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  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen, for I am Melody your loyal champion of the halo threads that are somewhat interesting and random. MCC will be getting a massive update in the upcoming months, if you are curious as to what is being updated and reworked check it out here on waypoint. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-development-update-3 So my question for all of you lovelies today is.... do you think Halo: Reach should be added to the MCC? As always rock on 343i CF
  2. hey guys i've been thinking about how hard its gonna be on halo 4 using recon, like for example not being able to aim at the enemy in time because of the running delay. i'll either use recon, or default. but what i'd like is that they switched x being sprint and make it to reload, so that rb could be sprint, making the controls so much more easier. i've been thinking and each layout is good in its own way, bumper jumper, is for people who use it, boxer is for people who fav sword only matches, recon is good for people who want to stay the most true to the past controls, and fishstick is good for newcomers who usually play modern shooters like cod and battlefield. what do you guys say? should i stay true to halo and use recon, or quit being a baby and use default, which is almost the same? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcWrRhctQGA
  3. Hey guys welcome to Halo Online Eldorito Discussion thread, for those who are thinking Halo Online PC is fully shutdown, incase you don't know there is modded version of eldorito that allow us to play multiplayer WORLD WIDE and there is no micro transactions at all because the modders completely removed it. You want to play just like how you played on halo 3 engine xbox 360 and xbox one? don't worry this game also runs lower end PC's and you won't have any problems with it. However you may come across with bugs but I promies you some of these bugs will be fixed in the next update of 0.6.0. Beside this version of halo online eldorito is alot better and I want to make a promies so that you won't think it's just a junky mod. We will need you guys to make this big! Alright, let's start downloading Halo Online Eldorito free to play! The latest version of eldorito is "" and the next update for "0.6.0" will be much better because some of the bugs have already been fixed and aswome features will be going in the update aswell System requirements OS: Windows Vista, Windows 8, or Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (or AMD equivalent) Memory: 4 GB Ram Graphics: Nvidai Geforce 9600GT (or AMD equivalent) Storage: 4 GB hard disk space Internet: Broadband Gamepad: Optional 1) Installation Download Halo Online Eldorito from here! You can download full game on Mega https://mega.nz/#!M4VkzCJb!Y2JwWIrAPm8yHVyxWImU4asq23uQoY7GWFFWLHWEg3o You can download full game on Torrent https://mega.nz/#!05kEGBBA!f-CGZGqPhPDwXvW-M4vCg0FpbxUWDoxGs8y_JcxcXWU 2) You can Extract the zip file with 7-zip or WinRAR into any folder (Except Program Files) 3) now just run "DewritoUpdater.exe" (Oh reminder if dewritoUpdater.exe crashes just install .NET 4.5.2 4) Then Click "Play Game" (If the game crashes or doesn't start, run the files in the TPI folder.) 5) How to use Halo forge on pc and main menu. Main menu 6) HOSTING A Server Portforward the following ports (This is necessary to host): 11775-TCP 11775-UDP 9987-UDP Once these ports are forwarded. Open your game and Click Multiplayer or Forge. Change the Network type to "Online" and click "Host Game". Congrats your server is now online. If it fails to show in the server browser. Press your console key again and type "Server.Announce". You can view http://YOURSERVERIP:11775in your browser if you wish to see yourports were forwarded successfully.(This might not work for all routers) Alright that's it for now. anyways we need more build techinicians, that's our biggest bottleneck. We have an awesome Eldorito developers that have worked hard on halo online The issue is that we have less programmers, The devs are working on hard on this as possible. We have too many problems because we need stronger power and right now we have less people. If you are experienced with programming please do head to Halo Online reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloOnline/ and make a new topic that you want to contribute. The population is pretty low however we need more people to get involved in this game. Oh just to remember you guys are totally free to post images, videos, WIP, and modding in this THREAD as long it is Halo Online Eldorito topic.
  4. Below is a summary of requests for the Halo 5 Forge by the 343i Forums community. I took the time to gather unique ideas from two separate discussion threads: This one by Urban Bobcat, and this one by Squally DaBeans, with a few addional suggestions I have of my own. I wanted to pool together the various Forge suggestions by the community for Halo 5 as a preparation for a new thread I plan to compose stating the argument for greatly expanding the Forge capabilities and the community role in aiding with the design of DLC, and how this can work to both the benefit of 343, the Forging community, and a way to assist in reviving Halo to it's rightful place at the top of FPS multiplayer games. Once I start this thread I will update this one with a link to that discussion. Read through the summary and add any additional suggestions you may have below if there is something missing, or you are inspired by what you read and have some new thoughts or expanded ideas from the list. I will eventually create a new thread with the expanded list. Here is a summary of what several 343i community members have requested to be part of the next Forge: List of useful suggestions for updated forge: What We Need Most: *Precision editing and zoom: We had this in Reach. Apparently we don't in Halo 4 because of a bug that has not been fixed. We want it back in Halo 5 and into infinity (no pun intended). Sure, you can sort-of precision edit objects horizontally from above/below while holding objects, but there is no way to precision edit with height. Additionally, precision editing should also be possible when editing coordinates. *Inversion: It would be nice if all asymmetrical objects had mirrored cousins. We have asked for this since forever, but having the ability to invert/mirror asymmetrical objects such as ramped platforms/buildings and other non-symmetrical objects would make symmetrical map-building, well, more symmetrical. If for anything than for its aesthetic appeal to advanced Forgers. *Scale Object: Ability to expand dimensions of certain objects, such as blocks, natural objects, decorative, etc. This would be amazing, for obvious reasons, not the least of which means we would be able to have a larger selection of blocks/natural/inclines, but the ability to increase/decrease the dimensions, symmetrically or asymmetrically. Just think how many endless possibilities Forge would offer if we could take a standard medium rock and expand it to be as big as the rocks at the base of the Islands. There would need to be a limit to how much you could scale, and you would have to keep frame rate in mind. I would just like struts to be smaller sometimes, ya know? *Batch Select: This includes: 1.Batch Grab, 2.Batch Duplicate, 3.Batch Editing (Basic and Advanced Settings), 4.Batch Lock/Unlock, 5.Batch Invert and Batch-Scale. (Did I miss anything? Let me know) 1.Batch-Grab: This would give the Forger the ability to “group” or interlock two or more forge objects; objects can be Batch Grabbed whether or not they are merged or even touching. Batch-grabbed objects could be moved/rotated, duplicated, lock/unlocked as is standard now in H4, batch-edited in object settings (i.e. team color, phased/fixed/normal, etc) or likewise in Advanced settings. Batch-grab would be an essential function, esp when building structures or object configurations that will be duplicated in other parts of the map. The forger would be allowed to add or drop objects/spawning from batched items. 2.Batch-Duplicate: Besides being able to move a group of batched objects simultaneously, Batched objects could also be duplicated as a group as well. This is basically the same as the duplicate tool in Halo 4, but applied to a group of objects linked by Batch-Grab. 3.Batch-Editing: As it says, Batched objects could be edited individually in basic and advanced settings, or as a group. With objective Gametypes specific objects/spawning would be have advanced settings set prior to being Batch-grabbed. 4.Batch-Lock/Unlock: Batched objects/spawning could be locked/unlocked as a group, as is now standard with H4 with individual objects/spawning. Individual objects must be released from Batch-Grab in order to be individually unlocked/moved. 5.Batch-Invert: Basically, able to invert or mirror batched items horizontally or vertically as a group. We still don't have the ability to invert individual objects such as asymmetrical buildings/platforms, etc. (see Inversion Function above Batch-Editing Function for more details). 6.Batch-Scale: Batched objects can be scaled as a group. This would give a unique opportunity for creating some hybrid symmetry between objects (hybrid symmetry is when you position two or more objects so that they align as if on the same plane, but you can only really notice this at a specific angle. This comes in handy when creating art installations. New Object pallets: 1.More dynamic objects like the station core or the console on Impact. 2.Doors with similar properties to the Extraction targets that have a “switch” for opening/dissolving the door (think back to campaign and Spartan Ops Episodes). 3.Interactive objects like elevators, sliding doors, gates that open/close (like High Ground in Halo 3, and other varieties), 4. Adjustable Light Bridges: Remember Halo CE when you had to activate the light bridge and other Halo campaigns? If you remember, than that is what we mean. As a forge-able item we would be able to set the width/length to some extent. The Light Bridge would be customizable to team and objective gametypes, have a on/off switch option and not behave like one way shields of shield doors. It would feel like a regular bridge, but look way cooler. 5. Activation Switches: currently when we forge elevators, traps, sliding doors, etc we have to use a bunch of objects and special placements to make things work. Interactive switches would revolutionize this and would lead to even more innovative creations. The Activation Switch would probably work better than using time resetting with man cannons and crates to create elevators. One example of a switch would be a button, that when pushed, would have an expandable arm. This arm would push or thrust objects. There could be different types of switches. Some would be like a short hydraulic burst, while others would slowly extend and contract. Either of these ideas could be used as an elevator and gravity volumes. There are other uses for switches. These are just a few easily explainable examples. 6.Teledoor: This interactive object would allow forgers to essentially “cut” a door into objects like blocks walls/coliseum rock walls, two merged objects, etc. and would be able to be expandable. To understand this, think of a coliseum wall. You take this Teledoor, place it where you would like an opening, and when the object is set right the wall within the door boundaries becomes either clear or transparent, like a shield door or an object boundary. To make this work this Teledoor would function like a teleporter, with a sender/receiver node on either side, but the player would not really notice he was teleported as it would be seemless and almost instantaneous. This tool would really change the way we forge maps and would open up a flood of new ideas and designs due to less limitations. 7.Water Volumes: Think of Far Cry 3. With their map program you can add Water Volumes to map. Think of them like cousins to Gravity Volumes. 8.Fog/mist volumes. Not much description needed here. Think of Water and Gravity Volumes. 9.More varieties of all objects, especially Natural, Blocks, Decorative, Doors, Ramps and Walls, and new Palette categories. 10.Give us rocks with more forge-able properties such as at least one smooth edge, and some that are slightly curved, like curved walls, and block shapes (think Sandbox, H3. Remember building pyramids?) 11.*Add spherical to object shapes for objects (currently only Cylinder, box or none), trait zones, spawn items, etc. Experienced forgers use object shapes to define larger object boundaries and other aesthetic or symmetrical aspects of a map. As far as Spawn items go, like Safe and Kill Zones, having Spherical added to the other two shape options would make zoning some maps, such as geomtrical spheres and air-vehicle based maps easier to set boundaries. *Dynamic coordinates and rotational points system: At the moment our coordinates and rotational system is set to fixed axis points. This works OK for basic object rotation, but it is otherwise cumbersome in many other situations where the object requires more than one axis shift. Experienced forgers can work around this, usually be finding the position you want, and then rotating the object to fit the updated coordinates. The option to use a secondary, more Advanced Mode. There are two aspects to this Advanced Coordinates System: 1. The Coordinates are fixed on the Forge Monitor itself (fixed on you and your screen's orientation). Which ever direction you face, the coordinates would move with you. When you move while holding an object the object would keep whatever orientation it had when you grabbed it. And, when you reset the object coordinates while holding the object in the Advanced Mode it would reset oriented to you, not the fixed standard coordinates system; 2. The second Advanced function would allow you to “lock” or “fix” specific coordinates. This would be very helpful when rotating an object into a position that only requires one (or two) axis directions. Currently when you rotate objects freehand you have to make fine tuning adjustments (which works easier with precision editing as an option) *Give us more varieties of rocks, trees, bushes and include other natural items. *Canvass and Object DLC: Basically, giving us new Standard objects (blocks, decorative, etc) with updates as DLC. We should have many more objects with the standard release anyhow, but in addition to that suggestion we would like to receive object DLCs with either add-ons to current palettes, or completely new Standard Palettes. There should be no problem with Object DLC. We have 300 GB harddrives, for the love of Pete! *Change time of day (night/day): This can be done on the Far Cry 3 engine as well. And, as I recall, in the classic tank game Tanarus maps were either dusk dawn, day/night on their own cycle. If you played a game match long enough (Tanarus matches would last hours if possible—not like Halo matches, which are very fast paced in comparison) you would see the sun set and would be driving in night vision. From a Forge perspective, it would be nice to either set the time of day, or have a period of time elapse, like starting the game at dusk or dawn, since most games don't last that long in Halo. I miss Tanarus.... *Interchangeable pallets: This would be the ability to import the palettes of other maps (Erosion, Impact, forge Island as three examples in Halo 4). An example would be forging on Impact, but being able to exchange the Impact palette for the Forge Island palette. If you had already used some Impact objects than the Forge Island would be missing as many from it's palette (equal exchange?). *Expand boundaries on forge maps: Some of the time spent on locking out forgers from parts of the map seems like wasted time, and frankly just annoying. Give us more areas to explore. If there is a frame rate issue, than no one will use it. But, for the love of Pete, stop locking us out of areas of the map that should not be unaccessible. Examples would be the area above the Foundary (the back corner) and the ceiling in Erosion and the cavernous areas off the Green pool and parts of the ceiling, and the Green pool (would be nice to get a green fog effect like the waters on Forge Island) or the decorative boxes surrounding the Foundary Griffball area; the far sides of the asteroids on Impact, etc. You get the point. It makes no sense and it would give hackers one less reason to hack the maps. Seems like a win win to me. *Expanded options in Advanced settings for objects/vehicles/spawns, etc. One of these would be seeing customized gametypes that you created show up in Advanced settings lables, rather than just Slayer or CTF/Flood. This would allow Forgers to have multiple Slayer or Flood variant modes in a single map, rather than having to make multiple versions of the same map to create various game types with specific spawn locations and object/vehicle spawns. Ability to apply multilabels to specific objects or spawns. An example of this would be designating spawns or vehicles to appear in multiple gametypes, and not spawn in others. *A(n increased) Forge Budget that does not come with specific object limitations per palette; or, in other words, just a budget and when you pick an item you see the total number of objects you have available to you, rather than just the specific object you are selecting. This would come in handy for those maps that require more bridge/platform palette items, for example, or more natural objects. After all, maps with too many reflective or other objects have decreased frame rate issues, so no matter what the Forger will have to make adjustments to get the right environment for playability anyhow. But the point is, we should have more freedom in choosing how many of a certain type of object we want to use. If we did it would be yet another reason to not be curious about modded maps with extra pieces. With this new idea of the Budget we could use 200 blocks if we so choose, it would just show us how many total objects we have less. *Dynamic Magnetic System: This new system would be: 1. An improvement of the current system, with points in pairs at the corners and mid points of object edges in a uniform way; 2. The ability to activate/deactivate magnets, either as a whole, or selected groupings of magnetic points, allowing for rotation along certain axis points; 3. Addition of magnetic plates, which would be magnetized sides, rather than just points. The plates on objects would form polygons that could be expanded or collapsed. For example, you want to have objects slightly merged, you collapse the magnetic polygon dimensions; 4. You would have individual magnetic points and magnetic plates available in your inventory. These could be used for custom made objects, for example, or aligning natural objects, etc.; 5. Magnetic plates can be set to three basic forms: Circle, Triangle, Square. Each can have dimensions adjusted symmetrically (locked), or asymmetrically (select axis locked), to create ovals, rectangles, longitudinal triangles, trapezoids, etc.; 6. You could use magnetic plates of points to form limitless 3-D shapes, that could become the "core" of new custom objects; 7. Building upon what was mentioned with the second point, with magnetic plates you would have different properties with different magnet strengths ( weak, medium, strong); 8. Another aspect of the new magnet system is "chaining." Chaining is when three or more (usually more are link via the magnet points/plates and can be moved as one from a stationary position. The chained objects (i.e. several 1x1 blocks) can be moulded in two specific ways: a. Chained objects can be formed into pre-set forms (triangle, square, circle, polygon, hexagon, octagon, etc) or grab-dragged and twisted into organic, fluid forms. Using the batch-grab tool described earlier in this list the monitor can move the chained or batched objects and rotate them as a unit. This could come in handy for both functional and purely aesthetic purposes. Especially using tools like Invert/Mirror. *Separate the object budget from the Spawns (initial and Respawn), and spawn zones. *Ability to customize the loading screen screen shot in custom games for maps/custom game modes. *Ability to use a spawn/trait zone system that can label call-out areas, such as with the standard maps in Reach. “Elbow” “Blue Room” “Infirmary” etc. There could be standard descriptions or custom labels. *Custom Loadout labels: You would be able to add custom labels to the Game Loadouts in the same way you can label your own personal Loadouts. *Ability to turn on/off the fuzzy loadout screen, or add other effects. *Bring back Assault, multiflag, neutral flag/bomb, VIP, Juggernaut, Race, Invasion, Stockpile, Headhunter and other custom game types, or at least give us the level of Advanced customization options we need to create these and other new gametypes. Expand our customization options. There can be specific gametypes that come with each new Halo, which is what you see with Battlefield, but we should be able to put together any of the known custom gametypes in custom games. *Spherical objects: These objects could be spherical, with stone, Forerunner/Covenant design, or marble like textures or reflective metal. *Timer/Delay/Reset: Ability to set a timer, instant reset (unspawn and wait to respawn again) and delay time on object spawning. This would make creating elevators A. less expensive, less meticulous, and more functional in competitive and mini games, and B. If you need an example, think of fusion coils/kill balls. You can set them to constantly respawn by setting them with fixed, unselecting item, manipulating max/min count and nudging the object to “fall.” This does not happen as fast with crates and other non-fixed objects, and you can't get a timer/reset spawn with fixed objects like blocks or man cannons. If you could set a man cannon to spawn in coordination with a crate (or perhaps a specific elevator non-fixed object you could have a real, simple, functional elevator. And who knows what else creative forgers can come up with?! *More dynamic grid options, such as expandable spheres/cubes/tetrahedrons and other 2D/3D polygons. This options would be useful esp if 343 does not allow terrain manipulation. *Hybrid gametypes: This would be the ability to create gametypes that include more than one individual gametype (Think of a CTF game with Dominion locations with trait zones that can be activated when either team controls the Dominion sites (read next block); or Flood CTF, or how about Flood Griffball. *Expanded use of trait zones connected to gametypes, such as trait zones that can be activated with gametypes, like Dominion; and the ability to have trait zones that have specific traits for one team, and a separate category of traits for the opposite team. Meaning those who control Dominion sites would have certain advantages, such as quicker shield recharge time, or camo, while the team trying to take the Dominion site might experience dampened shields, slightly slower movements or jumping, but maybe increased damage to enemies. The options are almost limitless. One example of this would in the classic pc tank game Tanarus you had CTF combined with a type of Dominion and Slayer. The Dominion aspect were these Recharge Stations where you could repair your tank, reload/modify weapon Loadouts turbo boost, rockets, mines, etc, charge batteries, etc. They start out neutral at initial game start, and teams expand their territory by capturing drone sites. If you come near an enemy recharge station you will have batteries affected, and the drone above the station would shoot you. You could not use the station until you captured it. There was usually only one team mate that was the designated flag stealer, while the rest of the team would capture drone sites and seek and destroy enemy tanks. Each game had either four teams of five tanks, or two teams of ten tanks. So, from a Halo perspective, if trait zones could be tied to gametypes like Objective items/targets in Dominion or in the older Territories, this would be interesting and add a new level of customization to the game. I know I would attempt to create the perfect salute to Tanarus by creating a similar gametype in Halo. What would make me particularly happy is if the next Halo had vehicle repair stations, where if you get your vehicle there in time the station will heal and repair your vehicle. *Keep Green Screens *Flood mode similar to H4 (visually speaking), but with ability to turn on/off weapon usage, as seen in modded Flood gametypes. *Expanded Flood Gametype options, such as in previous versions (Halo 3, Reach) *Better selection of man cannons, and perhaps an option in forge to customize the thrust properties of specific man cannons. *More dynamic objective pallets like Dominion (I'm thinking Flood specifically) *Gametype-specific object pallets (think Flood or Griffball or Extraction) *New FX (Flood-like FX, etc) *Able to label spawning items like initial spawns or respawns for multiple game specific gametypes I basic editing. Example: I want to have team spawn/respawns at same location for multiple gametypes, but not for others. Currently you need to do multiple spawn set ups if one gametype initial spawns at different location. *Different Object Palettes for Human/UNSC, Covenant and Forerunner, Flood, Promethean, etc. The ability to change skin of object to fit one of these themed categories. *We should have the ability to designate gametype spawns as instand vehicle spawns, (like Race Gametypes in Reach. But we should have the ability to signifiy whether it is normal spawn, or a hybrid spawn, such as spawning directly into vehicles. Please PLEASE, for the love of Pete, give Forgers this freedom. My vehicle-themed maps would be happy if you did. *Random objects.... like scenery objects that have normal physics like the way the containers used to be on H3 oil drums, radio antenna, wire spools, dumpsters, and lets not forget exploding forklifts. *With Trees: It would be nice to be able to change to different skins. One with leaves/needles, one with snow, one without leaves/needles, one that's dry/dead. *Much more scenery limits and options- crates, barricades, boxes, computers, radio towers etc. What We can live without, but don't want to: *Fragment Editor: This would be a place or Mode where you could take any Forge item and engineer them into completely new “custom” pieces. One example would be to cut a doorway through a wall. or as far as to build an entire arena and have that available in your Forge menu as one "custom" piece. The Player can add textures and skins, and even even lights and other effects. The other part of this would be to have a market, perhaps connected to your Waypoint Fileshare, similar in some ways to the market found on Forza 3. In that game the player was able to build cars, set ups, skins, and vinyls... then load it to the store and sell it for a form of currency that is only usable in that setting. From a Halo perspective, the items would probably be available just like anything else in your Fileshare, with the exception that you could have more custom items listed on the Forge Market. This function would also allow the player to set the physics of each custom object. *An ability to switch off/on object colors in Forge and test a map with colors/without to see the difference in possible lag. This could help maps with lots of aesthetic details and object colors used for orientation/appeal, etc to have the right number of objects left neutral if it brings down possible lag. This should also include the ability to turn off/on other types of objects that effect frame rate, such as reflective objects. *Drone Camera: The DC would be similar to the loadout camera. It would be deployable and would help when forging in tight spaces where the program will often throw your monitor into spaces where you can not directly observe what you are doing. Experienced Forgers will often sign into Guest and use the Guest as a stationary viewpoint, but at the sacrifice of loosing half your screen. With a Drone you would be able to switch views. It would be nice to be able to “deploy” the drone while still holding an object. An alternative to this idea would be to allow your monitor to move through solid terrain and objects. The terrain/objects would become transparent, except for the basic contour edge lines and magnets. *Terrain editing: Another cool feature to the Far Cry 3 map engine. Players can brush over the landscape and create hills or pockets, and yet other tools, such as erosion and smoothing. *Environmental conditions: Yet another Far Cry 3 ability. Being able to add weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, fog). Also, earth quake tremors, such as with Battlefield 3 multiplayer maps. *Add AI (Firefight game modes): This is another benefit of the Far Cry 3 map creator engine. So far as it is known, to make this work for Halo Forgers would also have to have control over the Bot Paths/movements of the AI in order for a custom gametype like Firefight to work. You would want the AI to recognize the physical environment of your map (object placement, etc). I have read this in the thread linked above by Urban Bobcat, but even in that thread the concept of Bots and Bot paths is not really clarified. Perhaps those that know and understand this concept more should chime in on this thread and provide more in depth information for those of us that are not programmers (hint hint). *Ability to revert to a previous version of a map: This would be reverting to your previous save. *Object Texture palette: Ability to change or edit, create or import object textures, or to receive texture DLCs. *Firefight added to custom gametype editing options. *Ability to Forge on Spartan Ops/Firefight maps *Expanded solids besides blocks, such as the pyramidal stones in H3 Sandbox. *Make Gravity Zones expandable like trait zones and capable of being connected to Objectives (like Dominion). *Allow Forgers to have more control over modifying gametypes similar to how hackers have created modded gametypes like Gravemind, but make it official. *A Custom Game option similar to Invasion, where there can be multiple rounds, like Flood, but with each “round” customizable. This would be a take on the hybrid gametype idea. Basically, allow Forgers to create a gametype with multiple rounds, each round a different gametype of their choosing, like Invasion in Reach, but, say, the first can be CTF, second, Assault, third Flood or Infection, Last Snipers, etc.) This is just an example of what could be done. There are almost limitless options or variations.I could think of a type of Gun Master, Halo Style. *Map rendering: I wonder sometimes if being able to rendering our maps so there would not be all the objects but locked and merged objects smoothed into each other, etc. If this was possible would it reduce lag? [VIDEO] [/VIDEO]
  5. Now, this map was made way back last year around July. On Halo 2 Anniversary. I liked the map, as well did others. However, with MCC's terrible stability. It didn't seem to last. Now, with Halo 5 out and the servers that beat MCC to a pulp. I decided it was time to do a map, however I decided I wanted to do a remake. Of Salient. Mainly because I never could do Scrimmage... Here's a preview of the sketch of the map, as I've shown you all before: Now, before I show you the make of the map and everything. Let's go over the details. The map supports 2-8 players. Medium Sized map, Breakout oriented. Strongholds, CTF, and Slayer are all compatible on this map as well. It is symmetrical. There are also named locations throughout the map. Everywhere you go, has a callout. Featured Weapons on the map: 4x Frag Grenades, 2x Plasma Grenade, 4x Splinter Grenades, 2x DMR (0x Spare ammo), 2x BR (1x Spare ammo), 1x Hydra Launcher, 1x Active Camouflage, 1x Flag. However in game modes that are NOT Breakout, the following are available: 4x Frag Grenades, 2x Plasma Grenades, 4x Splinter Grenades, 2x DMR (1x Spare ammo), 2x BR (2x Spare ammo), 2 Storm Rifle, 2x Boltshot (2x Spare ammo), 1x Scattershot. However, unlike the previous Salient. There is gadgets, terminals in fact. However they do not do anything, they are merely appearance/decoration. Alrighty, now that that's all clear. Let's do a map overlook of the finalized product: Overlook Blue Yard Red Outside Blue Spawn Red Sneaky Bunker Red Spawn/Decoy Here below is a video of me, just meandering the map. Showing you a few details I could not capture in picture. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIYtTeAYWtc
  6. Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum. I know this isn't an "official" 343i forum, just a fan made community (correct me if I'm wrong), but I was apparently banned from the official Waypoint forums, and I'm not sure why... I am unable to post anything and unable to make any topics on there, the buttons to create new posts aren't there anymore. When I look at my Waypoint profile (click here to see my profile), it says this: So I took a look at the Halo Waypoint Forum Ban FAQ topic (here) and it says when you get banned: I was never "greeted" with the message they're talking about, and I don't have a message from a moderator saying why I was banned. I also never got an email or anything from them so I really have no clue whatsoever why I was banned, and like I said above, on my Waypoint profile it says I was suspended due to "other" until the year 2552 (Wtf? lol). Anyone here have any experiences like this? Has anyone here ever been unbanned from Waypoint? I would appreciate any advice. I'll stick around here though (I just found this forum). This forum seems a bit more mature and level-headed compared to the people on Waypoint anyways lol. Thanks!
  7. Hello and welcome ladies and gentlewomen to the 2nd weekly site poll done by me and Kenway! The weekly poll is where we ask you for your opinion on (mostly) current events and give the most popular opinion back to you the next week. Last week we asked you about if you'd like to see the lore be expanded outside of the game (in books, comics, etc.) or prefered it to stick with the games. There were quite a few responses and most of you prefered it if the story was kept within the game, but didn't mind some of the side stories within other media. I think Axilus Prime explained it just right: Thanks for all your responses! Now let's move on to this weeks topic. This week we've gotten a more detailed explaination on requisition packs, or REQ Packs for short, from 343i where Mister Chief assured us that we shouldn't worry as much about them and that everything will be fine. So here's the question, how do you feel about the REQ system? Let us know down below and keep it clean! Thank you for reading! ~UP & EK
  8. View attachment: jaxTfeO.jpg Greetings ladies and gentlemen of 343 Industries and beyond! My name is Hayley Kenway and on behalf of my partner Unease P34nut I'd like to welcome you to the first Official Weekly Site Poll! These used to be done every once a week by BeckoningZebra, Bnus, etc. As well, member CabooseTheAce is currently doing the Semi-Weekly Site Poll, so if you'd like to check that out, go do so! For now though, let's get down to business! View attachment: shadowofintent.png Lately, a plethora of Halo related outside content has been releasing and extended universe content is now more integrated into the main games. So taking this information into account, would you like to see more extended universe content in the Halo universe in the future, such as books, television shows, etc. Or, would you prefer we stick to the games and avoid all those complicated side stories? Let us know down below! Next week at this time, Unease P34nut will recap your tally and give the next entry. Thanks for reading! ~HK & UP
  9. Is anyone else having an issue with the servers? Me, and a few of my xbox live friends are having trouble with finding and keeping legit games. We search for long periods only to find a game that takes a long time to start. Each person in the game is experiencing the same problem. They randomly spawn in throughout the game for the first time, whether there are 20 kills when you finally enter the game or everyone lags out. Sometimes you get a game and it has a bad host, meaning random spikes in the connection leading to super saiyan spartans. Let me note that my connection is very good, and has nothing to do with it. Recently my roster on the mcc has begun to work again after months of on & off capability. I like that a lot, but do you think it could of had some effect on the over all game? is there coding that mixes in with the multiplayer and roster? maybe it being supported with windows 10 now affected the game in some form? Anyway. Something is wrong, and many of the people i play with on a daily basis are experiencing the same problem. Just within the time it's taken me to type this my friend has been lagged out of a game, and then the next game it started with the enemy team having 18 kills already. Please fix what you've broken. I really love halo, and want it to be playable in some aspect again. -exomy
  10. This is what halouniverse said about this picture "A few hours ago, it leaked online a fantastic artwork by Halo 4 representing a new Multiplayer/Spartan Ops map, which however do not yet know virtually nothing, except some possible detail due to its appearance. The map, of generous size, and that has some human structures, seems to fit the frenzied clashes Big Team Battle that Halo has always been accustomed. Furthermore, since there are no mountain ranges scattered in the middle of the arena game, you can expect the use of aircraft. I propose to follow the artwork, stay tuned for updates." Write in the comments below what you think this map may be and if its Multiplayer or Spartan Ops.
  11. Let’s suppose you have a favorite cuisine, as I am sure you, as most people, do. You go to other restaurants and try other types, Italian, Chinese, French, Cajun, Greek, etc. There’s countlessly many types of cuisines, as there are games. You found your favorite type though, and more importantly, your favorite restaurant that serves that cuisine, your favorite game. You go to that restaurant several times, and are always happy with your purchases. Yet one day there’s a new manager. He promises things will not change, yet your first entrée you order under him, Halo 4, arrives and gives you diarrhea. They have taken your favorite cuisine, let’s say it’s Chinese, and served you curry, expecting you to not know that they literally took your food, your characters, threw them away, brought in everything about curry (call of duty) and slapped on the ‘chinese’ cuisine name. You get diarrhea and vomiting from how terrible that curry is, curry you spent years waiting for and over a $100 on. A few years later you decide you will give it another shot. You spend $60 on one last item of Chinese food from that restaurant. You get food poisoning from that food. To apologize for apparently ‘forgetting’ to notice the maggots, smell, mold, and other total signs that the food was is no way fit for public consumption. They apologize ‘profusely’ for this ‘honest mistake’ and promise you a FREE glass of water (month of Xbox Live) and, if you can afford to wait, an appetizer complimentary onion ring (Halo 3: ODST). That totally makes up for the pain, disappointment, destroyed trust, and all that time and money you spent. But hey, at least you’re ‘1th’ place to them, right? You still have food poisoning from them. That food they served you still has maggots in it, they haven’t finished picking them all out yet, still MANY flaws and gross oversights. But hey, the manager comes and tells you to be excited because in a few months here they’ll have a BRAND NEW ENTRÉE, Halo 5! You should for some reason be excited for that despite the fact they still haven’t fixed your current entrée you spent money on MONTHS ago. Now, if this was a restaurant that just poisoned you and had previously given you diarrhea and vomiting, would you buy from this restaurant again? Would you risk what might happen from eating that new entrée they have coming out? No. No one would. And what, might I ask is the difference between 343i and a restaurant? Both are businesses trying to make money. Both depend on people to keep them in business. Yet, for some reason, the restaurant will probably have a way you can contact them with concerns, but 343i requires going through their mommy, Microsoft Chat, who has promised countless times to ‘leave them a note’ and you still haven’t gotten a response. I have several friends who I used to spend nights on end playing Halo with. Laughing, enjoying the game way past its replay value. Now, all of those friends have moved on, they no longer care for anything about Halo due to what 343i has done, poisoned the trust of their consumers. I now sit at their table, asking why I should continue sitting there for this ‘new cuisine’ when there’s another city, called Play Station, with the same cuisines and only missing this said restaurant, the one where the CEO for some reason can’t demand an answer to the maggots in their consumers food, and where the chef who served that crap is a ghost, one you have no reason to believe even remotely cares about your comments to their food. Just like this restaurant should be shut down for what it’s done to the consumers in poisoning them, so should 343 be shut down for the disgrace they’ve brought upon a name Bunjie spent years building up. I tried contacting you via Microsoft Chat 4-5 times, and posted on your forums around Christmas time (you still haven't responded).It is now 5 months post launch. You still don't have MCC working (your 'ranking coming' soon message is becoming rather tiresome and tedious, but not only that, the ONLY ranking you have is so illogical it's laughable. I went 9 kills and 33 deaths last game. My ranking didn't budge down to what it should be, because, you know, that would be an actual ranking system, file share has been gutted and tossed aside despite how popular it was for years on end, players still lag switch and use modded controllers in matchmade games and you do nothing, teams are ridiculously one-sided and uneven, games constantly fail to load, frame-rates plummet on your maps, players are STILL booted from lobbies after EVERY game, I constantly 'lose connection to host' despite having a 30 mbps download speed and am consequently forced to reload everything, no penalty for players quitting early, these are but a few) and yet you CONTINUE to pump out and advertise your new 'entree' coming out soon when the one you JUST served us still has maggots crawling in it. What are you, as a whole doing? I have invested +$200 into your hands, and you have let me down consecutively. Give me one good reason to invest even one more cent into your pockets, or even one way you plan to right this wrong. One reason is all I ask of you that I shouldn't sell my Xbox right now and move to Play Station, because let me tell you that Halo is the only reason for me being on Xbox, and right now that doesn't look like a very sufficient reason.
  12. Welcome all to the 43rd 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week's poll asked members if they most looked forward to playing as The Arbiter or The Master Chief in Halo 2: Anniversary. The votes have been cast and the results are in! This week's poll was inspired by a question I heard asked in the Halo panel at PAX Prime. It made me very curious and I hope you'll find the same amount of interest in the topic as well. How many players should Big Team Battle be expanded to or should Big Team Battle be expanded? Leave your thoughts along with your vote below. Voting ends 9-8-2014 @ 6:00 AM EST Thanks for taking time to partake in the Weekly Community Poll and See y'all next week! Have a question, complaint, or suggestion pertaining to the poll? Message BZ1.
  13. After the last MCC content update (the big one that was supposed to fix everything) I noticed the faster search times, more stable games/lobbies, etc. But one big problem (for me anyways) I found was that 343i changed the max players on the Big Team Battle playlist. Before the patch it was 16 players 8v8 max, but after the patch its now 14 players 7v7 max. They didn't mention this in the patch notes at all, and every time someone brings it up it just gets ignored, from what I've seen. It might seem like a small minute problem to some of you, and I can understand that. For me though (and I'm sure I'm not the only one), Big Team is my favorite playlist, and in every single Halo game, Big Team Battle has always been 16 players 8v8. Always. For 343i to just all the sudden bring the max players down to 14 and not explain why, or even mention it at all, is a bit wrong honestly. I really hope 343i gets better at communicating with the community, and works on their public relations as a whole. The small things like this actually matter and add up. I'm totally not trying to be one of those "SCREW 343i, BURN BONNIE ROSS AT THE STAKE" type people XD (you all know the type of people I'm talking about. Just check /r/HaloCircleJerk on reddit hahaha), but I'm just saying how 343i should work on a number of things.
  14. 343 Industries and IGN have shown off the introductory cut-scene to Halo 2 Anniversary as part of their IGN First program! Halo: The Master Chief Collection is in it's final days of processing and is nearly ready to reach our fingertips, but until then I have more footage to entice you. A channel on thankfully reuploaded the footage from a stream showing off the cinematic opening to Halo 2: Anniversary, redone with stunning visuals from Blur Studios. The opening is for the mission Outskirts and the full mission was shown off on the aforementioned stream, which I cannot get a hold of unfortunately. The video features the infamous Scarab in it's Halo 2 garb, New Mombasa, Sergeant Johnson, and the Spartan himself, The Master Chief, all in gloriously redone visual style. Halo: The Master Chief Collection releases on November 11th, 2014 for Xbox One only. View attachment: MC.png Does this cinematic intro do the original justice despite being redone; or do subtle changes turn you off? Sound off below! I appreciate you reading folks!
  15. RedStarRocket91 Owns the official speculation thread!! Links at the bottom of the post. Alright everyone, So Halo 5: Guardians has been announced to arrive in Fall of 2015. All we know so far is that there is a spartan in silver armor, that is not female. Which eliminates Palmer and Cortana from this equation. What I can say though, is that this spartan's helmet heavily resembles the Mark V variant from Halo: Reach - The main protagonists helmet, Noble Six. We notice that his armor has an ONI symbol on the chest plate, Meaning that he is either hunting for John, or he is out on a mission much like John. What I have noticed so far, in a good view of the photo is this - As you can see, where John is standing is practically a reflection of where the silver spartan is. Now, this can lead to many speculations. But with this here, I now get the feeling the silver spartan is hunting for John. A reflection of something can be seen as a flashback, or maybe just reflection of where they may be. But if they are both going to the same places - It is no doubt this spartan wants something to do with John. This spartan may be hunting John for the reason that he has left the crew of the Infinity - Gone rogue. In the Halo 5 E3 2013 trailer, We can see his visor is cracked and he has a robe in place of his armor. His fore arm pieces are still present as well as his helmet. But his leg and foot pieces are gone, the chest plate is gone, and so on. Frank O' Connor did say that John WAS indeed hiding himself from something - On purpose. When he found the "War Sphinx" which is the huge forerunner bird rising from the sand, He pulls out Cortana's chip and clutches it. Either this can mean that he is going to use the A.I most likely running the War Sphinx as a possible companion, Or he is looking for Mendicant Bias. Although that rumor is in the sand - As everyone speculates they are both in the planet Sangheilios. Which has been described as what we've seen in the trailer. Also, in the concept art we can see two moons up in the sky - With all this new information on Halo 5, What do you all think is really coming together here? Leave any speculations/theories below. Pictures - http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/05/16/halo-5-guardians-receives-first-piece-of-concept-art http://www.cnet.com/news/halo-5-guardians-release-date-set-for-fall-of-2015/ THANKS TO REDSTARROCKET91 AND THE NEWS CREW FOR GETTING OUT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Skummigummigubbe's Article - http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34943-next-halo-anounced-as-halo-5-guardians/?do=findComment&comment=317414 Adam91's Article - http://www.343industries.org/news/_/343-industries-news/a-piece-of-halo-5-concept-art-r969 RedStarRocket91's Speculation Thread - http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34949-halo-5-guardians-teaser-image-speculation-thread/
  16. Hello everyone, I'm officially back. You may have seen me in the shoutbox or on here day-to-day. But that's more of just a drop in. I have been writing my Warlord series for those who like to read them, I'm still going to do that. Except, now that I'm back. I can partake in this community and their events. For those of you that didn't know. If I change my name to something other than Fishy. It usually means I'm in "Inactive" state. However, if my name is "Fishy" I'm in my "Active" state. The activity refers to forum involvement. I have plans already for you guys. Who's up for a Titanfall Playdate on Xbox One? I noticed discussions about everyone playing the game, but the question is. Do you want a Playdate? Or what's the new "Official" name they use today... Event? Anyways, I will contact staff about hosting a Titanfall Event on Friday 13th, this month of February. I will hopefully be able to attend more Friday Night Game Nights. Or do those no longer exist? If so, hopefully we can get those going again. If not, maybe more Community Events? I know how this Community has been lately with Events. Maybe we can get up and get gatherings going again. It's the best way to make friends on here. Also the year's coming around for discussion of last year. I have started a few major events on this forum. First one, New Year's Event. Second, Old vs New Event. Guess which one's next? That's right! I will be hosting the Old vs New member Event again this year on Halo The Master Chief Collection. Time and Date will be setup with Event Management. New Team won last year, how about Old Team delivers a comeback? Thanks everyone who read this! Glad to be officially back and not just writing chapters. Credits: Game Night Photo, Made by Absolute Dog. Titanfall Photo, From IGN.com
  17. Alright, guy's it's been decided. We are making a forum band. So everyone, grab your instrument and get ready to play! I am personally playing the Didgeridoo. How about you?
  18. Please, with all of my heart and nostalgia. I am begging for a way to join user-created Custom Game lobbies in Halo: TMCC and Halo 5. A list of open and available lobbies for user-created game types would be at the top of my list of wishes. Please 343i, say it will be so! I want to join private super bouncing lobbies, hide n seek, cat n mouse, Trash Compactor & other creative user-created game types! I don't want matchmaking to be the only way to join a public game. And trying to find friends/friends of friends to invite to a private custom game is a huge pain when all it takes is a custom game 'server list' of available user created lobbies. There are so many fun game variants created by users! Please give us a way to host custom games and have them available to the public for people to join. It would be an identical feeling of a big LAN party... Well, one with voice chat only xD - Lou This is what someone said in the Halo Waypoint forums. I couldn't have said it better so I copied and pasted it. Here's the original forum post: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst249152_Suggestion--Halo2-MCC-NEEDS-custom-lobby-list.aspx
  19. Welcome all to the 47th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week the Community was asked which non-Halo 4 weapon should make its return in Halo 5. The Community has voted, and the results of the poll are in! This week's poll has to do with a core part of what makes online Halo multiplayer what we've come to know and love today, but this week's community poll would like to question that fundamental value, and see how the community feels about it. Would you ever want Halo's Radar replaced or accompanied by a mini-map? Leave your thoughts along with your vote below. Voting ends 10-06-2014 @ 6:00 AM EST Thanks for participating in the Weekly Community Poll and See y'all next week! Have a question, complaint, or suggestion pertaining to the poll? Message BZ1.
  20. Welcome all to the 48th 343i Weekly Community Poll! So I wasn't able to post last week's poll due to moving, but don't worry, soon that won't be a problem. But as for the previous poll, here are your results! This week's poll is a question regarding the one vehicle Halo 4 introduced, the Mantis! Should the Mantis return in Halo 5? Leave your thoughts along with your vote below. Voting ends 10-20-2014 @ 6:00 AM EST Thanks for participating in the Weekly Community Poll and See y'all next week! Have a question, complaint, or suggestion pertaining to the poll? Message BZ1.
  21. So, recently we got to see a few sets of armor that you can earn in the Halo 5 Guardians Multi-player beta, but what is the difference between Mark VI and Mark VI Scarred? Here are the noticeable things... Mark VI (Normal Variant) And here we have the Mark VI Scarred Variant. One thing you can notice is the way the armor looks. We can see that some assets from the normal set are missing or changed in the Scarred version. But... We also notice that scarred has a cracked visor! Whether this brings an aesthetic effect to the table or not though is something I and quite eager to find out...
  22. I realized in the time I've been here I never even posted an introduction on the forums, so here it is. Hi, I'm rrhuntington. I joined this forum two years ago, after watching this place for a good time. Before I came here, I had not known a place like this even existed. A Halo forum where fans of the series and some former fans could find themselves and talk about Halo and games in general. I joined 343ICF because I love Halo, and that statement holds true to today. It really is a magical game to me, and it was a staple of my childhood. So to join a place that prides itself in the enjoyment, news, and following of the franchise was an easy deal. During my first few weeks I had signed up on here, I had no intention of staying as long as I have, and I really didn't. I stayed until December of 2012 and then left for over a year. I joined in what I like to call "The post Halo 4 period." Where the community of Halo still seemed shell-shocked on what kind of gamed Halo 4 truly was. At that time, I couldn't see the good this site had to offer. Realizing now how I felt back then, I must have been blind. When I came back late in 2013, I don't remember what told me to come back. Maybe it was a rekindling of interest in Halo, maybe it was just curiosity. Whatever it was, I'm glad it happened. I started becoming more active, engaging in more conversations, and writing posts on thought provoking topics. It's like something just clicked in my brain. I saw through whatever cloud blinded me the previous year. I joined play dates in Halo and other games abroad, and I mingled with people. I started to make friends on the site over the past year. They have made me laugh, and made me think and have given different viewpoints on many different topics. I rose from GREENIE to Trusted to Dedicated very quickly. There was so much to talk about in threads and in the Shoutbox, that it made ranking up easy, but it was never about that. After a while, I just wanted to be around you guys, everyone on this site. This place has become a (sort of) home for me. It wasn't just about Halo anymore, it was this site, and the people who dwelled here. I'm sorry I couldn't see that before. I come here everyday... because of all of you. Everyone that's ever been here has made it a blast. All the GREENIES, All the Trusted, All the Dedicated, Art Department, News Team, The Moderators, Admins, TWAM... Even the Banished ones who are no longer with us. I want to thank all of you. You are my reason to keep striving here. We'll go through tough times, and we'll go through some of Great moments together, and I'll be honored to be a part of it all. As we step upon the door to a the dawn of a new era in Halo, and this site alike, I'll keep walking with you through the door and beyond. You've all made it a journey I'll never forget, and I don't think I ever want to get off this ride. Let's make some more memories eh? Look Buddy... See ya around.
  23. Welcome all to the 50th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Welcome all to the final weekly community poll! This the 50th 343i Weekly Community Poll to be posted and will be the last. Last week's poll results were a bit different, the poll asked members which Halo 4 weapon they didn't want in Halo 5, and they made their answer very clear: This week's poll will be my last. I'll explain more when this poll's results are posted- This week's Community Poll was suggested by Community Moderator, Total Mayh3m. Which map should 343i Remaster Next? Explain what could change and what you would like to remain. Leave your thoughts along with your vote below. Voting ends 11-03-2014 @ 6:00 AM EST Thanks for participating in the Weekly Community Poll and See y'all next week! (Just a note, the results of this week's poll will be posted in this thread since this there will not be a new poll next week) Have a question, complaint, or suggestion pertaining to the poll? Message BZ1. This post has been promoted to an article
  24. Welcome all to the 49th 343i Weekly Community Poll! This the Forty-ninth Weekly Community Poll! Here are your results from last week! This week we will delve into another question regarding the multiplayer of Halo 5, but from the perspective of Halo 4. Here's this week's poll question! Which Halo 4 Weapon Does Not Deserve To Be Included in Halo 5's Multiplayer? Leave your thoughts along with your vote below. Voting ends 10-27-2014 @ 6:00 AM EST Thanks for participating in the Weekly Community Poll and See y'all next week! Have a question, complaint, or suggestion pertaining to the poll? Message BZ1. This post has been promoted to an article
  25. Welcome all to the 50th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Welcome all to the final weekly community poll! This the 50th 343i Weekly Community Poll to be posted and will be the last. Last week's poll results were a bit different, the poll asked members which Halo 4 weapon they didn't want in Halo 5, and they made their answer very clear: This week's poll will be my last. I'll explain more when this poll's results are posted- This week's Community Poll was suggested by Community Moderator, Total Mayh3m. Which map should 343i Remaster Next? Explain what could change and what you would like to remain. Leave your thoughts along with your vote below. Voting ends 11-03-2014 @ 6:00 AM EST Thanks for participating in the Weekly Community Poll and See y'all next week! (Just a note, the results of this week's poll will be posted in this thread since this there will not be a new poll next week) Have a question, complaint, or suggestion pertaining to the poll? Message BZ1.
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