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Found 22 results

  1. So halo 5 released in the UK and I cannot connect to the servers. When I turn the game on it says "Attention: Error authorizing user with halo 5 guardians services. You will be unable to access online modes." It's really annoying. I tried restarting the xbox, unplugging it quitting the game. I can't stop it. It doesn't end there. When I try to play arena or warzone it comes up with this message: "Attention: Unable to connect to the halo 5 guardians lobby service." This is a real shame as I'm loving the game so far and I just wanna play multiplayer. Another thing is, is that I can't access my REQ packs, purchase them or customize my player. It just says "Unable to retrieve data, please try again later." Please help me 343. I love halo but not this.
  2. Before every third game I play, I get the error code "Disconnected from local network" and am returned to the main menu. This issue is really annoying, as if I am playing with friends they have to carry on with the match. I have never lagged out during games and my internet is pretty fast. My router is ASUS and my ISP is Plusnet. Thanks.
  3. Help please I can't access online because thes messy has come up all but one time I have opened the game. Does anyone know how to fix this problem
  4. every itme I try to start a matchmaking game i goes well, it finds player and when its time to load the game it drops me and a red screen pops out that says "imposible to join, request time has timed out try again later" something like that but i played de 27 the october all day without any troubles I have no idea whats happening please help. my red nat its open my internet is 40 mb. i really love halo its my favorite game and i really wish somenone could tell me a solution
  5. I'm sorry if this topic is on this forum but I can't find a solution, my problem is this... Since October 27th I've been trying to play halo 5 multi-player but I can't. The game give this message : Could not find a server that was suitable for all member of your fireteam. My NAT is OPEN and Im not banned, tried to talk with xbox support and they sended me to waypoint and nobody knows what's happen. Somebody can help me? Sorry by my bad English. Tnks
  6. Everytime I try to go into a MCC multiplayer match I get a message that says "Downloading the latest matchmaking data. Please Wait." I tried turning off xbox, unplugging power cord. Quit the game, restarted it. Going into a custom match first. I don't know what to do can anyone help
  7. So i want to play Halo 4 Campaign again but i keep getting this error: Players failed to load content. A player may be missing downloadable content How do i fix this? I already contacted xbox and they told give me this link
  8. I have found all 7 terminals in halo 3 but only the terminal 1 achievement has unlocked. has any one else had this problem, if so can it be resolved.
  9. http://www.343industries.org/jhu77777777766666 I found this EXTREMELY catchy, can anyone make this into a looped downloadable song and then send it to me? That'd be great.
  10. I played BTB Slayer today not long ago on Exile. I went 20-0 but wasn't awarded a perfection medal. Why not? What's up with that? My gamertag is: WARRIOR I M I added the file to my file share. Please have 343 look at my file and award me 1 perfection. A reply from the staff would be appreciated.
  11. 343 industries / gamers My Xboxlive account ‘Darthbobo ICU2’ cannot access Halo waypoint on the xbox 360 console. Halo waypoint requires me to download an update, which I’ve previously downloaded before. After accepting to the download, the percentage bar jumps from 62 %to 0 % repeatedly and eventually results in “Cannot download Halo waypoint.” Due to this I am not receiving in game content such as armour unlocks and terminals, which I should have been awarded already and cannot, access Halo waypoint on the Xbox 360 console. In attempt to fix this I deleted Halo waypoint from my hard drive in the attempt to re-download it later, it failed and now I can’t even re-download Halo waypoint itself. I deleted the system cache, also didn’t work. ..(as some forums suggested) For some reason my system remembers the failed download (even after deleting Waypoint.)..returning to the 62% download mark but not progressing. Please can you advise how I can remedy this issue? My hard drive has plenty of space.
  12. So the problem I'm having is every time I go to play I put the halo 4 disc 1 in. Halo logo pops up and then screen turns purple. It started after I downloaded an update about two weeks ago. Was working fine till that update. I have deleted everything off my harddrive, reinstalled, tried to play with out updating but still get the purple screen. Tried to update same thing. Has anyone else had this problem or have any clue how to fix it. Had the game for over 30 days so I can't return it. I need my halo fix please help. Thank you
  13. I FINALLY received my specialization code for Halo 4, all my friends had already gotten it and I was sitting there in the dark getting left behind. I go to enter my code and I get the "Code Not Valid" message and that "The code has already been redeemed. Please enter an unused code." I called Xbox Live and there was nothing they could do but suggest coming here and posting about this unusual case. They tried entering the code and it wouldn't work for them either. This has become an extremely frustrating experience.
  14. Hi, I am in the middle of going through Halo 4 solo on legendary. Made it as far as Shutdown so far, doing a mission a day to save my sanity. Anyway I wanted to play some more today when, upon logging in, it appeared my Halo 4 had done a hard reset. All my mp stuff was gone and I got all the intro messages as if I just bought the game. My rank was still there though and as soon as I leveled up somehow I unlocked everything again. However I did not have the same luck with the campaign. For some reason in the mission selection everything was gone, but my current mission (Midnight on easy) still had a saved checkpoint. I therefore decided to load it up and do a speedrun in the hope that completing the final mission would unlock everything again. That's when I found this: I have already considered a corrupted save, but nope everything's fine. I tried moving the save files between storage devices but no change. So I wanted to ask, has anyone else experience this? Is there anyway to fix it? Does this mean I have to replay the entire campaign on legendary again? Hoping someone on here can help.
  15. I'm having an issue with the 343i.org website. At any random time, a black screen will pop up and block about 80% of the page I'm viewing (not including the tile bar at the top). All I have to do is hit refresh and it will bring up the page without the black screen, but it is really annoying that it happens even while I'm typing up a post. Has anyone else had this happen?
  16. Perhaps not a great first post, but i've got a problem with the specializations which seems to have been posted quite a lot on here already, though the difference between those and mine would be that i'm SR 50+. I bought the Limited Edition which gives early access to all Specializations, and i could see all of them. I reached SR 50, and i chose the Pathfinder Specialization, no problem there. I hit SR 55, then i go to bed. I woke up today, started the 360, put the Halo 4 disc in and checked Specializations to see which one to take next. I planned on taking Engineer, however, i can only see 3 now. The one i chose, which is Pathfinder, as well as Wetwork and Operator. The reason i made this topic is because i'm not quite sure why this has occured, and because i'm kind of pissed as i paid for the Limited Edition for a reason. So what gives? Thanks in advance, Tart~
  17. When I beat the Campaign on Legendary, I noticed that the Commendation 'Requiem' in the Campaign commendations, wasn't complete for some odd reason, even though it said I beat the mission and that I had completed the Campaign on Legendary. Just now I got around to doing the mission again on Legendary (Starting from point Alpha, AKA the beginning of the mission, the whole 9 yards) and yet again, no commendation completed. Has anyone else experience this and/or came up with a workaround? Thanks ahead of time!
  18. i have a very annoying problem that when i attempt to play my custom built map on custom games my character instantly dies (average lifetime says 0.04 seconds). this is extremely irritating. i have tried moving deleting and changing all spawn points. all settings on the game, and everything else i can think of. it only happens on my map and not on forge. any help would be much appreciated. http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ahr0Q76mXea7EZsenUyBh8UgBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20121119102522AAou3zr
  19. So last week i was finishing the campaign on heroic for halo4 and I'd found the last of 7 terminals yet i didn't recieve the achievement, I contacted microsoft and they said they couldn't do anything, so I'm now like wow thanks alot 343 for screwing me like a steam train. Anyone else had this or similar issues talk to me
  20. So I get halo 4 home plug in disk 2 download it put in disc one when prompted to and all of a sudden whenever i get to the 343 screen it shuts down and says disk unreadable, I have tried uninstalling all the disk 2 data still no luck. Once every twenty times it works and then as soon as a game ends and the 343 screen shows up it freezes and I get the disk unreadable error. ANYONE PLEASE HELP!
  21. Been playing fine since I bought the game the day of release now suddenly today it says halo 4 servers unavailable and only a few hundred others available playlists. Was in the hundreds of thousands before. Oddball and others seem to be missing as well..... Anyone else having this issue or a solution?? Tried restarting Xbox, modem and router and reset them too... Left everything off for half the day and still getting same error... Any fixes?? Is 343 aware of this issue??? Thanks
  22. The One The One is the first being to exist, he was 'gifted with the inborn ability to build, or destroy', Age: Creation. Birth: unkown. Location of birth: NEEDS REASERCH Likes: Being the first LORD, mortal stuff, interesting things, ideas, Q & G & & & ^...... Dislikes: complete idiots, and stuff like that, also hates bad manners. Hobbies: Creation, meddling with things, Chosen Legion. Info: He may hinder or help you, depending on his mood. Description of looks: Black figure, has a resemblence to Tyreal. Note: Can destroy you without doing anything....or did he? Xor'realius Xor'realius is known to be the Lord of Reality, and stuff like that. Age: Unknown. Birth: Location of Birth: Nobody knows. Likes: Stuff like him, reality, fake reality, food, things....etc. Dislikes: offensive manners aimed at his face, and stuff. Info: He is EVERYWHERE and NOWHERE! Description of looks: Hooded creature, blue colours, blue flames all over him, he has big robes, he is very intelligent looking. Azerath Lord of demons, builder of Creation's Forge, helped making THE BOX. Age: Unknown Birth: Unknown Location of birth: a red ring of fire. Likes: Existing in everything, and that he became who he is descripted here. dislikes: Annoyances. Info: He made DEMONS. Description of looks: Daemon lord of demons, looks like Diablo* (of diablo III). Note: likes to burn stuff. Tal'Kahiem Known to be the essence of light and a bit of darkness. Age: 689853772788573223 Birth: 404: data not found. Location of birth: Shrine of Kahiem, Tal'Kahiem. Likes: 404: Couldn't find out. Dislikes: Problems and errors and things like it. Info: Tal'Kahiem exists in many, many places, and is known to be the guy who helped start Kal'eon. Description of looks: Lich King Armour gold repaint, orange crystals, fiery footsteps and a RARE sword.... Note: uses mostly angelic-styled magic’s. Also, the big bang is actually the awakening of creation after it's long period of being asleep. Zarj'Kadan Used to be the Essence of Honour, glory, and all that... Age: 4000000000000000000000000000000000000000[ERROR] Birth: ERROR -skipped. Likes: Cool looking creatures, powerful weapons that are hard to destroy, and stuff like that, and friends. Dislikes: Idiotic intruders who think they will defeat him, but they become friends instead...and stuff. Info: He is the guy who deletes anything in a recycle bin, he uses a LAPTOP as a TOOL OF POWER. Description of looks: hooded shadowed figure, has fiery eyes, white outline at edges, armoured. Note: Uses ALL FORMS of magic. Zenf Lord of life/death/undeath Age: 1478945069892384... Birth: When life and death merged the first time... Location of birth: 404: location not there. Likes: Meeting people who're nice to him, those who wanted their second chance at life, reviving dead people, making DEATH KNIGHTS. Dislikes: People who kill his friends and creations and everything in-between it. Info: You meet him if you're dead, undead, or if he wants to visit you. Description of looks: Lich King / Imperius hybrid looks, best described as a heavily armoured, winged, undead paladin magic wielder. Note: Zenf can wield more unholy power than Light, expect him to use light if you resist his unholy magic’s. http://www.343industries.org/forum/user/29380-android-17i/ Data reference.
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