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Found 6 results

  1. So with recent topics in the shoutbox and discussion, I believe it is time that we would make a thread based on it for everyone to share their choices. The topic is simple. Just state which members you would like to meet in real life. If you wish, you may give a reason as well. This thread isn't more of a judgement of opinion, it's more of fun entertainment. I'll start it off to get this going. If I could meet any forum members in real life, I would have to choose: Drizzy_Dan BATMAN Yoshi1176 Fox McCloud and Agent York.
  2. The Xbox One has been getting an awful lot of hate lately. I don't understand why. MS already confirmed there will be no fee for used games and it won't always need to be online. People keep saying it's just a glorified cable box, and MS doesn't care about the games. But before the reveal even started, MS said it would mainly just be showing off its hardware, and save the games for E3. Which they did. People are so misinformed, they just jump on the hate bandwagon without knowing any facts. Why don't we wait till E3, when they actually show off some games before we start giving our opinion? How are we supposed to know if a console is bad or good when we haven't really seen what it can do?
  3. This thread is not to show my hatred toward Halo 4, it is to show what I dislike about Halo 4. I love Halo 4, but there are some things that I dislike about the game. This is completely opinion based and if you disagree with me, that is fine. 1. Ranked playlist - As most of you know, there is not a true skill rank system. That means that you can do bad the whole game and still rank up. This is alright, however, there should be a split between playlists; a social playlist, and a ranked playlist. The social playlist being for players who just want to have fun. Ranked playlist for people who want to compete competitively with each other. There would be different ranks for the the two playlists. I feel that this will comfort the players' gaming style. 2. The maps - I feel that Halo 4 has had a major let down for the maps. Especially for the 4v4 maps. There is only five maps, but only two of which i feel comfortable playing on; Adrift and Haven. Complex is just a DMR camp fest, Abandon is a tower of power map, and Solace is just too open. I feel that the community forged maps should come back into gametypes, much like Halo: Reach. 3. Weapon Balance - For me, there is not much diversity between the weapons used. The main weapon used is obviously the DMR. The reason being is for the lack of weapon balancing. It has the fastest killing time for anyone loadout weapon except the assault rifle at close range. It can practically snipe someone from across the map. It also has insanely good accuracy due to its easy to use reticle. It eliminates the use of the other loadout weapons. I have now stated what I dislike about Halo 4. The list could go on for hours, but these are my main concerns. In the replies to this thread, please tell me, what are your dislikes for Halo 4?
  4. Hey Guys, I just want to know if i am the only one who HAAAAAATTTEE Asylum -.- I playing in SWAT and i don't know, I hate this map. I don't know why, or how to explain it. Of course that's a good map for Slayer or something like that, but i really dislike it. I'm wondering if I am the only one cause when i play everyone vote for this map then... That's my opinion, if you like it say it, if you don't make me know i don't want to be alone
  5. Salutations, I will be brief in my introduction as I'm sure you have many duties to attend to. A new age is upon us, AN AGE OF EXPLORATION, new worlds, new friends, and new foes. Are now a reality, with you my comrades, both old and new, I venture forth with into the great unknown. Speak with me, and let us converse, I'm an open book and would enjoy the conversation. Without further adu, I introduce myself The Dragon Slayer - Leader of "FAIRY TALE" A fighter and a lover. I arrive to the battlefield to offer nobility and chaos. Laughter and hard core determination. I will lead you into battle, where we will emerge baptized in the blood of our foe, with fire in our hearts. I will follow you into war, never forsaking you my brother. I will post upon this forum as if I write a love letter. You have devotion and attention, 343.org That's my introduction my friends. ~Talk to you in the forums and see you on the battlefield.
  6. Ok so today I've read the 100th post about 343i sucks and stuff. But why? Nobody ever gives a good explaination or anything instead of "343i is going to mess this game up. Bungie is way better". well as a matter of factg there are numerous bungie employees working for 343i. Also we should just be happy they make a new halo game or else we would have just sat 5 years with halo:reach (that will get boring after some time) The second thing I'm annoyed about is people raging on 343i about rumours (wich aren't confirmed yet) and a 5 min first look in wich they show more people talking instead of showing game play so how do you know how it's going to work out? And I personally think that if Bungie made this game those narrow minded people would praise Bungie into heaven but instead they just go bananas on 343i. Please stop these posts nobody here gives a ****.
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