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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to the Galaxy as we know it. The year is 2549. The Human-Covenant war has raged for two decades now. Slowly, the Humans are crumbling. The Outer Colonies are collapsing whilst the Inner Colonies are fighting a desperate campaign for survival. You, the player have the freedom to be who you wish to be. A Captain commandeering a ship, defying the Covenant on the frontlines? A CEO for a mining corporation that is harvesting Independent Space? A Spartan III in training? A civilian, police officer, marine, engineer, you name it, you can play it. You're also allowed to create several alts, given these alts are participating in separate roleplays. With this given, wide, freedom, we also expect maturity. So please, be friendly, be helpful, and be mindful. If you decide to play, have fun. The Milky Way is a Forum orientated Roleplay on an Enjin site. It was created with the purpose of giving players total freedom. For the last two months, we've been a small community that has been slowly following several different plots. Within the Milky Way you can find various interesting characters to interact with, and plots. From OPERATION: FILIBUSTER that revolves around a UNSC assault on an Insurrectionist ship, to Attack on Gorm Interstellar, following the siege of a civilian space station. Players have the freedom to create their own character as they please, and participate in whatever plot they wish to, or even create their own. We have a simple set of rules. No metagaming, powergaming or godmodding. If you don't know what these are, you best google the definitions quick smart. You cannot play as plot characters from the Halo series. (Example: John 117, Captain Keyes, Admiral Lord Hood, Sgt. Johnson, etc) Stay in Character. If you need to say something OOCly, PM the person(s). Keep it Somewhat Realistic. While the setting is Sci-Fi, remember your characters can feel pain, fatigue and all the things that affect us IRL. Things such as brawls shouldn't be unprovoked, how many times have you for absolutely zero reason punched someone in the face IRL? Never, and if you say you have, you probably have a mental condition. There is always a reason, whether the reason is stupid or not, it is still a reason, and thus the brawl was somewhat in a sense provoked. Quality and Quantity. A little effort goes a long way. Try to keep your replies several sentences long. Be descriptive of the scenario your character is in. If you're interested in joining the Forum Roleplay, just follow this link. http://battleforearth.enjin.com/forum
  2. So heres how this works. Make a character/characters in one of the following catagories: Marine ODST ONI Operative Spartan IV Pilot Tanker Frigate Captain Human Allied Covenant Basically anything that would work for/with the UNSC. Here's the Sign up sheet. Name: Affiliation(What class they are): Rank: Race(if your covenant) Appearance: Weapon of choice: History: If you are a Frigate Captain use this to design your ship. Name: UNSC __________ Class: Size: Crew Size: Armament: History(if any) The basis of the story is you've all been assign to the UNSC Eagle's Talon. It is on a patrol mission around Human Occupied space. (Earth, Requiem, Reach, Other invented planets) This means you will have Missions with widely various objectives, different enemies, and different locations. Depending on your class, you may get special missions. ex. the ONI operative would get Deniable Ops. special Under the radar missions of Galactic Security. (Kinda CIA/KGB stuff) I will be posting Characters that work aboard the "ET" that will be coming up frequently as you work aboard it. Such as the Captain, head doctor, chef, A.I. and more. Let me know if you have any Idea's. Accepted --------------- Ledgend1221 BaconShelf HaloGeek Yoshi1176 Helljumper425 dryskim showstopper145
  3. Post your missions here. Remember these are solo missions, but you can work collaboratively with another person if you message them. Good luck, I'll be watching.
  4. Hello forum. I don't know if a whole lot of you are interested in role-playing the Halovese and writing, but I'm putting this out there anyway. I am a Roleplayer, and started a board specifically to provide, a fun. Roleplaying experience in the enriched Halo universe for fellow enthusiastic fans of the Halo franchise,if your a roleplayer, interested in roleplaying or love the Halo Universe, holler in this topic or send me a PM. Or head on over to the board http://s13.zetaboards.com/Halo_Ascension_Rp/index/
  5. Hello 343I community Forum! Eternus Dominus here. Recently I started a forum board dedicated to providing a fun, organised roleplaying experience within the Halo Universe. I'd like to extend an invitation to everbody on the 343I forums with a passion for Halo and roleplay to check it out here. And don't forget to register for full access to the forum! Halo: Ascension Rp The opening setting of the Rp is the 28th of October 2552 (SMC) the historic Battle of Earth has begun. Join the fight as a Marine, ODST, Elite or Grunt Special Operations Trooper! or join the ruthless "Prophets Emissaries" Brute pack. You can even start an out of Halo Roleplay on the board in the special "Non-Halo Rp" sub-forum, here you can Rp in any universe from Fallout, Mass Effect to my little pony if you so desire at Halo: Ascension. Share fan works like fanfiction, art and music created and submitted by you! there is something for every Halo or Roleplaying fan at Halo: Ascension! "All in life is choice. And your day to choose has come" -The Ur-Didact
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