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Found 22 results

  1. Hello, I am the clan battle coordinator for SC or Silent Chaos. We are a community/competitive based clan that is willing to do battles in MCC on the Xbox one for halo 2 anniversary, halo 3, and halo 4. We will be up for battles in Halo 5 when it comes out as well. If you are interested in setting up a battle; message me on xbox live. SC Lt oddy Note: We do not play HCS, MLG, etc
  2. I'm building a team on halo MCC that will do the most challenging thing in halo history, but before you join my question is are you ready? Put your gamertag down OR?? Message me on xboxlive.
  3. Welcome to the Post-A-Day Challenge! This challenge has been created by myself to get more members active and hopefully help new members stay active. This will be a 30-Day Challenge. You may begin this challenge at any time but must make posts in consecutive days as the Challenge dictates. The Rules: To complete this challenge you must abide by the following guidelines: -Each post you make must contain a minimum of 50 Words unless otherwise specified. -Each post must be in the specified category and may not be off-topic. -All posts made towards this challenge must remain in accordance to the site rules -You may only create one post towards completing this challenge per day. The Challenge: If you choose to accept this challenge, I encourage you to copy the following form, and catalogue your posts by linking them next to the day specified. After you complete this form, simply send it to BZ1 via PM for verification. Upon completing this challenge, you will be added to the Wall of Winners and receive the official 'Challenger' award. WALL OF WINNERS SHINYA KOGAMI - 10-1-14 If you have any questions at all, feel free to post them below or in a PM. Good Luck! -BZ1
  4. So, Creepypasta, do we all love them, and do we dream about writing them? Here's my challenge. I believe every single one of you is talented and good enough to write a Creepypasta. So, here's my challenge. Write a Creepypasta, write the best damn creepypasta that you can write. It will be assessed by me and someone else (No names, don't want you doing anything to tempt us, by cash or Moderator positions ) The reward is still yet to be decided, but I have a feeling it will be worth it and you guys will enjoy writing them. YOU CAN'T SUBMIT ALREADY DONE CREEPYPASTAS, IT DEFEATS THE POINT.! Have fun guys, if you guys want a sense of inspiration, here is some.
  5. Happy one month from Halloween ladies and gentlemen, and all of this month my main man Yoshi invites you all to participate in his challenge, to craft a Halloween themed name and don it for the next month. Try your best, and remember, it's not a competition. Though if it was, I would win. As a special surprise, I will design an award for all those who participate. This award won't actually be added to your award list, but you may don it somewhere as a reminder of this fun holiday. ALL who participate are eligible. HAVE FUN, AND MERRY EASTER! Wait... That makes about as much sense as calling the next windows Windows 10, but MS wouldn't do that... Right? (shameless self promotion ftw) List of peeps participating so far: 1. PumpkinSpiceYoshi (Yoshi1176) 2. Deadward Kenway (Edward Kenway) 3. Deadpen9 (Delpen9) 4. Silent Hill (Silent Orbis) 5. The ghost of rrhuntington (rrhuntington) much creative, wow 6. More people that I need to sift through, gimme time.
  6. So yeah, lets do this. Me and P34nut are willing to take on any of you HALO SCUM and put you to the ground! Think you have what it takes to beat us? Go ahead. Challenges can be put below and we will sort out a time and a place for you LOSERS to have a go! Good luck and god bless. 2v2 Casualities: Mothman/BZ1
  7. Gamertag: ChancierHornet Map: Peggle https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/b6f5c6be-0d07-44f3-8454-b76629ba3a62 Gametype: Peggle https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/3378cd03-5187-4772-8fea-7dd6a7d25e72 Peggle is the ultimate vertical jumping challenge where players must utilize a jet pack and the hundred or so pegs embedded in the Forge Island cliff face in order to reach the hill and the all-important victory. Available as a single player challenge or as a competitive game, Peggle will most likely frustrate you but will ultimately leave you satisfied. 1-16 players but keeping the count below 10 will probably lead to the most fun.
  8. Hey everyone, Controller Warfare is a gaming site for clans, free agents, and anyone just looking to add some fun to their gaming. Controller Warfare is based off an XP system. Winning matches, showing 'sportsmanship' in the post game report/forums, challenging members, and participating in ladders reward you XP. When sufficient XP is reached, you will ascend to the next rank. At each rank, free trials of a premium membership(has its perks) and a choice of a secondary prize from the rank rewards list. Ladders are always going. Jump in, battle your way to the top and claim the prize at the end of the season! I host Free to play tournaments for prizes, either microsoft points, XP, credits, cash, games, and consoles! Since the site has been opened, about a month and a half ago, I've successfully held/completed 3 free to play tournaments with about $100 plus given out in prizes. Also gave a winning clan reputation by hosting a image of their clan on the home page. They love it. Gained a few members from it. Forums with game general information and how-to. You have a clan but don't have a site to discuss and showcase your clan? I offer clan sub-forum's and give MOD permissions to clan leaders to do what they wish within those forums, following specific guidelines of course. Just looking for people to play with? Come join! http://www.controllerwarfare.com
  9. So I went on halo 4 today to find some badly rewarding challenges the dailys and monthly are the worst "kill 5000 players this month"-1000xp what makes no sense about this is I could get 2000 from 1 game-this challenge should have at least 30,000xp on its head "complete 1 matchmaking game"-38xp really? what am I going to do with 38xp? Is all of the above a glitch? why have 343i done this? any ideas? If so please post below. UPDATE* I went on yesterday and today to find the same sort of thing in the dailys-this tells me its no april fools!
  10. okay first off, this is only post i wanted to inform everyone to let them know, and this is little bit of helpful information that i can offer to the users. HALO 4 INFINITY CHALLENGE: The Halo 4 Infinity Challenge launches Dec. 17, giving players a chance to win a UNSC-themed 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor truck and a 2-minute cameo in a future Halo game. VIRGIN GAMING HALO 4 INFINITY CHALLENGE Virgin Gaming, Xbox 360 and 343 Industries are joining forces to launch the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge on Xbox LIVE starting Dec. 17, bringing gamers the biggest and most accessible free-to-enter Halo tournament in the world. Starting today, players can register for the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge by visiting www.halo4infinitychallenge.com (localized registration sites available on Dec. 12). Launching on Dec. 17, the free-to-enter tournament will track your personal score in War Games and the number of Spartan Ops chapters you complete on global leaderboards, giving players of different preferences and skill levels all a shot at the more than 2,800 prizes. For the War Games leaderboard winner, the grand prize will be a UNSC-themed, V8-powered 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor truck designed by 343 Industries, and for the Spartan Ops winner, the grand prize will be an appearance in a future Halo game. During the qualifier phase (Dec. 17 - Jan. 10), players will need to climb the ranks of the global leaderboards by competing in either the Spartan Ops or War Games leaderboard. After the qualifier phase, players will be tiered into three groups (based on their results on the qualifier phase leaderboards) and will enter the finals phase (Jan. 12 - Jan. 19). In addition, players can also participate in Weekly Challenges found on Halo Waypoint at http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/intel/challenges for a chance to win great prizes. During the finals, the leaderboards will reset and prizes will be awarded to the top performers in each tier. While terrific prizes are available within all three tiers, the grand prizes will be offered exclusively for those that have battled their way to the top tier. For tournament and registration information, please visit: www.halo4infinitychallenge.com. ADDED INFORMATION: This Challenge has over 2,800 prizes available for qualifier phase. HALO 4 INFINITY CHALLENGE NOT AVAILABLE IN: United Kingdom, Germany, province of Quebec in Canada, and the states of AZ, CT, MD, TN, & VT in the United States, EU. which is all i know of and about. if you'd like to help, please send a message about this Country that's not allowed in or unable to join for this challenge. [uPDATED] December 14th 2012. [uPDATED] December 16th 2012.
  11. Earlier today, I completed the war games daily titled "Fully Automated," racking in just 13 kills. I wanted to complete the war games weekly titled "Fully Automated," which asks for the player to get 15 kills with an automatic weapon in 1 match. Well, I made a point to get the achieve before I went to bed. I racked up 18 kills with the assault rifle as a loadout weapon in my most recent match. I'm going to bed now, so you can review my last game or something. The problem is, it didn't register as a completion of the weekly challenge, where it still shows progress stuck at 13/15. This is probably a bug where either weeklies can't be completed if a daily has the same name, or the "Infinity Challenge Regicide" doesn't qualify as a game mode for completing challenges. Any input is appreciated, -ManBearPig916
  12. Spectral Jester allowed me to start up another C.G.R.C. thread so that we can hopefully get some more winners and continue the fun! __________________________________________________________________________ Official Award: Previous Winners : humpstyles (12-14-12) Ladies and Gentleman! Spartans and Elites! "Please have a sit and listen to me, telling something about Jackals and Brutes, about guns and wars, the oddies and the weird, about anything I have jeered. You know who am I? I'm the very best in this center of the galaxy, the Jester of this ring, or maybe just a clown. What day is today? Topsy turvey, ye may say.... Here i am just to amuse the audience, with some short tiny riddles about anything of The Halo World: May it be guns and vehicles, powerful weapons, people, or quests, monsters, terminals, places, insanity......aaaanything ye like! Guess rightly to the puzzle, and thou may collect point. 1 guess per post, then wait for the host! If you're correct, then it's your turn; respect! When thou reach 10 points...thou shall winneth! ___________________________________________________________________________________ I'll start with an easy riddle to get the thread going: alone, I sit on the ground. when someone is with me, I levitate. What am I?
  13. On Wednesday of last week, 12/16, I completed my 70 victory challenge and was awarded the 15,000 xp. I then went to go get some food. When I came back it showed me as having compelted the challenge but I was down the 15,000 XP. This happen to anyone else? p.s. how I know it bugged. I hit 58 with the 15,000 xp pushing up to 14,010 xp into level 59. When I came back i was at 990 til level 59.
  14. did you guys hear about this challenge? I dont know i think its a good initiative : ) Here is what i read. Full Story/Source: http://www.at7addak.com/en/Articles/226532/News/Xbox360/Halo-4-Infinity-Challenge 343 Industries have just announced the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge. An international free-to-join tournament that will take place during the Spartan Ops mid-season break. The tournament is broken up into two parts. A War Games based tournament and a Spartan Ops based tournament. The War Games tournament will basically be a global leaderboard that tracks the number of kills and points you earn. Whereas the Spartan Ops leaderboard will track the number of chapters you complete. This is yet another great way 343 Industries engages it's community. The participants have a chance to win from over 2,800 prizes including the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor truck as the 1st place prize in the War Games ladder and the winners of the Spartan Ops.... Enjoy : )
  15. 17 kills. All without dying. What gives, 343i? Why you make me want to break things? :C
  16. Hi I have just completed my 25th challenge I'm a little behind I know but I look on my service record and it sais 25challenges completed but my achievement hasn't unlocked can I have some help here ?
  17. Ok so last night I was playing halo 4 and I finally completed the monthly challenge. Upon getting on this morning I see that I lost all the xp I gained from it and it shows "completed". So I completed and got xp last night but then lost it when I got on today? Please can someone from 343 fix this for me. It is really annoying.
  18. I've been playing all night now since it's my day off and between the hours of 03:00hrs and 04:00hrs CST I wasn't given ANY Experience for my games played...Also The Weekly Challenge "DEADEYE" isn't giving me any kills towards it except for the 12 given from the daily challenge "DEADEYE" so having 2 challenges with the same name may be effecting that..the weekly Challenge DEADEYE demands you get 70 kills with head shots with precision weps....I don't know hom much more precision is needed when I'm playing SWAT a DMR and SNIPERS with a SNIPER....also because of this I'm not getting the full potential of my 2x experience through your promotion with Mt.Dew and Doritos...i'd like something done -AngryR4coon
  19. NVC is recruiting members who play a vast amount of games! We finished the squad system so you and your friends may Team up and earn new achievements! NVC gos by a custom made system of rank known as the "Cell System" Witch reduces the amount of equal ranks assuming command in the battle field! We have a "Story Line" behind the NCV called "TheHistory" We add new areas every week or so depending on the feat of the clan! If your lucky maybe your character will be described in the Story! If you wish to show off you skills on a game (Any will do) Send it to [email protected]! And it will be added to the clan website and YouTube Channel! Your squad can earn Achievements to rise above the others and how your power and strength! If you have any Questions Submit a email to me with the subject "Question About NVC" And i will answer it as soon as possible. I will try to answer all the troopers questions no-matter how stupid. Every Week we have a "Top Player/ Squad". If you make a Squad and don't know a good emblem just tell me. I can make one for you! Cussing is allowed in the Clan just as long as you don't go overboard on it. The Current era we finished is known as "The Era of Wholesome Battlefields". Members of the clan are strict, but friendly! Are Stranded motto is: Remember the Past, Plan for the future, But live for today, Because yesterday is gone, And tomorrow may never come. if you submit a squad and it is accepted you may make your own Motto. If you wish to just be a supporter of NVC Download the emblem! Then show it off to your friends! http://norvakcorpora....enjin.com/home Enlist today! Fight Tomorrow!
  20. Anyone up for Vidmaster Challenge Annual with me? I'm desperate! I have every single achievement on Halo 3 exept that one, as well as every other Vidmaster. All my friends consider Halo 3 a dying game and most of them already got the achievement, so they don't want to play it. If U R interested add as a friend! / HaWx z SpyKe
  21. CHALLENGE DEFENDER 7 Our clan is looking for some competition and other clans who would like to have a Clan Match or War. If you would like to challenge us, do so here on this thread. We are a small clan (as of right now) of friends that would love to have you as our competition. *Optional* In your post please specify the following: - When the match will occur - Map - How many players VS How many players - Weapons carried - Other specifications. We look forward to your challenge. Clan Record: 0-0 *Might edit a few things later*
  22. This challenge is only for the players that pre-ordered Halo CEA, sorry for those who didn't. The challenge is to activate Grunt Funeral, Boom, and Foreign skulls. Then to choose the mission of your choice, on Legendary. For those who has not found Boom or Foreign, got to youtube and go to RoosterTeeths channel. Reply here if you made it, or what you think of this.
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