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  1. More supposition, doesn't cut it. We've found the scene where he is directly referred to as the Didact by the Covenant in front of Cortana & the Chief - that is what we were looking for, the canonical event that clued them in, problem solved EDIT - I say "we", really I mean "I was looking for". and I should really crack on with the books, a second Didact is news to me
  2. Ha, I don't hate it at all, I think it's brilliant! A few issues but a great game otherwise, and a good start to another (hopefully) awesome trilogy
  3. ...aaaaand I relax. Cheers, good find! link here - - the line is at about 5:47 Doesn't show up on the subtitles though and I didn't catch that they were saying it, thought it was just a random "blarg"
  4. See I haven't read any of the books since Ghosts of Onyx so I may well be missing something but it seems as though they've imbued them with our (the audiences) knowledge, and it's bugging the crap outta me!
  5. I said just after that cutscene, here's the relevant video -
  6. Obvious spoiler warning - I think the first time is just after the cutscene where they watch the Infinity go down and the orb/ship follow, and they start off into the jungle
  7. Ah, my bad, relevant to the thread but not nessecarily my question
  8. From the books I assume? Interesting but irrelevant, it still doesn't explain how Cortana and the Chief know who he is. As best as I can tell, nothing in the canon does
  9. To assume that would also be to assume that the an alien could accurately recognise the first human they ever met as George Washington having read about him in an ancient book The Librarian is digital as far as I can tell, an AI created from the original, similar to Cortana being created from Halsey
  10. That's an assumption on your part though; still weak, still unanswered, still messy storytelling
  11. Well, I did care. I guess it's not a massive problem over all but it is sloppy, and especially annoying as it's a whacking great hole in the middle of some otherwise solid science fiction. I can't help but think that this wouldn't have gotten through under Bungie's watch
  12. How do Cortana and the Chief know that the Forerunner they meet is in fact the Didact? Maybe I missed it but Cortana seems to just pluck the name out of the air, and then everyone (even the Librarian, with whom they've had no contact) refers to him as such for the rest of the game. It seems as though there's no canonical way for them to know that this guy is the Didact until the meet the Librarian and she lays it out for them Their in-game logic seems to be "I read about a Forerunner called the Didact once, I just met a Forerunner, therefore that Forerunner is the Didact" - no dice, this doesn't work
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