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Found 13 results

  1. Im leaving my Discord server open to those who like Halo Reach. There server is about modding Halo. Check it out! https://discord.gg/mDyhNFJ
  2. Recently I have been playing a lot more Minecraft, and am wondering if anyone on the forums hosts a PC Minecraft server or rents one. I know DocSpartan007 has (had) one, but I was wondering f anyone else has one? There main reason why I am asking is to see if we could organize a community Minecraft playdate on PC. Even If we one play a minigame once in a while (like UHC, or something similar), it would be something else non Halo related that many members can enjoy. Additionally, I have started to look into setting up or renting a server myself, and have found the costs to be a little to pricey for the quality of server in most places. I have found one site which is able to host some massive servers without much lag, and can get a special discount using a promotional code for 25% off (I plan to buy a year). I am looking at the Dirt or the Grass Server, so roughly between $48 to $75 (USA). There server will allow us to create new maps at any time, and can change the gametype and map settings. https://mcprohosting.com/plans.php I am thinking about making a Survival Server, and then hosting special events throughout the year, and hope to host some special minigames and competitions between members of the forum (UHC?) If this gets enough positive feedback from the forums, I would be happy to chip in or even get it myself. I don't want to start this up if there is not going to be much activity on the server or much support. So, what do you guys think?
  3. Im back on the forums, and I bring you what I been working on. My Minecraft Server! It has been in production for awhile, and now it's open to public players! Also, PM me or say on here what you would like to see. (Plugins, Builds, Anything.) IP: This will grant access to my server! Have fun! Status: OFFLINE
  4. I have been trying to get onto a decent multiplayer server today for the past few hours, and I couldn't finish a single match because I kept timing out. My internet is just fine and the servers were working just fine for me last night. I also noticed a post on these forums regarding spawn camping in simplex during online. A player found a glitch to go on top of the map, and spawn camped this guys entire team, causing extremely unfair gameplay. Honestly, this is really killing me in the Halo franchise. I think I might not even try to get Halo 5 and just be done. Unless Bungie gets Halo back, Halo will never be the same. 343 Industries, please fix your adopted child(Halo 4).
  5. Can someone explain to me and other who doesent know what is that ring icon in Halo:CE(PC) server browser window please?
  6. Today I just played 6 games on doubles and all of them I was put into blackscreen so I just turned it off..... is the 343 servers that bad or people just cheating? because there no way my internet is bad. This is my internet speed check it on speedtest.net
  7. Spartan Ops has the potential to be one of the greatest things, going forward, about the new Halo era. But only if you can play it. I have about a 10% chance of successfully starting a Spartan Ops chapter and I'm playing **solo**. This is, frankly, inexcusable. I understand there have been server issues since November. First of all, you should never have made any solo experience dependent upon your server performance. Secondly, it's January, now. How much longer do we have to wait for you to resolve this issue? I hear episodes 6-10 are coming soon. Fantastic. Will I be able to play them or will I just keep getting kicked back to the main menu for hours at a time as 1-5 have done? Eventually, I imagine you will want to charge for installments of Spartan Ops. You have a loyal fan base that absolutely would shell out more money to continue an interesting story that dovetails into the main storyline of the Chief but we demand a product that functions properly. I hope you and Microsoft take that to heart as you move forward with the franchise.
  8. Hello, I am looking for some information on the Xbox Live network and Halo 4. I would like to understand how the Xbox Live network works and specifically Halo 4's 'network model'. I am ultimately trying to understand, from a networking perspective, how the matchmaking process works and the criteria for which it makes its decisions for host selection. I am more interested in the specifics of how as opposed to just a general overview. I would also like to know about the difference between say, a spartan ops online game and a war games online game - I believe the former uses a 'Synchronous network model' whilst the latter uses Asynchronous? I have read some published articles on Halo 3 but anything pointing to Halo 4 specifically would be good. I welcome all good sources. Thanks.
  9. I'm one of the many that are getting the message of death. "Halo servers are currently unavailable. You are in a default server. BLAH BLAH BLAH" I get set back to SR1 and my loadout is reset in matches. I'm loving everything else about Halo 4, but have 343 actually acknowledged that this is still an issue? Before anyone replies, I know that I am on a fallback hopper/server, I have tried resetting my console and modem multiple times (etc) and the issue is not on my end. This is now the 5th day of this problem for me and I can only play 1 game of MM at a time at best before it comes back. It would just be nice if 343 would at least admit to the problem and say that they are trying to fix it. Let know if anyone has heard anything.
  10. I cannot connect to any of my friends games or play online. It keeps saying the servers are offline and my spartan is put back down to level 1 and default armor. This is similar to the bug in Halo: Reach, but It's non-tolerable because I can't freakin' play online or with my friends in any mode whatsoever please help me! ( By the way, I have tried dash-boarding and restarting my xbox!)
  11. is any1 else getting server unavailable? i havent been able to play in a month now yet i can play cod and rage n get into partys fine?
  12. is anyone from 343 monitoring the halo:reach forums because heaps of people are saying they are having server issues and have done since 343 took over the servers and put the title update out. i feel a bit betrayed as i still have my original xbox that i bought with halo: combat evolved, then played halo 2 obsessively online, then bought the xbox360 halo 3 pack then odst then halo wars and then reach which i used to play everyday with my mates from all over the world. haven't got the anniversary yet because i dont know if i even want to if this is going to carry on might just have to start playing battlefield 3 instead. because there's no issues there. im paying to play the game so do something about it.
  13. ***Mods, please sticky this for the community**** It is with great pleasure that right now, I declare the Official 343Industries.org Community Forum Teamspeak Server open!!! Teamspeak is a great way to communicate with friends and teammates, when console microphones are not available. teamspeak is also a great alternative to using the shoutbox. Each Mod, Admin, and News group have their own private chat room, where you can all discuss importannt matters. Now as with the chatbox and this Teamspeak, there are rules to follow... 1. Do not get out of hand with language. I'm no saint my self, but don't spam curse words for no reason, and please do not direct them towards anyone. 2. Be respectful of all members, and those members in a power authorative rank. 3. Do not spam flood the chat portion or voice portion of the server. Doing so will get you kicked and or banned, depending on the number of offenses and severity or the infringement. 4. Do not try to circumvent or otherwise challenge my security skills. YOU WILL LOSE! Also I log all IP addresses, fake or otherwise I can trace all connections to it's home source....so be carefull! 5. Please sign in using your web forum username, not another different name. All names are added to my sql database, and can not be used by anyone else once you sign in with it. This helps to protect your identity and reputation. So now that you know the rules, heres the info you need. Go to http://www.teamspeak.com and download the teamspeak client. Once you have that installed and running, here is the connection info... Server address: Server password: 343i For those in the leadership roles here, you are all added to roster with the highest security privilege. The only members yet to log-on and have admin rights given to them is John-117, Spectral Jester, Twam and Bob. Anyone with admin rights already, can assign them the admin privilege when ever they are on together. Well, that's it folks. use it and enjoy!!!!
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