuning tweaked but overall, it’s pretty similar to past incarnations. Probably the biggest change comes in the form of the physics impulses – they are much more powerful now to compensate for the beefier vehicles in the game. This has the awesome side effect of making the Gravity Hammer ragdoll players and objects much more than it has in the past. In short, you should expect the hammer to function similar to past versions, but with more showboating flair! And that wraps up today’s feature about Covenant weapons. Don't leave yet, though, because we're about to breakdown the different editions of Halo 4. Join me, won't you? A breakdown of the different editions of Halo 4 On November 6, there will be several different options available for those interested in purchasing Halo 4. As this information came out in waves, there has yet to be a central location for seeing all the relevant details in one place. Until now. Below you will find the different editions of Halo 4, along with what each edition comes with. Clicking on some of the fields will open a picture or take you to an article with additional information. Completionists worrying about the fact that exclusives mean certain items may never be available to them have been noted, and we’re definitely considering ways to make the entire gamut of items available at some point in the (relatively distant, since we obviously wish to give our retail partners plenty of room) future. It's also worth noting some readers have noticed that GameStop has stopped taking Limited Edition pre-orders online – and we suspect GameStop gets the lion’s share of US pre-order Limited Edition units. Some overseas retailers have also stopped taking Limited Edition pre-orders so without jinxing it, we can confirm that this generally happens when they run out of inventory. We’ll keep an eye on that situation and keep you apprised. Halo 4 Standard Edition $59.99 USD Standard Edition Copy of Halo 4 Halo 4 Limited Edition $99.99 USD Halo 4 War Games Map Pass Launch Day Access to Six Specializations UNSC Infinity Briefing Packet Special Edition of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn In-Game Prime Armor Skin In-Game Prime Weapon Skin - Assault Rifle In-Game Prime Emblem Recruit Armor Avatar Costume Avatar Cryo-Tube Prop Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo 4 Console Bundle $399.99 USD Two Exclusive Forerunner Controllers Standard Edition Copy of Halo 4 Wired Headset 320GB Hard Drive Built-in Wi-Fi In-Game FOTUS Spartan Armor In-Game Imprint Weapon Skin – LightRifle In-Game Unicorn Emblem FOTUS Armor Avatar Costume Avatar Promethean Crawler Prop Halo 4 War Games Map Pass $24.99 USD Access to Nine Competitive Multiplayer Maps (Three Future War Games Map Packs, Each Including Three Maps) In-Game Scanner Helmet In-Game Strider Helmet In-Game Falcon Emblem
  7. So according to the new article by Gameranx The Fuel Rod seems to have a new look similar to the style of the 'STORM' The Binary Rifle looks pretty cool and really looks like it could be a Promethean version of the Sniper Rifle "Halo 4's Fuel Rod looks a lot like the one featured in Halo Reach, but comes with a load of neon blue lights and a black finish instead of the tan and gray color scheme of the one in Halo Reach." "Promethean Sniper Rifle, which—if the leaker is to be believed—called the Binary Rifle."
  8. A new trailer has been released for Halo Online with many more details than originally expected this early in development! Halo Online had better go worldwide, after seeing this I may need to move to Russia if it doesn't. A user managed to find a clear quality trailer that is about 1:15 worth of action and customization details. The game will have a system of buying items, in three categories, Standard, Premium, and Platinum, or they can be unlocked. Weapons will be FULLY customizable, meaning BRs, ARs, and DMRs that deal with separate qualities such as a heavy style BR with NO RAILS. Some armors I noticed were Cain, NI-Hard, Gladiator, Paladin, Renegade, Soldier, Air Assault, Scout, Mongoose (interesting), Mirmillion, EOD, Boxhead, Breaker, Samurai (Hayabusa), Iron (War Master), Stealth, Rogue, Ninja, Defender, Pilot, Hoplite (returning from Halo 2 Anniversary), Mercenary, and Buzzsaw. And that's likely a drop in the water compared to what is actually in the game. They showed off a host of maps including GUARDIAN, and what looks like a reskinned Blood Gulch. As well, old fan favorite guns return such as the Mauler, Storm Rifle, and the BRUTE PLASMA RIFLE. Also, something strange is most of the text is in English... While they're marketing this to a Russian audience... Hmm. There are more details to be found by Reddit, but until then, look at these juicy screenshots below. So excited... SO EXCITED. I really want this to come to US and if it doesn't, well then I'm doing something to play it, I'll learn Russian if I have to. I have a Ukrainian buddy, maybe he'll help me. What do you think of this news? Comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading!
  9. So if you could have one of any weapons in the Halo Universe, which one would you have and why? I would have the Energy Sword because imagine having a blue sword of pure energy that activates at the click of a button?
  10. A new trailer has been released for Halo Online with many more details than originally expected this early in development! Halo Online had better go worldwide, after seeing this I may need to move to Russia if it doesn't. A user managed to find a clear quality trailer that is about 1:15 worth of action and customization details. The game will have a system of buying items, in three categories, Standard, Premium, and Platinum, or they can be unlocked. Weapons will be FULLY customizable, meaning BRs, ARs, and DMRs that deal with separate qualities such as a heavy style BR with NO RAILS. Some armors I noticed were Cain, NI-Hard, Gladiator, Paladin, Renegade, Soldier, Air Assault, Scout, Mongoose (interesting), Mirmillion, EOD, Boxhead, Breaker, Samurai (Hayabusa), Iron (War Master), Stealth, Rogue, Ninja, Defender, Pilot, Hoplite (returning from Halo 2 Anniversary), Mercenary, and Buzzsaw. And that's likely a drop in the water compared to what is actually in the game. They showed off a host of maps including GUARDIAN, and what looks like a reskinned Blood Gulch. As well, old fan favorite guns return such as the Mauler, Storm Rifle, and the BRUTE PLASMA RIFLE. Also, something strange is most of the text is in English... While they're marketing this to a Russian audience... Hmm. There are more details to be found by Reddit, but until then, look at these juicy screenshots below. So excited... SO EXCITED. I really want this to come to US and if it doesn't, well then I'm doing something to play it, I'll learn Russian if I have to. I have a Ukrainian buddy, maybe he'll help me. What do you think of this news? Comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading! View full article
  11. I know Halo 4 had some skins, but they were only accessible by completing the Specializations. So I thought for Halo 5 it would be pretty cool to have weapon skins which we could buy with xp/credits like past systems. It would be cool to customize your weapons to make them more personal and cooler. Just an idea though, and I hope to see your thoughts.
  12. Below is the complete list what is available to use in your custom loadouts. Read below for more details From: http://www.littleenglishhaloblog.com/ By: FlawlessCowboy Thanks to we now know all of the Weapons, Grenades, Armour Abilities, Tactical Packages and Support Upgrades that will make up our Loadouts in Halo 4. Many of these abilities and upgrades will not be available at the start of the game and will need to be unlocked using Spartan Points, nevertheless, here is the complete list: Primary Weapons • Battle Rifle • Assault Rifle • DMR • Carbine • Storm Rifle • Suppressor • Light Rifle Secondary Weapons • Magnum • Plasma Pistol • Bolt shot Grenades • Frag Grenade • Plasma Grenade • Pulse Grenade Armor Abilities Thruster Pack Enables a powerful burst of movement allowing the ability to evade or quickly close the gap. Promethean Vision Allows users to predict enemy signatures through walls and other hard surfaces. Hologram Allows users to generate an almost identical holographic decoy to to deceive enemies during combat. Jet Pack Allows users limited flight through a vertical lift propulsion system similar to that of EVA re-entry packs. Hard Light Shield Allows users to a protective barrier of hard light which stops most small arms fire and some explosives. Active Camouflage Allows users to generate a visual effect astonishingly close to invisibility. Auto-Sentry An automatic turret which can be deployed to defend its user or command a key battlefield choke-point. Regeneration Field Allows the user to release a short-range energy field that heals any nearby spartans. Tactical Packages Mobility Allows unlimited sprint. Shielding Speeds up your armors recharge rate. Resupply Allows the recovery of grenades from fallen allies or foes. AA Efficiency Increases the rate at which energy recharges for armor abilities Grenadier Increases grenade carrying capacity. Firepower Allows the use of a primary weapon in the secondary weapon slot. Fast-track Allows the user to advance quicker in rank. Requisition In modes with personal ordnance, requisition lets the player request new choices when an ordnance is granted. Wheelman Increases the long term durability of your vehicle as well as how it reacts to EMP charges. Support Upgrades Stability Steadies your weapon while being struck by incoming fire. Ammo Increases ammunition capacity for both starting weapons and ordnance drops. Dexterity Speeds up reload and weapon swapping. Sensor Increases motion sensor range. Awareness Allows the use of motion sensors while using a scope. Explosives Alters grenade performance, increasing blast radius and decreasing grenade damage received. Ordnance Priority In modes with personal ordnance, offers more frequent ordnance drops to the user. Gunner Increases how long a mounted weapon can fire before overheating as well as movement speed with detached turrets. Wetworks Allows Spartans to Sprint quietly. They also appear as an outline to players using Promethean Vision and perform quicker assassinations.
  13. Here are a few examples of why I hate Halo 4 down to my very soul, I love the series but just what 343i has done to this most recent installment is for lack of a better word an "Abomination". *NOTE* Don't think of this post as hatered towards the series, I love the series, but the recent installment has dissapointed me and makes me regret buying the Limited Edition and ever getting my hopes up that it would be a game that you can have fun in. OverPowered Weapons- For one the plethora of needlessly overpowered weapons, for example the Binary Rifle (Basically a hand held Gauss Cannon with a scope that leads to camping, weapon hoarding, spawn camping, and is just a horrible excuse for a "Weapon", it should be instead named the "Rape-Machine"), the Incineration Cannon (Offspring of a Rocket Launcher, a Shotgun, and a cluster bomb leading to excessive "Cross-Mapping" and is also a great "Bunker buster" as you have a chance to dodge a rocket or use cover to avoid it but "Oh No" the Incineration Cannon doesn't give a care in the world about cover going over it and in some cases through it.), the suppressor (A SAW in any battle within 6 feet, not really that bad but still an issue as anyone who goes around a corner and someone camping with this tool will decimate you 9 times out of 10), the lightrifle (Which makes both the DMR and Battle Rifle obsolete, same issue as with the DMR 4 shots = instant death without any time to react or return fire with the chance of surviving), Sticky Grenades (Really not a huge problem until you can now SPAWN WITH THEM, which is total bull anyways as 85% of the time everyone spawns with stickys in addition to the Explosives Support Perk and the other perk which allows you to carry 3 grenades which leads to no one using guns in CQC anymore its just a flurry of sticky missles being hailed at eachother which makes the winning of the game based on who can camp with the Boltshot and throw the most stickys instead of things like "Skill", "Tactics", and "Teamwork" very underused), Beam Rifle (Offspring of a Sniper Rifle and a DMR which allows for amazing hipfire kills very easily and extremely fast leading to snapshots galore), the DMR (Doesn't sound very overpowered does it? 4 shots kills you fast enough to where you have no time to react isn't overpowered at all [sarcasm]), and last but not nearly the least the unmistakable unthinkably overpowered weapon widely known as the Boltshot (I call it the "No-Skill Insta-Kill as it requres 0 skill and only 2 tactics in addition to you being able to SPAWN WITH SUCH AN OVERPOWERED WEAPON, camp in a corner and wait for someone to walk by and ruin his day with a crossbreed shotgun instant killing machine or they could rush a person with it and with a small amount of hope the defender may kill the Boltshotter but it is in vain as it just incinerates his body instantly with very little chance of success.) Lag- Next on the list of things that make Halo 4 the most poorly designed and executed gane I have played thus far, the LAG and don't respond with something along the lines of. "Oh no your just butthurt because you suck and your connection is crap!" I've heard this all before frankly I don't care if you don't lag if you don't lucky you don't brag about it but for many people with good connections it ruins everything in terms of trying to have fun, the various occurences of lag are as follows, Teleportation (Of me and enemies) spawning under the map and (Committing Suicide), inability to spawn (the game just says "Time to spawn/respawn 0 seconds" for about 1 minute and by that time I'm getting spawn camped by grenades and power weapons), Black Screen Of Death (Because Halo can't have Dedicated servers "OH NO" that be to nice, but no black screens of death routinely happen because the games host or a large amount of players quit (Oh this whole "Drop-In Drop-Out system" is all well and good WHEN IT WORKS because nearly every single time someone quits and I'm playing guess what happens? Black screen of death, some last 5-10 seconds while some last up to 5 minutes leading to me having to "Dashboard-It" just so I can continue playing. This lag I know comes from the fact that Halo "Must" have player host based servers so when that host has a crap connection it leads to everyone in the server getting brought down to his/her level. Were Halo to get some dedicated servers that lag would be DRAMATICALLY reduced. If you don't believe me on this whole "Lag" situation go to YouTube and look it up, you'll see people with perfectly normal connections teleporting all over the place and getting owned. Hackers/Hacking- Now, lets move on to one of the more touchy subjects that people love to start needless flame wars over. Oh yes Im talking about the one thing gamers hate more than lag, Hackers. Now, I could go on a rant on how hackers are obviously bad, ruin the game, and cause people like me regret every buying Halo 4, but I feel this is a pointless venture as someone (Likely many) Halo fanatics will begin posting their opinions on this page about how there isn't any hackers, you just suck at Halo, their just better than you so you have to say they hack. I have heard and seen this before as well and if you think people don't hack Halo than your probably one of them, if you think someone getting temp-banned for 1 or 2 days for hacking is good enough your wrong. So I will restrain myself from doing so and just list as many of the hacks I have seen off the top of my head with some minor comments throughout. Hacking needs to be delt with much more aggressively than it has before because whatever they are doing to hinder the problem isn't doing enough. I have seen countless times examples of "Near fully-Auto DMRs/Pistols", "Weapons with seemingly bottomless clips" (Namely Overpowered weapons such as the Binary rifle, Incineration Cannon, etc...), Active Teleport anywhere in the map, Vehicle jacking beyond the player height limit, Aimbot (VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM, really if you don't fix this 343i there is something very very wrong with your decision making process), the ability for bullets to "No-Clip" through the map, and seemingly infinite health and grenades. These are just a few of the many hacks I have seen throughout the various maps leading to death, again, and again, and again. Maps- How about now I make note of how the current maps in Halo 4 (Including the Crimson DLC) are terrible. Some are good, some are O.K. and many more are just awful. "Haven" for example, one of 343i's poster maps is in the top 3 worst maps of all time on my list. First of all one side spawns at the bottom of a ramp allowing the opposing team to send all of their grenades flying like mortars in and around their position making it difficult to move outside your safe zone, by this time the enemy team has more than likely already rushed over the minor crevice and is on top of the ramp with their advantage of altitude over the enemy team and slaughters them. In some cases the situations can be switched with the side that spawns on the ramp rushing to the top of the ramp uses the fact that the lip of the ramp covers their head almost completely allowing them to fire away and decimate the enemy team with DMR's and Battle Rifles with little chance of retaliation. 3rd possible case that happens at the beginning of the game, both teams rush to the middle but the team that spawns at the ramp gets their first because of their close proximity uses the middle cover and decimates the coverless opposing team. Any of these ways the teams get virtually slaughtered with one side losing little and the other losing everything due to the unbalancedness of the map. secondly this map is a prime location for Boltshot campers due to its large number of sharp inescapable corners leading to death after death, especially at the ends of the man cannons which in addition to Active Camouflage can render the person who lands off of the ground dead without any chance of survival. Another example of an unbalanced map is "Abandon" in which one team spawns above ground and has the advantage of making it to the middle first giving them the advantage of being above ground and they almost in all cases decimate the opposing team which has to rush up from their poorly defended and nearly useless cover coated spawn and pray that they can get some kills before death. Lets make an example of a horrible "Crimson DLC" map, this map is a glorious waste of money, Oh sure they look impressive but in use they are all disgustingly unbalanced. Take for example "Harvest" on the SWAT game type. In this it is just a rush to the top of one of the many excessively tall rocks to get Cross-Map headshots instantly with amazing cover leading to a monotonous game of "Spawn-Die" with little chance of retaliation. There are several more maps I could go on about but this paragraph is getting a bit lengthy so I'll stop this note of unbalanced and horribly designed maps here, the maps may look amazing but looks mean nothing when you are getting spawn killed over and over by enemies. Spartan Ops- Lets get off this topic of "War games" problems for a moment and move on to a different game mode "Spartan Ops" Oh don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy spartan ops but the fact that each chapter can be easily finished on heroic in just around 10-15 minutes with very generic "Go here, pick this up, drop off over here, then go kill this group of people, then hold out against their reinforcements." this gets monotonous and boring amazingly quickly, Firefight In Halo: Reach didn't get this boring this fast. Spartan Ops really needs to be expanded in a more exotic way doing more things that are a challenge and fun to do as most things that happened in season one that looked very impressive was almost always in an uninteractive cutscene. Here's and idea on a cool mission idea: Fly a pelican "Litearally fly it, that would make it more fun" Infiltrate a covenant cruiser, battle-cruiser, frigate. etc... and you have to fight your way through waves of the ships inhabitants to get to the ships captain and subdue him "Likely an elite" and have to drag him to your pelican and then fly away as the infinity nukes the ship from orbit leading to an epic and fun escape and infiltration mission. Also you never see yhe Infinity use it's massive array of firepower on really anything which makes it just a "Dog with all bark and no bite" show off the ships abilities 343i, you made it, show it off make it look good don't make it just some floating paperweight that doesn't help really at all. In addition to the monotonous gameplay, when attempting to play with your friends over xbox live it is heavily difficult to play because the once again lag which is the fault of not having dedicated servers and everyone being forced to run off of one persons connection forcing me to play online with people I don't know who just rush in, take your kills, run you over with vehicles, and troll you in addition to still lagging albeit not as much or alone which isn't very fun when in the missions it always talks about "Team" Crimson, a 1 man team is kind of difficult to believe, you are a Spartan IV not Master Chief. Also why does every time you get extracted in spartan ops you never actually get in the vehicle to leave you just stand next to it and it flys off without you? it's a little complaint but you cant just code an extra 5 seconds of gameplay to actually see your characters walk or jump in? That just seems like lazyness to me. Spawning- How about "Spawning"? which does coincide with maps but I feel it deserves it's own "Mini" paragraph. Spawning has always been a problem I've seen in Halo Multiplayer but in Halo 4 it takes the cake of just unplayability. for example In a dominion match, why would it spawn me inside an enemy owned and occupied base with no chance of survival? Why would I spawn directly in front of the enemy and get immediately assassinated in Slayer? Why when I spawn in Big Team Battle my face gets torn off by the sniper bullet of some player the second I spawn? Why I ask must enemies spawn on your side of the map at the beginning of the map and kill you instantly? please if you could explain why this is necessary please go ahead I'd love to hear it, because it isn't getting any better, the more I play the worse it gets. Forge- Forge, theres a game type many wouldn't complain about but the problems I have for forge are minor in the least and can very easily be corrected should 343i take some initiative. I would like for the build limit for all objects to be increased the needs I have require a much larger variety of resources, Reach had a perfect amount of things to forge with for my various projects but the amount of materials in Halo 4 seems to be lacking to a serious extent restricting me to small pointless maps. In addition to this, it would be nice if there was a map dedicated to Forge like "Forge world" from reach it was monotonous but it was perfect for almost anything you wanted to build, the possibilities were limitless but in Halo 4 the possibilities are very limited by the low amount of resources I am able to use. Weapons and vehicles- Not merely just "Weapons" I am covering in this paragraph, I am asking why. Why does the "UNSC Infinity" have such a "Large and Expansive" armory that holds not only weapons from the UNSC but the Covenant and Forerunners but in such an armory not a single SMG is held? Flamethrower? No missle pods? You would think they might have some spikers? some needle rifles? they had the DMR from reach but not the Needle rifle? No grenade launcher? it may be obsolete now but no plasma rifles? or plasma repeaters? no plasma launchers? Im getting at there were all these great weapons from past games and you advertise how large the armory of the infinity is yet you don't even have an SMG? Really? Come on, the SMG is a great weapon and just adds diversity to the inadequate variety weaponry in Halo 4. The Infinity being bigger than some cities houses thousands of people, and thousands of vehicles in their garage bay and in this garage is strictly pelicans, mongooses, warthogs, and scorpions? No Hornets? Vultures? Grizzleys? No transport warthog? No Falcon? my favorite aerial vehicle the Falcon is not in the infinity? 343i you have set in the lore of the Infinity that it is such a superstructure that houses so many weapons and vehicles but in reality your variety is very little in both vehicles and weaponry, I am not saying you don't have many vehicles or weapons, I'm saying the variety of choices is limited. A majority of the new weapons in Halo 4 are all Power weapons and of the vehicles returning the choices are little especially since you can only fly a Pelican once in the entire game. Also why is it no longer possible to dual-wield weapons? Spartan Palmer can in a cutscene but I cant? Really? Don't say that "Dual-Weilding is unfair and unbalanced" Because almost everything you have done with war games makes it unfair and unbalanced to everyone who trys to play for the fun of it. Armor Customization- I believe this is the last major complaint in this long list, Armor Customization. It seems like something 343i has already done but Reach did an amazingly better job than Halo 4 did, Several of the helmets, chestpieces and vambraces have changed and I believe there should still be the same armor choices in reach in Halo 4. For example the EOD helmet was my favorite helmet in Reach but now you changed it to where I just hate it I should have the option to have Reach's version. Also where did the MK. V Helmet go? I know many people that loved that helmet and to just take it away like you did is really really uncool. It was much more creative when you could put health packs, storage, wrist Tac-Pads and the like on your spartan no matter how useless they may have been they were interesting and added more in the line of armor customization.I know many people that miss the loss of the cybernetic replacement arm and the pilot helmet, as with the health packs, tac-pads etc... they may have been useless but they added a new and interesting way to customize your spartan. You replaced all of these things with the stances.....That is so creative (Sarcasm) it is so creative to have 16 people in a match and every single one of them have either the last stand or the assassin stance. If you wanted to make these limited amounts of stances more creative you could have added where you could customize what weapon your spartan holds in the picture based on what commendation they have mastered and they can choose how it looks. But no of course this didn't happen along with a seemingly never ending list of things that could have been done better but were not even touched upon, What 343i did with Forward Unto Dawn was very creative and I enjoyed it, it helped me get ready for the release of Halo 4 I was so excited I preordered the Limited edition and now after all of this... It feels like just a waste of money, I could probably make another 10 paragraph post on 10 different things I hate but this is growing tiresome and I highly doubt anything I have written today will have even the slightest effect on your future decisions in regard to the Halo series. I have been putting off writing this for weeks now because I knew if i did it wouldnt matter and people would just insult me because of their ignorance.   Good luck in your continued efforts to make Halo a game for people who would see it abused.          
  14. So I had an idea that the Saw could be beaten by the Suppressor, right? So then I tested this theory with my friend. Now obveously, the Saw is one of the best anti-personal weapons in the game, but the Suppressor actualy kills just as fast up close. The Saw is only good in mid range and the Suppressor is only good up close. I tested this on Haven. Now, because my friend isn't as good as me, he got the Saw. The results were actually pretty good. The Saw only won by 15 points, but it would have been by more if I didn't have thruster pack. That thing saved my life about five times! All of my points I got were only because of the fact I could get up in my friends face, and get the first few shots. Over all, Saw won the match, and cut down... the opponent (haha). What do you think?
  15. Hi, In This post I'd like to mark down some Ideas for some new Vehicles and Weapons. For all UNSC, Covenant and Prometheans. 1.The Spectre, The Spectre in Halo 2 was one of my favourites. It was the equvilent to the UNSC Warthog. They should also make something like a Promethean version too. 2.Promethean Vehicles: Yes I know everyone wants them very bad. I want some too. Here are some Ideas I want about them. When you like get inside one itll like Transform and something like that. Like how the promethean weapons when you hold them for the first time in the game. Do not make them spawn to much for as they may be overpowered as 343 may make them. 3. Bring back Dual Weilding of weapons. And bring back some of the main dual weild weapons such as SMG and Plasma Rifle. 4. In maps they should have more randmon oradance drops and maybe some random guns laying in the ground like in previous Halo's. 5. Maybe bring back Grenade Launcher from Halo Reach or even have it as a Warthog Turret type. That is all my ideas. I will keep editing the forum as I may keep getting my own new ideas! Feel free to leave your own ideas in the reply section too. May Halo 5 be a good one!
  16. With the Announcement of Halo 5: Guardians and the release of it's teaser art has come a lot of speculation about Halo 5 and descriptive reports regarding the art. (If you haven't read it yet, you should definitely check out RedStarRocket91's breakdown of the Halo 5 Teaser Art-HERE) As you can see in the art above, the Battle Rifle has a different scope. Now, if this means the Battle Rifle has been redesigned or if weapon customization is a new feature in Halo 5, we don't know yet. I would like to see weapon customization come to Halo 5 in the following ways: WEAPON SKINS I think that every loadout weapon should have at least 5 different skins to choose from. These skins should be unlocked by completing specific commendations with each weapon. Example: Battle Rifle: 1,000 Kills = New Skin 5,000 Kills = New Skin 10,000 Kills = New Skin (Gold Skin) 1,000 Headshots = New Skin related to headshots 1,000 Assists = New Skin related to assists WEAPON ATTACHMENTS Weapon attachments should be handled carefully. Weapon attachments can greatly affect the way a game is played and the outcome of that game. I feel that with weapon attachments, players can feel more involved and grow closer to their weapon. I don't think they should alter the game significantly but rather, serve more as aesthetic features. Weapon attachments should be unlocked at a rather low level, SR-5 or SR-10 and should continue to be unlocked every few levels. This should include attachments similar to the following: Red Dot Sight (Optimal for medium range) Reflex Sight (Omptimal for medium range) Iron Sights (Optimal for short range) Sniper Scope (Optimal for long range) Buttstock (Aesthetic) Grip (Aesthetic) Bipod (Aesthetic) Bayonet (Aesthetic, but should be implemented in Assasinations) WEAPON EMBLEMS AND CLAN TAGS This is a feature straight out of CoD, but one that I think Halo can benefit from. It doesn't affect gameplay at all, but again, it would be fun to see your emblem appear on your weapon. Unlocked at SR-15 or SR-20. Emblem Clan Tag Those are my opinions on how weapon attachments should be implemented into Halo 5, but I'm really curious as to how you feel about it. Do you think that weapon attachments should be added? How about weapon skins unlocked by completing commendations? Be sure to leave your thoughts on all of this below!
  17. How many hits to kill? Can it zoom? Can it lunge? Does it have splash damage? Is it fully-automatic? Is it promethean, human, or covenent? Include all information possible please. Say what you want it to be like.
  18. So guys...we meet again. In case you still haven't had time to read through the first and beginning entry of how to become a better halo player, please look at it here, you could learn something new, and it's always good to learn something new everyday! http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34004-how-to-become-a-better-halo-player-biggles-is-back-1-halo-4/ Anyway, I will try to put in as much/more detail into this one as i did into the others, as i know how much you guys LOVE detail, so, lets get on with this golden post! (Literally, it's covered in Gold, take the gold!) 1. Different Types of Power Weapons and how they can be effective. As said in my last entry, the power weapons are very effective in a game and can easily change one game from a certain victory, to an humiliating defeat. Not only that, they are actually quite fun to use too, so, lets get started, I AM ONLY GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE 3 MOST COMMON POWER WEAPONS SEEN, SO, NOT THE INCINERATION CANNON OR FUEL ROD, ONES THAT ARE COMMONLY SEEN ON MOST MAPS. a) Sniper Rifle/Beam Rifle Probably the most well known/commonly used power weapon in any game, the Sniper Rifle obviously is useful for long distance battles and can be used for a variety of reasons. It can provide, with the right position, an overview of the entire map and can be so useful for helping your teammates out, by giving them the right type of communication and the right kind of call outs, you can put your teammates one step ahead of the opponents and you can see them before they see you, and then will be able to get easy kills because you know where they are, and they will have no idea while you're giving them the back-smack! Aside from this, not only does the sniper give a great overview of the map and allows your team to get in place to control the map, it obviously has its main use, to get kills. When you pick up the sniper, I always tend to stay a bit further back from my team and make sure that I can pick off my team (i don't stay at the VERY back, otherwise i feel like i'm of no use, you need to have that impact and the idea that the opponents should watch out for you, and if you stay at the back you can't see much of the map) but i always tend to stay on the opposite side of the opponents and also behind my teammates, so they act as a kind of barrier. However, you need to be wary of teammates coming behind you too, so make sure you always move around, so your position doesn't become too well known, otherwise, you've given the sniper to the other team. Which is the last thing you want to do, because if you do, they can pick you off one by one and make the game and your game plan a waste of time for you. Not only does the sniper work for you and your teammates, but it can also work in general play-terms. When not actively helping your teammates, you can also watch the power weapons and make sure no one else takes them. If you only have the Sniper Rifle and they have the Rocket Launcher/Railgun, they will have the advantage, power weapon control is all about having the strongest and the most power weapons so you can control the map easily. If you watch the power weapons, you can make sure no one else has the power weapons and make sure your teammates find it easier to control the power weapons and can actually use it as a way to tempt them to take the power weapons, but all that will happen is that they end up with a bullet in their head. The last thing that a sniper can be used for is to watch the person who has the objective, whether it be the flag or hill, you can kill the enemies who go near him so you can continue your dominance, because you are protecting your teammates. In summary, Snipers are good for: Long Range assaults Watching other power weapons Protecting the Objective Influencing the game Keeping yourself alive acting like a ninja type person. Weak: Close Range Closed Positions Rocket Launcher/Promethean Cannon In terms of raw power, the rocket launcher has to be in the top 3 of the most powerful weapons. (Behind the Promethean Cannon and the Binary Rifle) The reason it can be seen to be so powerful is because it has a fairly large AoE (Area of Effect) which can kill multiple enemies if they are caught in the blast radius. Unlike the Sniper Rifle, the Rocket launcher is not something which you can sit at the back with and just camp and hope for the best. The Rocket Launcher is seen to be a more of an "assault" kind of weapon and something which you just need to run straight in there with and pick up as many kills as you can. Its not really a defensive weapon (because of its radius) or a weapon which you can really sit around with, however, it is a weapon of such large influence. Because of the kind of weapon it is, it can turn a game on its head so quickly and can give you the advantage, you can get at least 4 - 5 kills with it, which is quite a lot in a slayer game, and in objective, if used right, it can guarantee your team a flag capture / 30 - 40 points in the hill, the possibilities with the weapon are ridiculous and its actually quite devastating. However, it is weak against people in the air/uphill as they can jump over the rockets/glide over the rockets and can kill you quickly, also, the rockets have very limited capacity, so you have to make every shot count or you've essentially wasted the best power weapon in the game. They can be used for map control as people will fear going around the corner in case you are around there for rockets, therefore it can allow your teammates to go and take map control and then shut the other team down and then be even more in control of the game, and this is because you picked up rockets. If you have the Rockets AND the Sniper in your team's hands, then it can win you a game easily if used correctly. Always Jump with the Rocket Launcher too! Blowing yourself up for a kill is always the LAST choice and is something that should be avoided, if you jump, not only does it give you the height advantage over the player, it minimizes the damage you will take and then you will not die, instead of running straight in and blowing yourself up, which could also potentially give the rockets to the other team (Thanks to P34nut for reminding me to put this in) In summary, rockets are good for: Short - Mid Range Assaults Protecting the objective / Destroying the opponent's objective MASSIVE influence in the game Getting 5-6 kills (Slayer) Map Control Weak: Against Snipers Against JetPacks/Uphill Limited Capacity c) Railgun My Opinion of the Railgun is very short and very bias. I don't like the Railgun at all, and to me it is the weakest power weapon of the lot and something which shouldn't be in Halo 5. However i'm not going to have a rant and instead i'm going to explain what the weapon will offer to you. So, The Railgun can be used at anytime and pretty much for any position, it can be used for close range, mid range and long range and because it is 1 hit kill, it is quite a useful power weapon to have as it can stop people from moving and it happens so instantly once it has charged up that you never get time to move, like you may do with a Sniper Rifle. The Railgun in the right hands is a good weapon and it is definitely something that can change the game. I think Unease P34nut sums this up really well: The railgun is quite the effective weapon IF you know how to use it correctly. Although it might work sometime long range shots are a no go unless your opponent is standing still or moving just slightly. When you ignore my previous warning please look at this tip instead. Right after charging your Railgun use you binoculars as a quick zoom in before shooting. You'll be much more accurate this way. Please keep in mind that the Railgun slug takes some time to get to the target so calculate that in. Also Using the Binoculars before you pull the trigger causes you to unzoom. Now the way I like to use it is in close quarters and sometimes mid-range if I'm sure to hit the target. Most people won't even see it coming because the Rail Gun charges really quickly and even quicker when you time your trigger release as it does not have to be fully charged. Target users of other power weapons and take 'em out before they can even think about pulling their trigger. 2. Mentality Whether we like to admit it or not, our Mentality affects us a lot. Whether it be Halo, Sport, Exams, Work, Essays etc, it's really important that we have the best mentality possible for anything. Going into halo with the attitude that is negative and feeling that you're never going to improve and you're just going to lose all the time is the worst kind of attitude you have. I bet you don't have that kind of attitude to work or anything like that, so why have it to Halo? you are 1000x more useful to yourself and your team if you are in the right mood. So, what is the right mood? The right mood is when you are upbeat and positive, if you come in with a positive attitude, then you will do better, your shot will be better and you will actually want to play, don't feel the anxiety of going into lobby and going against other people. Halo isn't just about winning, its like any multiplayer game, its a learning experience and the more you play the more you learn and the more different things you'll do, and you will definitely improve. Halo, as said previously, isn't about winning from the get go, its about how you cope with defeat at the beginning and learn more and get tips to become a better player. I know people, including myself who get down in the dumps and feel like Halo is just a load of crap, and that you're not good enough, and even then it still happens now. But as long as you get through that and look on the more positive sides of the fact that you are a good, learning player, then everything will be fine. Because you're learning, just like everyone else, not just in Halo but in life. We are all learning, and this is how halo is meant to be seen to be. You need to want to learn, i can give as many tips and tricks as anyone else, but if you aren't willing to try them and out and try and learn from then, and try to adapt them to your own gamestyle, there's no point of watching. The whole point of my series is a kind of guideline, so you can get the basic outline of what you're supposed to do and how everything works, but i can't tell you how to do every single thing and there are some things in Halo you need to pick up yourself. You need to be open to constructive criticism and take it as a way of learning and not as a personal insult, if i had done that, i'd be a much better player than i am now. In short, don't let your ego get in the way of you getting better, and that applies to anything, not just Halo. But most of all, you need to have fun, if you are not having fun, don't play. Gmaes are made to be enjoyed, no matter how competitive they are. If you don't enjoy halo and it frustrates you, just don't play, its as simple as that, having fun is the whole reason to play and to get that thrill out of winning and even losing, and enjoying talking to your friends, this is what the community is about, if you don't enjoy playing from the start, play another game, as Halo may not be the game for you. If you don't enjoy playing but are a seasoned veteran, take a break. A break can allow you to think about your gamestyle, evaluate it, and as a result improve, it also gives you the break you need from playing too much and allows you to take a rest from the game, and actually improves your game and makes you play better (as you now think about how you play and don't make such silly mistakes as you would if yo were frustrated.) If you hate on the game, the game will hate on you. So in short, while Halo may be a competitive game to you, it should be something you want to get better at and have fun at, other wise you will not get the full experience you should get out of it, and this applies to life. I know I have gone off topic in parts, but i feel making the comparison between Halo and Life is important. 3) What to do when you find your ideal team and how to organize yourselves So, after you've found your DREAM team, they're perfect, they're solid halo players, they're really nice, they know how to improve and are improving all the time, and are giving you tips and tricks on the way, so, what is there to do now if you want to become a better team? I've learnt overtime setting people to do certain positions and certain roles is the WRONG thing to do. People can adapt to different situations and have different games and may be doing the role that the other player will do. While you may do one type of thing specifically, IE: Capture the flag more and be more of an objective player, doesn't mean you are the sole objective player and no one else can take the objective, if you have the chance of making the impact to your team, despite it not being seen as your main role, take it! Your team is more important and to win easily you may need to make sacrifices to your own gamestyle and maybe go out of position to make sure you keep map control and keep the advantage over the team, so then you find it easier to capture the flag and actually be more SUCCESSFUL in game. Your role doesn't matter at all, and don't let anyone tell you that, you need to do what's best for your team, and if that is maybe going into a slayer role when you are objective/support, you need to do it. Another thing is to make sure your team all get along and have common interests outside of Halo, if you have no other interests aside halo, its likely the team chemistry will be lacking and you will struggle to find anything to talk about outside of Halo, which is not very good. You can't solely talk about Halo as that will stress you all out and it will get to be a long and boring conversation very quick, and you will not want to be a team anymore because you will all think you're boring, something which cannot happen. Team Chemistry is basically how well you get along IN AND OUT of the game, and if you don't get along OUT of the game, there is no point of even being a team, since it probably won't last very long. Maybe you all like sports? Just talk about that outside of the game, just find a common topic you can all talk about and can have a laugh about so you are all relaxed and ready for the next game, you will be all tense and will eventually get angry at each other if something goes wrong, you need to be relaxed and not stressed at all. You also need to make sure you are each pulling your weight. If one of you is slacking and not wanting to play and is basically bringing down the whole team, first, talk to him about it. Tell him you all want to improve and you feel he needs to play more/have a better attitude, or you will consider looking for another teammate. If he still is slacking, talk to him and tell him you're looking for someone else, but say this as an empty threat, if he has an excuse not to play or maybe he has family problems, THAT IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE, DON'T BE A COMPLETE IDIOT AND MAKE HALO COME BEFORE FAMILY, NOTHING COMES BEFORE FAMILY OR OTHER SUCH IMPORTANT ISSUES. However, if the person is still slacking and has no real reason for it other than a cba attitude, get rid of him. You've given him enough times to try and make an effort and build team chemistry, but clearly he doesn't want to, so, why keep a teammate who doesn't want to play and is just letting the team down? Just get rid of him and look for someone who wants to play. Always try to keep the original team though, you made that team because you thought you could get along, and just because results aren't going your way doesn't mean that you should get rid of him, everyone has bad games, and everyone doesn't play 100% perfect, so, let people have bad games, everyone has them and maybe we are weak in a certain department. The last thing you wan to do is break tehir confidence and shout at them for not playing well, again, just give constructive criticism and let them learn from their mistakes, its the only way of doing it properly without hurting their feelings and making sure they still want to team with you without thinking you're a complete moron. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This was pretty poor from me, sorry guys, I will edit it heavily most likely and make it a lot better than it is currently, but i am still looking for advice on the railgun and any good posts will be edited into the thread. Again, i hope this helped, i will add detail when I'm not as tired, Peace all. Biggles Song for the episode: Episode 3: Haven - The Ins and Outs Best Specialization to have Manners In Game.
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    Halo 3 smg

    Will the halo 3 smg be coming back in the next installment of halo?
  20. TL;DR - In think that the new forerunner weapons in Halo 4 weren't interesting and were just laser/energy versions of the human weapons. The incineration cannon was interesting and the scattershot was different but I hope that Halo 5 can offer some new, creative and iconic weapons. So yeah. I didn't like the forerunner weapons in Halo 4. Some of them were fun to use like the incineration cannon but none of them turned out to be iconic like the needler. My hope is that we get a lot of new creative and iconic weapons in Halo 5. I'm not saying it's easy to come up with iconic weapons I'm just saying 343 shouldn't hire any more designers who worked on the TRON movie. Most of the forerunner weapons are essentially laser gun versions of the human weapons. This in my eyes is lazy. To be honest the names for these weapons are pretty bad too (boltshot, scattershot....???!!). Halo Reach, the last game that Bungie worked on, had some nice examples of creative weapons. The grenade launcher (pro pipe), plasma launcher, the DMR (sem-auto rifle isn't necessarily inventive, but it was for Halo and developing 'bloom' was for sure a challenge), and the needle rifle. I love how the needle rifle richoches off of almost everything. The grenade launcher from Reach being by far the most creative edition of the game. It's like Bungie took the noob tube from CoD and made it into a viable thing to use in multiplayer that is actually fair and versatile. Truly brilliant m8. What do you guys think? Here are some of my ideas for what could have been interesting weapons: 1. Some version of an EMP type weapon/launcher. Kind of does something similar to a pulse grenade except more easy to use and powerful. How about an automaic weapon that shoots rounds which easily deplete shields? Plasma weapons sort of already do this but it could be a power weapon that is similar to this from crysis: http://crysis.wikia.com/wiki/K-Volt I can see a weapon like this being huge in competitive play. One guy in the front pushing forward and spraying out shield depleting blasts while the rest of the team picks the enemy off from behind him/her. 2. Damage over time weapons. Come on, we're talking about forerunners here I'm sure they can do better than laser/heat-based weapons. How about biological weapons that kill you over time? I feel it would be super cool to have some sort of forerunner sub-machine gun, like the supressor but more accurate, which shoots out rounds that go straight into the opponents health. It would be a power weapon of course. But instead of making it sound like a gun the rounds would have to look, feel and fire a lot more interestingly. I know that's vague but....yeah. So when you hear this gun basically you run or kill the guy weilding it from a distance. It would be very distinct. 3. Some sort of a gun that moves physical objects. Ok we have the gravity hammer, what's the next step? How about some sort of a device which can latch onto a vehicle or object and the player can use the analog buttons to toss it into something, or hit a button to push the object forward. Some sort of a splatter machine. If you tried to move a player, instead of being able to throw the player like a ragdoll (would be super annoying) it would just deplete some/all of the player's shields instead. The amount of time that would be allocated to you in order to move the object between picking it up and letting it go would be very short. Just a second or a second and a half. So you could latch onto something and toss it right after. Would make it less over-powered that way. 4. A complete killing machine. The incerineration cannon is powerful, same with the binary rifle. However neither of these weapons quite live up to what I imagined forerunner weapons to be like. I don't think anything 343i created came close. I believe it would have been possible and it is possible to implement a forerunner power weapon that is rare to find on maps, hard to use but totally iconic and satisfying to get kills with. Something OP but with very limited use. It would shoot out multiple flying arcs of energy....That crack and richoche on surfaces. Basically a gun that could shoot lightning out of it, forerunner style. The lightning would kill anyone in impact but it would be quite hard to control when fired in a general direction. The bolt of lightning would last about 1-1.5 seconds allowing the player to subtley drag it to his target. the lightning would arc off of the target and damage other things, without killing them. So basically a spartan laser that shoots out an uncontrolled lightning blast instead of a focused beam with a small splash damage radius...or A HUGE splash damage radius. Obviously it wouldn't be EXACTLY lightning but the blast would just look like it. I'm totally going to draw a picture of this and post it later.
  21. Alright. So there's been a hot topic over the Halo most used covenant weapons. Everyone either likes the Plasma Rifle, Brute Plasma Rifle, Plasma Repeater, or Storm rifle. I for one, am a Plasma Rifle fan. What are your opinions on these weapons?
  22. I have a suggestion for the next Halo game. This game should allow you to have as many weapons as you like. There should be no auto recharge meter. If you get hit, then your health goes down, unless you find a shield. They are all kinds of weapons, many of which has a second feature. Check it out. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfect_Dark.
  23. Halo Xbox One thoughts on gameplay mechanics NOTE : The following is mainly personnel opinion and may not accord to your liking. Any feedback of personnel judgement would be appreciated, Thank you. I feel that Halo 4 had an amazing campaign and direction of story but I'm sure we can all agree that the multiplayer of the game feels unfinished. That is why I am going to share my thoughts on what I think could make the next Halo installment one of the most memorable in the series. One of my thoughts is that cooperative play should feel more interactive such as the ability to share ammo and even interactive gameplay mechanics to help players get to a certain unreachable point. For example, in Halo 3: ODST there were supply caches scattered across the map. Say your playing the campaign solo and you pass by a point of interest that could aid you but is unaccessible and only notified to you in co-op through your HUD. So if you were to go back and play the same sequence (this time in co-op) then your HUD would notify you maybe on your radar that there is supplies nearby. You or partner could give the other a boost and be pulled up to achieve supplies. The next thing I wanted to talk about was the melee combat. I have been saying that it would be cool if you could equip your knife or bare hands since Halo Reach was released and featured assassinations. If a player were to run out of ammo with his/her firearm they could then switch to their blade or fists by choice. This wouldn't just be for the overall look. If you had a rocket launcher, it'd have more damage behind it's swing than your fists or knife would. But if you were to smack someone with it, it'd have a slower swing than your knife or fists would have. It would also add a possible variety with each weapon to have their own initial assassination, similar to Gears of War's executions. I would also like to see the same with armor. If I am wearing the scout helmet or boots then perhaps I should have increased vision or movement. If I had the EOD armor set then I should have an increased resistance to explosives. I'd also appreciate a quick timed counter attack during assassinations. Now I know you're probably thinking of Battlefield 4's counter knife attacks and that IS where I drew my inspiration from but trust me, this is different. Say a button prompt pops up on your screen as you about to be assassinated. If pressed at the correct time it would prevent a player from killing you and a second prompt would become available but whoever presses it first finishes off the other. For example say a player controlled spartan (or possibly even elite if they return) is about to stab you in neck from behind. You press the button prompted at the correct time and your character grabs the others' arm and flips 'em over your shoulder but the person you just flipped trips you and you fall as well. Your enemy climbs on top of you and raises the blade, the second prompt pops up and the following occurs: 1. The enemy pressed the prompt first and shoves the blade in your chest 2. You pressed the prompt first and your character twists the blade around and forces your enemy to shove it through their throat or visor A counter prompt type of mechanic could even work for vehicle hijacks. One example could be you're driving the warthog and an enemy hops in the passenger seat like how they usually do so they can pummel you out. In this situation you'd hold down the melee button for the amount of time it takes to perform an assassination and you character kicks the guy out of the passenger seat and they fall out only to have the rear tire roll over their face causing instant death. If the other person performs this on you then you would meet the same fate only on the driver side and they get to commandeer the vehicle after you have fallen. One of the last things I'd like to share is the many possibilities of forge mechanics such as unlimited objects, movable objects, weather enhancements, and backdrops. Bungie and 343i added a budget system to keep us from lagging our maps and prevent render problems onscreen. I would greatly appreciate it if they would remove this system and replace it with something much like Far Cry 3's level editor where it'd tell you if the game's "performance" was high or low. It would also make maps more immersive and possible if objects could be set to a movable state through their trait settings such as setting it a coarse to move in rapidly, back and forth or have it move to a position and stay there. These events could be triggered by a player entering a boundary, trait zone or through a time set for this action to occur. This would be insanely helpful to create things such as doors, elevators, traps and even custom vehicles. Forge would also be a whole lot more immersive with a weather enhancement system. Again this is much like Far Cry 3's level editor but it could also add more atmosphere to custom maps and shouldn't effect the map's rendering at all if it's just a visual effect and doesn't alter the map's environment physically. Weapons and vehicles are the last subject I would like to discuss because it is completely my personnel opinion and if you don't feel the same then that's fine. That's the reason I wanted to share this last. I would like to see the flamethrower, SMG, plasma rifle, plasma repeater, sentinel beam, and all brute equipment (such as the brute shot, mauler, spiker, spike grenade, flame grenade, chopper and prowler) return. Night vision would also have a pretty sweet comeback as either an armor ability or armor installment (like sprint) if there were more levels where you actually needed it. Speaking of which, stealth missions were great and some of the stealth missions were the most memorable moments in the previous Halo games. If a couple new stealth based levels were to be implemented in the new Halo then night vision and a knife would become pretty handy (if usable). Now the vehicles are the last thing that I am going to discuss... When I see a perfectly intact vehicle whether it be civilian or military, I WOULD LOVE TO DRIVE IT! Why haven't we been able to operate any vehicle we'd like in a Halo game before? I mean sure, we could take construction transport vehicles for a ride in Halo Reach but for instance in Halo 2's level, "Metropolis" there were over a hundred different vehicles abandoned on the bridge and around the streets of New Mombasa for like three or four kilometers. Why couldn't we take one for a spin? It's not like the keys aren't already sitting in the ignition of an abandoned car that's perfectly intact, right? Anyway, I hope you appreciate what I had to share and all of the above are completely possible and fairly easy to program and implement into the game. Any feedback would be appreciated. Soon I should have a couple of videos uploaded to a community channel on YouTube known as the Halo Xbox One gaming news and reviews. I am the owner and only member of this community and I would greatly appreciate any feedback you'd like provide. You may participate in this community I'm trying to build but only if you are actually willing to contribute. link to YouTube channel - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCowUL_bTJdePwUkwp9V5D4w/feed link to google+ page - https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/100922647061327760973/100922647061327760973/posts Thank you and as always... We'll keep you posted, ----------------------------- the Halo Xbox One gaming news and reviews team
  24. Welcome to the 18th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week I asked if you preferred Spartan Ops or Firefight. Many of you voted and made excellent points as to why you prefer one over the other. Well, the results are in: This week's question spans throughout every Halo game to date. It's been in every Halo game and I would be shocked to the point if confusion if there was ever a Halo game without them. Here's the question: What is you favorite weapon in Halo? Your vote can be from any Halo game to date, campaign or multiplayer. Be sure to tell why you like the weapon so much more than the others along with your vote below. Be sure to cast your vote before 8 AM EST, February 10. Have a complaint, suggestion, or question pertaining to the poll? Message me.
  25. If you are unfamiliar with the mechanic, Active Reload is a feature that was popularized by the Gears of War games. It is essentially a mini-game that changes the reloading mechanism of a held weapon. By tapping the 'Reload' button/bumper (depending on control scheme) once, a player can manually reload their gun rather than wait for the current clip/magazine/projectile to run of ammo (as standard). A meter appears under your weapon/ammo display, and shows the progression of the reload. There are internal segments in this progress bar (grey and white) and when it reaches these segments, the player can press the 'Reload' button/bumper again to attempt an Active Reload, which, depending on where the progress bar was stopped, reloads the gun a lot faster than a normal reload. However, if you press the 'Reload' button/bumper OUTSIDE of the grey/white segments, the weapon "jams" and takes longer to reload. Its important to note that in GoW's implementation of Active Reload (with the exception of GoW: Judgment), performing an Active Reload while in the white segment of the progression meter (known as a Perfect Reload) increases the damage of the newly-loaded rounds for a temporary amount of time. I do not advocate this aspect of the mechanic, but feel that the concept as a whole would offer more involvement and require more awareness while in heated combat. I cannot personally find anything about this potential addition that would harm or disrupt the competitive nature of Halo's multiplayer. What do you think? On a side note, GoW also allows Active Reload for ALL firearms. Whether or not this should be how Halo's implementation of it (assuming it would be implemented) is debatable. I feel that an interesting aspect of it could be that weapons prone to 'overheat' (Storm Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Beam Rifle, etc.) would be incapable of Active Reload, but offer a different advantage already in that you can swap weapons and swap back to them without the need to initiate an animation.
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